Best Lightweight Hunting Pants in 2018. Reviews & Analysis
Best Lightweight Hunting Pants in 2018. Reviews & Analysis

Top Lightweight Hunting Pants Reviewed and Compared

If time is pressing you and you simply want to find what the best lightweight hunting pants in 2018 are, without having to prospect the market, we have you covered. We have read the most popular lightweight hunting pants reviews, consumer reports, and other specialized resources and we’ve concluded that the model you should get is the King's Camo Cotton. If you’re looking for quality hunting camo clothing, you are covered with this option as you get a product that is both practical and comfortable. It features an adjustable waistband which ensures that once you’ve secured the pants, nothing will pull them off. The reinforced seat will not only keep you comfortable but will also protect you from sharp objects that could injure you or scratch the material. If this model is not available for sale, we recommend you consider the Gamehide Elimitick Ultra-lite instead.

Our top choices

If after looking at the models available on the market right now you are having difficulties in identifying the ones that are worth your time, we recommend you take a peek at our selection. These are the top-rated models that stood out to us due to their quality, comfort, and affordability.

King's Camo Cotton

The King’s Camo model features a durable 60/40 cotton and polyester brushed twill that is comfortable to the skin, durable, and extremely lightweight. Climbing in your new Guide Gear tree stand will be easier than ever since the light and flexible construction will allow you to move your legs unhindered in any direction.

Because durability matters when you're on the field hunting in conditions that can often be extremely harsh, this model features a reinforced seat that can prevent tears from happening. This means that getting this alternative is an investment for the future since it guarantees a long-lasting wear.

The waistband is fully adjustable which means that you can get a custom fit so that your pants never get loose or too tight on your waist. You also have six pockets to play around with and store all your necessary accessories from your practical shooting glasses to more voluminous items such as your flashlight.

The many customers that have tried this option were also impressed with the camouflage options that the manufacturer offers. You can choose between three different colors and graphics so that you get the one that works best with the terrain that you plan to hunt on.

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Gamehide Elimitick Ultra-lite

The Gamehide model is made from woven poly fabric that is extremely lightweight and that can still retain the durability and toughness that customers expect from their purchase. The elastic section in the waist will ensure that you get a great fit, and when you’re out hunting for hours, this is a feature that will make a lot of difference.

The articulated knees and the full sized belt loops will give you more freedom to move and reach every angle with your swift compound bow. They will also make traversing rugged terrain much more manageable as you will find yourself not getting tired as quickly as you did with other alternatives.

The front slash pocket and the utility pocket on the right will give you ample room to store all your essential gear. The dual rear pockets also include a zip closure on the left side. What’s more, the internal drawcord cuff allows for a custom fit over your comfortable hunting boots.

These pants are best suited for warm and humid weather conditions as they are incredibly breathable and will prevent your body from overheating. They are also designed to keep ticks and other bugs off of you so that you can enjoy a pleasant day of hunting, without having to worry about pests.

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Coleman Adult Lightweight

This model from Coleman is another affordable alternative that customers love for how it manages to offer great quality and features for a price that is more than fair. They are comfortable and easy to get on and off in the field, a thing that matters more than you think. It will allow you to save time and enjoy yourself more while you’re at it.

They slide on and off quite easily with the zipper and button. They fit just like a comfortable pair of sweatpants and when you’re trying to find the perfect angle for the killing blow, feeling comfy in your apparel can give you an edge and ensure that your bullet or arrow will hit your target with exact precision.

To add to that, they are also warm, ideal to use if you want to hunt in the morning when the temperatures can get low. Once the weather warms up, the breathability of the materials used will kick in and prevent you from overheating. Sweat will not accumulate and you’ll end up feeling cool and comfortable.

As a plus, the camo design will help you blend with your environment so that you can stalk your prey without it knowing you’re there.

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Buying guide

If you have little time on your hands, finding the best light hunting pants these days can become a real adventure once you consider the seemingly endless alternatives that you will have to choose from. Knowing what features to focus on becomes a challenge, one that can only be solved by spending more time.

Thankfully, we have done the homework so that you don’t have to. In the buyer’s guide below we have tried to identify the key features that will make it easier for you to narrow down your searches and identify the good lightweight hunting pants that are worth your time. Take a peek below and see for yourself.

Comfort and protection

What’s awesome about lightweight hunting pants is that by their nature, they are incredibly comfortable. Heavy clothing can lower your hunting productivity and make you feel tired and uneasy. Still, you need to keep in mind that a lightweight design is not perfect if it cannot keep you safe.

This is why we recommend you choose hunting apparel that features protection layers. This will allow the fabric to handle the harsh conditions that you might encounter while stalking a prey. You never know what you might encounter and it is best that you are prepared for the unexpected.

Make sure it fits well

A proper fit is important when purchasing any clothing item, but even more so when buying hunting apparel. A loose cloth is not just uncomfortable but also outright dangerous. You can end up tripping or getting stuck in a shrub or a tree branch. You don’t want to play around when it comes to your own safety.

You need to check and see if the sizes that the manufacturer utilizes are the same ones that you are used to since some may use different charts. It does not happen very often, but it is something worth checking. We recommend you pick pants that come with an adjustable waistband since this feature will ensure that once secured, the pants will stay in place.

Don’t be seen

The key to a successful hunt is targeting your prey without it spotting you in return and this has a lot to do with what you are wearing. You need to choose pants that can help you blend with your surroundings. Don’t go for graphics and colors that don’t match your desired location.

The good thing is that finding clothes that have camo prints perfectly suited for your location is extremely easy. Most manufacturers allow you to choose the color or camo that the product uses.

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