Best 5 Kayak Helmets Compared in 2019

Last Updated: 19.04.19


Kayak Helmets – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Kayaking is one of the most relaxing activities to take in your spare time if you enjoy outdoor adventures and waters. You can bring your friends and family with you or go for a ride on your own, and just enjoy a full afternoon fishing on the lake, in complete harmony with the environment. However, it is important that you always wear adequate equipment, so getting the best kayak helmet in 2019 is a smart thing to do. After conducting our own research, we have concluded that the new Shred Ready Super Scrappy is a fine choice and a product you may want to consider getting. It is available in two different colors and it comes in one universal size to fit all. It also features large fitting pads for a more comfortable look. If it is not available, you can also opt for the Bern Unlimited Watts EPS as a great alternative in terms of price and quality.



Our top choices


Finding the right helmet to guide you in your kayak experiences is not an easy task, especially since there are so many options on the market. And, although we cannot showcase all the products available, we have gathered some of the most appreciated kayak helmets by the customers and presented them below.


Shred Ready Super Scrappy


If you just started kayaking and don’t want to spend a fortune on protective equipment just yet, the Super Scrappy helmet is an intelligent and on-point purchase. This product is great for a wide variety of water activities, including wakeboarding, kiteboarding, whitewater or kayaking. This highly popular helmet provides the right amount of protection for mild water activities.

The shell is made of durable ABS plastic which is lightweight so it won’t add extra weight or pressure while wearing. It is complete with an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam that will provide sufficient protection for high energy impacts.

According to specialists, EVA is suitable for light usage and minor impacts such as bumping or scraping, meaning it should be enough for kayaking activities. The item comes in two different colors – white pearl and orange to offer a stylish look even when you’re out with the boat.

The stainless steel rivets and burrs offer increased protection and durability when wearing the helmet. The product also comes with Duraflex fasteners and adjusters so that you’ll get the perfect fit no matter the size of your head. The large fitting pads included will ensure you a tight fit anytime you wear the helmet.

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Bern Unlimited Watts EPS


This helmet from Bern is suitable for all season wearing. You can choose the model that fits your style and even customize the helmet according to your preferences and requirements for a safe trip. If you prefer practicing water sports during the winter time, you can also purchase a Winter Upgrade kit separately.

You can also wear the helmet while biking as most of the company’s helmets come with a two-hole mount in the rear of the shell so you can easily mount bike lights. Thus, no matter the type of outdoor activity you like performing, including biking or kayaking, this helmet will not only protect you from bumps, impacts, and shocks but will also provide you a clear vision during night time.

The item meets different Safety Certifications so you can rest assured it will keep you protected at all times due to an innovative technology that combines hard ABS with a polycarbonate shell. The interior is lined with an EPS foam for increased protection and comfort.

What we also liked about this item is that it comes in various sizes, ranging from Small to XXX-Large so you can easily find an accurate fit. In addition, it is available in 10 different colors, from matte black to neon green and red.

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Tontron Sport Comfy Practical


This product is available in five different color options and three standard measures – Small, Medium, and Large. We suggest you to check the company’s size guide before purchasing the desired helmet in order to get the best possible fit.

The helmet is made of an ABS outer shell that offers increased impact protection. It is waterproof and, thanks to the quick EVA absorption liner, your head will remain dry. It meets most of the water sports safety standards so you can rest assured this helmet will actually provide great protection for a wide array of watersports and outdoor activities, including kayaking.

The helmet also features 11 air-vents to offer maximum breathing and air circulation. This way your head will remain dry and protected in most weather conditions. In addition, the ABS outer shell is lightweight, flexible but durable at the same time, so it will provide a high level of protection without putting additional weight or pressure on your head.

What is more, the product features quality removable ear protection pads as well as an adjustable back of the head dial. All these features are designed to maximize protection and comfort while using the helmet.

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NRS Chaos Side Cut


If you’re looking for a lightweight helmet with medium head protection at an unbeatable price, you might want to check out this product. The adjustable helmet offers you all the features and styles you want for a great market value. It is perfect for beginners or those who want to enjoy a quiet afternoon kayaking on the lake.

You can choose between three different color choices and five different sizes, so you can rest assured you’ll find the best fit for your own head dimensions. If you’re not sure which size is suitable for you, make sure to check the manufacturer’s sizing guide and compare the measurements with your own.

The item features a durable ABS plastic shell that will dissipate impacts and provide increased protection on all areas of your head and ears. The interior is lined with dual-density EVA foam to provide outstanding protection and comfort.

The BOA harness with dial-fit retention helps you fully customize the fit according to your requirements and dimensions for total security whenever you’re practicing outdoor water sports. In addition, the helmet is created with eight different ventilation ports that will keep your head cool and dry during hot summer days.

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WRSI Trident Composite


This helmet is specifically designed to meet the needs and protection standards of people who practice kayaking and other mild water activities. It is a professional helmet that will offer improved protection against shocks and accidents than most of the other helmets available within the same price range.

The carbon composite shell represents a harder and more durable option than ABS plastic, meaning it will absorb shocks, bumps, and impacts better than other types of helmets. It is also extremely lightweight so it won’t add any extra pressure on your head while wearing it.

The EVA inner liner provides a tighter, better fit and will increase your level of comfort while wearing the helmet. All parts of your head are protected against impacts so you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing kayaking experience.

The nine adjustable fit pads will help you reach the tightness you prefer for maximum comfort and protection. Unlike other helmets, the WRSI Trident also comes with a visor to help you protect your forehead and eyes from harmful sun rays.

According to most customers, the helmet is a great purchase that provides generous padding, a good fit, and will also allow your head to breathe accordingly. Purchase this item in five different color combos to fully match your style and personality.

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Buying guide


Finding a reliable kayak helmet is definitely not an easy task, especially since there are so many options available for sale. So make sure to check our comprehensive buying guide if you’d like to know the main features you should take into account when searching for a good kayak helmet.

Materials used

First of all, in order to find the best helmet for kayaking, you need to know what type of materials to search for. The most common ones at reasonable prices are ABS plastic and carbon composite, each coming with their own downsides and good parts.

Plastic ABS is probably the most affordable and common type of material used to manufacture protection helmets. It is used in a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities, including biking, cycling or kayaking.

The main advantage of plastic ABS is that it is extremely lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about adding extra weight or pressure on your head when wearing the helmet. Plastic ABS provides low to medium protection against impacts, shocks, and bumps so you should consider wearing these helmets when practicing calm outdoor activities.

If you’re in for a chilly afternoon spent on the lake using your trusted freshwater fishing kayak, a plastic ABS helmet is all you’re going to need.

On the other hand, carbon composite will provide you with medium to strong protection against shocks and impacts. This material is used when manufacturing helmets for more dangerous outdoor activities, including rafting or kayaking on rapid waters.

The possibility of encountering obstacles such as rocks is greater when rafting or kayaking at larger speeds, so you’ll definitely require a helmet that will offer improved protection for your head.

If you’re not really sure which type of product is the best one for your requirements, we suggest you check out some online kayak helmet reviews and see what other customers have to say about a certain item.



Getting the right fit from your kayak helmet is as important as choosing the right material. You want your item to stay close to your head so it will offer increased protection if you ever happen to need it.

The helmet shouldn’t be too tight or too loose either. Most helmets come in various sizes so it would be best to first check the manufacturer’s sizing guide to see the right fit for your own. Check the provided measurements with the ones you already did on your own or find a good fishing hat that fits you perfectly and compare measurements with the item you’re about to buy.

Keep in mind that a helmet that’s too tight won’t allow your skin to breathe accordingly and might even cause you headaches in the long term. On the other hand, a helmet that’s too loose won’t provide you with the protection you need in case of impact and might even fall off your head.


Strength and durability

Helmets are among the most important kayak accessories you should be taking with you on your next trip and they are mandatory protection pieces of equipment that can potentially save your life. Thus, you need to consider the item’s strength and durability.

So, apart from a hard exterior shell, your helmet should also feature a comfortable and soft interior lining that will distribute and absorb the shocks better so you can stay safe in all conditions. Thus, no matter if you’re choosing lightweight inflatable kayaks or regular ones, the protection equipment should be strong and durable.

We also suggest you complete your fishing or kayaking equipment with a comfortable fishing jacket that will keep you warm and safe during cold afternoons or early mornings.


Drainage and ventilation systems

Last but not least, keep an eye on the other interesting functions of your helmet. For instance, since you’re going to mainly use your helmet during the spring and summer seasons, you may want it to feature a good ventilation system to allow your skin and hair to breathe accordingly and avoid excessive sweating.

A waterproof coating is also required in order to keep your head dry. You can opt for simple waterproof helmets or for those with an incorporated drainage system that will prevent water from penetrating the helmet and getting your hair wet.




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