Best Tackle Box For Kayak Fishing

Best Tackle Box For Kayak Fishing

Last Updated: 13.07.19

Tackle boxes for kayak fishing – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison

If you want to find the best tackle box for kayak fishing, but you don’t want to sift through every option that’s available for sale, we have the solution to your problem. After a comprehensive research in which we’ve looked at tackle box reviews, consumer surveys, and a variety of different resources, we’ve come to the conclusion that the product you should consider is the Frabill Plano Deep. This unit comes with a waterproof design which will allow you to store all your fishing equipment in one place and keep them dry and safe. The three tight-sealing latches are designed to be easy to operate. What’s most important, this option features up to 15 adjustable compartments that you can personalize according to your needs. In the unfortunate event that the Frabill Plano Deep is not available, we believe that the Plano 3740 is an alternative that offers a similar experience.

Our top choices

If after you’ve done your research, you are still having problems deciding on which of the many options you should settle on, maybe you ought to take a peek at our list of top-rated products. These models have been carefully picked by us after looking at what other customers had to say in their reviews of tackle boxes for kayak fishing and after considering the quality of each option.

Frabill Plano Deep

This is unit comes in a design that makes it easier than ever for the user to organize their lures, baits, and all the other fishing gear that they may own. The transparent and durable plastic offers a crystal clear view of the contents that your tackle box stores, allowing you to always know where every item is located. Unlike other alternatives, with the Frabill Plano Deep, you won’t have to waste any precious time looking for the item you need.

It’s not just the transparent design that makes this unity stand out but also the complete waterproofness that it offers. With three tight-sealing cam latches, your contents will be kept secure and dry. You won’t have to worry that water will get to your expensive fishing gear as corrosion won’t be a problem with this bestselling product.

If you’re looking for an option that has a lot of room for your ever-expanding fishing tackle collection, you’ll be glad to know that the Frabill Plano Deep offers a customizable storage space. The adjustable compartments will allow you to make room for larger items or create more compartments for smaller items. This makes it ideal for large crankbaits.

Buy from for ($13.99)

Plano 3740

The Plano 3740 is an alternative that offers a compact design that still manages to have enough room for all your fishing essentials. It is also the most affordable option on our list which makes it even more appealing to hobbyist that want a good product at a price that is accessible. The Dry-Dock O-ring seal will keep the inside of this box dry even when using it under extreme weather conditions.

The adjustable compartments allow you to have up to 23 different storage areas which will enable you to keep everything separated. This design is great for people that want their tackle box to be organized and have everything arranged according to their own system. You will end up spending less time searching for lures, hooks, or baits so that you can concentrate on your hobby and catching that elusive fish.

By using only the highest quality material, the Plano 3740 body will keep its shape even when left in the sun or exposed to heavy pressure. This heavy-duty unit is exactly what you need if you want your product to be able to take some beating. The plastic inserts fit perfectly with the bottom of the lid which gives no wiggle room, thus keeping your contents secured.

Buy from for ($11.99)

Plano 1444 Magnum

Do you want to take your fishing experience to the next level? If so, and you don’t mind spending more for a high-quality product, the Plano 1444 Magnum is the product for you. With a durable body that has been tested intensely for durability by the manufacturer, this alternative is ideal for anglers that use a more aggressive approach. Whether fishing in stormy waters or under heavy rain, this unit will handle every condition.

With a four layer storage system, the Plano 1444 Magnum has all the space you need to store your entire collection of fishing gear. You also get special spinnerbait racks in the bottom which will help in organizing your storing space. The unique mid-lid compartment offers even more space, making this option the perfect choice for professional anglers that can pride themselves on their huge collection of fishing equipment.

The Smoke DuraView lens will allow you to have a clear view of your baits and waste no more time than necessary to pick the one that you need. The over-molded and collapsible handle allows for a comfortable carrying and enhances the portability of this option so that you don’t have problems when it comes to storing it.

Buy from for ($32.96)

Buying guide

With the myriad of options available to choose from, finding a good tackle box for kayak can end up becoming a taxing process that will drain your time and energy. With the many features that each product offers and the differences in size, weight, and design, there is no wonder why customers are finding it difficult to settle for just one product.

Because we understand your struggle, we have compiled a buyer’s guide just for you. This guide encompasses some of the features that we believe are essential in selecting the best kayak tackle box for your requirements.

The perfect size

Tackle boxes come in different sizes and shapes, knowing which one to choose is essential not only for your own satisfaction but also for a better fishing experience. The best products are the ones that mold to your unique needs and that end up enhancing your own performance by saving you precious time.

So how do you choose the perfect size? When kayak fishing you need to consider the storing space that your kayak offers. You want to go for a tackle box that can be stored and retrieved fast. If your option is too large you may find yourself having troubles picking and using it and when fishing even one second wasted can lead to losing your catch.

A lightweight and straightforward design

In order to achieve your best performance you need a product that you feel comfortable using. You’ll also have to travel over great distances with it which means that you need a tackle box that is compact and lightweight enough so as to not hinder you in any way when transporting it.

When you need a new hook or bait, you need to be able to do it quickly and efficiently. For this you will need a product that is easy to operate and that does not utilize complex closing and opening mechanism. Tackle boxes that are easy to use are a favorite of professional anglers.


Lastly, you should consider is the durability of the box itself. As you probably already know, fishing is not a hobby that is gentle with your gear. The weather can change in an instant and the terrain is as diverse as it gets. You will need a product that can face these challenges.

You should look for units that feature material that does not flex or bent. This will allow it to keep your fishing tackle safe. Waterproofness is also important as it will not only increase the durability of your product but will also keep its contents dry and safe from corrosion.

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