Best 3 Rangefinders for Crossbow Hunting Compared in 2019

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Rangefinders for Crossbow Hunting – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you lack time to go through our reviews of rangefinders for crossbow hunting, but you are determined to get an alternative capable of meeting your needs, you have come to the right place. After taking into account feedback coming from numerous hunters, we have concluded that the TecTecTec ProWild is the product that you should get. This is a great option if you are looking to purchase hunting rangefinders under 200 as it manages to offer great features for a very affordable price. The device has a long range of up to 540 yards with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. The premium and ultra-clear, multilayered optics are very easy to read which will allow for convenient measurements. In the case that you are unable to find our first pick available for sale, but you wish to get the best rangefinder for crossbow hunting, we recommend the Halo XR700-8 as your second alternative.



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Finding a good rangefinder for crossbow hunting can be a daunting task, which is why we have compiled a list of some of the models that have garnered critical acclaim and positive reviews from customers. Take a quick look at our list of products below to see for yourself.



TecTecTec ProWild


For hunters that are tired of cheap rangefinders that don’t provide good quality, performance, and durability, the TecTecTec ProWild is a great product that comes with all the features previously mentioned at an affordable price point. It is capable of measuring up to 540 yards and features a continuous scan mode, advanced speed technology, and a durable body.

When measuring distances, the unit is very accurate, and it has a margin of error of only +/- 1 yard. The lens display is equally impressive since it features premium, multilayered, and ultra-clear optics with a very easy-to-read, through-the-lens display. The display is bright so that you can read the distance even in extremely sunny conditions.

To add to that, the unit is also incredibly lightweight and portable, and you won’t have to store it in your new crossbow case since the manufacturer includes a case and lanyard with your purchase, free of charge.


One of the features we were very pleased to see present in this model is the durable and water-resistant body which should allow hunters of any skill to use the rangefinder in a wide array of environments and weather conditions.

The unit is quite lightweight and portable, not much larger than your trusty hunting GPS, which means it won’t take too much space in your backpack.

Together with your purchase, you will also get a quick setup guide, a carrying pouch, a strap, a free CR2 battery, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a quick start guide.

The display features large digits, which should make it very easy for you to read the data when you are in the thick of the action.


Customers have reported that if you use the device in cold environments for too long, the LCD can start failing, with only half of the digits showing.

Buy from for ($199.99)





Halo XR700-8


The XR700-8 is part of the new XR Series from Halo which is a re-imagined evolution of its previous series of rangefinders, with a new modern look that feels at home in your favorite hunting backpack and comfortable in your hand. The maximum reflective range of the device is of 700 yards, and the scan mode allows you to range multiple targets at once.

Scanning multiple targets is achieved with just one click of a button, which makes this unit perfect for hunters that don’t want to be troubled by complicated controls and unintuitive interfaces. What’s more, you can also select between meters and yards, so that even hunters that prefer the metric system may use the device.

The unit features a weather-resistant housing and an adjustable eyepiece for easy focus. The body of the device is not only durable but also easy to use thanks to the non-slip grip.


The unit features a weather-resistant housing which allows the rangefinder to handle a wide variety of weather conditions so that you can rest assured knowing that your new purchase will always have your back.

You can scan multiple targets at once and at different yardages. This is a great feature that can save you a whole lot of time so that you can instead focus on the game and at striking the killing blow.

Apart from the rangefinder itself, the packaging includes a CR2 battery, a carrying lanyard so that you won’t have to worry that you will lose or drop the unit, and a lens cloth to keep the optics in mint condition.

Buyers were also satisfied with the ergonomic design of the unit which is very comfortable to hold. The non-slip grip will ensure that even if the device or your hands are wet, you will always get a secure grip.


One customer complained that the battery of the camera drained too fast, dying on the second day of hunting.

Buy from for ($124.33)





Halo XL600-8


The Halo XL600-8 is a very economical, yet high-performance unit that is packed with features designed to make the life of a hunter that much easier. It comes with a range of 600 yards which is measured with high accuracy since the manufacturer has managed to narrow down the +/- accuracy to just a single yard.

To add to that, the versatile magnification of 6x allows for a clearer and brighter view along with fast target acquisition while out in the field. The XL600-8 operates in a dual mode. The Standard Mode allows for a single precise distance reading, while the Scan Mode enables hunters to range multiple targets in quick order, without having to reactivate the laser for each target.

The Angle Intelligence technology can detect and compensate for the degree of a slope that a hunter is facing, regardless of the mode that you are using at that moment.


The internal LCD can be read with great ease even in sunny environments, or when wearing your pair of hunting sunglasses. The digits are bright and use a very clean font.

The unit has a robust, water-resistant housing which allows the unit to handle even the harshest weather conditions while providing accurate readings no matter the terrain.

The rangefinder runs on a single CR2 lithium-ion battery which should provide adequate battery life for hours of continuous use. The battery is included with the rangefinder.

For hunters that prefer the metric system, the Halo XL600-8 allows users to switch between both meters and yards, depending on their needs or those of their companions.

The unit comes with a price tag that won’t break the bank, and this is even more impressive once you consider the unbeatable combination of performance and value the Halo XL600-8 offers.


While this model offers decent performance, the slightly higher price compared to the competition might not be reflected in the features included, which aren’t above average.

Buy from for ($89.91)





Buying guide


Getting a quality rangefinder for crossbow hunting can be a tricky feat these days, which is why we have taken the time to analyze the market and help you find the right product for your unique needs. Take a quick look below if you want to see what the critical factors to consider when purchasing this type of product are.


It comes as no surprise that the main factor when purchasing a rangefinder should be the one word that gives it its name, range. The general perception is that the longer and more accurate the range of a product is, the better the device itself will be. The truth is that this is not always the case.

You need to take the time and consider where you intend to use the rangefinder and how. You don’t always need the best range if you want to hunt game that is not easily spooked, for example.

It is also worth noting that crossbow rangefinders usually have a shorter range when compared with alternatives designed to be used with rifles. As a general rule, experts recommend you go for options that can deliver at least 600 yards.


Durability and ease of use

Seeing as hunting can be a very intense hobby, when looking to purchase a rangefinder, you should pay close attention to the durability it offers. Focus on features that help the device handle the harsh weather and rugged terrain you are likely to encounter while you are out in the field.

We recommend that you purchase models that are either weatherproof, waterproof, or water-resistant. You should make the distinction between waterproof models which can be submerged into water, and water-resistant options which are only resistant to splashes and light rain.

The outer housing should also offer a non-slip grip so that you can safely utilize the device without any chance of your fingers slipping off.

Display and optics

When looking at the display, there are three features that you should focus your attention on. First, the optics should be bright enough for you to see the information even in sunny conditions, but not too bright that it will harm your eyes during the night.

Secondly, the screen should be large enough for you to see all the information before you comfortably, without having to squint your eyes. And lastly, it should display all the data in the right color, clarity, and using a size and font that are easy to read by people of all ages.



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