Best Personal Floatation Device for Fishing

Last Updated: 17.06.19

Personal floatation devices for fishing – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


In order to find the best personal floatation device for fishing, you need to have some valuable knowledge in this field. If you found yourself forced to take decisions regarding fishing gear in a short span of time, without properly researching the matter, you’re probably confused. Luckily for you, we’ve read dozens of personal flotation device reviews so that we could present this complete buying guide to give you vital information on this subject. Our findings show that the first product to take into consideration is the Stohlquist Piseas Fishing PFD, due to its very useful qualities. For example, the exterior nylon layer will protect the insides of the pockets without weighing you down during the process. The open sides will make sure ventilation is done properly and the various storage options will take care of your smaller pieces of gear. Should this item be unavailable, we suggest you should try the Stohlquist Flo Women’s Life Jacket as an excellent alternative.



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In case you can’t decide between the many options available for sale these days, we’ve showcased a few of our favorite products to help you choose.



Stohlquist Piseas Fishing PFD


This affordable model features some of the best, most useful qualities you could find in a life vest. The outer nylon layer will protect the insides of the pockets from getting wet, and thus allow you to store valuable gear and have it handy when needed.

Various types of storage are available, including large front pockets that can act as fold-down work surfaces due to their drawbridge design, an adjustable strap for locking lure boxes on the inside of the right side pocket, and a pocket with hook and loop closure system suitable for thread spools.

Another valuable asset is the D-ring, suitable for hanging pieces of gear you need to keep handy. The sides are open in order to make sure air circulates and ventilation is done properly.  

It’s 420 deniers shell, and 210 deniers oxford liner make sure its structure can withstand various adversities. This model is strong enough to last alongside you for many boating seasons.

The flotation rides on the back of the vest are places above the seating, meaning you can wear this gear regardless of the type of outdoor activity you engage in. Adjustable shoulder pads will give you the comfort you need and make sure that the model is perfectly fitted to your body size.


This model is covered in a layer of nylon that prevents the belongings or the equipment that you place inside the pockets from actually getting wet.

Because it has a durable construction, this option can withstand various adversities. Therefore, the item will surely pass the test of time and you’ll be able to use it for years to come.

The product is fitted with two large pockets where you can keep your valuables safe at all times.

Plus, the shoulder pads that this unit includes can be adjusted to suit your body type so that you feel comfortable while wearing it for hours on end.


Some customers pointed out that this model is a tad bulky. Because of this, some do not consider it comfortable to wear on small boats.

A couple of owners claimed that this personal flotation device is rather expensive given its design. However, numerous buyers definitely recommend it to those interested.

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Stohlquist Flo Women’s


Another model from Stohlquist, this time exclusively for women, this lifejacket is similar in many aspects with the other product from this brand we’ve also reviewed on our list. However, some particular features make it worthy of our attention.

Featuring a 400×200 deniers outer shell with a 210 deniers inner liner, this life vest is built to last. The neoprene coating will keep the inside of the pockets safe and dry, and thus it’s fit to carry around many of the devices you will need to keep handy.

The buoyancy is provided by the PE foam attached to the back of the model, in combination with an inner mesh lining that will keep you cool and allow air to circulate for increased comfort and wearability. Its particular placing will allow you to practice various water sports, as well as enjoy a regular afternoon of boating.

This design can be easily cleaned by manually washing it with soap and water, so it won’t take up too much of your time when you already have a trip to plan.

In order to increase stability and safety and make sure it doesn’t accidentally slip off, this vest is also equipped with a cross-chest cinch harness with supportive cups.


This alternative was specially designed to be worn by women. As a result, it is more comfortable than those unisex units that you can find online.

It features a 400×200 deniers outer shell, as well as a 210 deniers inner liner that adds to its overall durability.

Given that it is covered in neoprene, the inside of the pockets will remain dry and your belongings won’t get soaked.

The unit can float as it was manufactured using PE foam attachments in the back of the vest. So, it is suitable for boating trips and water sports.


One drawback that a previous customer remarked is that the choice does not feature numerous straps that one can use to customize the fit of the vest.

There was an owner who said that the option that she received was a lot bulkier than what she had expected. Yet, she was happy with its overall design.

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Stohlquist 5226 Fisherman


Yet another item from Stohlquist, this particular model is a good choice if you have a more professional approach. For example, its outer shell is slightly stronger compared to the other products since it is made of 500 denier Cordura with 200 denier liner.

The neoprene padded shoulders and waistband will stay dry and ensure a good fit so that you can wear this vest tight enough to be comfortable. We all know how wearing the wrong size, or a bad fit can hinder your movements. It won’t be the case with the Fisherman design.

The buoyancy is provided by the flotation rides sewed to the back of the product, high enough so they don’t interfere with any outdoor activity or sport you might be practicing.

Another important aspect that makes this vest a good alternative is the storage room. Featuring two large pockets on the front that, when open, can function as horizontal workspace, it’s safe to that say all your smaller pieces of gear will be kept handy.

Some nice additions are brought by the mesh pockets with zipper closure system on the inside of the larger pockets, fit for storing small devices, as well as the buckles on the chest area, where you can hang items you need to keep close.


If you value quality and you don’t mind spending some extra dollars, this model might be just what you need as it was made of 500 denier Cordura and with 200 denier liner.

The shoulder pads of this option are made of neoprene and the waistband is said to remain dry at all times so that you are provided with a good fit.

Because of the construction of this unit, the seller argues that it can fit all body types and that it is highly comfortable.

What is more, it includes two sizable pockets where one can store various pieces of gear or one’s personal belongings.


One user was disappointed with the purchase because, according to him, there is little space available in the two pockets.

There was a customer who said that the vest is not suitable for anglers because the frequent contact with the material can cause skin irritation.

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Buying guide


When faced with a situation where you have to make a decision regarding gear for your hobby, it’s best to gather all the information you can, since this is something you want to invest in. However, finding the best personal floatation device is getting more difficult with every product that appears on the market.

If you need some guidance on how to choose the one that’s best for you, follow our tips to understand how to distinguish quality. Among the many options available for sale, there has to be one that will satisfy your needs.

Material strength

When it comes to life vests, the combination of materials used is the first aspect you want to be taking into consideration. We would definitely recommend an outer shell covered in a waterproof layer, to make sure the insides of the vest are kept dry.

Although that may seem like a useless requirement, since such a device is used when you’re already under water, it’s important for it to serve its purpose while it’s above the surface as well.

Pay attention to the number of deniers in the material used, since they indicate how durable it is and how much it’s going to last. One more thing would be to check the weight of the material that provides buoyancy. Make sure the vest isn’t too heavy to wear and move in.


Pocket room

Another important aspect that can make a difference between a good floatation device and a great one is the number of pockets featured, as well as their functions. Most models have two pockets on the lower half of the front, which is quite sufficient.

If you want some extra options, look for designs that have pockets that can be used as a horizontal workspace when open. Also, hidden interior pockets lined with waterproof materials can prove to be useful for storing electronic devices.

Check for buckles on the chest area or D-rings on the lower half of the vest, since having a place to hang an item you need to keep handy will always be a great addition to a product you already enjoy.  



Nothing is more annoying than a piece of equipment that doesn’t fit properly. It will hinder your movements, slow you down and generally keep you from enjoying a moment you have probably been waiting for.

In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, aside from picking the right size, we recommend you to pick a model that has adjustment straps around the waist and over the shoulders so that you can achieve a perfect fit.



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