Best Hunting Shoes in 2018. Reviews & Analysis
Best Hunting Shoes in 2018. Reviews & Analysis

Top Hunting Shoes Reviewed and Compared

If you are in the market for the best hunting shoes money can get you, but you lack the needed time to do the research, this paragraph should clue you in. After doing the legwork on your behalf, we have concluded that the Muck Boot Pursuit Shadow is the product that you should invest in. This model contains rubber soles that are quite practical when used for hunting. As a plus, these boots were made from 5 mm neoprene that supplies the user with both comfort and extra flexibility. Nevertheless, these shoes are waterproofed, they have heat retention properties, and they can completely adjust to the shape of your foot so that you are provided with extra comfort. What is more, it is worth saying that this model is best worn during the winter season. If these shoes are out of stock, feel free to take a good look at the Irish Setter Ravine-2885.

Our top choices

Selecting the best shoes for hunting is equally complicated as purchasing bow hunting clothes. To be of help, we have composed a list of top-notch items that have received excellent reviews from previous buyers. So, read ahead and choose the model you like best.

Muck Boot Pursuit Shadow

If you have shopped for hunting boots before, you’ve probably already heard about Muck Boot. The Pursuit Shadow model developed by this manufacturer is highly appreciated by its current users due to its many features. In fact, this product can provide its users with scent concealment, lace fitting control and plenty of foot support.

One important characteristic of the product that you should not ignore is its outstanding insulation. In fact, these boots come provided with a layer of 5 mm of insulation (neoprene and fleece lining) that can supply the user with plenty of warmth during the cold season.

Furthermore, the product was developed using scent-masking technology as well as rubber soles for optimum support. Overall, the boots have a height of 10” and a weight of 4 lbs. As a plus, this product is 100% waterproof. These boots have a comfort range of -20 to 50 degrees F.

This product is particularly liked by many because of its light weight and because of its quietness. Consequently, it can be safely utilized while hunting. The model has received plenty of positive reviews from other huntsmen that warmly recommend it to those interested. So, check it out!

Buy from for ($142.79)

Irish Setter Ravine-2885

Another product that you are likely to find interesting is the Irish Setter Ravine-2885. This item is, first of all, very much versatile as it can be used for numerous activities such as hunting and hiking. Besides, the model is known for supplying the user with all-day comfort. Hence, you’ll be able to wear these boots all throughout the day without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

This product was developed by using leather and abrasion-resistant nylon. As a result, the unit is likely to stand the test of time. Additionally, because of its sturdy, 9 inches construction, you won’t have to worry about getting your feet wet.

Furthermore, the footbed of the model was made from memory foam, and it includes scent control technology. Thus, the odor is eliminated, and your feet will be kept comfortable throughout the day.

The soles that the model comes provided with are reliable, and they have anti-torsion chassis. Consequently, you’ll have no problems when it comes to handling rocky terrains. According to previous users of the product, these boots are a great investment, as they mirror the shape of your foot for a perfect fit. Also, the model is very durable.

Buy from for ($173.85)

Danner Men's Vital

If you are interested in a pair of stylish hunting boots for cold weather, you should necessarily check out this model sold by Danner. The product is made from a combination of leather and textile that guarantees that this unit is waterproof. Moreover, the model includes a rubber sole that performs well on various terrain conditions.

Furthermore, the shaft of the product measures 7 inches from the arch, and the heel of the unit has a dimension of about 1.25 inches. However, it is worth pointing out that the platform of the shoe is of approximately .05 inches.

As expected, the product features the well-known lock and load lacing system that secures a great fit. Also, the product includes a multi-density foam pattern that completely eliminates pinch points as well as uncomfortable hotspots.

The footbed of the boots molds to your feet and it was made from a material called open-cell polyurethane. However, one of the greatest drawbacks of the model is the fact that it is not at all insulated. Still, not many consider this a significant disadvantage of the unit. All in all, you should know that this pair of boots has received great reviews from previous buyers. Also, the model is considered a good choice when it comes to lightweight hunting boots.

Buy from for ($149.95)

Buying guide

Let’s be honest, finding cheap hunting shoes is not easy, especially if you don’t know much about this subject. However, because we know this a little too well, we have decided to lend you a hand. Thus, we have composed a list of features that you should consider before selecting the first pair of shoes that you can find for sale.


According to hunting shoes reviews, the first aspect that you should pay attention to before making a purchase is the durability of the product. The easiest way to tell whether a model is durable or not is by looking at its intended purpose.

Therefore, models that were made to be used for more than one purpose are usually quite sturdy and long-lasting. Still, they might not exactly cater to your specific needs as a hunter. Furthermore, nylon boots are usually insulated, and they are a good pick for general purpose hunting.

Additionally, leather boots are a great pick if you intend to use them in cold climates. Still, they require a lot of attention as they tend to wear out fast when not taken care of appropriately.

Height and weight

If you intend to end up with a pair of good hunting shoes, we recommend that you also pay attention to the height and the weight of the selected shoes. Generally, heavy boots are best to be worn when walking on rough terrain.

Still, if you want to make sure that you have selected the appropriate product, we suggest that you do some research and that you find out which types of shoes are best for the kind of terrain that you’ll be walking on.


Last but not least, the fit of the shoe is also crucial. In fact, a product that does not suit the shape of your feet will certainly make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is best that you try the model on before you make a decision.

If you are shopping online, it might be a good idea to see what other buyers had to say about this aspect in relation to the product that you like. However, while doing so, keep in mind that not all info provided by prior buyers should be taken at face value. Moreover, if you want to be comfortable at all times, you should also invest in quality hunting socks.

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