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Hunting gloves – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you want to find the best hunting gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best hunting gloves on the market. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional hunters and target shooters, we have concluded that the Mechanix Wear Tactical MultiCam is the best because of its breathable Trek Dry material that follows the shape of the back of your hand to ensure you stay cool and comfortable in the field. The gloves feature a high-dexterity palm made of seamless 0.8mm synthetic leather that ensures a great combination of durability and flexibility for unhampered mobility. The dense TPR closure protects the covered hands from impact and abrasion. If the Mechanix Wear Tactical MultiCam is not available, you should consider the Carhartt Men’s Magnet as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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5 Best Hunting Gloves (Reviews) in 2020


1. Mechanix Wear MultiCam FastFit Gloves


Made with the revolutionary form-contouring Trek Dry material, the Mechanix Wear Tactical MFF-78-010 helps you make the most of every military or outdoor operation with its innovative MultiCam camouflage pattern. The material also keeps the hands comfortable and cool so you can make the most of every adventure.

To deliver a secure and comfortable fit, the gloves come with an elastic cuff that also enables effortless on and off without the need to make any adjustments. The two-piece palm is anatomically designed to prevent annoying bunching of material at any point, which can hamper free movement. To facilitate hassle-free glove storage, this pair ships with a convenient nylon web loop.

The lovely camouflage design can be easily protected and maintained thanks to the machine-washable feature.


The Multicam camouflage design enables the user to blend in with the surroundings for optimal use of the gloves. It disguises the user in a variety of environments, lighting conditions, elevations and seasons.

The gloves are machine-washable to enable easy maintenance and cleaning after use.

The comfortable TPR wrist closure provides an easy and secure fit on the wrists. The palm comes with an XRD open-cell foam padding to absorb vibration and shock and reduce hand fatigue.


These gloves are not adequately insulated to protect your hands from the chilly weather.

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2. Carhartt Men’s Magnet


Made with a 100 percent polyester shell, the Carhartt Men’s Magnet A522 has high-quality features that enable optimal use in a variety of settings. These gloves are equipped with a polyurethane-reinforced thumb, fingertips, and palm for an extra-strong configuration. The index finger and thumb are magnetic to facilitate functionality.

The gauntlet cuff is outfitted with a barrel lock that enables easy fit on the wrist. The wrist is also made elastic to allow easy on and off of various hand sizes. The shell is made of 100 percent polyester for durability and reliable performance. The palm is made of 100 percent polyurethane for added strength. The lining is also made of 100 percent polyester.


These gloves protect your hands from the cold during outdoor adventures. They help keep your body temperature at a consistent level so you can focus on what needs to be done. You can put a liner under the magnetic fingers when the gloves are used for hunting purposes.

Their camouflage pattern supports your objective for stealth, so you can perform operations without worrying too much about being detected.

These gloves are versatile enough to be worn while jogging, fishing or doing yard work.


These gloves are not advertised in any way to be waterproof, but they do their job of hand protection adequately.

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3. Mechanix Wear Original Coyote Gloves


Providing superb hand protection, the Mechanix Wear Tactical MG-72-010 is ideal for military and tactical use as well as wilderness settings. The gloves come with a naturally-occurring shade of Coyote tan that disguises the hand of the wearer in an exceptional manner and various outdoor settings.

These gloves match your combat uniform well and are able to keep you concealed in an operating environment. You won’t get easily detected so you can aim carefully and fire once you get a good shooting advantage.

These gloves are made of synthetic leather, which is durable and ensures a long life for the product. Superior in hand protection, the gloves feature Trek Dry technology, which guarantees breathability and comfort to the encased hands.


The Trek Dry material follows the shape of the back of your hand, so you always get a great fit along with exceptional dexterity or freedom of movement.

These Coyote tan military gloves boast a revolutionary TPR wrist closure that provides light protection during military and hunting operations.

The palm is made of seamless 0.8mm synthetic leather that guarantees a good combination of durability and dexterity. Its unique XRD open-cell foam construction absorbs impact through the palm to effectively minimize hand fatigue during use.


The TPR or Velcro wrist closure only provides light protection so it may be considered a weakness by some users.

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4. Glacier Glove Aleutian Full Fingered Neoprene Fleece Lined Glove


Constructed of neoprene, the Glacier Glove Aleutian GGAFU-P gloves are a high-quality product for the outdoor enthusiast. You will truly appreciate that they are built of G-Tek 2mm Fleece-lined Neoprene that guarantees a dependable waterproof design to make them ideal for outdoor use.

The seamless palm design of these waterproof hunting gloves provides sufficient support for various manual purposes. The full finger design guarantees a comfortable fit. Designed for both wet and cold conditions, these gloves provide dexterity and comfort where they are most required.

The gloves come with the exclusive Touchrite technology on the index finger and thumb, providing a tactile or intuitive performance especially when used for pulling the trigger of your hunting firearm or bow. Use these gloves for doing outdoor tasks such as hunting or gardening work.


These gloves provide superb functionality and performance thanks to their high-quality neoprene construction, which makes them suitable for applications that require waterproof hand protection.

The palm carries a seamless design that delivers enough support for a variety of manual operations.

The gloves come with a full-finger design that ensures a consistently comfortable fit. They also guarantee comfort and dexterity for optimal functionality.


The gloves do not have enough insulation against extremely cold temperatures, so one user recommends putting on a liner under them.

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5. KevenAnna Tactical 


The KevenAnna Tactical gloves carry a half-finger design that enables you to have greater dexterity and freedom of movement when you have to perform manual operations such as aiming and firing your hunting bow or hunting rifle. These gloves also work well for camping, motorcycle riding, and outdoor activities.

Furthermore, these gloves can be utilized as high-performance army gear when you need excellent military gloves, combat gloves, paintball gloves, batting gloves, assault gloves, and shooting gloves. They have a comfortably breathable design that is useful for preventing the easy onset of hand fatigue.

The gloves are made of high-quality elastic fabric that delivers optimum fit for all the five fingers. The double-layered knitted fabric ensures superbly cozy and dry hands in the half-fingered gloves.


The gloves come with an innovative half-finger design that provides maximum flexibility to the fingers while delivering heavy-duty protection.

The gloves have thick leather plates that shield the knuckles and palm from strong impact.

Adjustments on the finger and palm are easily carried out using the pull-ring design for those sections. This pull-ring configuration also facilitates easy putting on and taking off of the gloves from your hands.


One consumer commented that their gloves came with a characteristic odor that had to be washed off for removal.

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Buying guide


When you want to hunt in frozen dark marshes, you ought to think about hand protection in addition to having the best bow or firearm. There are factors that all hunting gloves should come with, whether they are turkey hunting gloves or deer hunting gloves.

Look at products in the best hunting gloves on the market reviews that suit the type of hunting you intend to do

A variety of such gloves is available to suit various tasks, purposes, and conditions, along with different hunting methods.

Full gloves are designed to offer a high level of versatility and thus cover a wide variety of activities. Full hunting gloves are made of different types of materials. Most often, the pointer finger contains a different type of material such as neoprene, which enables greater maneuverability and tactile feel that wool gloves may not be able to deliver.

Many people love fingerless gloves because of how they are able to keep the hands warm without hampering dexterity. This enables the user to handle detailed, complex work that needs the use of fingers. Fingerless gloves are often constructed using simple materials and can have distinctive features including palm and knuckle guards.

Mittens are not exactly the ideal hunting gloves, but their versatility and warmth are advantages that some hunters may like over other glove types. The top rated wool hunting gloves carry a mitten design, but different manufacturers offer products with varying weave sizes.

Convertible mittens have characteristic rounded ends that can be buttoned back to give way to fingerless gloves. Convertible mittens keep the fingers warm while enabling the user to perform detailed finger work.

Riding gloves are made of a warm kind of material, which has to be thick around the fingers for protection from abrasion against the reins. They are also usually elasticized in the wrist area, so they do not slide off easily. Leather or wool is used in making riding gloves.

Typically constructed of thick, durable leather, falconry gloves come with a similar design and set of features although there will be color variations. They come with a guard spanning the forearm length, in addition to a metal run on the wrist that serves for tethering the bird to keep it secure.

Falconry gloves should fit well, so they do not slide around when the bird moves. They should be thick enough to provide protection to your hands from beaks and claws while being comfortable to wear for extended periods.


Whether you’re buying cold weather duck hunting gloves or another type of glove, remember that the quality of material counts a lot too

Hunting gloves are made of a wide range of materials, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Many types of gloves varying between hunting gloves to sporting gloves and standard cold-weather ones use wool in their construction. Wool is a natural material used in many different knit sizes, thicknesses, and hues. Wool is naturally water-resistant thanks to the lanolin compound in the material. It is great for keeping the hands warm.

Wool has a strong odor when it does get wet. It requires retreatment with lanolin since the compound naturally wears off with water exposure or regular wear.

Another natural material, leather is popular in hunting and sporting gloves and is also available in a range of designs and colors. It has a superb level of durability and strength and if properly cared for, can offer lasting use. Leather gloves stretch to fit with time. That said, they do not offer breathability and can be pricier than other glove types.

Gore-Tex is the brand name used to refer to a man-made material that has gotten quite popular as a dependable outdoor gear material. It offers extreme water resistance and doesn’t need any wax or spray treatments to be consistently so.

Gore-Tex offers breathability to keep the hands comfortable and cool while reducing hand fatigue. It is also quite durable and extremely damage-resilient. However, Gore-Tex gloves are bulky and may not be comfortable against the skin without liners such as fleece.

Fleece is a material made from synthetic plastics and used in cold-weather clothing. Fleece gloves are fast-drying and lightweight, extremely soft on the skin, and the material is often used as a liner for less comfortable materials. However, water passes easily through fleece.

Fleece gloves can’t be tumble-dried or ironed because they are weak against high temperatures.

When buying insulated hunting gloves, make sure they are of the perfect size for you

The size of the glove should be comfortable yet functional for you. An overly bulky pair can hamper the free mobility of your hands, or the gloves may just slide right off the hands. The majority of hunting gloves are listed in basic sizes; S, M, L, and XL. However, there may be listings that include measurements of the palm and fingers along with the simple glove size.

This will allow the consumer to calculate the size that suits their needs. If the buyer is quite close to the edge between sizes, it is good advice to go one size up instead of downsizing as this will provide more wiggle room as well as a comfortable fit.

A perfect pair of hunting gloves allows you to curl your fist fully. With time, leather gloves stretch to fit one’s hands although the entire process may take quite a time, so some consumers just go a size larger at the onset.



Unavailable products


Reebow Tactical


Outfitted with a molded hard knuckle and reinforced palm, the Reebow Tactical gloves are designed for heavy-duty use. These gloves provide sufficient protection against impact and abrasion, so they are suitable for use as work gloves, motorcycle riding gloves, and tactical gloves.

You will surely appreciate the remarkable flexibility and dexterity of the gloves even when used for motorcycle or ATV riding or working in the yard. The gloves are elegantly stitched for a great look. They are lightweight yet amazingly durable. They have a comfortable and breathable design to reduce hand fatigue.

When working or doing outdoor activities, you will appreciate how the gloves deliver a snug fit and enough support.


These hard-knuckled tactical gloves are constructed of durable microfiber leather material that makes them suitable for dirt bike, ATV, and motorcycle riding.

The gloves are made resistant to wear. They are slip-proof for full support during use. They are also lightweight and are fast-drying for dependable outdoor performance.

These gloves provide secure protection when used in heavy-duty applications. They allow you to do intensive outdoor tasks


The gloves tend to come larger than expected, according to some users. However, they offer dependable functionality and a great design for outdoor use.



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