Top Kayak Seats Reviewed in 2019

Last Updated: 21.04.19


Best Kayak Seats. Comparison & Buying Guide


If you are in the market for the best kayak seat in 2019, but you don’t have the time to read all the information that we have put together for you, this short paragraph should clue you in. After researching on your behalf, we have concluded that the Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus is the model that you should opt for. This unit has a padded back that ensures that the user is comfortable at all times, and four-way adjustable mounting straps that enable you to adapt the model to your needs completely. What is more, this product was made from UV-resistant nylon that is known for its durability and its low weight. Therefore, this set is capable of withstanding the test of time. If the Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus is out of stock, do consider the Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech as it is a reliable alternative that you might also like.



Our Top Choices


Because finding a good kayak seat is a task that is not as easy as one might expect, we took it upon ourselves to put together a list of products that you should have in mind before you make a decision and place that order. So, read on and see what products we have selected for you.


Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus


If you are searching for a unit that has been vetted by previous buyers, the Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus is the model that you’ve been looking for. The product stands out thanks to its padded back that supplies its users with extra comfort during a day in the open water. Likewise, the four-way adjustability system allows the buyer to mount this seat in the best way possible.

Another feature that makes the model worth your time and money is the material that has been used in making it. According to the manufacturer, this seat has been built using UV resistant nylon that has been reinforced for extra durability and sturdiness.

Moreover, the seat includes a reflective logo that is said to light up in the dark (after being exposed to the sun). Likewise, when shipped, the product also comes with solid brass clips that have stainless steel springs and that are easy to mount on your personal kayak.

Previous buyers of the model have said that this seat is effortless to install and that it is overall an affordable purchase. Besides, most of them have claimed that this item has improved their kayaking experience.

Buy from for ($42.49)




Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech 


Another model designed by the same manufacturer is the Comfort Tech. Specially created to be used with sit-on-top kayaks, this product is both comfortable and pretty sturdy. Differently from the other model produced by Ocean Kayak, this model is said to provide its users with extra cushioning and a higher back (17’).

Even more so, this model comes outfitted with a material that is more breathable, and that can keep the user cool for a significant period of time. Therefore, if you happen to have issues with your back and you are in search of a more supportive unit, check this model out.

Similarly to the previous model this product has a 4-way adjustable strap system that ensures its safety and the same reflective logo. However, before you make your choice, we consider that it is essential to remind you that his seat might be a bit difficult to fit in small-sized canoes/ kayaks. Consequently, before you place that order, we suggest that you measure the dimensions of your kayak in order to make an informed decision.

As expected, the product has received many positive reviews, and it is considered a good, supportive chair that is worth the money.

Buy from for ($50.44)




Leader Accessories Deluxe 


If you are a seasoned kayaker that has shopped for kayak accessories before, chances are that the Leader Accessories Deluxe will catch your eyes. This seat is another 4-strap adjustable unit that has been designed in such a way so that it mimics the shape of your body. As a result, the model will allow you to enjoy long days out in the water without having to bother about being left with a sore back.

The model was built in such a way so that it distributes the weight of your body equally. Also, the back of this seat is high enough for you to feel comfortable in it throughout the day. The model comes supplied with two straps in the front and two in the back so that you can 100% adjust it to your liking. Additionally, the seat should fit in all types of kayaks, regardless of their brand.

The connecting snaps that one needs to use to secure the seat are made of brass, and they are marine grade. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about them rusting or losing their properties after being exposed to the sun. Because of its overall design, this seat can be used by a variety of kayakers, no matter their height or body shape.

Buy from for ($49.99)




Docooler Deluxe Padded 


With a similar design, the Docooler Deluxe Padded is another model that you should consider before you make a purchase. This unit was built from neoprene and 600D polyester, and it is known for its durability. Moreover, this model comes provided with a padded base and a contoured padded backrest that are anti skid and particularly soft. As a result, its users feel comfortable and safe while using this seat.

As a plus, this model has a high back that brings additional comfort to the buyer, especially if he/she suffers from a sore back. To mount this seat to one’s kayak, one has to use the front and back straps given by the manufacturer. These belts contain brass snap hooks (made from marine grade stainless steel).

According to the manufacturer, this model is said to fit any boat, including sit-inside kayaks. Furthermore, this product is designed to suit canoes as well. If you decide to purchase it, your boat will be safer and more comfortable.

The model is highly appreciated by current users because of its coziness and the fact that it is effortless to install. Still, this model does not have extra cushioning.

Buy from for ($39.55)




Vbestlife Kayak Backrest 


We couldn’t have ended this selection without at least mentioning this Kayak Backrest. This model is lightweight, comfortable and durable. In fact, this seat has been made from a mix of 600D Polyester and neoprene, which is a reason why the product is this sturdy.

Because it was designed to fit most kayaks, the model is 100% adjustable. To install it in place, you have to use the same type of front and back straps that the other models also use. Still, keep in mind that this seat is made from a non-slip material and that it has a high backrest.

Additionally, when shipped, this item also includes a detachable seat bag. You can use this bag to store all your belongings in it. This way, you can be sure that you won’t lose them in the event that the boat flips over.

The unit has received many favorable reviews, and it is particularly liked by experienced kayakers that enjoy spending long days out in the open. Nevertheless, don’t forget that this model only fits those type of boats that have connection points. If you have this issue with your vessel, we suggest that you look for an alternate product.

Buy from for ($49.98)




Buying guide


If you have read reviews of kayak seats before, you probably know that there are some features that one should not settle without in a product of this kind. Still, to make this job effortless for those who don’t enjoy reading such reviews, we have compiled a list of features that you should have your eyes on before you decide on a model.

Padding and backrest

One of the most important aspects that one has to consider before picking a product from the myriad of items that are up for sale is padding. As you probably know by now, padding or cushioning is an aspect that is directly linked to the comfort that one gets from such a seat.

From this point of view, it is crucial that one selects a product that has a thick enough cushion so that his/her body feels comfortable when out kayaking. This feature is even more essential if you happen to have issues with your back and if you often get a sore back when enjoying some time alone with your freshwater fishing kayak.

Additionally, it is worth pointing that, if you want extra comfort, you should purchase a seat that has a high backrest. This way, your back will be provided with additional stability and support. By investing in a model like this, you can be sure that you will no longer have to deal with back pain.

Similarly, the specialists suggest that the model that you acquire should have extra padding on the bottom as well, as this will make you feel more comfortable throughout the day. If you want a seat that is undoubtedly not going to let you down and that will fit in any boat, we recommend that you check to see whether the model that you like best has extra strap-on, self-adhesive cushions.


Suitability and durability

According to kayak seats reviews, two other features that you should not ignore are the item’s suitability and its sustainability. Similarly to when purchasing kayak rack carriers, kayak seats should be a perfect fit for your boat, and they should be built from a type of material that can handle the abuse.

To cater to the necessities of their customers, most manufacturers supply their seats with adjustable straps that permit the buyer to install the products in various kayaks. However, before you place any orders go ahead and verify what the previous buyers of the unit that you like had to say about the maneuverability and the suitability of the item. Even more so, you could ask fellow kayakers and/or the manufacturer if the given seat is compatible with the type of boat that you own.

Likewise, the material used in the making of the seat should be sturdy and long-lasting. Consequently, you should search for units developed using marine grade snaps and durable nylon. Also, if you don’t like sweating, go for a model that was made from a breathable fabric.

As a plus, the units constructed from a UV resistant fabric are often regarded as more durable than those that do not have this feature.


Tips and tricks

No matter if you decide to purchase a cheap kayak seat or a rather expensive one, there are a few extra features that you should consider. For instance, if you want a product that will enable you to keep your belongings safe, you could always settle for a unit that comes with a detachable bag.

Furthermore, if you don’t own inflatable kayaks, it might be a good idea to pick a unit that is foldable. This way, you will be capable of effortlessly packing it in between uses and transporting it without difficulties.

Still, another feature that should not be overlooked has to do with whether or not your kayak has connection points. As expected, some models out there do not come outfitted with this kind of connections and, thus, they are unfit to be equipped with seats. If this is the case with your unit, we recommend that you either find an additional mounting system or that you purchase the kind of cushioning alternative that is supported by the boat.

For extra safety, the specialists recommend that one picks a unit that has a non-slip surface, as this will help you stay in place when paddling. Likewise, the chosen product should have a high resistance to abrasion and tears, and it should be easy to maintain clean. Water resistance is also a must, especially if you enjoy using your kayak on saltwater.


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