Best 3 Pheasant Hunting Pants Compared in 2019

Best 3 Pheasant Hunting Pants Compared in 2019

Last Updated: 20.05.19

Pheasant Hunting Pants – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison

If you are short on time and you’ve come here just to find what the best pheasant hunting pants in 2019 are, we have you covered. After an extensive period of research where we looked at numerous pheasant hunting pants reviews, consumer reports, and other specialized resources, we’ve concluded that the unit you should consider is the Wrangler ProGear PG101AN. This affordable model is a perfect match for a pheasant hunting session as they are comfortable and offer a wider range of movement so that you can maneuver your agile and powerful longbow easily so you can strike the killing blow. The straight-leg jeans come with a contrast canvas paneling at the front and back legs so that you don’t have to worry about shrubs and bushes ruining your pants. If by any unfortunate event you are unable to find this product available for sale, we recommend that you consider the Wrangler ProGear 086L44 instead.

Our top choices

If after doing your research you are still unable to find the ideal alternative for your needs, perhaps you ought to take a look at our selection below. We have gone and picked the models that offered the best quality, affordability, and performance so that you can focus on having fun.

Wrangler ProGear PG101AN

Finding an affordable option that manages to offer great quality and comfort may seem like a hard thing, yet this Wrangler model seems to have achieved just that. The customers that have tried it were delighted with the quality construction and the comfortable fit that it provides. If you want to focus on value for your money, this is a model we wholeheartedly recommend.

The main fabric is cotton, and a high-quality one at that, as you will not find other fibers mixed into it. This translates into increased comfort so that you don’t feel itchy while hunting for long periods of time. When you’re wearing a protective hunting face mask, you want to get all the breathability you can take so you don’t overheat.

You will also be able to enjoy the same freedom of movement that you do in your workout apparel. You’ll be capable of climbing your new ladder tree stand without a problem. The closure system features the use of a high-quality button that is guaranteed to last for a very long time as it is built with durability in mind.

What’s more, this model is washing machine safe, so cleaning it should not be a problem.

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Wrangler ProGear 086L44

Walking through brushes is much easier with the Wrangler ProGear pants, as they are built specifically to handle the rough conditions that you might encounter while pheasant hunting. They might be a rugged model, but they are also built with mobility in mind. The proprietary room2move fit will guarantee outstanding freedom of movement.

The action gusset will keep the areas of your body that need the most protection ready to swing into action. The leg opening is designed to fit any lightweight hunting boot, but also more rugged models. The seal that it creates between the boot and pants guarantees that sand and dirt won’t get in the way and ruin your experience.

You also get five pockets that you can use to store your portable and essential equipment. Whether you want to keep your nifty hunting GPS with you at all times, or store your phone and wallet, with this option, you’ll never run out of pockets.

The customers that have tried this model were particularly impressed with the durability that it offers. No matter the type of terrain that you are going to traverse, this nifty pair of hunting pants is guaranteed to stay with you for years to come.

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Tenzing TZ UC17

Want to get more features out of your hunting pants and you feel comfortable with spending more for them? If the answer is yes, we believe you are going to like the Tenzing alternative. The fully articulated knee design allows for full mobility and added comfort. The multi-location adjustable belt-straps allow for easy length adjustments and will keep your pants in position.

The side zippers with snap closure storm-flaps allow for easy putting on/taking off so that you don’t waste more time than necessary getting yourself ready for your hunting session. The nylon construction offers increased protection against the obstacles that you might encounter on the terrain but also against the weather.

This model is water and abrasion resistant. Shrubs will no longer be a danger and neither will the occasional rain. The front zipper pockets offer ample room for you to store your miscellaneous items, both small and large.

The use of thicker materials will not only ensure that this model can keep you warm and cozy, but that you also get better protection against the elements. If you tend to hunt in cold environments, this is an alternative we believe you’re going to be impressed by.

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Buying guide

Finding the best pants for hunting pheasants nowadays can be a tough and time-consuming task since there are so many models to choose from. It’s not that finding the ideal product itself is hard, but rather finding the time to go through each and every item and identify the features that matter the most to you.

We understand this difficulty, and this is why we have taken the time to do proper research for you. We have read numerous specialized articles, consumer reports, and reviews so that we can identify what features and aspects are worth thinking about before you pick an item. Take a look below to learn more.


The thing you should always bear in mind when purchasing any apparel is the comfort the particular item can give you. It does not matter how good it looks and how much protection it offers if you don’t feel right while wearing a specific model. Some people may even be allergic to particular materials so you’d best avoid them.

You also have to consider the season. Pheasant hunting can stretch from late spring and summer, all the way through late autumn. As you can imagine, the weather and temperatures that you will encounter can change drastically so you need to choose the type of pants best suited for the season.


If you’ve prospected the market, you noticed that more and more manufacturers use synthetic materials for their pants. Synthetic materials can help give you features you never knew you wanted such increased breathability, waterproofness, and ultra-warm insulation.

These are just a few of the features you’ll find in good pheasant hunting pants that use synthetic materials. That doesn’t mean that natural fabrics don’t have their place. If you just want a classic pair of hunting pants that feels comfortable and secure and you don’t need the extra features, there’s nothing wrong with that.


The durability of your pants is also important and something that you should never ignore, even if you just want a cheap product. In this regard, it’s not the materials used that matter, but rather how the manufacturers make use of them.

Top quality models feature reinforced stitching and have an overall more robust and rugged design. This tends to make them more expensive, but there are more than enough affordable options that offer similar performance.

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