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Hunting jackets – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you are looking for the best hunting jacket for sale but would rather not read our detailed buying guide and product tips below, this short paragraph should have enough information for your purpose. We have performed our own product evaluation and comparison by looking at ratings and reviews for different products on the market and have seen how customers have made the Under Armour Men’s Ua Storm their top preference because of its lightweight, windproof construction using 100 percent 6.2-ounce polyester that is designed to protect your upper body from the elements. The jacket utilizes the revolutionary UA Scent Control technology that ensures the prey doesn’t sense your presence even when you have to stay out in the wild long and need a jacket that really works to mask the human scent. The fuller cut offers a loose fit to enable you to move comfortably as you go about your hunting tasks. The Under Armour Men’s Ua Storm is incredibly popular that it is often out of stock, but we don’t hesitate to recommend the second best option, the Legendary Whitetails Canvas Cross Trail.



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Under Armour Men’s Ua Storm


Constructed with a fuller cut, the Under Armour Men’s Ua Storm comes with a comfortably loose fit that lets you move your upper body freely with unhampered mobility. This hunting jacket from one of the best hunting clothing brands is constructed of superbly lightweight 6.2-ounce polyester that is amazingly water-repellent and durable for lasting use.

This hunting jacket is given a DWR treatment to serve as the first line of protection from wet weather conditions by preventing the fabric surface from becoming drenched with moisture when you have to hunt in the wilderness under less-friendly weather situations and settings. Its windproof construction protects your body from the elements.

The DWR fabric treatment can be seen at work when you see the moisture actually beading up and rolling off the surface of the jacket. The durable, smooth fabric is complemented with a soft, high-loft Sherpa lining that makes the jacket able to trap body heat rather well, so when the weather isn’t particularly warm, it makes you feel toasty while wearing it.

This jacket also features an anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of microbes that cause nasty smells. What this means is your human scent is masked effectively, so you remain undetected by your prey. The fabric has a quiet construction that prevents any rustling or noise that might spook the creature you are stalking.


This hunting jacket carries a fuller cut that delivers a loose fit to enable the avid hunter to move about freely while in pursuit or surveillance on the hunting trail for great comfort.

Like all the items in the UA Storm series, this lovely jacket is manufactured using an exclusive DWR finish to shed off moisture from the environment without compromising on breathability.

The jacket is constructed in a manner that renders it windproof, so the upper body is sufficiently shielded from the elements without sacrificing wearability and the lightweight design.

The longer-lasting proprietary UA Scent Control technology works better than other types, so you remain undetected by your prey even when you are in earnest pursuit of it.

The jacket also features the innovative ColdGear® Infrared technology that employs a soft, thermo-conductive inner surface treatment to trap and keep your body heat in the inner folds of the gear.


While some buyers may find the jacket a bit large, there are others who find it small. The key is to ascertain one’s size prior to making an order for the product to avoid incorrect sizing issues.

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Legendary Whitetails Canvas Cross Trail


The Legendary Whitetails Canvas Cross Trail hunting jacket is built durably to support you at work and play. The jacket is constructed with heavy-duty 10-oz. sanded canvas washed down to deliver a loose, full-cut fit that is comfortable from the start. The jacket comes with a full 210 grams of insulation so your upper body stays warm when hunting in unfriendly weather.

This hunting jacket uses a heavy-duty zipper for the front closure to keep the trapped body heat from escaping easily. The zip-off hood conveniently comes off when you want your neck free and open to the sun or covered when the weather turns nasty. To add styling to the hunting jacket, it comes with a nicely embroidered logo of a Signature Buck that speaks of quality, which goes really well with the Big Game® Camo accents.

This hunting jacket keeps your small hunting essentials within easy reach via the double interior pocket. The jacket shell is made of 100 percent cotton while both the lining and fill are made of 100 percent polyester. The materials provide protection from the elements while ensuring a solid construction.

This hunting jacket comes with a hunting-friendly Realtree Camo pattern that keeps you undetected by the prey, so you stay hidden while taking aim or doing surveillance, making you virtually disappear into the forest background.


A consistent top-seller, this hunting jacket is built tough with heavy-duty 10-oz sanded canvas washed down to deliver a comfortable fit at the onset.

The full 210 grams of insulation keeps you warm and toasty while wearing the jacket even when the weather is not exactly nice and sunshiney.

The heavy-duty zipper provides a great way to close the jacket securely to ensure the trapped body heat does not escape easily while the zip-off hood protects the head from the cold and can be removed at your option.

This hunting jacket features a double interior pocket to hold small hunting items that have to be kept handy without marring the style provided by the lovely embroidered Signature Buck logo plus the Big Game® Camo accents.

The lining and the fill are both made of 100 percent polyester for weather resistance while the cotton shell provides a soft and comfortable surface that keeps the cold away.


The inner pockets do not have zippers, so the user is advised to be careful about storing valuable items in them.

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Legendary Whitetails Ladies Power Quarter


The lovely all-camo design highlights the beauty of the Legendary Whitetails Ladies Power Quarter as a go-anywhere hoodie for ladies. This jacket comes with a midweight smooth finish of 100 percent poly-fleece that delivers wonderful comfort together with the silky-soft brushed interior that provides a smooth feel against the skin.

The quarter-zip is perfect as it enables an easy on-and-off functionality. This will readily become your favorite hoodie thanks to its midweight smooth finish that feels terrific from the inside out. The jacket is solidly constructed of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex for just the right amount of stretch to enable you to move freely at work or at play.

The polyester fabric is weather-resistant, so you won’t be bothered by a little rain or moisture in the air when you’re outside. This jacket is easy to maintain as it washes in the cold cycle of your laundry machine. You will love the Big Game Field Camo that enables you to use it for hunting without being detected by the prey.

This lovely hoodie offers a nice fit around the body while the quarter zip allows a little air in without requiring you to fully open the jacket all the way.


Made of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex, this hunting jacket carries a go-anywhere hoodie style in all-camo that makes it suitable for work and play.

The mid-weight smooth finish nicely supplements the 100 percent poly fleece material to make the jacket soft to the touch and comfortable on the body for all-day wearability.

Besides, the silky-soft brushed interior delivers ultimate comfort as well, ensuring chafe-free, non-irritation use for long periods.

The jacket is designed for easy on and off thanks to the quarter-zip design that only opens part of the way in the chest area while providing an ample cover for the torso.

This lightweight hunting jacket is a midweight hoodie that protects the head and torso from the cold and other weather elements that can ruin a great day in the wilderness or just at the park with friends.


Some users have noted that the sleeves are quite short or small, which necessitates that the buyer ascertains the size they really need prior to ordering.

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Camo Coll Men’s Outdoor


The Camo Coll Men’s Outdoor has an outer shell made of 94 percent polyester and 6 percent spandex, plus a lining made of 100 percent polyester. The polyester material is exceptionally strong and withstands wear and tear longer, so the jacket stays in one piece and retains its shape with time even when used in harsh weather.  

The polyester material also makes the jacket easy to wash and dry. It doesn’t absorb moisture and resists stains naturally. The hooded camouflage jacket is suitable for use in the wilderness as it enables you to blend in with the surroundings so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb that your prey can easily detect.

This jacket comes with a functional design that makes it suitable for any outdoor activity where stealth is an important element, such as for hunting. It is windproof and water-resistant to protect you from the weather when engaging in outdoor activities. The elastic, hook-and-loop wrist cuffs allow easy adjustments and tightening when you want to protect your hands from the cold or rain.

The drawstring waist and hood enable you to obtain a tighter fit around those sections, so the jacket won’t interfere with your mobility when you use your hunting weapon. This best waterproof hunting jacket is perfect as well for hiking, camping, fishing, traveling, and any outdoor adventure.


This jacket has an outer shell made of 94 percent polyester and 6 percent spandex and has a lining made of 100 percent polyester, which makes it weather-resistant and enables you to move freely whether at work or at play.

This hooded jacket protects your head and body from the cold without the need for a hat that will only be a hassle to have on when you’re running after your prey.

This jacket combines a functional design with a high-quality fabric and is windproof and waterproof to keep your torso warm and protected in the outdoors.

The drawstring hood and waist enable you to tighten those sections for additional warmth when needed while still being easy to loosen immediately when you prefer.

The elastic hook-and-loop adjustable wrist cuffs enable you to seal in the warmth on your arms and not allow the cold in through your hands, so you stay toasty in colder weather.


The hood on this jacket is not detachable so it rolls up to a thick form that can become uncomfortable around the neck.

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Frogg Toggs Men’s Firebelly NT6201


The Frogg Toggs Men’s Firebelly NT6201 is a nice-looking rain jacket made of 100 percent polyester, which is a material that is effective at keeping moisture out while being lightweight. The jacket is designed for outdoor use so you can wear it when fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, or having an outdoor adventure.

This jacket features zippered chest pockets into which you can store your small outdoor essentials and keep them handy for easy reach when needed. Two additional pockets are located below the chest pockets for more storage space or to slip your hands into when the weather turns cold. The fully-sealed and taped waterproof seams keep the cold and moisture away so the jacket will not get soaked right through when the conditions turn nasty.

The watertight neoprene cuffs are adjustable to deliver a secure fit to prevent the sleeves from riding up the arms and hampering the use of your hunting weapon or fishing rod. This is a great jacket to use for various outdoor activities as it keeps you warm and dry so you can have fun with friends and family.

This is the best duck hunting jacket weather as it has an outdoor-friendly color that allows you to observe the water fowl while hidden in the trees or bushes so you can plan your next action easily.


Made with 100 percent polyester, this rain jacket is perfect for outdoor use when you expect the weather to change abruptly when you have to work or play.

The jacket comes with zippered chest pockets that enable you to keep items within easy reach, such as small binoculars, fishing tackle, and many other pieces of gear that need to be on hand when needed.

The fully sealed and taped waterproof seams ensure that the cold and moisture do not soak into the jacket, so you stay dry and warm even in inclement weather conditions.

The zippered front closure provides an efficient way of keeping the cold out and of getting into and out of the jacket with ease while offering a smooth closure system.

The adjustable, watertight neoprene cuffs keep moisture and the cold away, so you stay dry and warm in the outdoors, which lets you enjoy your activities more.


The front pockets on the belly section are a bit higher than normal so slipping your hands into them would be awkward, according to one buyer.

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Buying guide


The hunting jacket is a means for the hunter to make a statement, though not necessarily fashion-related. If you are to keep the elements out while stalking your prey, you will need a good-quality hunting jacket to keep you warm, dry, and most importantly, undetected by the animal you are pursuing. There is a myriad of aspects to consider when searching for a hunting jacket.

Genuinely good products from reputable hunting clothing companies are made of premium materials

Tweed is the traditional material for hunting clothing. It is an exceptionally durable, rough wool that is damage-resistant. A jacket made of tweed doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and care except for an occasional visit to the dry cleaners.

Since tweed is a kind of extremely thick wool, it is great at trapping heat. In addition, most tweeds are able to store the natural lanolin in wool so they can keep odor and moisture at bay. However, despite the fact that tweed is quite water-resistant, if it does get wet, the material can turn really heavy.

A modern, man-made material, Gore-Tex has been used by plenty of sports clothing manufacturers as well as military clothing makers. Designed with water-resistance, Gore-Tex lets the water bead on the fabric instead of allowing it to soak in. The material is also extremely breathable, so the inside of the jacket does not become overheated.

Gore-Tex wears hard and offers a high level of durability. It is scratch-resistant and can withstand the usual elements of wear it might get subjected to. That said, Gore-Tex has to be lined sufficiently as it doesn’t offer the same kind of comfort as the other types of material. It is also quite heavy and bulky with a padding or lining.

Wool has other forms apart from tweed. It is a common jacket material thanks to its natural properties. Wool is great at retaining body heat to keep you insulated from the cold. Wool naturally has lanolin that makes an extremely water-resistant jacket. Aside from becoming very heavy, wool can also smell terrible when wet. To maintain its size, a wool jacket has to be dry cleaned.

Wool jackets also need to be re-treated with lanolin periodically since the element wears off naturally with exposure to water.

Quilted polyester is great for both urban and rural use. The padded quilting design enables this kind of jacket to trap heat and keep you warm and toasty. Despite polyester being significantly water-resistant on its own, the material may also be sprayed with a waterproof coating.

Polyester tends to hold smells, so hunting with dogs or horses can present issues insofar as the stealth factor is concerned. The material is also not very breathable so the jacket can become uncomfortable and hot depending on the weather.

A popular material for making premium-quality hunting jackets is waxed cotton, which is suitable for inclement weather conditions. The material is quite water-resistant, and the re-waxing is not a costly process either. However, waxed cotton is prone to scratches and similar factors, so it requires the reapplication of wax for repair as well as to maintain water-resistance levels.


Consider the top-rated products in the best hunting jacket reviews that offer a good construction and insulation

The shell or exterior of the jacket should provide a snug fit. Some hunting jackets come with a camouflage exterior in various patterns and designs. It won’t be all that difficult to find the proper match for each hunting setting to keep you hidden from the target. You can blend into the surroundings easily so you can do surveillance and stalking while staying undetected.

Moisture should easily be wicked away by the outer layer of the jacket. Look for sealed and taped, waterproof seams. The jacket itself should be lightweight while being hardy enough to provide protection for the body. You want the jacket to be both weather and waterproof

Whether buying a hunting winter jacket or one for summer hunting, you ought to consider comfort and convenience in equal measure

Different buyers have varying preferences on the level of comfort that works for them. This factor, most naturally, is also influenced by environmental and weather conditions. A lighter jacket works on hot days or when you intend to do vigorous exercise. Hunting during wet and cold days will necessitate wearing a jacket that traps the warmth while keeping out the cold and moisture or water.

Check the weather to determine what type of jacket will work for you

Some jackets feature a removable hoodie. Others have a removable internal lining. Deep or zippered pockets allow you to hold various small gear for easy reach when needed. This eliminates the need for extra bags to carry some more gear in. Hand pockets enable you to slip your hands in them, so gloves or mittens are not needed.

Make sure the material, cut, and style of the jacket will not interfere with the use of your hunting weapon or fishing rod.

You also need to consider how easy the jacket will be to clean and maintain. Some require the occasional dry cleaning while others can be washed in the machine’s cold cycle.


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