Best Ice Fishing Gloves

Gloves for ice fishing – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Having to face the turmoil of shopping in an era when the abundance of products displayed for sale is downright confusing, choosing items for professional hobbies such as fishing can turn into a stressful task, completely failing its original purpose of being a relaxing way of spending your leisure time. Luckily for you, we’ve done the proper research, so you don’t need to waste your time. We went through dozens of ice fishing gloves reviews, and our findings will certainly help you choose the best alternative. The first product you should consider is the Glacier Glove GIBG ICE BAY, first of all, because of its high-quality neoprene structure, that will prevent them from freezing. Many other aspects make this a reliable choice, such as the fleece lining that will keep your hands warm or the firm grip offered by the rugged surface. Should this alternative be unavailable, we strongly recommend you to check out the Glacier Glove Premium as an excellent alternative.



Our top choices


In case you can’t decide yet which option would be the best for you, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help by providing a few reviews for the items we consider to be suited for your requirements.



Glacier Glove GIBG ICE BAY 


If you’re looking for a pair of glove that will allow you to fish in extremely low temperatures just as you would in normal weather, it’s definitely worth trying the ICE BAY model, since many of their characteristics make it a top product on the market.

For example, the materials used are designed to be both comfortable and functional. The exterior is made of impermeable neoprene, keeping them from freezing and allowing movement, unlike other more rigid materials.

The interior is lined with fleece, an excellent choice for preserving body heat. The exterior also features a rugged pattern in order to offer you a firmer grip, especially since the many layers will dull your sense of touch and you’ll need to increase stability some other way.

Customer reviews have stated that this particular model doesn’t stop you from handling small objects, as you would expect from a pair of thick gloves. Also, they do appear seamless, preventing water from entering at the joints and thus cooling the inside.

Needless to mention, they are true to size and easy to order online without trying them on prior to buying. All you need to do is go for the size you usually pick in regular gloves, and they’ll fit you perfectly.

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Glacier Glove Premium


Similar in many aspects to the previous product we’ve reviewed, this pair of gloves from Glacier Glove will meet all of your requirements and help you fish regardless of weather conditions, not to mention, they’re fit to be used for many other outdoor activities during winter.

The premium Yamamoto neoprene exterior is completely waterproof, meaning it won’t freeze nor will water reach the inside. The interior is lined with good quality fleece in order to keep your hands warm.

Despite their apparently smooth exterior design, their grip is rather strong, even when wet, allowing you to pull heavy objects without your hands sliding off or to handle small gear without accidentally dropping it.

An interesting addition as compared to the previous choice is represented by the pre-curved finger knuckles, designed to prevent fatigue. Considering the fact that such thick material is difficult to bend in order to perform finger movement, this can be a surprisingly useful feature because it allows you to keep your finger in a more natural position without having to display any force.

True to size as any of the products from Glacier Glove, these gloves will fit perfectly if you get them in your regular size.

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STORMR Typhoon


This STORMR design is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will meet your every need while performing outdoor activities in unwelcoming weather conditions.

Made of high stretch premium neoprene, they display a completely waterproof exterior layer, especially due to the blind-stitched and liquid taped seams. Their interior is lined with high-quality micro-fleece to ensure that they properly preserve your body heat, allowing you to enjoy a day outdoors in the middle of nature.

The stretch fiber allows you to perform different movements easily, meaning that despite their thickness, you can bend your finger to maneuver small objects just like you would with your bare hands. With a 3 millimeters thickness, we can’t really say these gloves will be uncomfortable. However, they’re sure to serve their purpose and keep you warm and dry.  

The durable hi-grip palm and the anatomical fit ensure high usability, while the easy on and off design allow you to put them on and take them off in a hurry, as demanded by the situation you’re in.

They’re pretty accurate to size so it’s safe to get the size you normally go for in regular gloves and they’ll be sure to fit.

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Buying guide


Where do you start when you want to buy the best ice fishing gloves, but you don’t know much about fishing or the gear you’re supposed to have? That’s perhaps the easiest question you’ll have to answer. All you need to do is read our buying guide, and we’ll provide you with the basic information you need to have in order to make an appropriate choice.

If you’re worried about not knowing which features matter the most when it comes to ice fishing gloves, follow our advice to make sure you don’t overlook any important aspects.


The quality of the fabrics used to manufacture the gloves that you buy influences their performance, so it’s extremely important to know what to choose from the many options available to you. We recommend buying gloves covered in a neoprene exterior, as this material is 100% waterproof and will prevent your hand from getting wet and growing cold as a result of that.

A pair of good ice fishing gloves will distinguish itself from a mediocre pair by the way it deals with the seams. Choose a model that looks like it’s seamless. It doesn’t necessarily need to be so, but the execution has to be flawless. This means you should always opt for blind seams, treated with a waterproof coating if possible, to avoid water entering at the joints.

The interior material is also important, and we recommend you to choose fleece lined interiors as they’re the best in keeping your hand warm.   


Thickness and ease of movement

When fishing with a pair of gloves on, it’s crucial to be able to handle small objects with agility despite the thickness of the additional layer that you’re wearing. Because of this, we recommend you to get a pair of gloves with a rugged exterior surface, in order to offer you a strong grip and increase stability.

Searching for material that includes stretch fibers is also a safe route, although it may be slightly harder to find and a little more expensive than regular glove models.  



Although it may seem like there shouldn’t be a price limit when we’re talking about a hobby you enjoy cultivating in your spare time, it’s important to know how to recognize good quality.

Many products on the market will display high prices but not offer the quality you would expect, and the best way of avoiding that, at least when it comes to fishing gear, is to stick with brand names that you trust. Don’t let yourself be fooled by pricing. A low price doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality, and neither does a high one mean the opposite.

Finding the best gloves for ice fishing certainly isn’t an easy task. If you feel like the advice we’ve given so far isn’t enough to help you choose, we’ve showcased a few of our top picks above just to give you some inspiration.



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