Top Insulated Hunting Pants Reviewed in 2019

Top Insulated Hunting Pants Reviewed in 2019

Last Updated: 20.05.19

Best Insulated Hunting Pants. Comparison & Buying Guide

Finding the best insulated hunting pants in 2019 takes time so if you want a quick solution, the following paragraph contains all the information you need to make a good choice. After taking a look at the most popular insulated hunting pants reviews, consumer reports, and other resources, we’ve concluded that the model you should consider is the Sitka Gear Men's Gradient. The articulated patterning offers a relaxed fit with a fully gusseted crotch so that you can enjoy a maximum range of motion with minimal bulk. Indeed, if you are looking for quality lightweight hunting pants, this is the choice for you as the focus this unit puts on comfort and mobility will help improve your performance. The built-in belt will let you customize the fit. If you are unable to find this model available for sale, we recommend you consider the Scent Shield Drencher.

Comparison table

Our top choices

If after doing your research you are still unable to find the right alternative for your needs, you should take the time to look at our selection below. These models are critically acclaimed and come with features that can drastically improve your hunting experience.

Sitka Gear Men's Gradient

Comfort and mobility are the key features that this model seeks to offer the user. You get an articulated patterning fit with a fully gusseted crotch which in turn will provide you with a maximum range of motion. Since this is a lightweight model, you will not have to worry about bulky pants that are a pain to move around in.

The built-in belt will allow you to customize the fit under layers. Depending on the weather outside, you might have more layers of clothing on you, and with the built-in belt, you’ll be able to get a personalized fitting so that your pants are safely secured. The comfort that this unit provides will enable you to hunt for hours.

The foot stirrups will prevent the pants from riding up when slipping into waders or in your favorite hunting boots for cold weather. You also get a durable water repellent finish that can resist light precipitation, and that will prevent the fabric from wetting out.

The customers that have tried this unit were pleased with their purchase, and they found that it works incredibly well for duck hunting in particular and they can also keep the wearer very warm.

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Scent Shield Drencher

The Drencher model is an affordable alternative for hunters that want a quality garment that comes with plenty of features without going over-budget. It comes with 100% RainBlocker protection that will keep you dry if you ever encounter heavy rain while hunting. This membrane seals out moisture completely while allowing perspiration vapors to pass through.

The breathability of this option will guarantee that it can handle any weather and terrain. If you’re looking for quality hunting pants for cold weather that can also handle warmer and more humid conditions, this is a great pick. The elasticized waistband uses snap fly closure technology and belt loops to make sure your pants stay securely fit.

The double reinforced seat and knees will add much-needed protection to the areas of your body that need it the most and that are most likely to encounter obstacles. What’s more, the soft-brushed outer shell will remain soft and quiet even in the coldest weather.

Another thing that is worth noting about this model is the amount of comfort that it gives the wearer even after hours of physical activity. Customers that have tried it for over 10 hours on the ice mentioned that they never felt cold for one second.

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Sitka Gear Men's Blizzard

The Blizzard variant is the warmest model that Sitka Gear has to offer and even if it might first appear quite pricey, for hunters that want to achieve the best possible performance and comfort, it’s hard to find a more appropriate purchase. What’s more, apart from its quality insulation against the cold, this is also a great pair of waterproof hunting pants.

It uses a hybrid GORE-TEX membrane and PrimaLoft fibers. It is among the world’s first models to use water-repellent hybrid insulation. The insulation is concealed with a highly durable polyester face fabric. The reinforced seat will add extra protection for when you are riding and hunkering down in harsh conditions.

For hunters that like to have their very own portable tackle box without having to worry about clunky metal boxes, this unit comes with plenty of pockets that can be used to store equipment and gear.

The ¾ side zips allow the wearer to vent the pants when the weather starts to warm up. Adjusting the insulation of the pants is easy and effortless allowing you to adapt as conditions change. As a plus, these pants are also incredibly lightweight once you consider just how much protection they offer.

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Buying guide

With so many alternatives available for you to choose from, finding the best hunting pants for cold weather can be a lot more difficult than you first envisioned. What’s more, there are also differences regarding design, sizes, and price that can make it hard to know what to focus on and what you can simply ignore.

We want to make the purchasing experience a more pleasant affair which is why we have gone and examined the market in order to compile the buyer’s guide you will see below. Read our piece below if you want to learn more about how to select the ideal product for your requirements.


If you want to hunt during the cold winter days, the key to success and to being comfortable is in layering. You are going to encounter many days when the temperature is near or below freezing, and unless you choose a proper pair of pants, you’ll end up feeling miserable and unable to move around.

What layering means is utilizing different materials that have different functions for protecting your body from the cold. It also allows you to ditch or add layers as needed. You do need to remember that in this case more is not always better. You shouldn’t have too many layers as that could restrict your ability to move freely.

Protection against the elements

If you’re hunting in the spring or autumn, it’s impossible not to encounter a few rains and this is why having clothes that can keep you dry is such an important feature to have. Gore-Tex is an example of material that offers top of the line protection against both water and wind.

What’s more, Gore-Tex is breathable which means that it will prevent sweat from accumulating but it is also rugged and relatively quiet. These are all features that a hunter needs, and there is no wonder why many manufacturers turn to this fabric.

You can also go for more affordable options that have an additional layer of material that has been treated for water resistance.

Don’t let the prey hear you

A final thing to consider when purchasing a pair of good insulated hunting pants is the sound that they can produce. Make sure that the model you have in mind uses materials that don’t make too much noise. This is not a feature that is hard to find since most manufacturers will mention this in their product’s description.

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