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Best Kayak Accessories. Comparison & Buying Guide


If you are on the hunt for the best kayak accessories in 2018 you can find available on the ever-growing market, you’ve reached the right place. We know that doing extensive research on countless models to make sure you’re getting the right one can be time-consuming. That’s why we went through many expert reviews and researched all the essential features of an excellent accessory for your adventure, so you can make a decision quickly and without wasting any more time. After analyzing all the data we’ve collected, the ROLA 59912 stood out as a great option for you and your budget. It is well-made to resist even turbulent waters, it is efficient, and it offers excellent value to the buyer if you take into consideration all of its features. As an alternative that is both reliable and sturdy, we offer you the NRS Split Kayak.



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In the following minutes, you are going to learn which are the best accessories for kayaks available on the Internet, models that work with both stable sit-on-top kayaks and reliable sit-inside kayaks. We chose them to be as versatile as possible, and only premium models have made the cut. All of these options have a strong body, are economical, and in the end, they are going to allow you to have the time of your life while kayaking.



Best kayak rack carrier


ROLA 59912


High-quality products are harder and harder to find, that’s why you should give this model a chance. If you want to transport your kayak with your car, this is going to help secure it to its roof. The main feature is its sturdiness. Even if you have a kayak that is heavier than standard models, this rack won’t even feel that extra load.

It is simple to use, which is also something else buyers praise this product for, and you won’t waste precious time trying to get it to work. With this in your toolbox, you won’t ever have to worry about taking your boat from one place to another.

Moreover, it keeps your boat secured even when driving on a country road. It won’t allow it to shake or to move too much. Thus, you won’t have to worry the kayak is going to fall and break your windshield. And because the attachment is so tight, there won’t be any noise caused by friction.

It is made of powder-coated steel, which is a superior choice of material, perfect for beat security. It won’t rust even if it rains for a long time, and the manufacturer guarantees the straps are heavy-duty and suitable for all seasons.

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Best kayak flotation


NRS Split Kayak


Floatation bags are mostly overlooked even by kayak experts. But the truth is, a good model like this one from NRS, can make a huge difference. They are made of 10-gauge urethane, a leak-proof material, ideal for heavy use and which won’t delaminate even if you use the bags in icy waters.

The size of the bags is average, and that is great because it offers versatility to the product because you can use them on your solo expeditions, or for competitions. If you lack storage space, you’ll be happy that they are inflatable, meaning you can store them anywhere when you don’t use them.

These float bags, like most models on the market, are created to displace water in the unfortunate event of a capsize. This brand takes pride in the fact that it created products ideal for wet exits when the boat fills with water quickly.

The shape of the bags is also thought to give a helping hand to a struggling paddler, because they take less room in the kayak, thus allowing you to remove the water as fast as possible without them standing in your way.

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Best kayak seat


Ocean Kayak Comfort


An excellent and convenient seat like this is a must-have if you’re planning to kayak for extended periods, especially if the water where you are going to practice this sport is wild. The most comfortable part of this product is the padded back, which is going to help you especially if you have back pain and other spine-related issues.

To install the piece is easier than ever since it comes with heavy-duty clips. You don’t need any other tools to mount this model to the boat, unlike other items on the market that are overly complicated. This feature is going to spare you a lot of frustration.

It is made of UV-resistant nylon, a material that gives it both strength and durability. And with the adjustable mounting straps, this product is going to be your go-to accessory when you are going to plan a new outdoor adventure.

The extra foam padding will keep your body in a natural position and offer your lower back support so that you won’t strain any muscle when you have to increase the speed or change the direction. The design is also thought out to fit most body types and weights.

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Best kayak cushion


Yakpads Paddle Saddle


The nifty pad lays directly on top of whatever seat you already have. It has an ergonomic shape that fits the natural curves of the human body, and it will allow you to enjoy your kayak even more because you won’t tire as much, and your body won’t feel as if it had been working all day long after you’re done sailing.

This piece of equipment, specially created for kayakers and the unique movements they create, makes all the difference. It will allow you to sit in your boat all day, without your legs going numb or without acquiring blisters. You will have no regrets about this purchase if you are someone who does this sport at least once a week.

The dimensions are universal to fit most body types, and it offers comfort to both your lower back and your bottom. You will feel more confident if your body is not hurting, that’s why it might be a good idea to buy this before starting any competition.

It is sturdy and soft at the same time, and while it won’t last forever, it will still last you many years of heavy use. The best part about it is that it attaches firmly to the seat, and it won’t slide as you move.

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Best kayak helmet


Shred Ready Scrappy


A good helmet can be life-saving if you wear it all the time. And this model has all the features of a premium product, and it will allow you to be protected from all unfortunate accidents. The ideal thing about this particular item is that it’s not excellent only for kayak adventures, but you can use it for wakeboarding, kiteboarding and many other sports.

It is created from sturdy materials on the outside, that can survive even a heavy impact with the rocks on the bottom of a turbulent river. The inside is padded with a soft material, so you will feel compelled to wear it all the time, and not only when it’s mandatory.

The item respects all the safety standards, and each product is tested by experts before being sold on the market. It comes in a size that can fit most types of heads, and reviewers have pointed out that the product also looks good while you wear it, due to its trendy design.

It has a reasonable price and the strap will keep the product secure, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off when you least expect it to, which is the mark of an excellent product.

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Best kayak paddle


SeaSense X-Treme II


This model has been on the wishlist of many kayak lovers, mostly due to its fresh colors and design, which are standout features. It has a two-piece construction, which means you can divide the product into two parts when you are not using it, for easy storage and convenient transportation.

The feathered blade design is created from two primary materials: the paddles themselves are made from a sturdy and lightweight type of plastic, and the bar is made of aluminum. These two materials are ideal because your hands won’t tire too fast.

It also comes with a support ridge for extra strength and three locking positions. It can be an excellent main paddle, or it can act as a backup. The model floats, which is a vital aspect when it comes to premium paddles.

The colors are fun, and its lifespan is longer than average. It feels stable in your hands, without it being too heavy. Moreover, the dimensions are suitable for most kayaks. The ergonomics are enhanced, and the product will allow you to speed up when you need a little boost. This model is perfect for recreational purposes but also for competitions.

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Best cockpit cover


Seals Cockpit Seal


Excellent cockpits for sale are hard to come by, that’s why you should give this product a chance to impress you. It is designed to resist intensive heavy tasks, it’s heavy-duty, and more importantly, the model is tear resistant.

The cargo cover material gives it strength and long life, and it also adds superior protection against UV rays. Its integrated rim grip technology makes it user-friendly, which is something most buyers want from such a product. To attach and detach it is very simple, and anyone could do it.

Additionally, it also features an adjustable bungee cord rim, to personalize the item according to your specific needs. And with the added hull security strap, this will become a model that you will use for years because it is that efficient.

The manufacturer ensured each product has double-stitched seams so that they can survive even the roughest environment. With all of these bonuses, no water and debris will infiltrate your kayak’s cockpit no matter if we’re talking about storage or while on the go. We would recommend this item for those who live in a wet environment, or where heavy winds are the norm.

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Best kayak cushion


Guidesman Moss Green


Lightweight, compact and comfortable. These are a few words that summarize this product. It doesn’t wick moisture, and it can be used for most types of boats, not only with a kayak. So if you own one of the modern and lightweight canoes or something like that, this could be an excellent choice.

The design is ideal for recreational purposes, for competitions but also for activities such as fishing or hunting. You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore from sore muscles, as this model can provide a lot of support and a comfortable seat.

Even if it’s made of premium foam, the model doesn’t wet, and it will keep you dry. And the fact that it’s green will help you spot it immediately. If it accidentally falls from your boat, you can find it without too much of a struggle.

With this product in your arsenal, you could enjoy your kayak sessions even more. It is a versatile seat that will reduce back pain to a minimum. It straps secure to its position, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping. You can always repurpose this item and use it for other activities such as airplane travel.

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Buying guide


Kayaks are the best tools which help people explore rivers and ocean shores, and that allows them to enjoy the natural scenery in the healthiest way possible. However, to stay safe and to have a smooth experience, you need to have the right accessories.

When choosing what items to buy, you have to consider your safety, how comfortable you want to be and how often you are going to use that specific accessory. Also, make sure you can use them for other purposes as well.

Diversity is key

All happy kayak owners have one thing in common: they own different types of accessories which allow them to deal with an unprecedented situation successfully. The key to a successful buying spree is understanding the needs of a kayak owner and finding items that can provide a simple solution to those needs.

For example, kayak accessories reviews tell us, most people buy at least one protective element and no more than three paddles because these two are the essential items you can have on your boat. A premium helmet will protect your head from trauma, and a lightweight paddle will let you get from one place to another quickly.

Other things you can invest in are the things that make long kayaking sessions a bit more pleasurable. Comfortable and soft kayak seats are a must-have, no matter what style you choose. A well-made product from this category will help alleviate back pain and will allow you to enjoy your kayak for extended periods of time.

Most reviews recommend you buy a cockpit cover, mainly if you don’t use your kayak that much. It will help protect it against rainwater and insects. Floating bags are suitable for beginners because they allow you to master wet exits without embarrassing yourself.


Premium build, long life

A sturdy build should be the main feature of any accessory you buy, not only when it comes to water sports, but in general too. This is important because it means you will just have to buy that item once because it will last and it won’t fall apart after you’ve used it once.

It is the intelligent thing to do, because, in the end, it will allow you to save money, even if you have to pay more for the product. There’s a difference between a premium product and a luxury one, as you will learn now, and we think that this is something that should guide you whenever you are buying something off the internet, or from your local market.

Buying a deluxe product means you will pay for style and brand name. However, if you go for a premium one, you pay for a superior manufacturing process and better materials. These two are the things that make models heavy-duty and reliable.

One tip from reviewers is to go for the item that is made to last, rather than for the one that is eye-catching, although the design is just as important to some. Don’t cheap out on life-saving products like helmets, because those make a life and death difference.


Win in style

Many people have pointed out that they feel more relaxed and comfortable when the accessories match the style and colors of the kayak. The human eye is trained to seek out contrast, so if the product you buy is of a different color than your boat, it might be annoying to you and to others in the long run.

This tip will help you when you’re competing too. A mismatched product can be distracting and can even lead to accidents. It is essential that nothing distracts you when you race, so you can focus all your energy on surpassing all the other contestants.

Moreover, you can look out for things that can protect the pigments and the style of your boat. The best thing to help you with that is a kayak cover, which can guard it against the corrosive action of rain and snow.

Or, if you keep the boat outside, it can even protect it against pests like mice and insects that can damage it irreversibly. To enhance the aesthetics of your kayak, you can even look out for clip-on deck accessories, which can be both great-looking and helpful at the same time. This is valid even for life-saving inflatable kayaks.


Repurposing is the future

If you decide to change your kayak, you don’t have to change the accessories as well. That’s why it is ideal that you only hunt for the items that come in universal or neutral colors or that have mounting systems which allow them to be easily detached whenever you need to use the accessories for another boat.

It will help you save money, as reviews of kayak accessories have pointed out because high-quality products can be expensive, especially if you have more than one. Usually, the items that can be used with any boat and not only are covers, seats, floating bags and even paddles.

You can donate them or resell them to make some extra money so you can buy new stuff, meaning you have to pay attention to these small details we’ve pointed out. Researching the market for models that have a premium construction, and that are as neutral as possible in style, will make sure that you do not lose any money, but potentially gain some.

Once you’ve taken the plunge and bought all the quality accessories for kayaks, all there’s left for you to do is enjoy your kayaking trips for as long as possible. You will be much more relaxed knowing that your back is covered from any angle.



Frequently asked questions about kayak accessories


What kayak accessories do I need?

Deciding what accessories you need gets easier once you figure out what your next kayaking adventure is going to be. Our suggestion is to think about your destination and start from there. If you’re going somewhere far, look for a rack carrier and a comfortable seat.

Also, check the weather and see if it’s going to rain and if it will, buy an accessory that allows you to cover the boat when you are not using it. It is all about introspection and about analyzing what is missing from your toolbox to have a smooth experience.

What are the best kayak accessories?

There’s not one accessory for sale that is better than the other. As a general thing, make sure the item you are going to buy is made from sturdy materials and that is suitable for heavy-duty tasks. This way, you won’t have to replace anything soon.

Moreover, the most reliable kayak accessories are the one that offers you versatility. Buy only items that are easy to use, so you can invest the remaining time in having fun because that’s what this sport is about when you strip all the superficial layers away.


How to install kayak accessories?

Most accessories are pretty easy to install. You don’t have to know much about tools and drilling machines, as they don’t usually require such things. And to make matters even more accessible, manufacturers include instruction manuals for buyers to take advantage of, manuals which are not very technical.

Since kayak accessories are so diverse, the way you install them is varied too. Most models have strap-ons or clips that allow them to attach to different parts of the boat. Others, like helmets, just have to be worn as any other piece of clothing and nothing else.


How to make a kayak accessory

While you can make some accessories on your own, this might not be the best idea. Kayaking can be quite dangerous, and all the accessories you can find on the market respect different safety standards. And the manufacturing process ensures that all the parts are rigorously attached and reliable so they can survive an accident.

The only thing it’s ok to make at home is a kayak cover. For that, you just need a sewing machine and an impermeable fabric. We don’t suggest you make your own car rack, as homemade stuff can easily break whenever you step on the brake pedal too sudden.


How much do kayak accessories cost?

This also depends on the type you have in mind. Some are more expensive than others, not only because they have different sizes, but because they are made from other kinds of materials. You can expect to spend on premium models anywhere from ten dollars for a kayak sticker, to a hundred for a rack.

Accessories are not things you buy every day, so we suggest that you invest money in quality. Because a cheap item is going to break the first time you use it. So, to conclude, your budget should fit the type of object you want to buy. Moreover, invest in a good first aid kit, even if it’s more than one hundred dollars.


What should a kayak accessory kit contain?

A good kit, perfect for any occasion, should contain at least one item for your protection. A premium helmet is a must since accidents are known to happen when kayaking. From our perspective, you should have more than one helmet, just in case you lose your main one.

Moreover, a comfortable seat can make a huge difference, especially if you like to participate in kayak competitions or exciting freshwater fishing kayak sessions. It is not always convenient to paddle for more extended periods of time, so a seat should be part of your kit too. Reviewers also recommend that you invest in flotation bags, because those make for good kayak accessories.


What are the best gifts for a kayak fisherman or woman?

The best gift you can give to a kayak lover is the items that should be part of every kit: a good helmet, a cushion, a highly comfortable seat or a kayak cover that looks both cool and helps the boat to stay protected even in bad weather. A premium fishing life vest can make an awesome gift too.

If you want to give any of these items as a gift, make sure you go for high-end products, as no one will be happy to receive something that is not quality. It will show respect and dedication to detail. As other cheap kayak accessories ideas that make great gifts, you can give books on the topic or invest in sturdy and stable kayak rack carriers.




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