Best 3 Hunting Pants for Cold Weather Compared in 2018
Best 3 Hunting Pants for Cold Weather Compared in 2018

Hunting Pants for Cold Weather – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison

If you’ve come here just to find what the best hunting pants for cold weather in 2018 are, and you don’t have the time to read our comprehensive cold weather hunting pants reviews, this short paragraph is all you need. After doing proper research, we’ve concluded that the model you should consider is the Mossy Oak Performance. These medium weight hunting pants are excellent to use in cool weather hunting as they offer outstanding performance for a low price. You can wear these with minimal layering during the early autumn, or use them as a layering piece on frigid days. The two zippered cargo pockets with cover flip are great for storing your hunting gear or your new shiny fishing lures. If by any unfortunate event you are unable to find this model available for sale, we recommend that you consider the Mossy Oak Camouflage Chamois as it offers a similar performance and quality.

Our top choices

If after doing your research you are still unsure about which product to choose, perhaps you ought to take a quick look at our selection below. These top-rated models have been carefully chosen based on quality, affordability, and durability.

Mossy Oak Performance

If you want to make the most out of your winter outdoor adventures, getting the Mossy Oak Performance is a great start. This hunting apparel is ideal for cool weather, and it can be combined with a quality hunting jacket for the best protection against the elements. The 100% polyester construction ensures a comfortable fit.

This is a versatile option that can be used for hunting and fishing. The gear storage pockets are designed for quick and quiet access to your essential equipment. You can store anything in them from your fishing bait to your sharp hunting knife. These pockets will make reaching for your gear easier than ever.

The reinforced belt loops, zippered fly and the button closure with an elastic waist will guarantee the maximum comfort and an outstanding range of movement during the hunt. You’ll always be one step ahead of the game and ready to strike the killing blow.

This multi-purpose unit can be worn in the early fall with minimal layering, or it can be used as a layering piece during the cold winter hunts. Whether you are stalking or sitting, the relaxed fit and the soft polyester will keep you not only comfortable but quiet enough so as to not give your position away.

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Mossy Oak Camouflage Chamois

Want to get a pair of pants that are warm without the extra weight that more layers can add to the hunting apparel? The Camouflage Chamois model will help keep hunters warm without the added bulk of other similar alternatives. The cold will never again be a problem as these traditional hunting pants are made to handle even the most intense weather.

This model features a partial elastic waist in the back which adds both comfort and freedom of movement. The elastic waist will make it much easier for the consumer to find the right fit. For hunters who want to keep their gear with them at all the times, the six roomy pockets are a good addition.

This unit is made from 9.5 oz Cotton which ensures that you will enjoy the benefits of a quality fabric that is gentle to the skin and that ensures good breathability. The use of quality materials provide lasting durability, season after season.

Customers that have tried this option have fallen in love with the softness that it offers. When you have a long hunting session ahead of you, going for the Mossy Oak Camouflage Chamois is a decision that does not require much thought.

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ScentLok Cold Blooded

If you don’t want to settle for anything less, and you want a premium model, choosing the ScentLok option is not something that only we recommend, but also the countless customers that had the joy of using this outstanding alternative. These pants are warm and waterproof and will make your hunting sessions much more pleasant.

If other hunting pants for cold weather are known for reducing your mobility, this waterproof option will leave you highly mobile, making it a great choice for hunters that don’t want to be slowed down. The waterproof membrane will seal out moisture while the moisture-wicking liner will pull sweat away from the body to places where it can dry quickly.

When you’re hunting, you don’t want the game to smell you from afar and the ScentLok model has a nifty solution to this problem. The use of carbon alloy technology will help fight game-spooking odors. They will not simply mask the odors but kill them at a microscopic level.

For the best experience, you can use these pants together with some high-quality boots for cold weather. What’s more, the elastic and adjustable waist buckle will provide you with a secure and customizable fit that will keep you mobile and ready to shoot.

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Buying guide

Finding good hunting pants for cold weather these days can be a real adventure once you consider the impressive amount of alternatives available on the market. It’s not just the number of models that can make you feel discouraged but also the fact that each manufacturer seems to pack products with lots of features.

Knowing what to focus on and what you can simply ignore requires a fair share of research and unfortunately few people have the time on their hands to prospect the market properly. We want to make the purchasing process easier for you which is why we have compiled the buyer’s guide below. Take a look if you want to learn more.

Get the best fit

As is the case with any garment, the most important factor to keep in mind when purchasing such an item comes down to the fit. It is paramount that you get the correct size as you want to feel comfortable while wearing your hunting pants. You will need to consider the fact that not every brand bases its sizes on the same chart.

In the case of hunting apparel for cold weather, having larger pants is not a bad thing as these can give you enough space to wear more clothes underneath. What you shouldn’t do is get pants that are too tightly fit as that can reduce your range of movements considerably.

Similarly, you should also consider the length of the pants so that they are not too long or too short. Short pants can leave you exposed while long pants can drag and spell all sorts of problems when you’re making long treks through the wilderness.


If you want to get the perfect pair of pants for cold weather, you should make sure that the model you have in mind uses layering. What layering means is utilising different types of materials that offer different types of protection.

The base layer is the one that is in direct contact with your skin and it needs to offer great breathability. The middle thermal layer should have heat retention properties. The last layer is the outer one and it should offer protection against the elements, such as rain and wind.

Make sure you are fully protected

Once you’ve gotten your pants and jacket, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of other hunting gear. To get the most out of your apparel, you will need to use it together with quality hunting socks and gloves.

The good thing is that these items are generally much more affordable and you won’t need a large budget to get the right items. For socks, neoprene is the best option for keeping you warm.

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