Best Night Hunting Light in 2019. Reviews & Analysis

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Top Night Hunting Lights Reviewed and Compared


Are you shopping for the best night hunting lights in 2019, but you’re too pressed for time to conduct thorough research on the topic? We are here to offer a helping hand, as we will tell you right away what product deserved your hard-earned money. After reading reviews, comments, opinions, and examining data such as sales figures, we established that the SureFire M Series Scout should be at the top of the list. You can count on the powerful beam this hunting light is capable of delivering, and you will have no trouble seeing in the dark at far distances when you go hunting at night. The model comes with a mounting system so you can easily attach it to your hunting weapon. Adequately sealed against moisture and dust, it will be a reliable companion for all your hunting trips. If the SureFire M Series Scout is out of stock, you should consider the Orion M30C as your second choice, as it offers almost the same performance.



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With so many of the night hunting lights reviews pointing out at one model or another, you may feel a bit at a loss. Make a quick and easy decision, by picking any of the popular models listed below.


SureFire M Series Scout


Performance is paramount when you have to choose a hunting light for night operations. This model is considered by many buyers and experts the optimal choice if you seek a good deal for the money, without sacrificing performance at all. The capacity of this hunting light is 350 lumens, and it will help you see in the dark without a problem.

Seasoned hunters know very well the importance of wearing lightweight hunting boots when you plan a longer trip. The same rule applies in the case of other kinds of gear, and you will be happy to learn that this flashlight is made from aluminum, to keep its weight to a minimum. You will not strain your hands, and the good news is that the hunting light is durable, too.

The manufacturer uses hard-anodized aluminum, the same type used by the aerospace industry, so you can rest assured that this model is a sound investment and it will not let you down even after longtime usage. The special seals guarantee that the delicate mechanisms inside will not be affected by moisture and dust.

If you need to keep both hands on your weapon and have no room left for a flashlight, fret not. You can mount this one on your rifle because it comes with a mounting system that makes things simple.

Buy from for ($339)




Orion M30C


When you pick a hunting light for nighttime use, you have to make sure that the beam delivered is powerful enough and that it reaches far in the dark. The light output of this product is 700 lumens, and it can reach distances of up to 377 yards. A great thing about this model is that it can be used as a red light or a green light.

The color of your hunting light is important and plays a role in how efficient you will be when you go against different types of prey. For instance, hogs are known as being incapable to see the color green at night, so, if you are into hog hunting, you will certainly make good use of this light.

Other animals do not perceive the color red after dark, so you can slowly get closer and aim. This model is advertised as an excellent option for hunting varmint, and this might be something that you want to bear in mind.

You will get rechargeable batteries with your purchase, as well as a charger. The available mounts are excellent, as well, as you may want to use the flashlight, while keeping your hands busy with more important things, like your rifle.

Buy from for ($169.95)




Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper


When looking for a hunting flashlight, there are several things to bear in mind. One of them is to make sure that you strike a good deal, by getting more than just the flashlight for the money spent. The Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper is an excellent deal in this respect, as it is a complete kit that comes with everything you need in the same package.

You will get four color LEDs, which you can replace as you see fit. Two mounting systems are included, one for the rail and one for the scope of your weapon. You will also get the required batteries, along with a charger set. The remote power switch and the extension tube for the battery are added extra.

Everything is neatly packed in a carry case that will also help you bring your kit along with you on any hunting trips. Identifying your target at distances of up to 500 yards is easy when you have this hunting light by your side.

The halo shield is long enough to prevent light splash, and the remote switch is a nice touch, as it will help you remain undetected. The nicest thing, however, is that you can put this kit in your hunting backpack, without taking up too much space.

Buy from for ($199.95)




Orion Predator H30


Another excellent option for hunting varmint at night, the Orion Predator H30 is built with your needs in mind. The red and green versions are very handy when dealing with animals that cannot perceive such colors in the dark. Hogs, foxes, or coyotes will be no match for you, once you’re well equipped.

The rechargeable battery is very convenient, and that’s not the only thing you will like about this model. On a single charge, the battery can last for many hours, provided that you use a lower brightness setting. Even on the highest brightness mode, of 300 lumens, the battery charge can still last for four hours straight.

The military grade construction is another plus for this hunting light. It is waterproof and can stand impact and shocks without breaking. When you go hunting, you need such rugged equipment, as there is no telling what sort of conditions you are going to face.

The beam can be focused at distances of up to 273 yards, so identifying your target is much easier with such an ally by your side. Three rifle mounts are available with your purchase; you can mount this flashlight on the barrel, rail, or scope of your rifle.

Buy from for ($129.95)




BestFire HS-802


Your hunting light should be powerful, durable, and decently priced. All these three criteria are abided by this particular model. This green hunting light is an excellent option when you want to go after prey at night. Animals will not get scared away by the green light, while you will be able to monitor their moves, without a problem.

The maximum power output for this model is 350 lumens, which is enough to see clearly in the dark. You will be more than pleased with the durable construction of this flashlight. This is a requirement for any hunting equipment you need to buy, and it is a good thing to know that the BestFire HS-802 will not disappoint you.

You can mount this hunting light on your weapon of choice. It can be easily mounted on a hand pistol, a rifle or a shotgun. Made from 6061T aluminum, it is durable, yet lightweight, which means that you will not have to worry about straining your hands after prolonged usage.

The remote pressure switch allows you to turn the flashlight on and off without drawing unnecessary attention from your prey. Two rechargeable batteries and a charger, along with a barrel mount, are offered with your purchase.

Buy from for ($71.99)




Buying guide


There are plenty of good night hunting lights on the market, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to compare various models to see which ones are worth the money. If you don’t have that much time at your disposal, we are here to help you. If you employ the following buying advice, you will surely make a sound choice.

What should be the minimum range of your flashlight?

It is essential that your hunting light can illuminate the darkest areas, so you can spot and take aim at your prey. That is why you will notice that all the models for sale have, among their specs, the maximum range they can offer. This is a very good criterion to get you started.

When hunting at night, getting close to your prey can be very tricky. Remember that you are hunting nocturnal animals and their vision in the dark is much better than yours. That is why you need a proper hunting light, so you can even your chances of success.

Seasoned hunters say that you should not be at a smaller distance of about 150 yards when you’re hunting varmint at night. Anything below this number puts you at the risk of being discovered, which is why having visibility at a superior range is paramount to your success.

You will notice that the models that have so far managed to conquer hunters’ hearts are those that have more than a decent range. Anything between 250 to 500 yards counts as an excellent deal, and you should pick a model that is presented as being able to cover such distances.


Waterproof and shockproof

If you go hunting in an area where rains are the norm, it serves to take along all the hunting rain gear you might need. As far as the flashlight you are going to use is concerned, you should get a model that is waterproof. Reading a few things about what kind of seals are used on the flashlight will give you a good idea of the kind of waterproof capabilities the model has.

O-ring seals and gasket seals are preferred because they don’t allow moisture and dust to get inside. This, in itself, is a warranty towards how durable your flashlight is. As long as the delicate mechanisms inside are well protected, you can count on the long life of your flashlight.

Some models sold on the market are advertised as having a military grade construction. As long as they are not overpriced, this is the type of quality you should go for.

Also, it matters to know what sort of material was used for the body of the flashlight. Aluminum is preferred, as it is both durable and lightweight since you don’t want the hunting light to strain your hands during longtime use.

It is important to have a hunting light that can deal with a few impacts with the ground. Outdoors adventures are often accompanied by harsh conditions and inclement weather, and that means that you have to be prepared for anything.


Handheld or weapon mounted?

You will notice that many of the products sold on the market are sold with extras, such as mounting kits. That is a good sign that you get an excellent deal for the money. Some models are handheld, and they cannot be mounted on a hunting weapon, which means their usefulness is somewhat limited.

This may not seem like such a huge drawback when you first pick the hunting light you are going to use, but the moment you want to grab your rifle with both hands so you can shoot, you will notice that you need to let go of your light and that is not an option.

Any seasoned hunter you will meet will recommend you to get a model that comes with mounting kits included in the package. This way, you will know that you will not have to worry about shooting one-handed. The more mounting kits are included, the better, as you may have very particular preferences when it comes to this.

Some can be mounted on the barrel, others on the rail, and others on the scope of your rifle. Some are compatible with hand pistols, and shotguns, too. As you can see, there are many options to choose from. However, you should pay attention to details, just like you would when picking other hunting gear, such as a hunting hat, for instance.

You want your flashlight to fit your style of hunting. There is another option, too, and that would be a headlamp.




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