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Last Updated: 17.06.19


Whether you are shopping for the best closed face spinning reel or a regular one, you should know that certain reel manufacturers have managed to make iconic products that all anglers love. One such model is the Abu Garcia Black Max, just to mention one of the top of the line reels that are popular at the moment.


In case you are looking for a saltwater fishing reel, you cannot go wrong with the products made by Daiwa. Founded in 1955, this company has many years of experience under its belt, and its expertise is evident in the type of products they sell for anglers everywhere.

Should you decide to fish in weather conditions that involve cold, rain, and other harsh climate elements, you will find the Daiwa reels to be precisely what you need. One thing that makes Daiwa stand apart from other companies is its continuous dedication to implement technological advances so that its clients can benefit from the best products around.

Daiwa is also renowned for making truly lightweight rods that don’t sacrifice a stable structure for comfort. Equally sturdy and comfortable to use, Daiwa rods and reels are your best companions in harsh weather conditions.


Abu Garcia

We have already mentioned a model made by Abu Garcia that is highly popular right now, but this company is well known for many other products that leave its manufacturing lines year after year. A company founded in 1921 in Sweden, Abu Garcia is now part of Newell Rubbermaid, an US-based corporation.

When it comes to fishing rods, a lot of anglers swear by the ones made by Abu Garcia. The rods and reels made by this company are sold worldwide, and with thousands of satisfied customers, you know that you can’t go wrong if you pick one of its products, too.

Superior durability is what makes Abu Garcia reels so dependable and famous. Also, the outstanding grip provided can increase your performance as an angler, and that’s what counts most.



Shimano is a name that is a synonym to many things from bicycles to fishing gear. This Japan company has extracted the fishing knowledge of its people to create some of the most reliable rods and reels you can find anywhere. You may ask experts and seasoned anglers alike, and they will tell you that Shimano is their go-to brand whenever they want to purchase a new piece of fishing equipment.

Another thing you will notice about the rods and reels made by Shimano is that they have a beautiful design. Although it is not an element with a significant impact on the overall performance, it does make the Shimano products more appealing and shows that the company knows how to market its fishing gear.

With 80 years of experience under its belt in making reels, rods, tackles, and many other fishing accessories, Shimano is a name you should remember if you want excellent quality above everything else.



Another Asian reel manufacturer that makes it to our list is Okuma. This one is based in Taiwan, and its products deserve all the praise it has received over the years from clients and experts in fishing equipment.

If you have ever heard of Helios and Komodo, these are the names of two models created by Okuma that continue to enjoy great popularity. Ideal for fishing salmon, catfish or trout, the Okuma reels you can find on the market are made to offer you outstanding performance.

One thing you should know about these reels is that they are lightweight, yet durable. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are right-handed or left-handed since most products they make are a good fit for any angler. Also, when you must fight an energetic fish, they will help be on the winning side.



A company with a long-standing tradition in making fishing gear, Shakespeare is still one of the biggest players around. It was founded in 1898, so it has more than one century of experience under its belt. The reels it makes are known to be strong and reliable, and most customers say that they wouldn’t switch to another brand.

Whenever you look for best sellers in the rod and reel category in any shop, online or offline, don’t be surprised to see the name of this company popping up. Since anglers appear to be satisfied with how well these reels behave in all conditions, it is no wonder that they enjoy so much popularity.

Penn Fishing

Another traditional company that must be included in our list is Penn Fishing. Founded in 1932, the company has always specialized in making saltwater reels. Some of the products launched by this brand even won awards, and that is why many anglers want to get their hands on a Penn Fishing reel.

Of course, they make more than just reels. They also make excellent rods, and these are highly popular among fishermen, as well. Bear in mind that the reels they create are made from high-quality materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel. That means that they behave beautifully in saltwater, and you won’t have to worry about rust and corrosion.



The last name that makes it to our list is Rapala. This company also comes from a country where fishing is a long-standing tradition and represented for centuries the primary food source for the population living in the area. Rapala is located in Finland, but that’s only the headquarters now since branches are available in no fewer than 36 countries spread throughout the planet.

Excellent performance recommends the rods and reels this company makes. Rapala also designs other fishing gear, but the focus is placed on the necessary fishing equipment any angler needs to be successful. If you want to invest in a durable reel that will serve you for many years, you can count on the quality and expertise that makes Rapala the household name it is today.



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