Best Hunting Blind with Chair in 2019. Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 13.07.19


Top Hunting Blinds with Chair Reviewed and Compared


If you’re looking for the best hunting blind with chair in 2019 yet the time you have at disposal is poor and you need a guide to help you find the product that best caters to your needs, you’ve just come to the right place. After carefully analyzing reviews of hunting blinds with chairs and examined customer feedback and products specs, our team has concluded that the Ameristep Realtree Xtra is the first product you should consider. The package includes a camouflage cover to suit many hunting settings and a folding chair that allows a quick set up. It is also easy to transport thanks to its carry case featuring a shoulder strap. Plus, its dimensions make it roomy and comfortable. In case this item is no longer out for sale, you might want to consider the Ameristep Deluxe as a reliable alternative in terms of both quality and comfort.



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Because the market includes many items in this category, finding a good hunting blind with chair might prove to be somewhat challenging, not to mention, time-consuming. To make that process easier, we have showcased below the products that have received the best feedback from hunters who tried them.


Ameristep Realtree Xtra


The things Ameristep had in mind when creating the Realtree Xtra blind with chair was to provide you with comfort, total camouflage as well as ease of use, all in one unit. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hunter, this model makes a great addition to your hunting rain gear as it will protect you from unpleasant weather conditions such rain and wind.

It will also keep you stealthy so you cannot be noticed by the prey. The package includes a camouflage cover that will help you blend in no matter the hunting setting as well as a folding chair to rest while enjoying your hunting. You get these two important items in just one pack that will thus allow a quick setup. The blind features front and side zippered windows as well as a mesh screen.

Even if you get the blind and the chair, the package is lightweight and easy to carry thanks to the case it comes with. Your comfort when transporting it is further enhanced by the shoulder strap. The blind is 99 inches in length, 26 inches in width and 37 inches in height, which means it is roomy enough to make even big and tall hunters feel comfortable.

Buy from for ($95)




Ameristep Deluxe


If you’re into sharing such hobbies with other friends interested in the same activities, you might want to consider this Deluxe Two Person Tent Chair Hunting Blind from Ameristep. You will get to meet two hunters’ needs at the same time as the product was designed to host two persons at once without their comfort being affected.

The package includes a 2-person fold out chair that will make sure two hunters share the blind while still feeling comfortable and having enough room to move. There are cup holders in each armrest. The blind uses 50% polyester and 50% cotton and features a waterproof ground to keep you dry in humid weather conditions.

The camouflage design will help you hide easily and blend in, so it suits various hunting settings. This 2-person hunting blind measures 61″ in width, 60″ in height and 52″ in depth, which means there’s enough space for a person and various accessories or two hunters.

Its dimensions also make it ideal for firearm and crossbow hunting. The 6 windows offer great visibility. The package comes with a carry case with a shoulder strap which ensures easy transportation.

Buy from for ($124.99)




AW Deer Hunting


If you’re looking for comfort and durability, then you might want to consider this Deer Hunting Blind from AW to enjoy all that and boost your hunting experience. Designed for a single hunter, the blind uses the popular camouflage design to help you blend in as well as quality materials that will keep up with various weather conditions.

This one-man hunting blind is both waterproof and windproof thanks to the durable steel wire frame and heavy 300D polyester fiber used. The chair it comes with is made of durable 600D oxford cloth as well as an iron tube with coating offering a weight capacity of 250lbs max. Since it is larger than other chairs, it offers extra comfort. You also get a cup holder to enjoy your favorite beverage while waiting.

The 4 windows ensure great visibility including one large zippered front window and two zippered side windows with removable slotted camo mesh. The 4 ground stakes will help you fix the blind tent stably, one more reason to enable it to keep up with rough weather. You can carry the package with ease thanks to the carry case it comes with and the shoulder strap.

Buy from for ($63.95)




Generic MegaBrand


Another option to consider when looking for a hunting blind with chair is this model from Generic as it combines durability, comfort, and ease of use. The product was created with a hunter’s comfort and camouflage-related needs in mind. Thus, the blind will help you blend in no matter the hunting setting thanks to its design and colors used and its size will make sure comfort is your companion throughout your hunting session.

If you’ve found yourself hunting even when the weather got a bit rough, this blind will make sure such conditions will no longer affect you. The product is both waterproof and windproof as it features a durable steel wire frame and heavy 300D polyester fiber. Also, the chair is made of 600D oxford cloth and iron tube with coating, which means it is durable enough to hold a weight of up to 250lbs.

Since the hunter’s visibility is of great importance, the blind features 4 windows including a small zippered front window, a large front window with removable slotted camo mesh, and 2 side windows. The windproof feature is further enhanced by the 4 ground stakes you need to use to to make the tent stable.

Buy from for ($69.99)




AV Prime Autumn Camouflage


If your ground hunting calls for a new blind and you’re interested in getting comfort, durability, and ease of use, then this Autumn Camouflage Blind from AV Prime is worth considering. The blind was designed to provide a hunter with all of the above while keeping the hunting experience at a professional level.

Ideal to conceal for viewing and shooting, this blind includes a built-in chair with a weight capacity of 250lbs max., which means it can be used by a single shooter. The 4 windows the blind tent features including 2 side windows with camo mesh, a small front window, and the large zippered front window with camo mesh will enable you to enjoy great visibility and hunt easily.

The cup holder the chair comes with will add to your comfort while waiting for the prey. The camouflage design will match your hunting camo clothing, keeping you thus in stealth mode.

Stability against the wind is ensured by the 4 ground stakes the package includes whereas durability is provided by the heavy 300D polyester fiber and durable steel wire frame used. The tent is both waterproof and windproof. It takes only a few minutes to set up and it can be carried easily.

Buy from for ($80.96)




Buying guide


The hunting blind you use counts a lot towards the success or failure of your hunting sessions. There are various purposes blind tents were created for, from keeping you comfortable and protecting you from unpleasant weather conditions to concealing you from the eyes and ears of the prey.

Getting the best hunting chair to help you enjoy the comfort you need and the blind tent to turn you into a chameleon might not be easy with all the products out there. Here are the most important factors to consider before hitting the order button.

Portability and ease of use

One of the first things to keep in mind when choosing a new hunting blind is the type of hunting you will go for and how much moving from one place to another it will involve because here’s where portability comes into sight.

Hunting usually calls for various locations, which means you might change your setting frequently. Most hunting blinds are made with lightweight materials, precisely to help you move quickly and with little effort. The market also offers blinds you can leave out all year yet such products usually make use of heavier materials, which can translate into poor portability.

Therefore, if you’re interested in trying different locations for your hunting sessions, choose a portable hunting blind tent that is easy to set up and carry. Most of them come with a carry case featuring a shoulder strap for convenient transport.


Camo design and size

The main purpose of a hunting blind is to keep you away from a prey’s sight. Blinds come in various patterns, although most of them feature an all-purpose pattern to help you blend into any hunting setting. Many such products are available in more than one camo design, so you can choose the one that is tailored to your area.

You will find options that go perfectly with areas where there are high concentrations of conifers or with prairie habitats. The market also offers reversible blinds that come with two different patterns. Size is important not only in terms of comfort but also in terms of a hunter’s visibility and we’re not talking about how easy it is for a person to identify the prey when in the tent.

This type of visibility or the degree of camo you get to enjoy is ensured by the size of your blind. A too big blind will stand out and spook the game. A too small blind, though, might limit your comfort and, thus, your overall experience.

Materials used

Hunting might literally become messy if the weather is having a fad and changes all of a sudden. You might even know beforehand that the weather conditions aren’t particularly delightful and rain might spoil the experience. Whichever the case, a waterproof and windproof blind is preferable.

Even if such a blind might be paired with a higher price tag, it is worth the salt. Staying dry means staying comfortable and that further means you are in a better condition to focus on your hunting. There are blinds that include a waterproof bottom to prevent water from getting in and, of course, there are blinds entirely made of waterproof materials.

Such a model is highly recommended. For hunting sessions where wind plays an important part of the setting, you might want to consider a frame blind. Even if they are heavier, they withstand wind better. A spring steel blind in a high-wind area might move and that will only draw attention and spoil the game.


Type of hunting

The type of hunting you practice decides the type of blind you buy. The gun you use might require extra space, and that’s why you must choose the blind tent with this important aspect in mind. What works for ground hunting won’t work with other shot positions.

For instance, some blinds are designed for shooting from a sitting or kneeling position. Hence the need for looking carefully at the dimensions of the model you want to buy. Many products in this category fall into the five to six-foot height range. There are models that reach seven foot, too.

More often than not, hunters need enough room to move, pull back, maneuver a bow, or find the right angle to shoot. This calls for extra room. Keep that in mind as well. To make sure it meets your needs, use a tape measure to estimate if it is the right model for you.


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