Top Hunting Blind Swivel Chairs Reviewed in 2020

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Best Hunting Blind Swivel Chairs. Comparison & Buying Guide


If your enthusiasm for hunting calls for a gear update and you’re looking for the best hunting blind swivel chair in 2020, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve gathered the information you need to make the right decision when buying such a product. After analyzing the products available for sale and reviews of hunting blind swivel chairs, our team has concluded that the Redneck Portable is the first option to consider. It is ideal even if you’re hunting in the open field or in a ground blind. The hunting chair can be adjusted thanks to its 3 height-adjustable legs and self-leveling feet, the comfort provided being further enhanced by the high-density foam padding and backrest. It was designed with a durable steel frame with powder-coating to keep up with your frequent hunting sessions. In case this product is sold out, the second option to consider is the ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth.



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5 Best Hunting Blind Swivel Chairs (Reviews) in 2020


Finding a good hunting blind swivel chair might require quite some time given all the products available on the market. To ease the shopping and decision-making process, we have compiled a list of the products hunters appreciated the most.


1. Redneck Blinds Portable Hunting Chair


One of the key factors when it comes to enjoying a successful hunting session, just like in the case of other hobbies, is the level of comfort you actually get to enjoy. The hunting blind swivel chair you use will count a lot to your overall experience. At least, that’s what Redneck had in mind when creating this portable hunting chair.

Designed to fit various hunting settings, whether you’re hunting in a ground blind or the open field, this swivel chair is both quiet and comfortable, two features of great importance when out there. The chair can be set up in seconds without being noisy and spooking the game. It can be used on uneven terrains due to the 3 height-adjustable legs and self-leveling feet, which makes it ideal for different settings and hunters.

Durability is ensured by the steel frame with powder-coating used, which allows the weight capacity to reach 350 lbs., while comfort is provided by the high-density foam padding and backrest. The seat cover can be removed for washing. The materials the 180° silent swivel seat features render it perfect for hunting as they keep it silent, strong, and comfortable.

Buy from for ($129.89)




2. Alps OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair


If what you’re interested in when it comes to the hunting blind swivel chair you use is a combination of comfort and durability, you might want to consider the ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Chair. Designed to make your hunt more enjoyable, this 360-degree rotating blind chair makes use of quality materials that aim at improving your comfort while out there waiting for the prey.

Each of the four legs it features can be adjusted independently from the others, which means the chair can be used on uneven ground. The four large foot pads will prevent it from sinking into soft ground. So, you get both enhanced adjustability and stability. Add durability to those two as the chair boasts a sturdy powder-coated steel frame and quality and breathable TechMesh materials that dry fast and are easy to clean.

The seat height front/back can be adjusted from 17.5 inches to 23 inches. Comfort is further optimized by the wide backrest, the chair also including a shoulder and compression strap for easy transport. Measuring 18″ in width, 14″ in depth, and 37″ in height, the chair weight capacity reaches 275 lbs. The 360-degree swivel features and the adjustable height render it ideal for hunting blinds.

Buy from for ($103.03)




3. Alps OutdoorZ NWTF Roost Chair


Another option when in need of a new hunting blind swivel chair to match your portable hunting blind or your hunting in the open field is the ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF, created to provide comfort, durability, and stability. All of the three features are of great importance when it comes to your overall experience and you can’t enjoy one without the other.

You need stability to make sure the chair doesn’t move while you’re waiting for the prey. No movement means no noise and that translates into remaining in stealth mode, which is a must when hunting. The four large swivel feet that can be adjusted independently in order to stay stable even on uneven terrain will also prevent the chair from sinking into soft ground.

The sturdy powder-coated steel frame used will make sure the chair will keep up with your hunting sessions and the TechMesh materials it is wrapped with make it breathable and easy to dry. Moreover, the chair comes with a front mesh pocket that will keep your gear accessible. The height can be adjusted and the tall backrest adds to the hunter’s comfort. The 360 – degree swivel seat offers a weight capacity of 275 lbs.

Buy from for ($103.03)




4. Guide Gear Big Boy Comfort Swivel Hunting Blind Chair


The word to describe the Big Boy Oversized Hunting Blind Chair from Guide Gear is comfort. Add stability and durability to that and you might have just found the chair you were looking for. Created to provide hunters with premium comfort and stability, the chair features a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. as well as a wider seat and backrest for added comfort.

The 360-degree feature will allow you to have a quick view in any direction without making any noise that could scare off wildlife or give away your location.

Durability is ensured by the sturdy steel frame which is built tougher than in traditional hunting chairs and can last years. The Dura Mesh fabric seat is not only supportive and comfortable but it is also breathable and can dry fast. Furthermore, it won’t flatten out like padded seats usually do.

The four “duck” feet offer great stability and prevent the chair from sinking into soft ground. Even though it can hold up such a great weight, the chair itself weighs 19 lbs. and is easy to carry and fold. Ease of transport is further increased by the shoulder strap it comes with.

Buy from for ($69.99)




5. Bergara Stag Folding Shooting Chair


Your comfort when hunting depends a lot on the quality of the products you use. From the hunting boots you wear to the hunting camo clothing you use to remain unnoticed, all your hunting accessories will add to your overall experience. The chair you go for counts even more. It must provide you with comfort, stability, and silence – the things Guide Gear had in mind when designing this blind chair.

The 360-degree silent swivel enables the hunter to monitor every side of the hunting blind without making any noise. The great visibility you get to enjoy while keeping your hunting silent is paired with premium comfort due to the thick, 2.25″ cushion and padded backrest, which make the chair great for long hunts.

The sturdy foundation is provided by the powder-coated tubular-steel frame used and durability by the 300-denier fabric with protective polyurethane coating. The chair can be easily folded up and carried to and from your hunting location. The package comes with a carry strap that will only make the transport and storage easier and more convenient. The weight capacity is 300 lbs., the chair measuring 15.5″ x 19.5″ x 30″.

Buy from for ($49.99)




Buying guide


In order to enjoy a successful hunt, there are various things you need to take care of. Leaving the location, time of the day and guns used aside, the gear you use will significantly influence your experience. Even if you’re on the lookout for a cheap hunting blind swivel chair, there are several aspects to keep in mind to make sure the one you get will add a positive touch to your hunt. Here are the main features to consider before making a decision.


Lightweight and portable

Hunting might involve various locations within a single hunting session. Moving from one place to another calls for a lightweight chair. Ultra-durable chairs are usually heavy because of the materials used. Try to choose a chair that gets you both durability and portability.

When going for a hunt, you need to carry lots of things and accessories such as your hunting rain gear, comfortable bow hunting clothes, and so on. Another reason to select a lightweight swivel chair is to enjoy easy mobility.

Heavy gear will reduce your speed and increase your tiredness. Choosing a portable chair that doesn’t weigh much is more than wise. It is necessary for your overall comfort and for keeping you in good shape to hunt. Carrying it shouldn’t strain your body. Look for a foldable chair you can carry with you to the hunting location. Make sure you check the weight of the chair before hitting the order button.



Just like portability, the comfort a chair offers weighs a lot when selecting the best one for your needs. If there’s one thing all hunters want, that is comfort. Some hunters have no problem with carrying a chair that is a bit heavier but a thing is certain, no one is flexible when it comes to comfort.

Imagine a hunt session that lasts for an entire day or for hours without a comfortable chair. Actually, that’s kind of hard to picture. Improve your hunting experience by selecting a chair that uses comfortable fabrics and features an ergonomic design. You still want to have a healthy back once your weekend spent outdoors hunting is over.

There are many models that include a padded backrest and a cushioned seat. Rigid materials might be more durable but also less comfortable. Pay attention to a product’s description as far as the fabrics used are concerned before making a decision.


Durability and weight capacity

These two features are closely related, therefore, when looking for a chair, keep in mind that the more durable a chair is, the greater the weight capacity it features. You most probably want to buy a chair you won’t have to replace soon. Hunting sessions can be quite long at times depending on the type of hunting you practice.

This requires a chair that will keep up with hours of holding the hunter. The durability of the chair will also decide its weight capacity. Check this feature before buying.

Evaluating the strength and sturdiness of a chair is advised before actually purchasing it. The main element that will help you get an idea of a chair’s durability is the type of frame used. Usually, durable and strong chairs come with a frame made of contoured seat and aluminum body that will accommodate the hunter without losing its shape.

Plus, the materials used should have great resistance to various weather conditions and elements such as moisture, high temperatures, and mud.


Convenient setup

When setting up your hunting blind and gear, convenience and ease of use are the main protagonists. Since your hunting might require you to move from one place to another, the convenience of setup acquires even greater importance. By choosing an easy-to-assemble chair, you save both time and energy.

Many of the chairs you’ll find were designed with this feature in mind, so they can be set up easily and rapidly. They usually fold up and are easy to convert to a bag and, thus, carried.

When we say convenient setup, we also think of the noise that might occur while setting up the chair. You want no sound as even the slightest of them might reveal your location and chase your prey away.

Besides all of the above, there are two more things you need to consider. Go for a 360-degree swivel chair for great visibility and the ability to enjoy a quick view in any direction. Don’t forget that the lack of scent is as important as the silent operation or setup of a chair. Go for a scentless chair to remain untraceable in the wilderness.


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