Top Hunting Jackets for Cold Weather Reviewed in 2018
Top Hunting Jackets for Cold Weather Reviewed in 2018

Best Hunting Jackets for Cold Weather. Comparison & Buying Guide

If hunting is your favorite outdoor sport, you should always come prepared, at least with plenty of hunting weapons and warm and comfortable clothes. However, if you’re not in the mood to look for the best hunting jacket for cold weather on your own, we can help you out. We conducted our own thorough market research and, after reading the reviews of numerous products, we came to the conclusion that a suitable option would be the Wall’s Hunting Power Insulated. It’s available in two camouflage prints to perfectly blend in with the environment and is specifically designed to keep you warm. It also comes with additional large hand warmer pockets and a 3-piece hood to shelter your head from heavy wind, cold or rain. However, if you don’t find this product available for purchase right away, you can also opt for the Krumba Camouflage Hunting as a reliable substitute.

Our top choices

Although there are countless jackets that can keep you warm, not all of them were designed for your hunting abilities. Luckily for you, we did come up with a list of reliable items that we think are perfect for your requirements. Their most important characteristics are showcased below.

Walls Hunting Power Insulated

If you’re looking for a lightweight jacket to keep you warm in your hunting expeditions, this product from Walls could prove the winning choice. It’s made of 100% polyester and is available in two different camouflage prints, so make sure to pick the one that closely matches the rest of your hunting environment. It is also available in two different sizes, so we strongly recommend you to check the manufacturer’s sizing guide before ordering it.

This tricot jacket for hunting is waterproof and comes with a 3-piece hood to shelter your head from rain, wind or low temperatures. Also, thanks to the 4-ounce insulation lining, the item will maintain an optimum body temperature and help you stay focused on your hunting skills rather on how to get warm.

The product is able to control the scent and is antimicrobial, meaning it will kill bacteria that causes bad smells when combined with excessive perspiration. This way, you’ll stay dry and comfortable all day long. In addition, the jacket comes equipped with two large front pockets to keep your hands warm, and elastic cuffs to ensure a good wrist fit and prevent heat from getting out.

Buy from for ($67.99)

Krumba Camouflage Hunting

This product is available in five different sizes, so make sure to carefully check the manufacturer’s sizing chart before ordering. It’s made of a unique blend of polyester and elastane that ensures maximum protection against wind and rain. This way, you can rest assured the jacket will keep you warm and safe regardless of the weather outside so you can enjoy a good hunting experience.

The camouflage pattern will help you perfectly blend in with the rest of the environment so you can go unnoticed when hunting. The item features a detachable hood with an extra insulation layer to keep your head warm and safe from rain, wind, and low temperatures. All the zippers are rough and waterproof, meaning they won’t rust in time.

What we also liked about this warm jacket is that it comes with two large pockets in front that work as hand warmers, as well as a chest pocket that can help you store all your essentials, including phone, keys, wallet, and hunting permit. Most of the customers who ordered the item were pleased with its overall quality and design, claiming it keeps you warm and safe.

Buy from for ($129.99)

Shiver Shield Insulated Hunt

The product is available in three different standard sizes - Small, Medium, and Large, and comes with a camouflage print to help you keep a low-key profile while hunting out in the wild. The item was specifically designed to keep your body warm during the cold season, so it can become your trustworthy ally, especially if you opt to complete the outfit with a pair of hunting boots for cold weather.

The jacket is improved with an aerogel lining insulation, the same technology developed and used by NASA for its space suits. Thus, you can rest assured the coat will keep you warm even in extreme weather conditions. The product is windproof and waterproof and can provide up to eight times more heat than standard insulated jackets. In addition, it’s lightweight, allowing you to move freely.

This item comes with a removable hood that will shelter your head from rain, cold, and wind. There are seven internal and external pockets, meaning you’ll have plenty of space to store all your essentials and hunting accessories. The drawcords available in the collar and the waist allow you to adjust the jacket according to your own body shape. And, for perfect protection, don’t forget to complete your outfit with a pair of warm and thick hunting gloves.

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Buying guide

Finding the best hunting jacket for cold weather in 2018 could prove a challenging task, especially since there are numerous items available for sale. So, in order to make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of features that you should take into account if you want to find the best cold weather hunting jacket in no time.


Since you’re looking for a coat to face the harsh outdoor temperatures, you should definitely choose one with proper insulation. Decide on lightweight fabrics and linings that allow maximum freedom of movement for your arms.

A good hunting jacket for cold weather should also be thick enough to offer maximum protection, even in extreme temperatures. However, if you want to make sure the item is feasible for warmer temperatures, we suggest opting for detachable linings.

Moreover, your product should be able to shelter you from storm and wind, so the main material should be waterproof and windproof. If you’re not entirely sure which type of item to buy, we suggest you take a look at some cold weather hunting jacket reviews and read what other customers have to say.

Additional features

Think about the utility of your hunting camo clothing. Is your jacket large enough to help you wear an additional lightweight tactical vest underneath? Does it come with enough pockets?

As you have probably found already, hunters require a wide array of tools and accessories, so pockets are mandatory in a reliable coat. Look for products that come with large front pockets to keep your hands warm, as well as additional internal pockets so you can store your essentials. However, if you found a model that suits you but doesn’t offer all the required storage space, you can purchase a trustworthy small hunting backpack.

A detachable hood could also prove a great addition, especially since you’re most likely to face different types of weather out in the wild.


Lastly, you should also consider the design of your jacket. Instead of opting for regular earth-like colors, try choosing a product with a camouflage print. Most of these prints are specifically designed to blend in with the environment so they can help you maintain a low profile and increase the chances to catch your prey.

However, carefully examine the print of the jacket to make sure it matches the type of environment you will be most likely to hunt in. Since you’ll mainly be wearing the item during the cold season, it would be best to stick with tones of grey and beige instead of regular tree prints.

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