Flashers for ice fishing – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Finding the best ice fishing flasher out there is definitely a topic you want to dedicate yourself to since this small detail can help turn your winter fishing trip from a complete disaster into a resounding success. If you don’t have the time to research this matter, you can count on us to deliver the essential information, since we’ve read a lot of ice flasher reviews to catch up on this subject. Our findings show that the first product to consider is the Vexilar Genz Pack, for its useful qualities. Despite its apparently difficult to read display, especially if you’re an amateur, the controls are rather easy to read and fast to master. The battery compartment has been redesigned and is now easier to access and semi-enclosed. The super bright display will deliver all the information you need. If this product happens to be unavailable, we suggest you check out the MarCum LX-9 as an excellent second choice.



Our top choices


If you can’t seem to make up your mind, we’ll showcase a few of our top picks below, in order to give you some options to choose from.



Vexilar Genz Pack


Graced with many positive customer reviews, this ice flasher from Vexilar is surely a product worth your attention. It is delivered completely assembled and ready to take on a fishing trip, exempting you from having to worry about putting it together based on unclear instructions and having to waste a lot of time doing so. An instructional video is also included just in case you’re not sure how to properly use this item.

Prepare to be amazed by its performance, since you will be able to zoom in on the last six feet while simultaneously viewing the complete water column, all because of the split screen display. With five depth scales down to 200 feet and a built-in shallow water mode for fishing in waters under 15 feet, this versatile model will be an important addition to your fishing gear.

Easy to transport and use, with a base designed to fit onto a five-gallon bucket, the Ice-Ducer is certainly meant to last. The redesigned model makes the battery easier to access and adds a built-in transducer holder system that fits each and every size of Ice-Ducers.

The LED technology it uses has proven to be reliable, displaying different colors depending on whether the targeted fish is weak, medium or strong.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($399)





MarCum LX-9


A panoramic 8-inch split screen is the most striking aspect of the Digital Sonar, which allows you to simultaneously view in sonar and live action mode, making ice fishing a lot easier and more fun.

Another feature that marks the progress of the MarCum technology is the built-in digital video recorder. By comparing the sonar signals and the underwater footage, the anglers can more accurately predict the outcome of their ventures and track fish more efficiently.

Apart from the high-resolution color camera, the system also includes an integrated switchable dual beam transducer. Equipped with many user-friendly features, the LX-9 has received many positive customer reviews. Its qualities make it a product worth considering.

The display allows you to choose from four color palettes, while the user-defined dashboard offers many categories of useful data allowing you to make a customized combination of digital depth, battery voltage, range, gain, interference rejection or target adjust.

By using the Digital Sonar LX-9 you can isolate significant details on the targets and thus define a few patterns that will help you fish more efficiently for certain species, once you determine their usual routine. The long lasting battery will ensure the success of your fishing trip.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($1290.23)





MarCum LX-7


Yet another quality model from Marcum, the LX-7 encompasses many of the characteristics of the LX-9 that we’ve already reviewed above, while simultaneously adding a few features that make it unique and a choice worth taking into consideration.

The full 8 inch LCD display generates live underwater pictures. As a viewer, you can customize the information that is displayed, making it easy for you to determine patterns of targets, in order to increase your chances of catching them.

It’s easy to avoid interference since the LX-7 provides ideal spacing between neighboring systems. The same user-customized on-screen dashboard featured by the LX-9 system is available here as well, letting you choose the information displayed on your screen, from a wide range of options such as digital depth, battery voltage, range, gain, and much more.  

Offering an incredibly interactive fishing experience, this model uses the Sonar Footprint technology to display areas at any depth in a high level of detail, with transducer angles of either 8 or 20 degrees.

Like all the other MarCum products, the LX-7 Ice Fishing Sonar System is delivered already assembled and the package contains many useful accessories such as rechargeable batteries, battery changers, and padded soft packs.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($726.97)





Buying guide


Ice fishing is difficult for both amateurs and professionals, and without the proper gear, it can become an impossible task. If you’re uncertain about the characteristics you should look for in a good ice fishing flasher, or you simply don’t have the time or the patience to do the required research, you can take the easy road by going through our guide.

We understand it must be difficult for someone who isn’t used to shopping for fishing gear to make this important choice in a short span of time. You should know that an ice flasher can have a huge impact on the outcome of your fishing trip, so it’s essential to buy one that will serve you well.

Customized display

Many models largely perform the same tasks, but how do you know how to choose the ones that add a professional touch to it? It’s safe to say that a role your ice flasher should fulfill, aside from giving you basic information on underwater processes, is to outline patterns of targeted fish and help increase your chances of catching them by making good use of the smart technology provided.

One way of doing so is by having a user-customizable display that will allow you to choose which of the various aspects recorded will be shown and thus taken into consideration when creating a pattern. If you’re not entirely sure of your abilities to make assumptions based on data, choose a model that has default settings laid out in order to help less experienced users.


Transducer quality

The transducer is responsible for providing almost all the valuable information you work with when you use an ice flasher, and thus it’s important to choose a high-quality one. The sonar waves displayed are determined by it, and make it easier to pinpoint targets even at great depth.

It is also helpful if you manage to find a model with a transducer holder system that fits many sizes, just in case you need to improvise and replace it.


Split screen

A wider screen will allow an extremely useful feature, the split screen display. Giving you information both in sonar mode and live underwater mode, the split screen will increase your chances of understanding the movements of the target and thus make fishing more accurate and efficient.

Among the many different products for sale, we agree it can be rather difficult to find the best flasher for ice fishing, but if you follow our tips you’ll certainly improve your chances. To come to your aid, we’ve reviewed a few of the products we consider to be worth your attention.



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