Top Ice Fishing Suits Reviewed in 2018

Best Ice fishing suits. Comparison & Buying Guide


When you find yourself in a situation where you have to make a quick decision about which piece of ice fishing gear would be the best for you, you certainly need to gather a lot of useful information. Knowing where to find the best ice fishing suit is tricky business, especially if you’re not used to shopping for this kind of items. Fortunately for you, we’ve done proper research by reading dozens of ice fishing suit reviews and bring forward our findings in this buying guide. According to what we found out, the first product you should be considering is the Frabill I3 Bib, because of its usefulness. The elastic shoulder straps can be adjusted using the cam lock buckles and will stay in place, allowing you to move freely. The interior is strengthened with knee and seat padding, to ensure long-term use. Also, the inner temperature is controlled by using zipper vents. If this item happens to be unavailable, we recommend you to try the Frabill I2 Bib as an excellent second choice.  



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Our top choices


We know how hard it can be to make up your mind when it comes to buying fishing gear, and that’s exactly why we’ve chosen to showcase a few of our favorite products for you.



Frabill I3 


Being one of the items featured in Frabill’s I Series, the I3 Bib offers a wide range of qualities that make it fit for use in extremely cold environments. One of them would certainly be the material used to manufacture this pair of overalls, 300 denier nylon Taslan, which ensures they will be both waterproof and windproof, while still breathable.

The interior temperature is also controlled by adding zipper vents for regulation, so there’s no need to worry about overheating while performing tiring tasks. These overalls are a good choice for people with an active lifestyle, even during winter.

In the areas around the knees and the seating, the material is reinforced to up to 500 deniers, as these are the spots where the fabric wears off quickly.

Adjustable by using the elastic shoulder straps, this type of overall is true to size regardless of your height, helping you avoid bad fitting. The straps are secured with cam lock buckles, meaning you can move freely without worrying about whether they loosen.

Another advantage this product has to offer is the way you can easily put it on in no time at all, even while wearing boots. They zip from ankle to hip on the side in a waterproof treated seam.

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Frabill I2 


Featuring many of the qualities most products of the I Series have, Frabill’s I2 Bib is another great alternative if you’re looking for a good ice fishing suit.

Manufactured using high-quality materials, the outer shell is 100% seam sealed to prevent water from entering and freezing on the inside. The exterior is waterproof and windproof, consisting of 300 denier nylon Taslan, reinforced with 500 denier nylon in the areas around the knees and the seating.

Supported by shoulder straps that can be adjusted using the lock cam buckles, this pair of overalls will perfectly suit your size regardless of your height, which is a very important detail to consider when it comes to clothing for low temperatures.

The packaging includes a self-rescue set for emergencies, which consists of ice pick holders, a drainage mesh, and a Frabill Ice Safety internal label. Useful in many circumstances, this is a piece of gear you want to have with you when you travel in cold environments.

The interior of the overalls is insulated, making them both comfortable and warm. They run true to size, although we recommend you to buy a bigger size if you’re interested in this product in order to have enough room to wear layers underneath.

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Clam Corporation Icearmor


If you’re looking for an ice fishing suit that will keep you warm and dry even in the most unforgiving environment, then the Icearmor Lift Suit is definitely an option worth taking into consideration.

Apart from the usual qualities you can find in many other models, this one also features an internal lift lining, which provides added buoyancy, as compared to other alternatives. This means that the angler will be able to move more freely while underwater, without feeling the extra weight.

Consisting of a pair of bibs and a parka, the cutting edge design offers both a great look and functionality, making this model an excellent choice for fishing enthusiasts who want to make the most of the newest fishing gear out on the market.

The parka is equipped with quick-drain technology, allowing you to stay dry regardless of the weather conditions. The large cargo pockets are great for storing smaller gear, and they’re also lined with a hand-warming material.

The outer layer of this Clam Corporation unit is manufactured using neoprene, which guarantees that both the pieces are waterproof and windproof.  The cuffs are adjustable by a hook and loop system, making sure that water doesn’t get inside.

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Buying guide


Trying to find the best suit for ice fishing in a market overflowing with possibilities can be difficult, especially if you don’t have all the knowledge to make an informed choice. Luckily for you, we offer a way of avoiding a waste of your precious time by reading dozens of reviews yourself. Our buying guide should provide you with a set of basic rules that will help you make a comparison between products and decide according to your needs.

Although there are many aspects worth taking into consideration, most of them have to do with your personal preference rather than pragmatic matters. We’ll outline the characteristics you have to pay the most attention to.

Material properties

The materials used to manufacture a pair of ice fishing overalls are extremely important, considering the fact that they heavily influence the quality of the final outcome. If you’re on a tight budget and you need to be looking for a cheap ice fishing suit, at least choose one that doesn’t make compromises when it comes to materials.

Most models are made using neoprene or nylon, both of which are waterproof materials that will protect your gear against freezing even in the coldest environments. That’s essentially what you should be looking for in an ice fishing suit; everything else can be a useful addition.

For example, a pair of overalls with reinforced knees and seating is likely to last a long time, while secure seams and zipper offer you extra protection against water infiltration.  



Although many of the products are usually true to size, it’s worth taking into consideration apparently small details, such as arm length or leg length. A pair of overalls in your size might not fit perfectly, and while that’s not a problem in regular circumstances, in a cold, wet environment it becomes a bit of an issue.

Our recommendation is to get a pair of overalls that can be adjusted using clam lock systems so that you can modify its dimensions according to your body, and set them in place.


Extra features

Many products available for sale these days come with some interesting additions, that can certainly make them a good alternative. For example, some of them feature survival kits for extreme circumstances, that can prove to be very useful at the right time.  

Other alternatives come with a special interior lining designed to increase buoyancy, again useful for more adventurous anglers. Find out which of these features is right for you and seek out the product that offers it.





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