Best Hunting Gloves for Cold Weather

Cold weather hunting gloves – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


In the market for the best hunting gloves for cold weather? Perhaps you might want to know that hundreds of reviews and sales figures have led us to believe that the Bob-Allen 313 BRN L is the pair you ought to keep in mind. The model boasts as much as 40 grams of Thinsulate insulation, which means that it will protect you from the cold. The leather that these gloves were made out of is water-resistant, so the elements will stand no chance of affecting your comfort level while you’re trying to focus on your hunting performance. The Bob-Allen 313 BRN L are easy to put on and take off as they have been equipped with an easy-to-use elastic wristband. If this particular model is no longer in stock, we suggest opting for the next best choice, the Seirus Innovation 8165.



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Since we couldn’t possibly decide for you, the least we could do was to showcase some of the critically acclaimed models we have come across. All of these products are reliable, convenient, and comfortable, and they’ll keep your hands warm even on the coldest days.



Bob-Allen 313 BRN L


When shopping for gloves for hunting, you have two ways of going about things. You can choose a pair made from leather, such as this one, or get one that’s made from synthetic materials. As fabric, leather is great if you want something durable, but it might be less so if you’re focused on purchasing a model in a camo design.

Even so, the Bob-Allen 313 BRN L makes a perfect choice for those who are looking for a decent pair of leather hunting gloves. It’s water-repellent and breathable, which means that you won’t have to bother with worrying about whether or not the elements might affect your hunting performance.

Also, the 40 grams of Thinsulate insulation that the product has been equipped with can keep your hands warm and cozy at all times. The flat seams and the elastic wristband are two other features that might present some interest as they make the gloves easy to use and even easier to slide on and off your hands.

Based on the feedback that we have analyzed with respect to this model, it seems that it performs well under most circumstances. You can use it for upland bird hunting and rest assured that your hands will be protected adequately.

Buy from for ($38.31)





Seirus Innovation 8165


If you have nothing against using a somewhat bulkier glove, be sure to have a look at the specs of the Seirus Innovation 8165. It’s one of the most efficient products in the line, having been designed for extreme temperatures. While the shell of this unit is made from 100% polyester, the palm patch is made of a mix of polyester and palm patch. The lining is also made of polyester, so this is not a glove that’s been designed with natural fabrics.

On the one hand, this aspect is beneficial as the gloves will be able to serve you for as long as possible. The fleece inner cuff is a nice addition, as well, at least judging by what owners have to say about it.

One thing that we have to set straight about the 8165 model is that it might keep your hands a tad too warm. Unless you have particularly cold hands and maybe even problems with your peripheral circulation and regulation, these gloves might make your hands sweaty.

Even so, they’re winners if you’re in the market for a pair that withstands the test of time. Be sure to measure out your hands before ordering as some owners say they run a bit small.

Buy from for ($36.17)





Seirus Innovation 8127


These affordable hunting gloves make a perfect alternative for hunters who aren’t yet sure if they’re willing to invest in a higher priced item. They’re made from synthetic materials, so they are just as durable as some of the other products in this line.

The form-fit design that the 8127 has been outfitted with makes it possible for you to benefit from proper sizing. Unlike other choices we have come across, this one is 100% waterproof, so it will keep your fingers dry and warm no matter how moist it is outside.

The neat thing about this choice is that it also comes with a breathable membrane, which means that your hands won’t be sweaty. Weighing in at just 0.2 pounds, it’s safe to say that the Seirus Innovation 8127 is a good contender for the title of the most efficient and waterproof, yet entirely lightweight glove for hunting.

While most customers describe them as an excellent choice for hunting in the Mojave desert, there have been complaints from people with large hands. These individuals claim that, unless you’re a teenager or a woman, you shouldn’t order the small to medium size.

Buy from for ($38.6)





Buying guide


If you’ve read dozens of hunting gloves reviews and you still can’t find the best insulated hunting gloves that money can buy, we’re here to help you. We’ve compiled all of the essential factors you should bear in mind if you want to get your money’s worth and make sure you choose a comfortable product that can keep you protected at all times. The following guide can tell you what you should be after.

Size, comfort, length, and maneuverability

Finding the right fit is particularly challenging if this is the first time when you scour the market for good hunting gloves for cold weather. The first thing you ought to do is measure the circumference of your dominant hand. Then, compare the measurement to the chart made available by most manufacturing brands.

As you’re probably aware of, many companies make different sizes of gloves, so they’re not universal. Don’t think for a second that if you’ve used a large glove in the past, getting the same large glove from another brand will mean that it will fit you perfectly.

Comfort has a lot to deal with selecting the right size, but it also relates to the fabrics used on the inside of the gloves. Your fingers don’t have to be cramped, but the product has to offer enough insulation for you to move them easily and still feel reasonably warm.



As you know already, hunters differ largely from one person to the next, and that’s because of a myriad of reasons. Some might be hunting for boar while others might be targeting deer. Others like to get the main ingredient for a mean rabbit stew. The fact is that, depending on your target, you have a different environment to blend in.

A camo design helps you remain invisible, so if you’ve purchased a hunting suit, it would be a bad idea to get a pair of gloves in a flashy color.


Waterproof and breathable

The matter of breathability is somewhat difficult to tell as one can never know which fabric is better. Usually, it is a good idea to opt for a combo, which is to say that your gloves should be made of natural and synthetic fabrics alike so as to ensure both comfort and durability.

As it’s difficult to make the difference between a breathable glove and one that fails to meet your requirements in this sense, we recommend going through as many reviews of as many models available for sale as your time allows you to.

Look for waterproof gloves if you plan to hunt in rainy weather. The thicker the glove and the better the lining and insulation, the fewer chances of your fingers getting cold.



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