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Last Updated: 30.03.20

Ice fishing rod and reel combos – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


What should you do if you find yourself stuck in a situation where you need to find the best ice fishing rod and reel combo without knowing a thing about fishing? Well, you should do your research properly to start with. But if you don’t have the time or the patience to perform this tedious task, we can come to your aid. We’ve read dozens of ice fishing combo reviews, so you don’t need to do it too, and we’ve put all the relevant information in this guide. Our findings show that the first product to take into consideration is the Shakespeare Ugly Stik, because of its many positive qualities. To begin with, this rod will help you reel in both the nibblers and the fighters even in the harshest winter conditions. The twist lock reel seat will allow you to make precise movements and completely control your actions, while the stainless steel guides will prove their worth in freezing temperatures. If this product isn’t available, we recommend you to check out the Frabill Straight Line 101 as an excellent second choice.



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6 Best Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combos (Reviews) in 2020


In case you can’t make a decision based on the information we’ve presented so far, we’ll make a few precise recommendations by reviewing some of our favorite products.  



1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik 


You’ll find it hard to discover the same qualities that make the Ugly Stik such an appreciated product in any other rod and reel combos available on the market. The feel and the balance that this model will offer you are hard to match.

The reel is made of twenty size spinning reel with one ball bearing. The durability of this design is ensured not only by the ported aluminum spool but also by the stainless steel guides, making it a fine choice if you’re a keen ice fishing fan.

Minimal weight makes the Ugly Stik light and easy to maneuver, a good option for both amateurs and professionals since there is no need for developed skill to handle it properly. It will help you catch different species of fish, both nibblers, and fighters, because of its durability and versatile design.

This product is fit for both right handed and left handed people, meaning it would make a nice gift for a fishing enthusiast without having to worry about such details, the reel can be changed to customize it according to your own will. Twenty-eight inches long, the Ugly stick is an affordable combo with many qualities to distinguish it from the rest.

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2. Frabill Unisex’s 3768452 SSI Straight Line Ice Fishing Combo


This ice fishing combo is perfect for stepping up your game while fishing at low temperatures. The stainless steel ice guide will help to reduce the freeze-up so you’ll get a comfortable grip no matter the temperatures.

The reel on this combo is made of a very lightweight composite which won’t add extra pressure on your hands while fishing at low temperatures. In addition, it will also help you practice the type of ice fishing you prefer with no restrictions regarding your moves or flexibility.

The reel is also made of composite materials that won’t feel cold even at very low temperatures. The specifically designed handle will provide a good grip and will add sensitivity and increase the feel so you can easily respond to fish swallowing a gudgeon.

Although going by the name of 101, don’t think for a second that this rod and reel combo is suitable for beginners. On the contrary, it is specifically designed to provide a cutting edge ice fishing technique that will allow you to easily catch fish even under harsh weather conditions.

The combo measures 24 inches and it will allow you to enjoy an improved sensitivity and a smooth drag without any line twist.

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3. 13 Fishing White Noise Ultra Light Ice Combo


This is a slightly more expensive combo than the ones we’ve reviewed before, perhaps more suitable for professional use, but it’s definitely worth every penny you’re investing because it’s particular qualities are hard to find in any other product available for sale these days.

Made of superior quality materials, this is a design made to last. The graphite blanks combine with the stainless steel guides to form a strong and aesthetically pleasing shape, a tool fit for a professional fisherman.

The seat uses integrated cork, making it durable and extremely functional, especially fit for colder climates. The reel is three ball bearing and features an instant anti-reverse system to make your fishing experience easier and less consuming. This way, the process will be simple enough for you to master.

Just in case you weren’t yet convinced of the high quality of the materials used, the reel is made entirely out of aluminum, handle and spool, making it light and easy to maneuver. A smart tool for anyone who’s interested in ice fishing, the White Noise is a lightweight, smartly designed combo, that will offer you a firm grip and will be easy for you to handle.

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4. HT Enterprise Hardwater Spincast Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


Ice fishing is more of a lifestyle choice than a necessity for many. So why deal with inferior quality items when you can opt for top-quality ones at affordable prices? The HT Enterprise ice fishing kit includes a spin cast hard water combo to provide the smoothest fishing experience you could get.

The combo includes a line, snap-on spring bobbers, a styro-float, as well as two ice jigs. In other words, it is perfectly equipped to provide you a rewarding and relaxing ice fishing session whether alone or with your friends or family.

The rod is made of top-quality fiberglass that provides a lightweight and durable design. It won’t add extra pressure on your hands and you’ll be able to practice the type of ice fishing you desire. Moreover, the medium-stiff rod is very sensitive so you’ll be able to catch even the slightest move in the water. Get ready to come home with the biggest fish.

The rod measures 24 inches in length and will perfectly fit in tight places, helping you enjoy a fishing game virtually anywhere. The combo can become a very inspired gift for your loved ones or your favorite excuse to go out of the house more during winter.

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5. Celsius Team Fish Combo Purple and Yellow


Made of the finest and highest quality materials available on the market, this rod and reel combo also comes with a cool handle pattern to challenge your inner rock star and help you become the easiest spottable fisherman.

The combo is suitable for ice fishing and will provide a smooth and nice grip even at low temperatures. The rod measures about 28 inches, which makes it long enough for beginner fishermen or those who enjoy ice fishing from small distances.

The fiberglass rod will provide a lightweight and durable design without interfering with your fishing methods or styles. In fact, thanks to its lightweight design, this won’t add extra pressure on your wrists or arms, allowing you to enjoy endless hours of ice fishing without fatigue or sore muscles.

The rod is medium stiff so it provides the perfect combination of flexibility and stiffness, making it accessible for both newbies and professional fishermen.

Most of the customers who purchased this combo were pleased with the price-quality ratio. According to their opinions, the rod is more stiff than flexible and otherwise suitable for reeling in medium-sized walleyes and catfish. Order this product and you’ll also receive a bonus spring bobber.

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6. Shakespeare Fuel Ice


When Shakespeare designed its Fuel Ice model, it strived to achieve long term durability in a reasonably priced product. And they succeeded, considering the strong materials used in the manufacturing process as well as the many positive reviews received from happy customers.

A great tool for ice fishing produced using solid glass blanks and stainless steel guides, the Fuel Ice will be a great choice for keen ice fishing anglers, considering it is specially designed to withstand tough weather conditions.

Twenty size ultra light spinning reel pre-spooled with wire ensures its design is effective and easy to maneuver, and it can be used without many adjustments, meaning it’s a great option if you don’t have fishing skills and couldn’t assemble the gear yourself.

The EVA foam handle offers you both a comfortable grip and increased stability, making the rod easy and safe to use even in more unforgiving climates because the material used guarantees it won’t accidentally slip out of your grasp. The design is pretty good looking also, the red translucent solid glass rod combining nicely with the dark graphite of the rings.

For a rod and reel combo with this affordable price, it’s safe to say the Ice Fuel model does a pretty good job.

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Buying guide


Finding the best ice fishing combo is a difficult task, especially if this is your first time shopping for fishing gear, or you’ve always been slightly interested, but you’ve never done proper research in the field. To help you make this decision so that you don’t regret the purchase, we’ve put all our knowledge into a comprehensive buying guide for you to draw inspiration from.

By following our rules, you can make sure your final choice will be a high-quality product worth the money you’ve paid. There are many aspects to be taken into consideration, but we’ll outline a few of the most important ones, and the rest should be decided according to your specific preferences.


According to our findings, the materials used to manufacture a fishing item, especially if we’re talking about ice fishing, are of paramount importance to the final result. If you want to buy long-lasting gear that will withstand even the most unforgiving environments, give some thought to the materials used in the process.

For example, it will be a sensible decision to pick a model composed of graphite blanks, aluminum reel, and stainless steel guides. This unique combination of materials, while being quite pricey, will offer you the resistance you’re looking for while making the rod light and easy to handle.


Reel design

The reel is a major component of a fishing combo and can become crucial when its special features distinguish it from other models also available. For example, you can pick out a reel designed with an additional anti reverse system, making your fishing experience a lot more pleasing since you don’t have to worry about this aspect.


Weight capacity

This aspect depends on the species of fish you wish to catch, and that varies with the seasons. Considering we’re mainly discussing ice fishing combos, we have to raise the question of how heavy a weight your desired rod and reel combo can sustain.

This is information that will probably be specified in the product description file, so keep in mind to check for that as well. Also, we can advise you to avoid areas with larger species of fish if you know your gear can’t take it.

Among the many choices available to you, there certainly is a good ice fishing combo somewhere for you to reach out and find. All you need to do is follow our advice if you want to make sure you know how to check for product quality. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to review a few of our top options, to give you some perspective.   




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