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Ice fishing poles – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Once in awhile, you will find yourself forced to choose gear for your hobby without having the time to properly research this matter. If this is the case when shopping for the best ice fishing pole, then you’re in luck. We’ve made this research for you, read dozens of ice fishing pole reviews and bring forward a well-documented buying guide to help you browse through the many options available. Our findings show that the first product to take into consideration is the Shakespeare Ugly Stik, because of its very useful attributes. First of all, the materials used to manufacture it offer the best results: blank rod and EVA handle. Then there’s the reel to consider, and it’s a 20 size spinning reel with one ball bearing. Durability is guaranteed by the aluminum spool, making sure this model will last for a long time. Should the Ugly Stik be currently unavailable, we definitely recommend you to try the 13 Fishing NTS27UL Ultra Light as an excellent alternative.



Our top choices


Should you feel like you don’t have enough information to make a satisfying choice, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to showcase a few of our favorite products below just to give you a few alternatives to start from.



Shakespeare Ugly Stik


Certainly a model worth taking into consideration when shopping for a good ice fishing pole, the Ugly Stik offers some of the best qualities you could possibly look for. For example, the materials used to manufacture it are of good quality, ensuring long-term use and offering a few bonuses.

The aluminum gives it both the required strength, in order to bring in fish of variable sizes, especially in the cold season, while keeping it light and easy to handle even for someone who hasn’t got much fishing skill. The handle is covered in EVA foam, offering a firm grip and increased stability when fishing under difficult circumstances.

The reel is 20 size spinning with one ball bearing and can be replaced with another one of your choosing, given that adaptability is a key feature for this model of a pole. You can adjust it to be fit for right-handed or left-handed people.

The guides are made from one piece stainless steel, making this design perfectly suited for ice fishing and durable as well. The Ugly Stik comes in three sizes, and you can choose its length according to your preferences or your regular fishing.

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13 Fishing Ultra Light


This pole model from 13 Fishing offers quite advanced technology for its affordable price, so it’s definitely on our list. To begin with, it is equipped with pc2 flat tip blank technology in order to offer you a better grip and allow more control over the device.

The Alps thin wire guides are made to last in a cold environment, offering you the precision you need when bringing your target back to the surface. An evolve MYOL reel seat will make fishing a lot easier and will lower your chances of losing the prey while reeling them in.

The tip of the pole is extremely sensitive, as stated by many customers in their respective reviews. This loosely translates in the way you can feel every movement your prey makes even though visual contact isn’t yet established, making it easy to fish under a frozen surface such as an ice lake.

The sizes of fish you can generally catch using this model vary greatly, but it’s safe to say you might encounter a few problems when aiming for smaller, faster-moving species since this pole is described as being perfect for larger species such as panfish.

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13 Fishing Widow Maker


Yet another great alternative for the money offered by 13 Fishing, the Widow Maker has been appreciated by customers for its useful features and superior qualities of the materials used in the manufacturing process.

The body of the pole consists of high performance 36Ton solid body Toray graphite blank, which not only makes for a smart, state of the art design but also offers increased durability and a better grip for the angler. This is also emphasized by the hand-selected 5a Portuguese cork handle, whose role is to increase stability in case of larger prey.

Alps thin wire guides guard the fishing line towards the surface of the water, protected by a double diamond coating in order to last longer in extreme temperatures and make sure you bring the fish to the surface without difficulties.

An item specifically designed for an uncompromising angler, the Widow Maker will help you achieve your desired goals in ice fishing by using cutting-edge technology to deliver high quality to its customers.

Crafted with the intention of achieving performances, this model of ice fishing pole is not only destined for professional use, but it is just as perfectly fitted for an amateur angler eager to test his or her abilities.

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Buying guide


You don’t need much money or extensive knowledge on this matter in order to find the best pole for ice fishing, you simply need to know a few basic rules that allow you to compare between the many options available for sale these days and know how to choose one that perfectly suits your needs.

Although there are multiple aspects that need to be taken into consideration, it falls upon you to take your priorities seriously and make a choice according to your preferences and your environment. We’ll provide you with some basic advice on how to judge the quality of the products you intend to buy.


This is certainly a very important aspect when it comes to shopping for ice fishing gear, for many reasons. First of all, high-quality materials will resist better to harsh weather conditions, meaning the product you buy is likely to last a long time.

The materials also play a part in determining the weight of your pole, which is relevant for portability and also for how easy it is to maneuver. Consider the fact that you might be wearing gloves if the weather is bad and you’ll need an item you can handle easily.

By using the right materials in the right places, a regular fishing pole can be transformed into a great one. Keep an eye out for a model with handles coated in foam for a better grip, or with aluminum-steel guide for greater precision.



An important factor for fishing gear is the way it can adapt to the various changes and improvements you will be doing. If you want to find the best ice fishing rod, search for the one that is flexible when it comes to replacing certain pieces.

For example, the reel might be changed as a consequence of not being operable by a left-handed person, or simply because you want to replace it with a better one.



Choose your fishing gear according to your regular fishing spot and the prey you catch there on a basis. We recommend this because it would be unfortunate to end up in a situation where you’ve bought a state of the art piece that simply doesn’t fit the size of fish you can catch.

You can avoid these unpleasant circumstances by carefully checking the product description file beforehand and remembering to always purchase according to your specific needs.




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