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Last Updated: 07.07.20

Portable ice fishing shelters – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Whether you’re a keen fishing enthusiast or a mere amateur willing to dedicate a trip to learn a thing or two about ice fishing, it’s always useful to have some information on your hobby so that you can make the right choices when you go gear shopping. If you don’t know that much about fishing, do not worry. We’ve read dozens of ice fishing shelter reviews so that you won’t have to do the same, and we’ve put our findings together to deliver a short and consistent list of useful advice. If you’re searching for the best portable ice fishing shelter, our guide will bring you closer to your target. According to our research, the first product to take into consideration is the Eskimo FF949I FatFish, it’s useful features making it a great choice. For example, the fully insulated interior will preserve 35% more warmth than other models. The two doors on opposite sides allow easy access for the 3-4 people that can fit inside. Also, the large mesh storage pockets will keep your other smaller gear handy. If this product is currently unavailable, check out the Eskimo Quickfish 3 as an excellent alternative.  



Our top choices


In order to help you make up your mind, we’ve showcased a few of our favorite products that illustrate to some extent the main qualities a good ice fishing shelter should have.



Eskimo FF949I FatFish


This model from Eskimo has a capacity of 3-4 persons and is 80 inches high, making it comfortable for the customers. The packaging includes six self-tapping ice anchors that do not bend under pressure, in order to increase safety and ensure a carefree fishing trip.

The exterior material consists of 300 deniers IceTight fabric, with an insulated interior to preserve up to 35% more warmth than other similar types of tents. This way, this shelter will be a good choice for the coldest winter days, as it is equipped to face unwelcoming environments.

If you’re worried about storage, you should know that the FatFish comes with large mesh pockets to allow you to keep your other fishing gear handy. While the small gadgets can be stored inside its pockets, there will still be enough room for the larger ones, like heating devices.

One can access the interior space through one of the two inbuilt doors, positioned on opposite sides of the shelter, in order to facilitate circulation and increase ventilation. The openings are sealed with high-quality YKK zippers, to make sure that the temperature exchange between the interior and the exterior is as low as possible.

Buy from for ($276.43)





Eskimo Quickfish 3


Yet another quality ice fishing gear from Eskimo, the Quickfish 3 is a 3 person shelter suitable for cold weather. Its most important feature is its high portability, given the fact that the all the components fit into a bag that’s very light and easy to carry around even if the weather is harsh.

Equipped with detachable hook and loop windows, this model manages to keep the inner temperature warm while still allowing air ventilation. No need to worry about storage room, since the design includes mesh storage pockets for any of the smaller pieces of gear you need to keep close.

Although its structure is rather lightweight, given that it can be easily carried around, the material used to manufacture the outer shell is heavy-duty, and the corner joints are reinforced by multiple seams, in order to prevent water from entering.  

The packaging includes a set of stronger ice anchors that won’t bend under pressure and that are easier to grip, that will increase safety in case of a snowstorm and will be easy to maneuver even if you lack professional skill.

Built to last season after season, reinforced with additional seams and bottoms, the Quickfish is a model designed to help you enjoy your time spent in cold weather.

Buy from for ($110.16)





Frabill Bunker 21o


The Bunker Series has a few models of over-sized hubs for sale, the Bunker 210 being one of them and perfectly fitting this description. Designed as a perfect square with 80-inch dimensions on each side, this tent offers up to 30% more fishable space as compared to other previous items from Frabill.

The interior is as comfortable as you can get, featuring both lightweight roof insulation and full-thermal side insulation to make sure the warmth is preserved and an agreeable environment is created on the inside. This way, your ice fishing trip will turn from survival in cold weather to an enjoyable experience.   

Despite being a pop-up shelter, the Bunker 210 package includes stakes for increased stability in case of hazardous weather. Access is provided through the two doors, positioned on opposite sides. Air ventilation is also taken care of by adding removable windows to the design of this product, covered in plastic.

The interior space may not be the biggest offered by an ice fishing tent, but it’s wide enough to fit 2-3 individuals and there will still be enough room left for other gear such as heating devices. This model would make a good choice for a two-person fishing trip.

Click to see the price on Amazon!





Buying guide


Knowing how to find the best ice fishing shelter shouldn’t be left to professional angler alone. If you’re an amateur, but you enjoy your hobby, you should have the proper knowledge in order to understand the qualities of the gear you need to buy and to learn to compare between various offers.

In order to make this choice easier for you, we have put together a few useful pieces of advice. Make sure to follow our rules if you want to make a purchase you won’t regret, and that will last by your side, season after season.


Many ice fishing tent reviews will tell you that it’s important to consider the fact that the weather is going to be pretty rough where you’re going, and you need to be as prepared as possible. In case vehicles can’t face the challenge, you need to equip yourself with lightweight gear that you can carry around by yourself.

Keep an eye out for pop-up tents that can be folded down to a small volume, but remember to check their other features as well, since a light model isn’t always what you’d hoped it would be. Remember that the structure should be strong in order to increase stability in case of a storm, therefore look for materials such as aluminum.



For a tent to work properly in cold weather, it needs to preserve the internal heat to keep a comfortable environment inside. To do so, it has to be insulated using proper high-quality materials. Check for lightweight insulation and pay attention to the side of the product it is attached to.

Also, remember to check the joints for additional seams and make sure there’s no way for water to enter. The temperature exchange between the interior and the exterior should be reduced to a minimum, so pay special attention to openings such as doors or windows and the way they are sealed.



Although this may seem like an obvious requirement, you should consider the dimensions of the product that you buy as well as the recommendations regarding the number of people that can fit inside.

Our advice is to disregard the numbers mentioned in the description file and buy a tent that is large enough to fit all the members of your crew as well as the gear you would be taking with you. Remember that you can’t last in cold weather without at least one heating device and a couple of other smaller gadgets. Large storage pockets attached to the walls might be able to help with this particular problem.




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