Top Hunting Socks for Cold Feet Reviewed in 2019

Top Hunting Socks for Cold Feet Reviewed in 2019

Last Updated: 21.05.19

Best Hunting Socks for Cold Feet. Comparison & Buying Guide

Anyone who wants the best hunting socks for cold feet but is too pressed for time to compare the various models available on the market will find this short paragraph useful. We did all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to, by analyzing sales figures, buyers’ reviews, and expert opinions on the topic. The People Socks Premium Merino appeared the most popular and the highest rated, which is why we recommend it here. These durable socks are made of merino wool, nylon, polyester, and spandex, and they will serve you during many hunting trips. The reinforced toes and heels make sure that the socks will not rub against the inside of your boots and get damaged. Made in the U.S., these socks are of the highest quality, and you can count on the overall exquisite craftsmanship. In case the People Socks Premium Merino is no longer available, we also recommend the MERIWOOL 3 Pairs, as a second best alternative.

Comparison table

Our top choices

If you have no idea which product to buy from the many you can find for sale right now, this list will surely prove handy. We selected these products based on their popularity, excellent features and comfort. One of them is surely for you.

People Socks Premium Merino

Do you usually get cold feet when hunting? Then the People Socks Premium Merino may be just what you have been missing from your hunting gear up to this moment.

These high-quality socks are made from merino wool, a type of material that can keep your feet warm and dry at the same time. Because they are also made from a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex, they are durable, too, so there is little else to ask for.

What do you want most in a pair of hunting socks? This particular model is most likely to have it. For instance, if you worry that you will end up spending a lot of money on socks because they lose their shape or are difficult to wash, put your mind at ease. They can be cleaned in a washing machine, and they will keep their shape, because of the blend of fibers used.

The socks are durable. The toe and heel areas are reinforced, so no matter how much the socks rub against your boots, they will not wear off easily. All the socks this company makes are knit in the US so that you can expect superior craftsmanship all around.

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If you want a good deal, you should go for the MERIWOOL 3 Pairs. Good socks may not be difficult to find, but, when you do, chances are that they may cost a bit more than what you can afford. For a convenient solution, pick this model, as you will get three pairs in the same package, at an unbeatable price.

The socks are designed to be soft and offer superior comfort. The high percentage of merino wool used is there to guarantee that you will have warm feet, regardless of the weather conditions you will have to face. While you might worry that your feet will sweat too much if it is not that cold, worry not. These socks are designed to be breathable and keep your feet dry, too.

You can wear these socks with hunting boots for cold weather, without a problem. Together, they will offer you all the protection you need. The socks will not smell bad, either, because merino wool is naturally resistant to bacteria, and efficiently fights odor.

It must be said that these socks offer perfect compression, and they don’t lose their shape due to their rib knit pattern.

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RTZAT Unisex Winter

If you are looking for a pair of soft socks that can keep you warm when temperatures drop, the RTZAT Unisex Winter is just what you need.

Made with 50% merino wool, they are guaranteed to offer you the comfort and warmth expected from a pair of wool socks. You will not have to worry about getting too hot, either, because the rest of the fibers ensure proper breathability and durability.

Lack of elasticity is another issue that might keep you from purchasing wool socks. Because they are also crafted from a blend of acrylic, nylon, and spandex, they are both elastic and durable. One reason why 100% wool socks are not a common choice among hunters and fishermen is that they tend to lose their shape quite quickly. The right blend of fibers can right this wrong, and that is why this particular model is such an excellent choice.

A hunting flashlight can show you the way in the darkness, but it cannot keep you warm. For that, you have socks like this alternative. While these socks are made with wool, they will not itch, and the cushioned feeling they create will make you feel comfortable all the time you will spend hunting.

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Buying guide

Are you in the market for some good hunting socks for cold feet? We are here to assist you in your search, by offering you the information you can use for picking the right pair.

Having cold feet while hunting is no picnic and you may even want to cut your trip short if you feel uncomfortable. If you focus on the features that matter and you also purchase your socks from manufacturers with a good reputation, you will have no regrets.

Sock height

If you are one of those people who have a lot of trouble warming their feet, you will surely want to purchase a pair of socks that can truly trap the heat inside and keep it there. That is why it is often recommended to get models that go over your calves.

The more area is covered by warm socks, the more likely you are to feel comfortable. Regardless of whether you want to select a good hunting GPS unit, or hunting clothing, you must pay attention to overall comfort, and this is where sock height comes into place.

A crew height is also acceptable, but do not go for socks that can barely cover your ankles. Hunting boots are usually higher than regular boots, and the socks you wear should be the same.

How much wool is used?

There is no other material to perform better than wool when it comes to insulating properties. Wool is preferred by sock manufacturers because it can trap heat and help even people with chronic cold feet feel comfortable and ready for action.

You will notice that most manufacturers display the amount of merino wool used for their products, and you will also see that the percentage varies quite a lot from one product to another.

Since we are talking about socks that should be worn for cold feet, a high percentage of merino wool should be present in the textile blend. However, your socks should not be 100% wool, because they will just lose their shape and become unusable after a few times being worn.

Breathable materials

Most reviews of hunting socks for cold feet mention that you should get models that are made with breathable materials. Wool, again, is a winner, because it is capable of absorbing moisture and keep your feet dry.

Let’s say that you need to purchase bolts for your hunting adventure, but you don’t know what to pick. Reading reviews from other users can help you, and the same thing happens when you want to pick a pair of socks.

Breathable socks will help you keep your feet both warm and dry. Select models that are made with a blend of wool, nylon, and elastane for the ultimate comfort.

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