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Last Updated: 13.08.19

Surf fishing rods and reels – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


We can certainly understand if you wouldn’t want to go over the buying guide and product descriptions below because you’re short on time, but let this short paragraph give you the exact information you seek. We did the hard part of researching for you about the best rod and reel for surf fishing by looking at the reviews and ratings in expert fishing gear review sites and actual owner feedback. Out of all the products featured there, the PENN Pursuit II is the best one for sale based on customer preference because it is made using nothing less than the highest quality components. Tested for durability and quality, the components of the rod-and-reel combo kit include a rod with a graphite composite blank, which provides a high level of sensitivity and durability. The graphite reel seat complements the rod nicely while also guaranteeing a wobble-free and secure functionality. This combo kit ensures smooth retrieves and problem-free casting. In the event that the PENN Pursuit II runs out of stock, we recommend getting the second best option, the Shakespeare Catch More Fish.



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Like any surf fishing enthusiast knows, it always pays to own a top-quality rod and reel for surf fishing. That is easier said than done, however. We may not know everything about surf fishing rods and reels but the following are considered top-rated not only by our team but numerous consumers as well.



PENN Pursuit II


Doubtlessly a great choice among the others in its class, the PENN Pursuit II has been the product of choice for professionals all over the world. The rod comprises a graphite composite blank that is known to be incredibly sensitive, which is an advantage in plenty of fishing situations.

The graphite reel seat is not only durable but sensitive as well, enabling you to feel even the most tentative strikes on the bait or lure.

The component’s strong, lightweight body allows easy casting and line release so you can cast far and strong every time for a more natural presentation of the bait or lure.

The EVA foam grip has a split configuration that allows you to have more sensitivity from the rod as well. The split structure enables a hassle-free control of the rod because of how it distributes the weight of the handle on two different spots. Both the reel and rod body are corrosion-resistant and lightweight.


Obtaining a custom-built rod-and-reel combo can cost a pretty penny but this moderately priced package offers a decent option for the angler who wants value for the money. Get the fish fighting power you want in a budget-friendly combo.

You won’t appreciate the durable reel construction until you get to experience it yourself. The reel features a graphite body for a decent level of sensitivity.

Aside from the body, the reel also features an aluminum side plate and a graphite rotor. Both elements deliver the strength, lightweight design, and sensitivity needed in any angling tool.

Get fluid cranking thanks to the reel’s four shielded stainless steel ball bearings. This is supplemented further by the instant anti-reverse bearing for a smooth and knot-free line flow.

The rod’s graphite composite blank offers a straightforward transmission of vibrations from the fish nibbling on the lure. This enables you to react swiftly.


In what could be a result of poor packaging, some buyers received the rod with a broken tip.

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Shakespeare Catch More Fish


Designed to accommodate the spinning technique, this rod-and-reel combo offers a great choice for anglers looking to get a great fishing rig without shelling out too much dough. Perfect for first-time anglers, this fishing setup offers a means for beginners to explore the sport without having to commit heavily to a high-end set of gear.

The rod itself is 7 feet long, which should be enough for the average-sized individual. The rod’s medium power rating makes it versatile enough to handle a variety of fishing styles and species. The fishing rod comprises a tubular glass rod and is equipped with stainless steel guides lined with ceramic inserts for a smooth flow of the fishing line.

The line is made to remain straight along the length of the rod thanks to the line guides that also prevent knots, ugly bird’s nests, and line breakage. The reel comes pre-spooled with fishing line, so you won’t need to make an additional purchase for that component.


Suitable for spinning, this option features a 7-foot rod with Medium power. This is adequate for most fishing applications and should bag you plenty of targets depending on your angling skills.

You will appreciate the pre-spooled reel as well since you can go and fish the minute you get the package and have put everything together.

There are stainless steel guides on the tubular glass rod. Those components are fitted with ceramic inserts so your fishing line stays flat and straight.

The guides also ensure the line and the rod do not accumulate friction or heat between them. This means less likelihood of the line snapping with the pressure of fish fights.

With the chrome-plated spool in the 50 size spinning reel, you are guaranteed a water-resistant system that will be shielded from the premature onset of corrosion.


It is vital that the rod is inspected for damage or broken parts prior to use. Those types of issues are mainly due to improper handling during shipping.

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Sea Striker PT50/SS80PG


The Sea Striker PT50/SS80PG comes as a complete set with a quality rod and reel. The 8-foot rod has a line weight rating of 10 to 25 pounds to accommodate a variety of fishing lines for catching many types of fish. The rod has a two-piece design that facilitates hassle-free carrying and storage.

The computer-balanced rotor of the reel delivers a balanced, consistent, and smooth retrieve every time.

The reel is also equipped with a ball bearing system that is not just durable but also supports the need for a smooth operation so you can reel the catch in less effortfully. The gear ratio of 5.2:1 ensures that you can reel in faster with every crank of the reel handle.

The reel accommodates a variety of line capacities for fantastic versatility. The rod comes with an attractive candy-color length that matches the reel for a nice-looking fishing rig. The split grip of the rod facilitates smooth control and great sensitivity.


With the purchase of this option, you receive an 8-foot rod that accommodates 10 to 25-pound test fishing line for most fishing applications.

Because the rod has a two-piece design, it is easy to bring it along during travels to your favorite fishing locations. The rod is also made easier to store this way.

A computer-balanced rotor ensures the stability of your fishing rig. There will be less wobbling and better sturdiness to support your angling needs.

Thanks to the revolutionary ball bearing system, the fishing line stays free from tangles. It also won’t get broken easily because of the smooth flow from the spool.

Casting and retrieves are made smooth and effortless because of the supportive bearing system. The 5.2:1 gear ratio ensures the quick release of more line with every crank of the reel handle.


The two-piece rod may present issues on weak junction points if not properly and completely secured before use.

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Buying guide


You can’t just go out and buy the first rod and reel for surf fishing you find on the shelf or an online product catalog. There’s so much to consider in this kind of rig. So what do you look at when buying a rod and reel for surf fishing?

When looking at the best rod and reel combo reviews, consider products with the right rod length

A surf rod generally comes with a length of 9 to 14 feet, and this leaves you a great range to choose from. This will be influenced by your physical capacity as an angler. Shorter rods are your best bet if you are not tall or definitely shorter than average. Those types of rods may also be your best choice if you have physical limitations (think healthwise) to ensure your comfort and convenience when casting.

The rod length is also contributory to the casting distance, which is critical since the lure or bait has to be thrown beyond the breaking waves. Moreover, the larger the target fish is, the heftier the rod should be for greater leverage.


Consider products in the best rod and reel for surf fishing reviews that have enough line capacity in the reel

The reel quality determines the level this component will hold up to. The amount and size of the line play a role in the classification of surf reels. Generally, 20# and 30# test lines are utilized. The reel line capacity is also dependent on the casting distance.

If you intend to pursue even a hard run just to tire the fish out and reel it in, you will want your surf fishing reel to boast an extra line capacity. Should your target species usually be out around 100 yards, you might want an extra 100 to 150 yards of line to make the run. The extra line capacity will serve you well when the hooked fish heads out into the deep water.

The best surf fishing rod and reel is crafted with adequate power, action, and high quality

The power of the rod refers to its strength, loading, or lifting power, which varies from light to heavy. Medium-heavy, which is right in the middle, is the most common and best option for a majority of anglers. For surf fishing, medium-heavy rods offer the most versatile option.

The power rating of the rod should match the line, as for instance, choosing an overly light line for a heavy rod would result in heartbreaking line breakages. The fishing techniques you employ and the target fish should also match the power of the rod.

The action of the rod designates the taper or bend it can exhibit under pressure, or simply its flex. Fast-action rods bend near the tip, slow-action rods flex near the handle, and medium-action rods bend from the center.

The rod action is critical in terms of the casting distance. You get the most distance from a fast tip rod, which is also essential for fishing lures in the surf. Single-hook rigs need fast-action rods while treble hooks suit medium-action rods.

The reel seat should be made of a corrosion-resistant material. Graphite is always a good option. Metal alloy reel seats aren’t bad altogether, but they tend to rust over with time. The rod handles should be long for distance casting. Choose between cork and EVA foam handles.



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