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Hunting Camo Clothing – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you are shopping for the best hunting camo clothing on the market but you lack time to read a lot of online hunting clothing reviews, we are here to help you out After doing the legwork for you, we have reached the conclusion that the Scent-Lok Savanna Quickstrike is the model for you. Made from 100% polyester, this coverall is durable and practical to have on while out hunting. As a plus, in order to make the item more appropriate for hunting, the manufacturer added an extra feature that ensures that the buyer is provided with maximum odor adsorption. Additionally, the product is weather resistant and can be easily packed because it is lightweight. If the Scent-Lok Men’s Savanna Quickstrike Coverall is out of stock, please consider the NEW VIEW Waterproof as it is a reliable second option.



Our top choices


Picking good hunting clothing is not that easy, especially if you have a hard time navigating through the myriad of similar products up for sale at the current time. And, because we want to make it easier for you to find the right product, we have created a list of quality models that are worthy of your attention.



Scent-Lok Savanna Quickstrike


Although a bit pricey for some, the Scent-Lok Men’s Savanna Quickstrike Coverall is the product that has all the important features one should search for in an item of this type. Because this model is entirely made out of polyester, the unit is lightweight while still durable.

Moreover, the model is actually said to be made using a carbon alloy which contains activated carbon, treated carbon, and zeolite. Consequently, odor absorption is maximized for you to be able not to have to worry about emanating unwanted smells that announce your presence to the prey.

Even more so, this product is weather resistant and contains a self-packing zipper pocket with a hanger loop for easy carrying. As a result, if you are a light packer, this is the model for you. Additionally, the product has a hood that also contains a built-in facemask a feature that, according to the manufacturer, it really creates a truly all-in-one suit.

What is more, the unit also has a safety harness access opening that proves itself quite handy when in need of easy access. As users point out, this coverall fits well and allows for good mobility while wearing additional layers underneath.

Buy from for ($199.99)





New View Waterproof 


Another highly appreciated model, the NEW VIEW Waterproof Hunting Camouflage is a model that can fit all those looking for a sturdy, reliable product. As the manufacturer claims, thanks to an efficient camouflage pattern, this model can help any hunter blend in the environment to hunt efficaciously.

Among the features that make this product stand out is the fact that it is, waterproof, breathable, anti-acid, anti-static, warm, anti-fouling, anti-ultraviolet and that it dries easily. As a plus, this coverall is able to do its job well in windy areas.

With a professional design, this model is both lightweight and easy to move in, the reason why it is ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting, shooting, tactical combat, paintball, airsoft, hiking and even camping.

It is worth knowing that this model is particularly fitting for hunting expeditions during the cold season. In fact, many happy users pointed to the fact that this product is pretty warm. However, it is advisable that, whenever wearing it during the cold season, you add a few extra layers for optimal protection.

Last but not least, the item has a camouflage pattern that is said to imitate autumnal leaves. So, make sure you use it in an environment that has similar colors and shades.

Buy from for ($45)





Walls Legend Bib Overall


Last but not least, we couldn’t have ended this top without mentioning the Walls Men’s Legend Non-Insulated Bib Overall. Made of a mix of cotton and polyester, this product is said to be both durable and comfortable. As users say, the fabric used in constructing it is sturdy, and it feels substantial.

Also, the model features adjustable bib straps with elastic comfort inserts and button tabs that make dressing into the unit quite effortless. What is more, in an attempt to make the product even more reliable and durable, the manufacturer outfitted it with reinforced stress points. So, you won’t have to think about it being able to hold its own while using it.

Another feature that you might find appealing about this product is the fact that it is safe to wash in a washer. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning it in between hunting expeditions.

Lastly, we have to point out that this model is quite affordable and that usually, it fits as expected, a reason why many previous buyers are repeat buyers and recommend the item to all new huntsmen.

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Buying guide


Because we know just how dreadful of a task finding the best hunting clothing can be, we have decided to lend you a helping hand. Therefore, we have composed a list of must-have features that you should look for in the item that you intend to purchase. So, read ahead and choose accordingly.

Camouflage pattern

First things first, before going online and ordering the first model up for sale that you lay your eyes on, it is crucial that you take the time to check the type of camo pattern that that particular model has.

The reason for this is directly related to the fact that hunting involves you concealing your presence to the animals. Therefore, settling or a model that can effectively do so can increase your chances of having a successful hunting trip.



Secondly, all potential buyers should think about whether or not they intend to purchase a model that can be used during the cold season. If so, it is advisable that the buy an insulated product, due to the fact that this type of model can actively keep the person wearing it warm, even in cold temperatures.

However, if you only need camo gear for warmer environments, please be aware that insulated models can prove uncomfortable. This happens due to the fact that insulated clothes do not allow for loss of heat.



What is more, another crucial aspect that you should think about is the noise made by the gear. As you probably already know, some hunting clothes are more silent than others. This characteristic has to do with the material used in the making of the product.

From this point of view, our suggestion to you is that you stay away from noisy gear as the sounds made by it are likely to give away your presence. As a way to check this aspect, go online and read what other hunters had to say about the model you like best.



Last but not least, it is crucial that the product you end up with is waterproof. No matter the season, a change in weather that results in rain can easily ruin an otherwise perfect hunting expedition.

Still, if you are equipped with waterproof gear, you won’t have to worry about it. However, make sure that the product you buy is waterproofed and not just water repellent.





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