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Last Updated: 16.06.19

Medium-heavy spinning rods – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you’re searching for the best medium heavy spinning rod, this guide will be the perfect companion to that task. We’ve created our simple yet comprehensive guide based on the market’s unpredictable trends, and we’ve considered clever buying advice from expert fishers all so that the model you pick won’t be a failure but rather an excellent addition to your collection. The Okuma NTx-S-703MH Nomad is one of the most praised options this year due to its sturdy construction, balanced weight, and to the fact that it can stand the test of time like a pro. Moreover, the rod can be handled easily, and it comes with plenty of accessories that will make your life easier. If the unit is out of stock or if the seller is unable to ship it to your address and you need something equally reliable and durable, we recommend the Fiblink Surf Spinning.



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There are plenty of options on the market for medium heavy spinning rods. Check out the information in the above buying guide for shopping assistance. The best products are showcased below.



Okuma NTx-S-703MH Nomad


The product is a medium heavy type of rod that gives you premium moderate action that suits nearly all fishing targets and environments. The unit can handle both small and larger fish, without stuttering or snapping in two. It flexes in the top half end, which allows a progressive flex for enhanced control and fun when it comes to fishing endeavors.

The piece has been crafted to cater for a wide range of fishing situations, including fresh and saltwater competitions. It provides all the sensitivity that anglers need to react quickly to fish biting on the bait, for impressive performances. You’ll also be pleased with the fast and powerful hook setting that the unit allows.

Since this rod is made of graphite, you can count on it for excellent strength. It is not just about its resilience because the pole has been tuned to make sure that you can handle it with ease, without slipping and without feeling too rough.

Apart from the steady grip, the rod is also equipped with non-slip rubber gimbals that make it the tool you need in the spur of the moment when bass fish have engaged the hook. You won’t be disappointed with its overall lifespan either.

Buy from for ($75.69)





Fiblink Surf Spinning


The solid carbon construction is the thing that makes this model stand out in a rather oversaturated market. It allows for improved performance-action and increased sensitivity, even under demanding conditions like turbulent waters. The rod delivers the enhanced toughness and precisely tuned action for boat fishing and extreme conditions.

The high-quality guides are crafted from stainless steel mixed with ceramic, and they make the rod smooth and help prevent the line from getting stuck in. Moreover, the innovative construction minimizes friction for smooth, long casts, while also enhancing sensitivity by transferring vibrations efficiently.

The guides are precisely aligned along the bottom of the spine of the blank, which is perfect for a variety of fishing styles. The unit’s non-slip rubber cork handle makes sure your hand will stay protected and that you can use the rod for many hours without your muscles straining or hurting.

The medium heavy power is a guarantee for success, and the weight is evenly balanced for a much more pleasant experience with the product. Note that it has a four-piece design which makes it perfect for traveling purposes without hindering its performance and stability under heavy loads.

Buy from for ($69)





Shimano FXS 2 Piece


Built with aeroglass, the rod is stiff and sensitive at the same time. You can use this unit for larger fish, such as trout, as it is available in more than one size. At a medium heavy power, it can be the ideal choice for both beginners and experts, and since the manufacturer opted for the aeroglass material, it offers a great balance.

The line swings through its aluminum oxide guides, and the reel sits on the premium graphite reel seat to take the weight off of the unit itself and to prolong its lifespan. And to continue the sleek design that is so consistent throughout the Shimano products, the handle is wrapped in EVA foam grip.

The versatile rod covers a wide variety of necessities and it is perfect for any stream, river or lake, or for light saltwater environments. It has a soft feel, and extended use won’t be tiring as it has a balanced weight.

Lastly, note that the product has a two-piece body and it is highly portable, which makes it the supreme choice for those who love fishing tournaments and have to travel a lot and want to do it hassle-free.

Buy from for ($12.99)





Buying guide


A medium or medium/heavy action rod provides the necessary backbone and flexibility for fishing topwater baits, spinnerbaits and crankbaits or even plastic baits. With the variety of products available, these are the elements that separate premium quality medium heavy spinning rods from the mediocre ones.

Quality rod materials and construction

The majority of modern casting rods are constructed of either graphite or fiberglass, or composites of both. Graphite models have undergone refinement to deliver lightweight, flexible rods that provide better sensitivity, which is a must if you want to feel the fish nibbling on the lure. Graphite has enough strength to land large fish.

Fiberglass rods, on the other hand, are more durable compared to graphite ones but compromise on sensitivity and weight as opposed to their graphite counterparts. Composite rods offer the best of both graphite and fiberglass implements, with the graphite element delivering on the aspect of light weight, sensitivity and power and the fiberglass .ensuring durability.


Suitable lure and line weight rating

Medium heavy spinning rods are designed to cast a specific line weight that matches the stiffness or power of the specific rod. Line weight rating depends on the type of fish you intend to go after, the type of water you will be fishing in and the size of the flies you intend to utilize. Line weights vary from 1 to 15. For heavier fish and flies, you will want a higher line weight, especially with longer casting poles.

Freshwater fishing rods employ more of the middleweight lines, varying between 4 and 8. A 4-weight line requires more skill. A 6-weight line is best for bigger waters and windy conditions. For trout fishing, a 5-weight line offers versatility. For smallmouth bass, you will want to use a 7-weight. Medium to heavy rods can handle most freshwater fish


Quality spinning rod parts

The material for the rod handle or grip can be one of three types: EVA foam, cork and wood. A traditional material, cork offers a solid grip and a nice feel. The more durable EVA foam is resilient to temperature changes and wearing due to water. Wood is less used nowadays, with wood handles being custom-made from a variety of domestic and exotic woods.

Whatever type of handle you choose, make sure it fits nicely in your hand and carries sufficient sensitivity. The shortest grip type is the pistol style, which is contoured to your palm and carries a hook into which your index finger goes. The hook enables more accurate casting. For two-handed, longer casts, you will want a longer trigger stick. Trigger handles are named for the underside finger grip having a trigger-like appearance.

Line guides can be made of ceramic, metal or plastic. Smooth operation is ensured with ceramic guides, which are considered top quality and cause less line fraying. Guides can be single- or double-foot. Greater strength can be expected from double-foot guides. However, single-foot guides have lighter weight and enough strength for bass fishing.

The reel is attached to the rod via the reel seat, which can have a hood mechanism that screws in to hold the reel in place. The reel seat should ideally be made of strong composite material and should accommodate all major reel brands. Spinning rods can be one- or two-piece tools. For the most natural feel, a one-piece rod is the best solution. Modern two-piece rods combine transportability and sensitivity to a decent extent.



Unavailable products


Fiblink Sea Bass


If you seek portability in your fishing gear, you want a premium 2 piece medium heavy spinning rod like the Fiblink Sea Bass.

This spinning rod is best for inshore and saltwater fishing, with its robust and strong solid carbon fiber construction designed for fishing in heavy cover or deep water where a balance between weight and sensitivity is needed.

The lightweight, flexible design proves to be effective at transmitting vibrations through the rod from the fish biting the hook. Equipped with strong and durable lightweight guides supplemented with stainless steel frames and ceramic inserts, this rod will ensure reduced likelihood of line friction and abrasion that cause fraying and eventual line breakage.

The rod has 7+1 guides for even load weight distribution throughout its entire length. The stainless steel frames are resilient to chipping and rust. The enhanced reel seat has corrosion-resilient stainless steel hoods for easy and secure reel attachment. The handle is made of ultra-premium-grade cork to ensure resistance against bacteria and staining.



Shakespeare Wild Cat


Equipped with awesomely high-strength two-piece tubular glass blanks, the Shakespeare Two-Piece Wild Cat is designed for catfishing. This 7-foot rod provides medium heavy power to withstand the struggles of a frisky catfish and other fierce fighting freshwater species. The two-piece construction is lauded in many medium heavy spinning rod reviews because it enables easy setup and convenient transportability without compromising on durability and strength.

Designed for lure ratings of ½ to 3 and line ratings of 12 to 25 pound, the rod has an EVA foam handle that is more durable than cork and has the ability to resist chipping and dents when the rod is placed in a beach spike or rod holder for extended times. The EVA foam handle also ensures hassle-free cleaning off of accumulated fish oil, protein and slime.

The tubular fiberglass rod blank material enables a more timely hook setting compared to graphite. Fiberglass rods also help you hook and land more fish, with shorter battles and fewer lost lures due to line breakage. Recommended for suspending jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and crankbaits, the fiberglass rod blank ensures a more natural presentation for your lures.



Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Lite


The Ugly Stik Tiger Lite is a 6-foot 6-inch one-piece rod from Shakespeare that delivers medium heavy action and is designed for high durability, thanks to the Howald Process used in its manufacture.

The graphite Fuji reel seat is lightweight and offers a more secure attachment of the reel, with no corrosion and with less likelihood of dings and scratches.

The double-footed Fuji aluminum oxide guides offer more strength and ensure less friction and abrasion to reduce line breakage.

The Easy-Grip cork tape handles provide a firm grip in the hand so you can fish in the most demanding wet conditions and still maintain control over the rod.

The rod can be used to catch tuna in the Pacific as well as to land monster catfish in the south. It gives you the upperhand when fighting trophy-sized fish, with its lure rating of ¾ to 4 and line rating of 12 to 30 pound.



Daiwa Crossfire


If you are looking for a fishing rod that is designed to provide plenty of memorable experiences for both amateur and expert fishermen, then you might want to throw a glance at this product and keep it in mind. There are plenty of rods that are made with poor quality materials and snap at stronger tugs, but with this one, you won’t have such problems, unless we’re talking about catching Moby Dick.

This fishing rod was made with quality in mind, meaning that it was made from graphite blank construction which makes it resilient through the hard task of sustaining and dragging many pounds of fish through water.

Its guides have been cleverly made from aluminum oxide. Why do we say cleverly? Because aluminum oxide makes sure that they won’t break too easily and will keep rust away from ruining your rod. Also, it’s ideal for medium heavy action, meaning that you won’t have to settle with small fry.

When you buy this you can be sure that you purchased a reliable and durable rod and even better than this, you’ll do so at an affordable price. We don’t just say that, there are plenty of reviewers that state this fact, it is a great fishing rod for its price.



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