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Last Updated: 13.08.19

Spinning reels for bass – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you are looking for the best spinning reel for bass, but you are too busy to go through everything our researchers put together on the topic, reading this short paragraph will provide you with the necessary information. Data, such as sales figures, number of positive reviews, and ratings, shows that the Pflueger Patriarch should be the spinning reel you should get if you want to be more successful at catching bass. The reel is made from a magnesium body that is incredibly lightweight, without sacrificing the necessary sturdiness. The bearing system features nine high-quality stainless steel bearings that will give you the expected control over the operation of the reel. The instant anti-reverse system comes in handy when you want to pull a trophy fish out of the water. If the Pflueger option is no longer available, perhaps you might find the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ FB more to your liking. 



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When fishing for bass, there are certain aspects to bear in mind. That is why the following selection of models will help you decide on a spinning reel that is a good fit for your needs. Regardless of which one you will pick, you will not be disappointed.



Pflueger Patriarch


If you want a good spinning reel for bass, look no further than the Pflueger Patriarch. The company making this model is renowned for the innovations they regularly bring to the gear they create. They are mainly known for their rods and reels, and this particular model is no exception to the rule.

The Pflueger Patriarch comes with a magnesium body; one of the features you want most in a spinning reel for bass is to be very lightweight, and this one delivers. The rotor and the side plate are also made from magnesium, so the total weight of the reel is kept to a minimum. The spool is made from anodized aluminum for the same reason.

The bearing system is, however, something to write home about. The nine ball bearings are made from high-quality stainless steel, but this is not all. The bearings are employed in such a manner that you will make the most out of this system. The anti-reverse feature helps with quick retrieval when the need arises.

The gear ratio on this model is 5.2:1, and it is the optimal choice for bass. Made from top-notch components and materials, the Pflueger Patriarch is an option you should write down on your shortlist.

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Shimano Stradic Ci4+ FB


Do you want a spinning reel that feels lightweight and comfortable? The Shimano Stradic Ci4+ FB may be just the model you seek. The sleek appearance is a definite plus, but there is more than meets the eye in this particular model. The reel provides a really smooth operation, which counts a great deal towards an excellent experience.

How does this spinning reel manage to feel so lightweight? The Magnumlite rotor is part of the secret, but the entire construction of the reel is created to maintain the total weight to a minimum. When you go fishing for bass, you most probably spend long hours casting your line. That means that you need lightweight gear to help you out.

The maximum drag force on the model is 20 pounds, so you can count on it to pull some trophy fish out of the water. The bearing system consists of 6 S ARB bearings and one roller bearing, for maximum efficiency.

You will appreciate how strong this model is and feels. Featuring some advanced technologies employed by the company on their products, it is an optimal choice for bass hunters.

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Sougayilang WQ/BD


This spinning reel is lightweight and provides the user with a super smooth experience. At the same time, it is sturdy, and you can count on it when the going gets tough. Usable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, this model offers plenty of versatility.

The gear ratio is perfect for catching bass, and the bearing system will not disappoint you, either. The 13+1 ball bearings are there to ensure smooth operation, and you will feel like you are in complete control of what is happening to your fishing gear.

The oscillation system employed eliminates wobble, and there will be no noise to the spinning reel, to distract you or the nearby fish. The body of the reel is super slim, and that makes it easier for you to control it. When you go fishing in a boat, or when you fish from the shore, you will find such aspects quite useful.

The full metal body contributes to the sturdiness of the model. Many anglers prefer such a configuration for no other reason than the fact that they do not have to worry about parts getting loose. Also, a full metal body will resist the natural torque resulted from the struggle of the fish.

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Okuma Safina Pro


When you say Okuma, you mean quality at a decent price. Keeping everything down to minimalistic proportions, the Okuma Safina Pro manages to provide the quality you would expect from a product made by a company with excellent reputation in making such fishing gear.

The 3+1 bearing system may sound inferior to what other models on the market can offer, but the reel compensates by using only the highest quality materials available. The multi-disc drag washers work like a charm, and you will feel like you can count on this spinning reel.

The graphite body makes the reel very lightweight, an important consideration when fishing bass. The body of the reel is resistant to corrosion and other damage, which means that you can count on it for many years to come. The machined aluminum spool is another great plus.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that the computer balancing system used for this model, called Okuma Resii, ensures that there will be no wobble and noise when using this reel. Equipped with an S-Curve oscillation feature, this reel is truly dependable. The product is thoroughly tested for durability, which means that you can count on it.

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Isafish Ultra Smooth


The name of this spinning reel says it all. The graphite body of the reel keeps the total weight to the minimum desired. At the same time, the black finish ensures that corrosion will not be able to ruin your good looking reel. The smooth operation provided by the reel is enhanced by the drag system.

Let’s talk a little about the ball bearing system. With a 12+1 configuration, you can expect great things from this reel. The bearings will ensure smooth operation and extra control, and you will have nothing to hold against it.

The brake system is oiled with Japanese grease for flawless operation and the aluminum alloy used for a few of the components will keep rust and corrosion at bay. The EVA handle will withstand sweaty hands a great deal, and that will help you with catching more fish.

The comfortable grip on the handle will only make everything better. The overall design is created with your needs in mind. The spool has a lightweight honeycomb design that ensures both strength and a low total weight. All in all, this is a model you should consider if you need a spinning reel for bass that will not let you down.

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Buying guide


Bass anglers are quite fond of their spinning reels because of the many benefits they can enjoy. A baitcaster is another solution, but, most of the time, spinning reels win this battle. They allow you to learn many various techniques, and casting with one quickly becomes a breeze. If you want the best bass spinning reel, you have come to the right place, because we will teach you right away what features are the most important in such a model.

A lightweight model matters

The chances are that, once you start casting your line for bass, you will want to do that for an entire day. No matter how fun that activity may be, it can still become strenuous after a while. You need a lightweight spinning reel, as a result.

Seasoned anglers will tell you that you need to match your reel with the size of your rod, and that is true. However, there are no circumstances where a heavy spinning reel will help you more than a lightweight model. The speed and power of your fishing tackle, as a whole, will be affected.

There are two choices to pick from when it comes to getting a good reel for catching bass. Aluminum alloy is a common choice; the advantages of this type of material cannot be overlooked. The material is resistant to corrosion, and it is very durable.

Another excellent option is graphite. Manufacturers with a solid reputation use a type of graphite composite that manages to keep the weight of the spinning reel to a minimum and offer it a sleek profile that makes it compact and comfortable to use. Be aware, however, that graphite is not as durable as aluminum. It can buckle under tension, and if you fight with a trophy fish, that may not be the best solution.


Search for a dependable drag system

When talking about spinning reels, we cannot overlook the importance of a reliable drag system. The bass spinning reel reviews provided by passionate anglers and experts alike insist on taking a good look at this aspect before deciding to purchase a certain model or another.

First things first, the drag system on a spinning reel for bass must provide a good solid maximum value, because you will need that stopping power when you chase a larger fish. The drag must make sure that you can control the constant pressure that occurs as you fight the fish. This type of control will make sure that you will not lose that trophy fish you were after.

A good and solid drag system should also have low inertia in the beginning so that you do not end up damaging the line. Make sure to get a model with a decent drag range for increased control. A 12-pound drag model is indicated, and even above this value should be in your books, too.


How many ball bearings do you need for catching bass?

When you deal with a large fish like bass, you want to enlist every little help you can get. The choice of your bearing system is critical. Make sure that the bearing system is robust enough to keep the gears aligned. This is the surest way to maintain control over the line and win the fight against the fish caught in your hook.

Here is something that cannot be stressed enough: you need good quality bearings, not as many as you can get. It may be a good thing to get a model with plenty of ball bearings, but focus on their quality, and you cannot go wrong.

Besides the fact that the bearings will not risk losing alignment during a normal struggle with an energetic fish, they will also last for a longer time, which may be something to bear in mind if you do not want to spend too much money on new gear regularly.


What gear ratio is the most recommended?

Now that you know more about the various components of the ideal spinning reel for bass, it is time to talk about the optimal gear ratio. Among the many models for sale, you will notice that many come with a gear ratio of 5.1:1. That is considered quite a versatile gear ratio and appropriate for bass.

What you should aim for is a gear ratio that allows you to experiment with various techniques and lures. Bass can be a capricious fish, and what works one day may not work the next. Ensure your best fighting chances when you go against this fish.



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