Best Hunting Waist Pack in 2019. Reviews & Analysis

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Top Hunting Waist Packs Reviewed and Compared


When there are so many models for sale, finding the best hunting waist pack in 2019 can be a bit tricky. We decided to help you out, and after doing some research on this topic, we concluded that the option you should keep in mind is the Badlands Monster Fanny Pack because of its high quality. The materials used for this item are quiet fabric and no-sound zippers, which is a crucial aspect in activities such as hunting. Moreover, it is water-resistant, so rain will not spoil your day. You get a lot of room with this waist pack that comes with multiple, versatile compartments which will allow you to organize your things. With the adjustable belt, the item is suitable for any body size. It is also easy to put on and take off. In case our first suggestion is unavailable, we recommend taking a look at the LUREMASTER Fishing Bag which is another choice worth considering.



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If you start searching, you will realize how many products in this line there are and how hard it is to select the right one. You will find both expensive and cheap hunting waist packs, smaller, larger, different patterns and materials. Based on their quality, we’ve showcased some of our favorite items below .



Badlands Monster Fanny Pack


Badlands has designed what they call a small but mighty padded pack equipped with a padded waist belt and a shoulder harness, which saves the weight from your back. You get plenty of load room and seven practical pockets to keep your things organized.

Featuring ThermoMold from ergonomically advanced foam, it will match every contour of your body. Also, the lightweight Delron flex frame offers support in order to reduce fatigue. Badlands’ RealTree Xtra camo represents a stealthy pattern that accompanies the whisper-quiet KX0-32 fabric which will make you invisible to your prey.

This item is ideal for hiking or recon. The 3-point shoulder straps are fully adjustable. Also, you get two integrated fold-down workstation pockets, and the unit is compatible with one-liter hydration systems.

In terms of measurements, the product weighs 2 lb 10 oz and has 9x15x7 inches. The main compartment comes with a volume of 423 cubic inches.


The materials used for this product are very high quality. This and the design denote craftsmanship. The quiet fabric and no-sound zippers are essential if you are hunting or bird-watching.

This item is also designed to be highly water-resistant, so you do not have to worry if you are caught in the rain, or if you need to cross through water.

A great thing about this waist pack is that is very spacious, and the compartments are versatile. You can easily organize all your essentials.

Regarding convenience, this product fits comfortably with pretty much any body size. Moreover, it is very easy to put on and take off.


This is a more expensive choice than other products in this line, but it does offer good value for the money. Also, the zippers are not as reliable as those of the leading models.

Buy from for ($108.99)







In case you need to complete your fishing or hunting gear with a lightweight and multifunctional waist bag, we recommend you check out LUREMASTER’s Fishing Bag Multiple Pocket Waist Pack.

First of all, it is very light and has a lot of pockets for you to organize your essentials. It is a durable and practical solution for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, cycling, hiking, or traveling.

The dimensions of the pack are 11.8×3.5×5.5 inches which is the ideal size to carry around your waist. If you have items you do not want others to see, or just wish to keep them safe, like your passport or wallet, the bag comes with a zippered pocket on the back.

With this bag, you get one back zippered pocket, one front zippered pocket, one mesh pocket, and two velcro pockets, which offer a lot of organized space.


This camo hunting waist pack is beautifully designed due to its army green camouflage color and practical design. The weight and dimensions make it a perfect option for it to be carried around the waist.

The pack is durable and very convenient, equipped with many pockets that offer a lot of room for you to organize your things. Its hidden back pocket is a nice addition to this bag.

A nice thing about this item is that it is versatile and offers a lot of options. It is therefore ideal for more activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, cycling, or just outdoor traveling.

This bag is also water-resistant which makes it a perfect option, regardless of the weather conditions or if you practice activities such as fishing.


If you are the type of fisherman or hunter who carries many items with them, you might feel that this pack is a bit too small for all of your essentials.

Buy from for ($14.99)





Field & Stream Savage Run


Do you need something light and convenient to carry small items? The Field & Stream Savage Run Fanny Pack is a great choice. This camouflage bag allows you to pack light with just the gear you require at your fingertips.

The seven zippered pockets, including a large front compartment, hold just enough for you to enjoy your outdoor experience. You might even forget you are carrying anything, thanks to the adjustable waist strap and the padded front panel.

This heavy-duty pack comes with long-lasting buckles and nylon webbing and hardware. You also get two deep side pockets that are designed to hold water bottles or similar gear. It has a total capacity of 6L.

A tactical vest is very useful for this type of activity, but you can complete your gear with a nice pack such as the one offered by Field & Stream. The pattern is also suitable for helping you remain invisible.


This item is great for carrying small items which assist you in various outdoor activities, such as hunting, bird watching, hiking, or traveling because of its lightweight and convenient design.

The camouflage pattern can fit very well with the rest of your hunting equipment, and it is also comfortable due to the adjustable waist strap and the padded front panel.

It is made from high-quality and durable materials with reliable buckles, hardware, and nylon webbing.

The waist pack comes with a total capacity of 6L and comprises seven zippered pockets, including a large front compartment and two deep side pockets for your water bottles.

Moreover, since the fanny pack has so much room and its pockets are so well distributed, it offers you the possibility of keeping all of your essentials in an organized fashion.


This is not the cheapest option in this line of products; however, the item seems to be appreciated by customers.

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Buying guide



If you like to hunt, you know that a backpack is not as accessible and easy to carry around as a waist pack. You need to be able to move fast and have all of your accessories within reach. There are many available models on the market to choose from. This short guide is meant to present you with the characteristics that make a good hunting waist pack.

Size and compartments

Some say size does not matter, but it does, especially when tackling bags and packs. First of all, you need a pack that will fit all your small-sized hunting equipment you usually take with you. If your accessories do not fit in it, you haven’t achieved anything.

Secondly, each of us likes to organize our things in a certain way. You need to analyze the compartments available, how they are placed, what their capacity is, and if they allow you to pack everything as you prefer.


Materials and design

Outdoor activities require high-quality materials. Moreover, if you want to be inaudible and invisible, a quiet fabric and no-sound zippers are a must. Furthermore, you need a sturdy and reliable construction.

Also, we recommend adjustable belts and straps. Another thing to consider is strong buckles. You definitely do not want them to snap and end up carrying your waist bag on your back.
Most hunters prefer camouflage patterns, as they help your stealth. Many fanny packs come with this type of design, so you will surely be able to find one that fits your hunting outfit.


Water resistance

According to many hunting waist pack reviews, this is a highly appreciated feature for these types of items. The thing is that you are out in nature, and you never know when you might get caught in the rain.

We are sure you have already prepared your hunting rain gear, so you understand how important water-resistant materials are, especially when it comes to these sorts of activities.

Comfort level

The right choice should not only be strong, but as comfortable as possible as well. A hunting waist pack with straps is much more convenient to carry, especially when fully loaded.

If you go for this option, make sure that the straps are adjustable so you can get a good fit.

If you follow our guide, we are sure you will be able to get the most appropriate model for you. Since we are on the topic of hunting equipment, you might also like to learn more about hunting pants, or even hunting gloves. A new hunting jacket can also be a great addition.



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