Best Small Tackle Box

Best Small Tackle Box

Last Updated: 19.06.19

Small Ttackle Boxes – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison

If you’re looking to purchase the best small tackle box available for sale but you don’t have time to waste, the following short paragraph should give you all the information that you need. After doing a proper research by looking at the best small tackle box reviews, consumer reports, surveys and other resources, we have concluded that the Plano 3500-22 is the model you should bear in mind. This option offers a storing space that can be easily divided to accommodate a variety of lure sizes which makes it ideal for people that love to organize their items. With a length that is little over 9 inches, you get a product that is highly portable. As a plus, the secure latching system will keep your item securely in place. If the Plano 3500-22 is unavailable, we recommend you consider the South Bend WG-TB88-P as your second-best alternative.

Our top choices

If after looking at the models available on the market you are still unable to find a cheap small tackle box, perhaps taking a quick glance at our selection of critically acclaimed models will help you in that regard. These models are the ones that have garnered the best small tackle box reviews and customer satisfaction.

Plano 3500-22

What makes the Plano 3500-22 stand out is the fact that it manages to offer outstanding quality, both in terms of functionality and durability at a small price that is hard to beat. This option uses a clear box design which makes it ideal for people that want to have all their fishing tackle at hand and visible so that they don’t have to waste time searching for that lure that you need fast.

If you’re thinking that the clear box design means that your purchase is in any way less durable than other opaque alternatives, you can stop worrying. The plastic that the Plano 3500-22 uses is of the highest-quality which allows it to withstand successfully to a varied array of conditions. The Plano option is ready to accompany you pretty much anywhere and be your silent and constant companion to your outdoor adventures.

In order to make sure that your precious tools and gear will remain safely in place even when the box is dropped, the Plano 3500-22 features the use of a secure latching system. This system is able to take some beating so that you can stop worrying about your fishing tackle and concentrate on what matters: catching the big fish.

Buy from for ($8.49)

South Bend WG-TB88-P

If you’re an amateur angler and want to buy a tackle box that can provide you with the complete fishing experience, the South Bend WG-TB88-P is the option you should consider. This affordable choice comes equipped with all the tools that an amateur fisher might need. The kit that you get with this purchase includes a hook disgorger, non-lead split-shots, multi-colored floats, stringer, brass swivels and an assortment of hooks.

Portability is another key feature that the South Bend WG-TB88-P prides itself on. You will be able to carry this lightweight alternative with you at all times. When it comes to storing it, this option takes little space you won’t have problems finding a space for it. The heavy-duty plastic utilized in the construction of this box ensures that it will be able to handle itself even in extreme conditions.

The starter kit that the South Bend WG-TB88-P comes equipped with makes it ideal to be bought as a gift. Whether for your kid, a friend or family members, this option promises to offer a straightforward way for newcomers to experience the joy of fishing without having to go through the trouble of buying separately all the fishing tackle that they need.

Buy from for ($8.92)

Wakeman Fishing Single Tray

The Wakeman Fishing Single Tray puts a lot of emphasis on easy organization, featuring a lid with built-in storage compartment that allows for a quick and easy access to your most-used fishing gear. You will be able to save time which when fishing, where every second matters, you will have better chances of securing that big catch. The single tray inside can be removed to give access to an additional compartment below.

The portable design and the comfortable handle will make it so that anglers of every age will have no problems in transporting this lightweight tackle box. The Wakeman Fishing Single Tray also uses multiple latches that are designed to keep the contents of your box secure in every situation. The use of durable and lightweight materials will make the transport and storage an effortless task.

As a plus, the Wakeman Fishing Single Tray has another card up its sleeve, it comes equipped with a kit that contains the fishing gear that any beginner would need to start fishing. It includes a set of standard jig head, snelled hooks, spoon crankbait and plastic fishing lures, vertical pole gloat, assorted sinker and line weight, and so much more.

Buy from for ($35.48)

Buying guide

If you’ve come here you’re probably still looking for a good small tackle box and trust us, we know just how difficult finding the right product can be. You need to consider the many features that each option offers and then decide which are the ones that you truly need. This can be a lengthy and tedious process that takes the fun out of what would otherwise be a fun experience.

Thankfully we have done all the hard work for you so that you can focus on what matters and find the option that meets your rigorous requirements. If you want to learn more about how to find the perfect product, take a quick look at our buyer’s guide below.

Keep your fishing tackle safe

If you’re considering buying a tackle box you are most likely doing it because you want a safe place to store and transport all your expensive fishing gear. This is why the primary feature that you should focus on is the ability of the product to keep your gear safe, dry and in one piece.

A bad choice can ruin your fishing experience as the only thing you will think about will be the fragile tackle box that you have just bought and how you risk losing your precious fishing gear. The best product will be the one that offers a sturdy design that can accommodate your many items and keep them securely in place. After all, the last thing you want is for them to drop in the grass, or even worse, in the water.


Portability is another factor that you should keep in mind, even if you’re buying a small tackle box, not every model will offer the same level of mobility. Some options are more compact than others and are better suited for people that travel a lot.

You should also remember that a portable option equals to less room for your fishing gear. If you a large collection of gear and want a product that can accommodate it in its entirety, going for a standard, less portable, option is advisable.

Consider your fishing needs

Most people are tempted to go with the tackle box that offers the most room for their gear, but that is not always what you should do. You need to get the product that meets your fishing needs. For example, if you are a fly fishermen you will naturally need a smaller tackle box, whereas other types of fishing might require a bigger one.

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