Best Surf Rods under 100 Dollars

Surf fishing rod ($100) – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best surf fishing rod under 100$. We have analyzed plenty of feedback from both professional and amateur anglers to verify product claims and information, which has made us conclude that the Daiwa Sealine is the best because of how it intelligently combines durability, quality and affordability. Equipped with a graphite composite blank, which ensures a lightweight yet strong construction, this implement is perfect for working sandy beaches, jetties and backwaters. The aluminum oxide guides ensure resilience against the effects of saltwater exposure, which causes corrosion and chipping, while ensuring that the fishing line does not suffer from too much abrasion, friction and fraying. The graphite reel seat accommodates your favorite spinning reel while boasting durability and a lightweight construction. If the Daiwa Sealine is unavailable, get the reliable alternative both in terms of quality and performance, the Eat My Tackle 10’.



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It can be a challenging task to find the best surf casting rod under j$, but if you take note of the buying tips in the guide above, you should be able to make an easier decision. The best products are showcased below for even more shopping help.



Daiwa Sealine


The Sealine series of surf rods comprises products that deliver durability and quality at a price that is perfect for any fisherman’s budget.

Lightweight yet strong, the Daiwa SLS1503MHFS is a 15-foot long rod that ensures fantastic casting distance over the breaking waves that no shorter rod can match.

Offering Medium Heavy power, this Fast action rod bends at the top third section for greater casting distance and enhanced accuracy compared to extra-fast poles.

This is while still delivering plenty of sensitivity and stiffness for exceptional hook setting and coaxing fish out of thick cover. The Medium Heavy power is a perfect fit for 17 to 40 pound line weights and 1 to 6 ounce lure weights.

The graphite composite blank ensures light weight and superior sensitivity so you won’t have a difficult time casting and feeling the fish biting on your hook. The aluminum oxide guides keep the line secure along the rod length while ensuring free line flow without causing fraying or unwanted line breakage due to too much abrasion or friction. The guides are resistant to chipping and corrosion to ensure lasting use.

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Eat My Tackle 10’


Enabling you to work the jetties, backwaters and sandy beaches, the Eat My Tackle 10’ delivers long range surf casting with its 10-foot length.

Constructed using the finest top quality components, this surf rod is equipped with 6 oversize guides that hold the line flat and even on the length of the rod to ensure that the line is held down smoothly to the tip, enabling you to cast farther and with greater accuracy than other poles. The EVA foam grip ensures comfort and durability for fighting big fish, remaining intact in all the struggle.

Placing the rod in a beach spike or rod holder for extended periods is also possible because of the EVA foam handles, which are quite easy to keep clean simply by scrubbing with detergent to eliminate collected fish oil, protein and slime.

The reel seat components are corrosion resistant. The guides have double wraps for a solid build. The rod breaks down into two parts for effortless transportability, supplemented by an Eat My Tackle sock for storage.

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Hurricane Bluefin


Outfitted with a double-dipped E-glass rod blank, the Hurricane Bluefin ensures enough thickness to give you more than enough leverage to do battle with the fish.

You won’t lose any fish and still enjoy the perfect level of sensitivity to ensure that you won’t feel like you’re fishing blindly. The aluminum oxide guides are perfectly spaced along the rod length, keeping the line straight and even on the pole to the tip without causing friction that can cause fraying and easy line breakage. The guides are also protected against chipping and rust for years of use. The solid power wrap tip ensures free line flow.

The graphite reel seat comes with a lightweight construction without compromising on performance and durability. The stainless steel cushioned hoods protect the reel components from the corrosive effects of water while ensuring user comfort. The non-slip cork wrap handle keeps the rod firmly in your hand.

This 13-foot rod has a two-piece construction for hassle-free transport. The Medium Heavy action supports line weights of 20 to 40 pound and lure weights from 4 to 7 ounces so you can go for the larger fish species.

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Buying guide


From tiny ultra-light poles for panfish and trout to giant surf fishing poles measuring 15 feet long, a surf rod can easily go up to $1000 or higher for a custom made rod. However, you don’t have to break the bank to get dinner on the table. Just take note of the following aspects when trying to bag the best surf rod under 100 dollars.



Just the right length for your fishing ability

The length of surf rods varies anywhere between 7 to 15 feet, giving you a wide range to choose from. Think about your physical ability when deciding on this aspect. Those who are not quite tall or who may have certain physical limitations are best advised to go for shorter length rods to ensure comfort and convenience. Choosing an overly long rod if you don’t exactly have the height and build to wield it can just be an exercise in futility. The bottom line: choose a rod that has been load tested and break tested for suitability to your desired application.

That being said, it is easy to think that longer rods are better because of the farther casting distance they can deliver. Since the goal is to present the lure past the breaking waves, a longer rod can seem to be the best option. Take this together with your wish to catch larger fish species and a larger and longer rod for more leverage can seem to be a very attractive option. However, the beauty of surf fishing is in being able to do only light duty bottom fishing if you’re new to the sport, and this will only need a 7- to 9-foot rod with medium or medium heavy action. A larger size pole should only be used if you think you can handle it well and there’s a possibility that larger fish can pick up your lure even if you’re not targeting them. The rod has to have enough backbone for casting three ounces of weight.


Offers the power and action you want

The lifting power of your rod determines its strength, which can vary from light to heavy. The most popular and best choice is Medium Heavy, which falls right in the middle and presents the most versatile option. You should match the power to the line you intend to use. An extremely light line used on a heavy rod may result in too many fish losses or line breakages.

The bend or taper of the rod that it displays under pressure is referred to as its action. Fast action rods bend in the upper third segment of their length, moderate of medium action rods flex at the midsection and slow action rods bend throughout their whole length. When fishing lures in the surf, go for fast action rods that can deliver the farthest casting distance and that are also best for single-hook rigs. Medium action poles are perfect with treble hooks that do not have the setting power of their single-hook counterparts.


Top quality components and suitability for either live bait or lures

You want a corrosion-proof reel seat, preferably graphite, which is used in high-end models. For two-handed casting, a long handle is necessary to hurl bait to considerable distances over the breaking waves. The grip can be made of EVA foam or cork.

Rods can be differentiated according to your intended fishing technique. Lures for saltwater fish range from ¾ to 1 ½ ounces, so a lure rod does not carry as much weight and bulk as a bait rod. Good quality lure rods can be used for light duty bottom fishing and shouldn’t be subjected to abuse by casting large sinkers. A proper tip speed for whipping smaller lures to far distances can be done with a medium fast to fast action lure rod.

Live bait fishing rods should ideally feature a fairly stiff tip and medium fast action. Those elements are needed to accommodate the large baits and heavy sinkers used for live bait surf fishing. Soft tip rods are not suitable due to their excessive bending that disables maximum casting distance and solid hook setting. Regardless of your choice, remember to go for a light and comfortable enough pole that will allow you to do long periods of casting.



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