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Hunting tactical knives – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Are you looking to buy superior hunting gear, but you’re too much in a hurry to read the following buying guide? This paragraph contains substantial information on hunting tactical knives you can use for further purchases. Based on what customers say and experts agree with, we established that the product you should invest in is the TAC FORCE Spring Assisted. Among its most interesting features, it must be noted that this model comes with a window breaker nub which you can use to break through glass. The spring assisted mechanism makes this knife behave like a switchblade, so you will find it easy to flip it open and use it as you see fit. The locking spring makes sure that you won’t hurt your fingers with the blade. Should the TAC FORCE Spring Assisted be out of stock, the next recommendation in line is the TAC FORCE BLACK Blade 05461000958, a model that is almost just as good.



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With so many hunting knives available for sale on the market, you may feel quite challenged to pick the right one. We come to the rescue with the following list of tactical hunting knives containing models equipped with multiple useful features and enjoying a lot of positive feedback from buyers.



TAC FORCE Spring Assisted


If you’re looking for a tactical knife to help you when you go hunting, you will find a great ally in the TAC FORCE Spring Assisted. This model offers everything you would expect in such an item, and even something more, so you will be more than pleased with your purchase, should you decide to go for this one in particular.

This medium-sized knife is easy to use, and it will fit anywhere you want to store it away, as the blade folds with ease. Because the mechanism is spring assisted, you will love how the blade folds and unfolds like a switchblade. This may be the reason why some users say that this model can be used for self-defense, too.

The locking spring is beneficial because it offers excellent protection for your hands. You will not risk cutting your fingers by accident, and you can rest assured that this hunting knife is never dangerous for you.

An interesting aspect of this particular model is its versatility. The model comes with a seatbelt cutter and a glass breaker nub that can be used in the case of an emergency.

Buy from for ($9.75)





TAC FORCE BLACK Blade 05461000958


One of the first things you will notice when you hold the TAC FORCE BLACK Blade 05461000958 in your hand for the first time is how well balanced it is. It does not feel heavy, but it is not lightweight enough to seem more like a toy, and not a real knife. The blade is particularly sharp, so it will help you cut through anything.

The handle is designed to offer extra comfort, and you will find it easy to hold and manipulate. Don’t be surprised to see how fast the blade comes out from the lock. Just make sure to push the blade back into the bolster until it is in place, to avoid any accidents.

Because it is a folding knife, it offers some significant advantages, such as the fact that you can store it away with ease, and takes up little space. The overall construction spells quality, and the blade is durable.

The black blade adds to its appeal as a tactical knife. The handy clip for the belt allows you to carry the knife around with easy access. You will appreciate that the blade comes already sharpened and lubricated, so no extra maintenance is needed.

Buy from for ($6.75)





Defender Xtreme Tactical Bowie


A heavy duty model that should be on your list as a good hunting tactical knife is the Defender Xtreme Tactical Bowie. This 12-inch knife is an excellent choice for anyone in search of a survival weapon that can be used for hunting, too. Unlike other models that come with a folding mechanism, this one is a fixed model.

There are definite advantages to a fixed blade. For instance, you can count on its durability more, because fewer moving parts are always a good thing. The model comes with a sheath for storing the knife away without fear that the blade may cause accidents or become damaged.

The total weight of the knife is 12 ounces, so you will feel it when you hold it in your hand. The knurled handle is ergonomic and provides an excellent solid grip, so you don’t risk slipping it and hurting yourself. The belt hanging option comes in handy when you need to carry the knife around while ensuring easy access.

The sheath is made from hard composite, and it is just as durable as the knife it protects. Whenever you need to take the knife out, the fastening system will open with ease.

Buy from for ($14.2)





Buying guide


If you are looking for a hunting tactical knife, and you feel a bit overwhelmed with the range of possibilities offered by brick and mortar, and online stores alike, you will find the following guide very useful. We want to offer you some necessary actionable information you can use for finding the best hunting tactical knife.

Fixed or folding blade?

One aspect to consider when you are shopping for this kind of hunting knife is whether you prefer a fixed blade model or one that comes with a folding mechanism. Each of the two has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Fixed blade models are considered to be more durable, because of the lack of moving parts that can suffer more wear and tear over time. However, this does not mean that folding knives don’t have their upsides. For instance, they can be stored away with ease, and there is no risk to cut yourself.



A hunting knife should be a little versatile in the range of tasks you can perform with it. For instance, a model that can cut through a stuck seatbelt just as well as through the meat of a dead wild animal, can come in handy in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Also, if you could use your knife to break a window, you can stay safe in other hazardous situations, as well. The best tactical knife for hunting should be able to help you in all kinds of circumstances, and sometimes, having the right model by your side can mean the difference between life and death.



Don’t forget that may get some nice extras when you’re buying a hunting knife. For instance, the hunting knife reviews you can read online point at the fact that a model with a belt clip can be quite handy when you need to quickly access it and carry it, without showing the open blade.

Another thing that surely comes in handy is a durable sheath. While tactical knives are designed with durable blades, they can get damaged, and that means that you should protect them. Carrying them in their original sheath will help you achieve this purpose.





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