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Nikon hunting binoculars – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you’re searching for the best Nikon hunting binocular, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re an amateur bird watcher or an experienced hunter, you need an optical device that you can rely on, and the legendary Nikon manufacturer can provide just that. However, there are so many types and magnification sizes to choose from that you might be confused as to which one offers the best quality. After carefully analyzing the most popular variants on the market, we have decided to recommend the Nikon MONARCH 10×42. This highly versatile binocular offers an impressive 10x magnification, quality optics featuring the latest coatings for improved views, and a rugged design that can withstand the elements while also ensuring a comfortable grip. If this model is out of stock, we also recommend that you consider the Nikon ACULON A30 10×25.



Our top choices


Finding the best Nikon binocular for hunting among the plethora of models on the market, each with its own pros and cons, can be a time-consuming task that you might not afford. In case you want to skip reading on countless Nikon binoculars reviews and jump straight to the best ones, then our top picks list should help you out.



Nikon MONARCH 10×42


If you’re looking for a solid hunting binocular to provide crystal clear views every time, then the MONARCH 10×42 from Nikon should be a top choice. This binocular has a rugged exterior that is meant to take a lot of punishment even in extreme conditions. The body is made of heavy-duty alloys with added rubber armor to provide increased resistance to shocks.

All glass elements are treated with multiple coatings to increase light transmission which simply translates into more light and thus brighter and clearer images that display more details with higher contrast. Thanks to the precision alignment of the optical elements, this model offers accurate images with no geometric distortions.

This model is waterproof as well as fogproof, thanks to the quality O-ring sealing and the nitrogen-filled spaces between the glass elements which also prevent water vapors from condensing on the lenses and blurring the view.

The eyecups can be easily adjusted thanks to the click-stop feature which ensures that you get a clear view regardless if you’re wearing eyeglasses or not. The textured body will allow for a firm hold that’s comfortable even after using this binocular for an extended viewing session.

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Nikon ACULON A30 10×25 


The ACULON A30 10×25 is a versatile binocular that’s compact, portable, and yet with superior optics to provide quality views to hunters, hikers, birders, and just about anyone who enjoys nature trips.

This model features a small body that’s resistant to wear and tear, with durable seals which ensure that water drops or vapors won’t get inside the device and affect its performance. The glass elements are enhanced with the latest multi-coatings which do not contain lead or arsenic. These Eco-Glass lenses can deliver superior performance while also being safe for the environment.

With the A30 you get a clear bright view of the surroundings. Thanks to the central focus knob, you can enjoy smooth focus that’s also fast so that you don’t lose any action and ensure that you never miss an important sighting or game opportunity.

Weighing only 10 ounces, this binocular is easy to transport and use, and with the added benefit of a comfortable grip, you can handhold this optical instruments even for extended observations without tiring your hands. You can also blend into the environment, thanks to the Xtra Green Camo camouflage colors, so that you don’t scare wildlife unnecessarily.

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Nikon ACULON A211 12×50


If you’re looking for an inexpensive Nikon binocular, then the ACULON A211 12×50 is a safe bet. This optical instrument comes with a solid construction, superior optics as well as an impressive magnifying potential, capable of providing you with the performance you’d normally expect from a more expensive model.

With a 12x magnification power, the A211 is perfect for bird watchers as well as enthusiast hunters. With this kind of magnification, you get to ensure you never miss a detail. With steady hands or a good tripod, you can enjoy a world much closer to you while also observing fine details on distant wildlife forms or landscapes.

Designed to be both durable and lightweight, this binocular features a resistant body that can absorb shocks with ease. The exterior rubber armor further increases resistance as well as confers a reliable grip so you don’t accidentally drop your binocular when you need it the most, or when working in humid conditions.

The Eco Glass elements are arsenic and lead-free so they are safe for you as well as the environment. With the aspherical BaK-4 prisms and Porro-style design, you can observe the world with no distortions.

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Buying guide


If you’re trying to buy the best hunting binocular from Nikon but simply have no idea which model best suits your needs, then our short buying guide should help you out. We try to explain some basic features of binoculars as well as give some guidelines on what you should look for in a good model.

Magnification and brightness

The more magnification a binocular has, the larger will objects appear in the field of view. However, with higher magnification and the same diameter lens, you get a dimmer view, a thing which may or may not hinder a particular type of observation.  A brighter image will usually have clearer details, although more magnification is capable of enlarging distant objects.


Performance or portability?

If you expect superior optics and performance from a binocular, then you can bet that it will weigh quite a bit. The more glass elements a device has and the larger the main lens, the heavier it will be.

So unless you want the highest possible quality and are willing to carry a stabilizing platform such as a tripod, you’ll probably enjoy a lightweight binocular more since you will be able to carry it around or even run up the hill to catch a rare sighting without any extra effort.


Finding a binocular that best suits your needs

A question you should ask yourself when looking at binoculars for sale should be: what do I want to do with this instrument? Do you want an optical device for casual observations? Do you need higher magnification to be able to observe fine details on birds or game?

Depending on your answers, you might need to go for a different type of binocular. However, a middle ground can also be reached, as you can get a versatile model that will be able to offer enough flexibility on all sorts of adventures.





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