Top Ice Boxes Reviewed in 2019

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Best Ice Boxes. Comparison & Buying Guide


If you want the best ice box, yet you cannot spend several minutes to read the following buying guide in its entirety, we will show you right here what you need to know. After looking at consumers’ reports, expert pieces on the topic, as well as sales numbers and social media reactions, we discovered that the number one product you should consider is the Coleman Excursion. Capable of keeping your drinks cold for an entire day, this ice box will provide you with the perfect means for enjoying fresh beverages during your trips to the beach and not only. The lid hinges are integrated with the construction of the box so that continuous stress applied by opening and closing it would not wear them off. You will like how quickly you can wipe clean the top. In case you cannot find this particular model still available, the Igloo Ice Cube comes as a close second.


Our top choices


With plenty of ice boxes for sale, finding a product should not be a big deal. However, a bigger deal would be to find the right one, which is why we want to lend you a helping hand by providing you below with a list of models that have already convinced consumers of their performance and overall quality.


Coleman Excursion


Coleman is a company with a long-standing tradition in making products for camping enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. You will even find this particular product mentioned by the fishing ice box reviews, although it must be said that it is a good fit mostly for food and beverage cans.

The 16-quart capacity makes it ideal for one-day trips. In case you’re planning a more extended stay away from the madding crowd, you should look for a different product. However, for what it is designed, this model does an excellent job. In temperatures of up to 90F, it will keep the ice and your drinks cold without an issue for an entire day.

The overall construction is durable, with the lid hinges integrated into the box, so that they don’t become worn off too quickly, as you open and close the lid repeatedly.

There is a bail handle attached to the box that makes it easy to carry. Another thing you should know is that the low CO2 insulation is designed to protect the environment, by reducing the quantity of the carbon emissions produced by factories making foam. You will find the top of the ice box easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Buy from for ($18.99)




Igloo Ice Cube


There are several advantages this cheap ice box offers, and it is safe to say that the Igloo Ice Cube provides value and even something on top, for the money. The Ultratherm insulation guarantees that the ice inside will remain ice for extended periods of time.

Bear in mind that this is a wheeled model, which means that pulling the ice box around is a breeze. Mobility is essential especially when you want to change your fishing spot, or your camping grounds and this model delivers without a glitch.

Another feature that contributes to the mobility factor is the telescopic handle you can lock in place. Also, the ice box comes with scoop handles on the sides, so that you can load and unload it to and from the trunk of a car with ease.

If you’re still only half convinced, here is another thing that tips the balance in favor of this particular model: its large capacity. The 60-quart box can hold a lot of cans, so, if you’re planning a few days trip, you will find it ideal for storing all the drinks and snacks you want. You will surely love the four cup holders on the top, too.

Buy from for ($26.88)




Engel USA Cooler


Another model that is ideal for a day at the beach is this 19-quart ice box. For those who love fishing from the beach, it is an excellent choice. You only have to pack your surf rod and your ice box, and you will be ready for a fun day on the shore.

Due to its capacity, it is a good pick for two people spending a day outdoors. You can stuff in it plenty of cans, and bottled water, as well as food containers, to last for the entire day. Regarding insulation, it does a pretty good job, and your drinks will remain cold.

You don’t have to worry about this box leaking or causing any other trouble of the kind. The latch is secured in place, and even if it happens that the box is knocked over by accident, nothing will come out of there.

For all the hot summer days you want to spend out on a lake, and you feel like the only things to wear should be a pair of fishing shorts and a tee, this is an excellent choice for an ice box. One nice thing about it is that you can use it as a dry box, not only as a cooler, so it has more functionalities than one.

Buy from for ($64.99)




Coleman 16-Can Soft


If you want a small cooler that can keep things cold and suitable for consumption throughout the day, this is one option you should consider. Its total capacity is 16 cans, so you have plenty of room for everything that you need to spend a comfortable, relaxing day at the beach. The way the unit is constructed allows you to use ice or other substitutes so that you can keep everything cold.

One thing that makes this ice box different than other models presented so far is that it can be carried on one shoulder, due to the unique shoulder strap it comes along with it. Other ice boxes may be too large to be carried in this manner, but this one offers an alternative you might want to consider.

Many people appreciate the extra storage space offered by the pocket in front, and two extra mesh pockets. For all those items that must remain easy to access, these pockets serve a great purpose. The lining is made from PEVA, and it is resistant to mold, and bad smells.

You will not have to worry about cleaning this ice box, as its inside lining can be removed for easy washing. Another thing we must say is that while the exterior is soft, the interior lining is hard to avoid the risk of crashing your cans and food.

Buy from for ($18.41)




Igloo Island Breeze


There are many types of coolers on the market, and you can either pick a fishing cooler and one that is more versatile. The Igloo Island Breeze falls into the latter category and offers you the possibility to keep your snacks and drinks at the perfect temperature, even when the weather outside gets hot.

We must mention that the 29-quart capacity makes this cooler an excellent choice for day trips. Because it comes equipped with sports wheels, the ice box is easy to roll around. You won’t feel the strain of carrying so much food and beverages, as you will pull the ice box by the telescopic handle it comes equipped with.

Another thing that must be noted about this model is that it has an elevated design so that the bottom of the box sits off the ground. This simple aspect prevents the cooler from being in contact with hot surfaces and allows the content of the cooler to remain cold for a longer time.

The curved back design contributes to the overall carrying comfort offered by this particular model. When you need to load this box back into the trunk of your car after a day at the beach, you will make good use of the side handles this model comes equipped with.

Buy from for ($34.15)




Buying guide


An ice box is a practical product that remains popular in this day and age, despite all sorts of technological advances. By storing ice next to your drinks and foods inside such a box, you can keep them cold and good to consume for a long time. Whether you’re looking for the best fishing ice box, or you want one for more general purposes, you will find the next recommendations to be helpful.

The type of construction

Polyethylene models are the most popular at the moment, and there are a few good reasons why these units have raised head and shoulders above the competition. One consideration that cannot be overlooked is the total weight of the unit. A model made from polyethylene is as lightweight as it can be, and you will notice, with prolonged usage, that this material is durable, too.

Because the manufacturers created these boxes from one-piece molded objects, you should not worry about wear and tear. There are no additional hinges that could rust, or become loose with repeated opening and closing of the lid, and overall, there are no pressure points where the unit can become damaged.

Another thing that you might not know about these models is that they have minimal heat retention, which means that the food and drinks stored inside will remain cold and fresh for many hours, and, depending on the product, even days.

Another alternative you might want to consider, especially for a good ice box for fishing, is fiberglass. This material has its fair share of advantages.

For instance, it is non-porous, which means that it will not absorb bad smells or let mold and mildew appear. Still, there are some disadvantages that we cannot overlook; they tend to be heavier than polyethylene models, and they are more fragile, too.

Of course, you will have to clean the polyethylene boxes in between uses, but it is a small inconvenience seeing how many benefits you can enjoy by choosing this particular type.


Easy transportation

The primary role of an ice box is to keep your drinks and snacks cold, but seeing that you are going to load it with a lot of stuff, it can become somewhat cumbersome. That is why we suggest, as the next in line recommendation, to take a look at how easy – or difficult – the ice box you want to pick is to carry around.

First things first, some sort of handles should be present on the box. Side handles are a good idea because they offer the perfect grip when you want to take your box out of the trunk of your vehicle and carry it to the spot of your choosing.

This feature comes in handy when you want to move the ice box to your boat, too. Let’s say that you already have your fishing boat seat comfortably installed, and all you need is to put the ice box next to it so that you can enjoy baiting prey and a cold drink at the same time.

A wheeled model offers a fair share of advantages. You can carry a lot of weight, without having to enlist another person’s help, or strain yourself. A telescopic handle is super convenient and quite handy, too. These models also have wheels, and the size and quality of the wheels can contribute to the mobility factor.


How much storage space do you have at your disposal?

One thing to look after is the capacity of the ice box you intend to purchase. Many manufacturers will tell you how many beverage cans you can fit inside the products they sell, but also, they will mention the capacity of the respective units, expressed in quarts.

The right choice depends on what purpose you have in mind for the ice box. If you’re planning to use it only for one-day trips, you don’t need a very large one. Also, if you’re traveling with just another companion, there’s no point in buying a 60-quart or larger model.

Extras you may find cool

You can pick an ice box that is more versatile than most. One option would be a model that can be used as a dry box, too.

In case you want to use it for storing your fishing pliers and other equipment, a dry box can be an excellent alternative. Secured latches are another cool extra to look for, as they will keep everything safe inside. Also, an anti-bacterial lining can be an excellent add-on.



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