Best Hunting Clothes for Cold Weather

Hunting Clothes for Cold Weather – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you are in the market for the best hunting clothes for cold weather, but you don’t have the needed time to do specific research, we are here make your job easier. After reading a handful of hunting clothes reviews and after taking into account aspects such as piece to value ratios and users’ feedback, we have concluded that the Yukon Gear Reversible Insulated Bibs is the best option out there. Among the features that make it stand out are the fact that it is made of durable polyester and the fact that it is breathable and reversible. What is more, the model features a zip to knee leg openings and can be machine washed. If the Yukon Gear Reversible Insulated Bibs is unavailable, you should consider the DeWalt DCHJ062C1-2XL Jacket Kit as it is a reliable second option.



Our top choices


Settling for good hunting clothes for cold weather is not an easy task. Knowing how to pick a quality product is made even more difficult by the fact that, at the current time, the market is flooded with countless models. Because we are aware of the situation, we have put together a list of quality products for you to take a look at.



Yukon Gear Reversible


With a great price to value ratio, the Yukon Gear Reversible Insulated Bibs is a model worthy of any hunter’s attention. For instance, both sides of this model are waterproof and breathable with 8000/800 WPB PU lamination. Moreover, the model is completely insulated and has two reversible sides: camo and blaze orange.

The product also features a front storm flap with spring snap closures as well as zip to knee leg openings. As a plus, the dual bellowed cargo pockets, and the adjustable ankles ensure that the gear won’t hinder your movements while out in the field.

What is more, happy customers have pointed out that this product fits as expected, the reason why you don’t have to worry about whether or not you ordered the right size. Additionally, all those that have tried the model were pleased to report that the product does its job and keep the person wearing it warm, dry and comfortable during cold temperatures.

Also, the model is considered durable and of high quality. Another appreciated feature of the product is the fact that it can be machine washed and tumble dried. Therefore, you won’t have issues with it when it comes to cleaning it afterward.

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DeWalt DCHJ062C1-2XL


If you are searching for a jacket that can keep you warm during the cold days of hunting season, we suggest that you give the DEWALT DCHJ062C1-2XL 20V/12V Jacket Kit a good look. Because it caters to all the needs a hunter might have, this true to size jacket comes outfitted with no less than four different heating zones and a LED controller that allows its user to switch between three temperature settings.

Furthermore, this model includes routing ports for USB cables so you can actually charge your phone in case you run out of battery while you are away from a source of power. According to current users, if you set it on high, the battery can last up to 8 hours. Moreover, the jacket has a total of seven practical pockets where one can store a significant number of supplies.

Last but not least, this model comes fitted with a soft water resistant camo outer shell that can protect you against the rain and the cold while still keeping you camouflaged. The hood of the jacket is removable and has a face and neck guard, making it ideal for any hunting expedition.

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Rocky Prohunter Waterproof


If you are searching for a cozy coverall, the Rocky Men’s Prohunter Waterproof Insulated Camo is the model for you. Made from 100% polyester micro Tricot shell, this unit is covered with a waterproof shell that ensures that you are kept dry at all times. Also, thanks to the three ounces poly fill insulation, the person wearing it is protected from the sharp weather.

As a plus, if you intend to hunt in windy areas, you should know that this overall is actually windproof. Consequently, by settling for this model, you’ll be protected against all elements. Other additional features that this model includes are the two front pockets for hand warming and a hood for extra concealment and protection.

According to the feedback that the product has received (up until the time we did our research), it seems like this product is true to size, warm, comfortable, and reasonably quiet. Besides, the manufacturer stresses the fact that the model is constructed in such a manner so that the line of the boot is also shielded against water leakage. Thus, by ordering this product, you can rest assured knowing that water won’t find its way into your boots anytime soon.

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Buying guide


As all huntsmen know, cold weather can sometimes be the factor that determines the demise of an otherwise fun hunting trip. A good way to make sure that the elements won’t pose a problem is by investing in some good hunting clothes. However, the selection process of this type of items is not without its difficulties.

To make sure that one ends up purchasing the right gear, it is important that he/he spends a fair amount of time doing research. Because we know just how dreadful reading hunting apparel reviews can be, we have decided to lend you a helping hand. Therefore, showcased below is a list of must-have features that you should not settle without.


One major problem that you might find yourself dealing with while hunting is being cold. Nonetheless, if you want to be sure that the raw weather won’t ruin your trip, we suggest that you invest in insulated gear.

Although a bit pricey, an insulated model is sure to protect you against frosty weather. What is more, these types of products do not interfere with your ability to move freely while hunting.



Equally important, all hunters should take the time to check whether or not the chosen product is noiseless. Because you probably won’t want to make your presence known to the animals, we recommend that you only pick a product that has been deemed quiet by previous buyers.

A good way to verify this aspect is by reading online reviews of the model you like. However, keep in mind that not all comments are without bias.


Pattern or camo

Additionally, before ordering anything, it is advisable that you make sure that the product you like best has a camouflage pattern that is suitable for the environment and/or area where you intend to hunt in.

Additionally, if you intend to hunt in areas where there is snow, it is relevant that you know that there are models that are specially designed for this type of environments.


Additional features

If you are not wary of investing a few extra dollars in order to get the best cold season gear for sale, you could select a model that comes outfitted with top-notch features. For instance, some products have built-in power sources where you can charge your phone.

Also, there are models that supply the buyer with supplementary heating sources so that you are warm no matter how chilly the weather gets.





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