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Last Updated: 19.04.19

Saltwater fishing combos – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you’re searching for the best saltwater fishing combo, then this guide will be the only aid you’ll need to complete your mission successfully. It comprises both a buying guide and plenty of models for you to choose from. We’ve created it with care and attention to detail so you won’t waste your time by having to browse aimlessly through the endless options on the market. Moreover, we’ve considered buyer opinions and expert reviews to make sure our recommendations won’t disappoint. The Shakespeare UglyStik Kit is the first model that impressed us. The kit is made from premium materials, and it offers every piece a fisher might need to start new adventures instantly. Moreover, everything is easy to use and will deliver exceptional performances. If you need an alternative in case this one is out of stock, the PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing can impress you just as much without breaking the bank.



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Shakespeare UglyStik Kit


This combo delivers exceptional strength and sensitivity to all fishers, no matter if beginners or experts. The kit includes a lightweight, graphite composite, two-piece rod that sports a comfortable ”Ugly Tuff” foam handle and a conventional reel seat, plus a durable lightweight and balanced spinning reel filled with high-quality fishing line.

Furthermore, it was created to make sure that you as an angler can cast and catch all species of fish like a pro. All the bits are made from premium materials that can survive any type of water and weather, so you won’t have to think twice about investing in it.

The assorted tackle is included, and the rod’s length is seven feet, which makes it suited for a wide range of fishing styles. The Shakespeare-made rod has been redesigned and infused with enhancements that go beyond cosmetics, all so you can trust that it won’t snap in two as you use it.

The combo delivers improved quality, durability, and dependability without having to compromise the heritage, strength, and tradition of the brand or a stinging price tag. And since you have everything included in the box, you can just use it from the moment you received it on your doorsteps.

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PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing


If you love flexibility and sturdiness when it comes to this type of fishing combos, you need to try out the PLUSINNO set. Ultimately, it is ideal for both salt and freshwater angling. The reel and the rod are equally matched, and both offer impressive ease of use and responsiveness without stuttering.

Both the rod and the reel are meticulously constructed to meet the industry’s high standards and the needs of anglers. The rod features a light graphite-constructed blank and a stainless steel hooded reel seat. Moreover, it is extremely sensitive and enables the angler to feel any bite or a hook when it is cast.

The set also comes with lures, hooks, and sinkers, so you won’t have to make any separate purchase. The seller also throws in a compact case which was designed to protect the individual parts of the kit while traveling. The kit also features a high-quality, durable fishing line and hooks.

The 7.8 feet length of the rod casts far and gives the angler enhanced control and the power to fight the fish no matter how stubborn it might be. Overall, it is a set that aims to please everyone, and it does so successfully.

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Wild Water Starter Package


The rod included can easily be broken down into four sections that are each 28.75″ in length, which helps with storage. It was crafted from IM6 graphite, and it was designed for 7 or 8 weight line and has a mid-flex, slow action. Even though it weighs only 6.6 ounces, the piece is highly durable.

Moreover, it features snake guides and silicon carbide stripper guides with stainless steel frames, both things which offer it versatility and durability. You can keep it in the provided case that’s equipped with a zippered pouch. The seller provided an additional cloth rod sock that’s divided into four compartments.

In the box, you’ll also find a waterproof and floating fly box which can hold up to 372 flies. The fishing reel has a diecast aluminum construction and a large arbor design, and it is also loaded with high-quality floating fly line, so you can enjoy this kit from the moment you receive it on your doorstep.

The internal components of the fishing reel are created from stainless steel, and they feature a quick-release spool and disc drag for fine tension adjustments. There isn’t an accessory that is overlooked by the manufacturer, and the combo will for sure be a fine addition to your fishing collection.

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Buying guide


A successful saltwater fishing adventure begins with having the right gear for the activity. While you can always get every piece of equipment separately, beginner anglers are best advised to check out saltwater fishing combo kits that have all the necessary components available in a single convenient package. Here are the things to consider when making this kind of purchase.

A good quality rod

The best saltwater fishing combos come with a rod that is constructed with layers of either fiberglass or graphite, or even a combination of both materials. Rods that combine carbon fiber and fiberglass bank on the best qualities of both types of material while enabling the optimization of more specific actions as well. Rods that are composites of the two materials boast power, sensitivity plus a lightweight build, but you can have those at a greater degree if the rod offers a purer combination of the two and nothing less. For polymer and composite surfaces, make sure the material composition is capable of maintaining integrity even with sunlight and chemical exposure.

The rod handle should also be lightweight while being tough enough to withstand the conditions of being left in a rod holder, a belt or chair. Lighter handles can’t withstand the conditions inherent in being left on gunwales. Make sure the grip is resilient against abuse and exposure to sunlight.

Saltwater fishing rods can come with one-piece or multipiece designs as well as telescoping systems. If you seek a solid feel and more strength than multi-piece types, a one-piece rod is the best answer. Multi-piece rods should be easy to assemble and setup while presenting no weak points on the alignment sections. Collapsible or telescopic rods offer convenient and easy storage and transport. You can select from 6 to 12-foot long models; a good starting point would be between 8 and 9 feet long for novice anglers. Longer casts require the larger, longer rods for surf fishing, varying from 10 to 18 feet in length.


A premium quality reel

Plenty of materials lose their integrity when exposed to the harsh saltwater. Saltwater causes rust in a variety of materials, especially magnesium. Do steer clear of reels with magnesium components that corrode at rapid rates with saltwater and salt air exposure. What you want are graphite, aluminum or a combination of the two materials in your reel components.

You can opt for either a spinning or a baitcasting reel. To determine which one is better suited to your saltwater fishing needs, you’ll have to consider a variety of factors. A spinning reel may be deficient in durability and drag but works well for small to medium-sized fish. A baitcasting reel is best for the experienced angler, with its ability to handle larger loads with more reliable precision. A spincasting reel casts smaller lures or baits compared to baitcasters or spinning units.

Offshore baitcasters are best used in deep ocean waters for heavy catches. On the other hand, offshore trolling reels do not support casts and only require the line to be dropped while they release the necessary amount of line for trolling in the bottom of the deep water.


Your specific fishing situation

Tackles differ depending on whether you will be in either offshore or inshore fishing situations. Boat anglers can fish from a boat, which enables them to reduce the stress on the line, rod and reel because of how they can move during a fight. Those who fish from shore, a pier or bridge will require heavier drags as well as greater line capacity to do battle while in a stationary position. Make sure to choose matching equipment for these.

The market is filled with a large variety of saltwater fishing combos, and this can complicate your buying decision a bit. The above buying guide is designed to help you enjoy a smoother shopping journey. The best products have been featured below for even more buying assistance.


Unavailable Products:


Sougayilang Kit


Available in two product setups, the Sougayilang can be bought as a simple rod-and-reel package or as a complete kit that includes the rod and reel, 100 meters of green Super Braid fishing line, two minnow lures, 4 lead fish lures and 5 soft shrimp baits, for out-of-the-box functionality, making the product the best saltwater fishing rod and reel.

The fishing rod carries a telescopic or collapsible design with a graphite blank mixed with carbon, so it offers fantastic sensitivity without compromising on strength and durability. The aluminum oxide guide inserts on the pole provide smooth line flow while preventing line breakage due to heat buildup.

The hooded reel seats are made of stainless steel to protect against corrosion due to saltwater exposure. The EVA Fore Grip ensures more than enough durability to withstand prolonged placement in a beach spike or rod holder, while also being quite easy to clean off of protein, fish oil and slime.

Offering multiple actions and lengths, the fishing rod comes with a collapsible design for easy storage and transport. The CNC machine-cut reel offers an ambidextrous design so both right- and left-handed anglers can use it trouble-free.



Penn Pursuit II 6000


Used by professional anglers all over the globe, the Penn Pursuit II 6000 spinning combo is suitable for surf, boat and inshore fishing. The graphite composite rod offers a fish-pursuing setup with greater sensitivity on a lightweight unit.

Undoubtedly one of the best saltwater fishing reels on the market, the one included in the package is lightweight and boasts a graphite body resilient against corrosion, ensuring years of use and problem-free functionality despite frequent saltwater exposure. The reel comes with an aluminum sideplate that is incredibly durable.

The anodized and machined braid-ready aluminum spool offers easy and smooth retrieves while efficiently preventing annoying bird’s nests or line tangling. The reel comes with 4 shielded stainless steel ball bearings that ensure smooth performance plus durability. It also features anti-reverse functionality that ensures that when the fish bites and attempts to swim away, the handle doesn’t pull back, while starting the drag immediately in such fight-and-flight situations.

The rod is a full-featured component with aluminum oxide guides, a graphite composite blank, and EVA grips for performance-driven functionality and durability.



Daiwa DWA40-3Bi/G802M


The Daiwa DWA40-3Bi/G802M comprises a powerful rod-and-reel combination to make any fishing adventure worth embarking on.

The reel carries three ball bearings of high quality to ensure smooth performance every time, for dependable line retrieves while you crank your bait in and also while providing the essential stability and support.

The roller bearing supports the three ball bearings to create a smooth line retrieve while reeling your bait back in and providing support and stability. With its infinite anti-reverse feature, the spinning reel supports you during fierce battles with the fish, starting the drag immediately the moment the fish starts swimming away.

The two-piece graphite rod carries a lightweight yet strong design while being able to effectively transmit vibrations to your hand from the lure in the water. The two-piece design enables effortless transport and storage. The legendary Twist Buster II is an original Daiwa advanced technology that reduces line twist using a revolutionary line roller that also minimizes more friction between it and the line.



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