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Last Updated: 29.02.20

Backpacks for hunting – Buying guide, Reviews & Comparison


If you’re scanning for a new hunting backpack, but you can’t seem to find the time to go through hundreds of different websites, this source might be the helping hand you need to take hunting to the next level. We’ve created the expert guide to include a lot of accurate info and durable buying options, all of which were selected after analyzing great reviews. One model that seemed to be universally loved by past customers is the Slumberjack Hone Backpack since it has a hunting-friendly design and because it is made from top-notch fabrics. Actually, the unit has many compartments, and it is well-ventilated so your hunting gear won’t smell bad at the end of the day. The backpack is also easy to carry for long periods. In case the first product is no longer available for sale, we could recommend the Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack as an alternative.



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23 Best Hunting Backpacks (Reviews) in 2020


Best bow backpack


The best bow hunting backpack accommodates not just the various odds and ends that comprise your hunting gear arsenal, but most importantly, it should provide for the efficient and safe transport of your archery hunting weapon. If the storage system imposes a clumsy way of weapon transport, it will only slow you down and even pose a hazard.

An efficient weapon carrying system allows easy removal of your weapon without getting caught in anything as you take the bow out and aim it. Your weapon should not get damaged or any part of it broken or bent out of shape as you extract it from the weapon carrying system of the backpack or bag. A hunting backpack or bag should offer optimal functionality by keeping your hands completely free to climb, hang on to or hold hunting trail appurtenances.



1. Slumberjack Hone Backpack Kryptek Highlander


All the best features this brand developed over the years were put into the Hone. This mid-sized backpack will provide you with enhanced performances in any environment, and also with durability – all in a lightweight design, which makes sure the backpack can be easily transported from one place to another.

The design of this model is made to fit most body frames easily, and it is super clean, without any distracting bits that can stand in your way as you’re trying to hunt. It weighs around 3 lbs, and it has a simple yet efficient carry system for a rifle or your bow.

Its two front pockets unclip from the main body so that you can haul strangely shaped gear or animal parts which otherwise wouldn’t fit in the main compartment. This is especially handy if the hunter has to carry large camera gear such as a tripod because you can lock it down the center of the pack.


This model is perfect for hunters – it has a camo pattern, it is durable enough to resist the rough conditions of the sport, and it is super lightweight so you can carry it for extended periods.

Moreover, it features a versatile multi-weapon carry system for your bow or rifle, plus a rifle rest that is highly stable so you can always hit your targets, no matter if they’re moving or sitting still.

The piece also sports twin low profile side pockets that provide additional external organization and make everything easily accessible which is vital if you don’t want to be slowed down by your backpack.


This was not created to fit those with very large chest areas and arms, as the straps seemed a little too short for some buyers.

Also, the padded back panel might cause you to sweat excessively when it is too hot outside, even if it’s ideal in wintertime.

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Best scabbard backpack


A top quality hunting bow pack or one designed for firearm transport is crafted with superb attention to detail. The first thing to consider is the material it is made of.

You want the hunting storage system to be made of water-resistant or waterproof, lightweight yet durable material. The fabric should demonstrate ‘noise discipline’ as well as scent-free technology. This is of primary importance because you are hunting species with razor-sharp senses.

Durability should be guaranteed by the hunting pack, along with a lightweight design. Most importantly, it should deliver an efficient and safe means of transporting your hunting weapon, whether it is a bow or firearm. Extraction of your weapon should still be quick and easy, without the tool getting broken or rendered unusable because of damage to its crucial components.

Look for packs that hold everything in securely and safely. Check out the ones that come with a scabbard-type weapon carrying system, which ensures effortless slipping in and out of your weapon while guaranteeing safety.



2. Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack


Rifle hunting can be fun and exciting, and the Eberlestock Gunrunner is engineered to support that hunting style. This product is a minimalist and lightweight rifle pack designed for hunters who seriously want their hands free to navigate the hunting trail while still keeping their weapon within easy and quick access during the most critical moments.

It is a gear transport system that offers efficient functionality without compromising on user safety and storage capacity.

It comes with just the right level of gear storage for an entire day of hunting. The capacious top compartment offers more than enough room to take in your calls, range finder, portable GPS device and similarly-sized equipment. The main storage compartment accommodates food and clothing for a whole day of outdoor adventure. This model is compatible with your choice of hydration system.

The crossed horizontal and vertical compression straps serve to attach various hunting gear to the backpack. This pack also provides load stabilization feature via the removable waist belt to enable you to move with agility.


Expertly geared to support the rifle hunting lifestyle, this hunting equipment carrying system offers a minimalist yet functional design that ensures real value for the money.

Lightweight yet superbly roomy, the backpack leaves your hands-free to handle the various demands of the hunting trail. That is while keeping your weapon within easy reach all the time.

Offering an efficient functionality, the backpack ensures your safety. It has an ample storage capacity to hold your essential hunting gear and keep it within easy access.

Thanks to the generous top compartment, you can secure a range finder, various calls, a portable GPS device, and other pieces of equipment with similar sizes.

If you intend to spend an entire day outdoors, you can keep food and clothing supplies in the main storage section. The backpack also accommodates your water bottle.


According to a customer, AR-type platform rifles or tactical-style ones with more than 50mm scope objective sizes tend to eat up plenty of space in the backpack.

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Best lightweight backpack


For a hunting survival pack to truly live up to its name, it should offer a lightweight design by way of any number of features. This includes a unique hyperventilation suspension system that keeps the backpack off your back without making it feel awkwardly loose. There have to be enough pockets for gear and when needed, the pack should even carry oversized loads while guaranteeing stability/balance.

Some models come with a revolutionary design that still incorporates all the great features hunters want while reducing the overall weight. This ensures freedom in mobility along with comfort in equipment transport. Look for packs with a really functional waist belt and load filter straps so the weight is uniformly distributed even with heavy loads.

Some packs boast an innovative fluted internal aluminum frame stay along with padded hip belts to distribute the entire weight of the storage system evenly and efficiently and make the unit feel substantially lighter than it really is.



3. Alps OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack


One of the major features of the Pathfinder is its unique versatility. It was designed in a way that it can be easily altered to meet different needs. Initially, the Pathfinder is a fanny pack. But, upon unzipping its top compartment and rolling it out, the product transforms into a daypack capable of carrying extra large and heavy loads.

As a fanny pack, it has a capacity of 800 in³, but when you expand it, its capacity more than doubles instantly. It is a surprising piece that comes with a convenient meat packing compartment so that if you are lucky enough to hunt down anything while out there, you have a good meat carrying system ready to carry substantial amounts of meat with ease.

Moreover, the Pathfinder is available in two colors, so you can choose the one that you enjoy the most. All in one, this model seems like a bargain if you consider all that it offers.


The brand provides you with a pack that can accommodate most of your hunting needs as it has dozens of pockets and compartments.

It also comes with a comfortably padded waist belt and a shoulder harness system that can make carrying the Pathfinder a breeze, and which helps distribute its weight.

If you want extra room, you can simply unroll the daypack mode from the fanny pack, and you’ll have an extra 1100 cubic inches of space at your disposal.

Also, the model comes with a bow pocket that fits most compound bows on the market, which is highly convenient.


Although this model has a unique and rather clever design, it is still smaller than other options on the market, which is something you need to keep in mind.

And because it has so many straps and buckles, you need to make sure you assemble it before you leave your home, as you will waste precious time if you do it while hunting.

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4. Tenzing TZ 1200 Ultra Light Day Pack


If you are looking for a lightweight solution that is still capable of storing your water supply and your essential gear comfortably, the TZ 1200 is a worthy alternative that boasts with great customer satisfaction. A thing that couldn’t have happened without the amount of care Tenzing puts in their products, the quality of the fabric and the ergonomic design that will never have you want to return to other alternatives.

The breathable mesh back pad combined with the padded hip panels provide the wearer with an unmatched experience in terms of pure comfort. If you are used to units that overheat quickly, the breathable mesh back pad will let your back breathe so that humid and warm conditions will not be a problem.

This unit is also H2O-compatible meaning that you will be able to attach a water supply of up to 2 liters. The three specialized zip pockets will make it easier than ever to access and organize your gear. With eight total compartments and pockets, you will even be able to use this product as an alternative to your trusty tackle box.

Another thing worth knowing about the TZ 1200 is that the main compartment can be expanded to fit larger items, and you can even store your awesome fishing waders so that you can always take advantage of any situation.

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5. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack


This affordable alternative stands out from the crowd in a few specific aspects. First, it is one of the most versatile options you can get since it is designed to be used for a wide variety of activities. You can use it for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and even rock climbing. What this means is that with a single purchase you will get the best value for the money without even mentioning the fact that you can now create new opportunities for yourself.

The padded shoulder straps will ensure that no matter the weight that you carry, your shoulder and your back will not feel uncomfortable. What’s more, the shoulder straps are fully adjustable to fit people of any size. The design is also sturdy and features high-quality zippers that are smooth and constructed out of only the most durable materials.

Apart from the main compartment and the four side pockets, you also get a mesh storage pocket for easy access to your most used items. When hunting you can use that pocket to store your ammo, or if you’re fishing, you can use it to store your prized fishing lures. As a plus, you also get an integrated water-resistant rainfly.

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Best waterproof backpack


In the barest minimum, a good quality backpack should either be waterproof or water-resistant. Those two attributes are not the same. Water resistant packs are unable to block water or moisture out. They are only able to do so to a certain degree but not completely. This offers the lowest level of protection.

Water-repellent bags are not easily penetrated by water but have attributes that make them hydrophobic or capable of repelling water. Water-repellent packs are highly likely coated with a certain form of thin-film nanotechnology, and this may be on the inside or outside or even both.

Waterproof backpacks are able to block water or moisture from their contents. Even when you have to kayak to the hunting site, or if you sweat profusely, are met by rain, or have to go through moisture-inundated trails, a waterproof backpack protects its contents so items such as matches are not rendered useless.



6. Teton Sports Waterproof Sports Canyon2100 Unisex


A good backpack can really improve your experience when hunting, hiking or camping and the Teton Sports Sports Canyon 1003 seeks to give you everything that you need and even some features you never knew you needed. You get plenty of storage space to store all your favorite gear with the help of the 34.4 liters capacity of this option.

You don’t need to worry that carrying heavy items will affect the integrity of the backpack in any way as this option uses materials that are built to handle such a big load. The waist pads and straps are also reinforced and come with an adjustable load.

Carrying it around is also easy as the contoured harness and chest adjustment allow the product to sit close to your back with a minimal wiggle when you move. You also get a rain fly and a dry bag that will help keep your gear dry.


It offers plenty of storage for you to use to store your items, not only when you’re hunting but also when hiking and camping.

It uses strong materials and a design that is guaranteed to keep your product in one piece even when carrying lots of heavy items.

Comfortable to wear and it distributes the weight evenly so that carrying heavy items do not tire you as fast as other products would.

The great selection of compartments and pockets will allow you to easily organize your items so that you can easily pick the one you need in no time.

Bonus accessories consisting of a rain fly and waterproof dry bag to help keep your product and its contents dry.


Some customers had problems with the size of the shoulder straps if you have a big torso this product might not end up being a good fit.

The lack of an internal frame is a drawback.

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Best quiet backpack


‘Noise discipline’ is yet another aspect among the many that hunters should look into when buying a backpack for their needs. In simple terms, this refers to the ability of the backpack to reduce its noise production level. Noise reduction is quite crucial since the hunted species has sharp senses, both olfactory and auditory. Therefore, a backpack made of noisy material provides a huge setback to your hunting plans.

If the hunting backpack is virtually noiseless, this contributes to the necessary stealth factor that keeps you hidden from the prey.

The animal won’t be alerted to your presence, as sound can be carried by the wind easily. The fabric or material used in the construction of the backpack has a lot to do with this element. Noisy zippers and Velcro are a no-no as well since they could startle the prey when used during the hunt.



7. Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack Storage


Big enough to hold sufficient gear for more than one night in the wilderness, the Timber Hawk Killshot KPB001-TMB-RAX-Parent comes with a small enough profile for efficient and quiet navigation of the hunting trail.

Constructed using brushed polyester tricot supplemented with PVC tracking, this backpack boasts quiet cloth construction along with a generous-capacity main storage compartment.

Load stability is maintained thanks to the raptor compression straps. Get instant and easy access to stored items thanks to the left and right hip belt accessory pockets. The revolutionary Hawk-Eye binocular strap system allows easy carrying of your target-sighting device for remarkable convenience.

The Silent Stalk quick-ejection clips enable you to drop the backpack hurriedly, such as during critical moments when you need to be in shooting position immediately. The blaze orange pull-out rain fly provides extra protection from moisture to keep your stored gear dry and still functional when you need them. The bottom and top lashing points offer extra storage on the outside of the pack.


Made from polyester, this backpack helps you enjoy any backcountry adventure while having all the needed gear with you. It comes with a small enough profile that won’t impede your progress in challenging hiking trail.

Made large enough to handle your critical equipment within easy access, this smart outdoor gear transport system enables you to carry enough supplies for two days outdoors.

The quiet cloth material does not generate noise, which is essential when tracking your prey. Thanks to the raptor compression straps, the stored gear remains stable inside and will not be making a lot of noise as you move.

This option comes with some really cool features you will love including the Silent Stalk quick-ejection clips for the quick dropping of the backpack when needed. It also has the Hawk-Eye binocular strap system to hold your sighting device within easy access.


The spotting scope pocket can’t be closed once the sighting device is placed in it.

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Best Backpacks for Treestand Hunting


There are certain things anyone should bear in mind when they go shopping for a backpack that should cater to the needs of a hunter who prefers using a treestand. But how is a treestand hunting backpack different from others available on the market? A few aspects might be noted down so that you can make a purchasing decision that will provide you with the best results.

You will notice right from the start that there are many backpacks for sale that can be used for your treestand hunting adventures. While that’s a good thing, there is also the issue that there are too many options to pick from and this is where we want to come to your aid. Take a look at the models we discovered to be a hit with both critics and consumers.



8. Tenzing TZ 1200 Ultra Light Daypack Realtree Max Xtra


In case you are looking for a good treestand hunting backpack, and you have no idea where to start, the Tenzing TZ 1200 is one of the most practical solutions. For a model that is designed to carry all your essential hunting gear for a day, it has everything you need and even more. The breathable mesh used for it keeps it lightweight and offers some breathability.

As the main compartment expands, you can easily fit inside larger items that you need to carry with you. It has a special compartment for holding a 2-liter water bottle, so you don’t have to worry about getting dehydrated.

Sporting over 1,200 cubic inches of storage space, and weighing just two pounds, it is a lightweight solution that will not bog you down during your hunting adventures. As a day backpack, it hardly has any competition. Its proper compartmentalization makes it an ideal choice for daily use.


A hydration option is available, allowing you to carry a 2-liter water reservoir without a problem, to save all the hydration issues you might have.

Your comfort matters for this company, so don’t be surprised to see that some features cater particularly to that, like the padded hip panels and the breathable mesh used for its construction.

The main compartment expands to accommodate bulky items, allowing you to bring along on hunting trips more gear you might need.

Hunters love having multiple compartments so that they can keep things well organized, and this model has eight of them.

Since it’s a lightweight backpack, at only two pounds, you can use it to haul more gear without doing too much weight management.


A bit of a struggle with some of the smaller zippers on the pockets and compartments seem to happen, as some hunters indicate in their reviews.

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9. Sitka Gear Tool Bucket Optifade Elevated II One Size Fits All


If you intend to purchase a backpack that is specially made for carrying a treestand, you cannot go wrong with this model. The SITKA Gear Tool comes with a unique carrying system for a treestand, which means that you will have this issue solved right from the start. Created as a one size fits all backpack, this model is very versatile and excellent for day hunting trips.

Because there is a hanging ring for the treestand that is conveniently placed, you will not have any problems reaching the main compartment. With a capacity of 1,900 cubic inches, this model offers plenty of room for everything you might need to take along with you.

The way the internal frame is separated from the bag allows you to pull the weight of your treestand closer to the body so that you don’t experience any discomfort while walking through the woods.


When you buy this model, you get a great looking backpack that comes with a carrying system for your treestand, to eliminate any mishaps that come along with hauling larger hunting gear.

Its unique design makes sure that the weight of the treestand will be kept close to the body, therefore solving any discomfort issues that can result from carrying larger items.

You will get plenty of room inside, as the 1,900 cubic inches of space are enough to accommodate all the items and necessities you have to carry for a day trip spent hunting.

The overall durability is something that recommends this model, and you will be pleased with the sound investment you will make if you decide to buy it.

Users will appreciate the various zippered pockets available that provide proper compartmentalization and efficiency.


While having zippered pockets is a convenience, there are some complaints from users regarding the zippers being too small and difficult to grab especially if you’re wearing gloves.

Buy from for ($229)




10. Mossy Oak Pegtooth Day Pack Mountain Country


Another model that is often mentioned by the treestand hunting backpack reviews available is the Mossy Oak Pegtooth, and for all the right reasons. Sporting a large main compartment that comes with a 30-liter capacity, this roomy backpack is ideal for anyone who needs to haul all the hunting gear they have.

Compatible with a hydration reservoir that you can carry around with ease, it is a choice you should consider if you have been shopping around for a backpack without being satisfied with the offers on the market. It must be mentioned that there is also a MOLLE quiver attachment available, for bowhunters.

One thing you will appreciate about this model is that it comes with a ventilated back panel, to reduce overheating when you have to walk around with the backpack on your back for long periods. By keeping everything well organized, you are doing yourself an excellent service, as you’ll never leave home without all your essentials.


Due to the full-length zipper construction, this backpack offers a unique way of keeping your things organized that also provides easy access and comfort.

The extras are pretty nice on this backpack, starting with the hydration compatible pocket and the quiver attachment that comes in handy for all the bowhunters who need to keep the weight of their gear low.

Another thing that must be mentioned is the well-ventilated back panel that helps with reducing sweating on long hunting trips.

Made from fibers resistant to abrasion, the backpack is an option to consider if you want to make a sound investment.

Its fold-down pockets are another reason to consider this backpack that will help you keep things organized without a problem.


There are no significant complaints about this model, but someone does mention the pocket flaps being too thin and flimsy, and not providing the necessary coverage, as expected.

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Best Hunting Backpack for Alaska


Identifying a good hunting backpack for Alaska can be a difficult task if you don’t have the time to research the market properly. To make things easier and to help you understand which features you ought to focus on, we have compiled the following buyer’s guide just for you.

We know that selecting the right backpack for your needs can be a daunting task, which is why we have compiled a list of some of the top-rated options currently available. These are the models that have garnered only positive customer reviews of hunting backpacks for Alaska, and that stood out thanks to the comfort, versatility, and durability that they offer.



11. Teton Sports Grand 5500 


The Grand 5500 model is Teton Sport’s largest internal frame backpack, and by the looks of it, it is set to become an excellent solution for users that want to get more bang for their buck. This versatile choice can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, and even fishing since it is spacious enough to store even your collection of telescopic fly rods.

With so much space available, you will be able to prepare for even the harshest weather since aside from your hunting gear you’ll still have more than enough space to pack some extra warm clothes.

If you are planning to hunt for the whole weekend, during the day when the weather may be warmer, you can pack that favorite hunting jacket of yours and leave it in the backpack. There’s no need to worry that the load will be too heavy since the unit molds perfectly to the shape of your back, allowing you to carry the weight more efficiently and comfortably.

If you want to get a hunting backpack that can cater to even the most aggressive hunters at a price that is still very friendly to beginners, we wholeheartedly recommend this model.

Buy from for ($154.61)




12. Drakon Outdoor Equipment Survival 


The Drakon model is designed for people that require a sturdy backpack capable of handling pretty much anything. This unit is carved from ultra-durable 500D PVC Tarpaulin sheets, similarly to what you would typically find in quality heavy-duty hunting rain gear. Each seam is welded by hand and inspected to ensure watertight perfection.

With versatility, ultimate protection, and survival in mind, this is a must-buy option if you want to protect your belongings when traversing extreme environments. This option has a capacity of 2440 cubic inches, meaning that it manages to offer more than enough space for your gear without making the backpack too hefty.

Since it features a full MOLLE system, this model offers more customization than other similarly priced alternatives on the market. You can attach your own MOLLE pouches to extend the storing capacity of the unit even further or use the included six extra pouches that come free of charge with your purchase.

The goal that the manufacturer has set is to produce a product that can enable hunters and hikers to triumph over any extreme adventure, and after taking a close look at the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, we are happy to report that it has succeeded.

Buy from for ($169)




13. Mardingtop 50L/60L Hiking 


The Mardingtop model continues the trend set by the other products on our list, offering a versatile storage solution that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. You can use it for hunting as your primary activity, but that does not mean that once you are done stalking the prey, you will leave the backpack unused.

With a capacity of 3660 cubic inches (or 60 liters), and the numerous compartments that you can use, this pack can hold all that you need for a successful outdoor adventure. It can hold anything from snacks, flashlights, water bottles, and sleeping bags, to your collection of quality hunting knives, and all your other essential hunting gear.

There is also a zipper divider inside the pack, and it can be used to separate the main compartment from the sleeping compartment. If you don’t plan to spend the night in the big outdoors, the compartment can be used to store even more of your gear.

Storage should not be a problem since you can attach additional tactical pouches to the MOLLE webbing. You can also leave your water bottles at home since the backpack includes a hydration compartment that can hold a 3-liter (100 ounces) hydration bladder. The hydration compartment may also be used to carry a 15.6” laptop.

Buy from for ($79.99)




Best Backpack for Elk Hunting


Purchasing elk hunting backpacks is not necessarily easy, especially if you don’t know what features are a must. To be of help to you, we have prepared a list of features that are worthy of your attention.

Shopping for the best hunting backpack for elk hunt might not be as easy as you think. To help you, we have prepared a list of models that you should have in mind before you place an order. So, check them out and see what item you like best.



14. Horn Hunter Full Curl 


If you are looking for a sizable unit that you can use in your next hunting adventure, be sure to take a good look at the Horn Hunter Full Curl. This item is made in the USA, and it was manufactured using high-quality materials that are both sturdy and water-resistant. Plus, the choice comes fitted with numerous pockets where you can store your gear.

What makes this product stand out is the fact that it includes an H3 tubular frame that supplies the model with extra stability and support. As a result, you should not worry that you can’t use this backpack to transport heavy loads.  

Because of the torso system that the item incorporates, you can actually modify the unit to suit you perfectly. As a plus, this choice also includes a drop-down hydration pocket as well as a collapsible flex shelf that might come in handy.


This model is made of aluminum and polyester, and therefore, it has a sturdy construction that can pass the test of time.

Because it features no less than nine sizable pockets, this option is large enough for you to carry all your gear in it efficiently.

The drop-down hydration pocket and the collapsible shelf that it includes make this unit quite practical to have around when hunting.

Furthermore, the H3 tubular frame that the unit features makes it extra durable and capable of holding up quite the load.


One previous buyer claimed that this option might not be as sturdy as the seller suggests. Yet, most hunters that have invested in it are happy with its performance.

Another user pointed out that the foam that was used to make the shoulder straps more comfortable is too curved. Consequently, the backpack can prove a tad impractical when used for hours on end.

Buy from for ($186.99)




15. Alps OutdoorZ Commander 


If you are searching for an alternative that was made of Nylon Ripstop fabric, look no further than the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander. This model is quite sturdy, and it can provide you with long-lasting use in harsh weather environments. Even more so, this item comes fitted with plenty of pockets so that you can organize your gear in accordance with your preferences.

Two side accessory hinged pockets, as well as the spotting scope pockets, are highly useful, as they can be accessed without you having to remove the backpack. This unit can fit all those that have a torso size ranging from 17 to 23 inches. You can keep your essentials close to your reach by using the hydration pocket and the drop-down rifle pocket.

The necessary accommodation for a clip-style holster is also included in the design of this backpack. If you detach the bag from the frame, you can effortlessly use it for hauling meat.


This alternative has a total weight of 7 lbs. and it has a total capacity of no less than 5250 cubic inches.

Given its size, this option can fit all hunters with torso sizes that vary from 17 to 23 inches. The drop-down rifle pocket that the unit features might also come in handy.

This item incorporates a frame that can be detached. By doing so, you can use it to haul meat in a secure manner.

Because it comes provided with plenty of pockets, this item is very practical as it can help you keep your hunting gear well organized.


Although most buyers liked it, there have been customers that noted that the backpack lacks load lifters and suspension. Therefore, carrying it around can prove tiring.

This unit is not water-resistant, and it does not come provided with a rain cover, which is a reason why not all owners recommend it.

Buy from for ($108)




16. Eberlestock Team Elk 


This model was built to suit the needs of all hunters out there. To do so, it features a bow carrier and a rifle scabbard. On top of that, it comes supplied with two spotting scope pockets and with two hydration pockets where you can store your favorite water bladders.

Because it was made of NT7, a water-resistant fabric, this unit is likely to perform well in harsh meteorological conditions. To help you stay hidden from the prey, the seller has fitted it with a camouflage pattern.

This model also comes supplied with an Intex-II tubular aluminum frame that adds sturdiness and overall durability to the unit. Plus, grapple-compression straps have also been included in its design. In total, this model has a total size of 3100 cubic inches. Therefore, it is suitable for multi-day trips. So, check it out when you have the time and see if it suits you!


This model is easy to access, and it comes provided with numerous features that you are prone to appreciate. Even more so, this choice features plenty of pockets that you can use to store your gear.

Because of the Intex-II tubular aluminum frame that it includes, this backpack is highly durable and likely to pass the test of time.

This unit has a total capacity of 3100 cubic inches. Therefore, it is sizable enough for you to transport all the essentials for a hunting trip.

Given that this model has zip-and-flip covers, your gear is likely to stay protected no matter the weather.


Although most users had positive things to say about it, some customers argued that, due to its sturdy construction, the model is heavier than expected.

One owner claimed that he had to return the model because it was uncomfortable as it pressed hard against his back. No other buyers had this issue with it.

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17. Eberlestock Halftrack Pack


This item comes in a wide variety of color alternatives, but our recommendation would be to get it in the classic camouflage shade, so it’s easier for you to pass unnoticed while you’re out hunting.

It features padlock webbing tie-points all over the pack, which you can use to bind all the tools and devices that you need to keep within reach. This model has become a popular 3-day pack, due to its ability to store all the items you might need to survive three days in the wild.

On the inside, it features two levels of varying-sized pockets and a fold-down shelf that divides the space inside for better organization and for helping you find your items in a shorter amount of time.

The inside is well-ventilated due to the polycarbonate frame, and the sensitive areas are padded with deep-cut air mesh foam for increased comfort.


This model is a reliable alternative for those looking for enough room to store all the items they will need for a 3-day adventure in the wild.

Aside from its contents, this backpack also carries 3-liter hydration kits, each in one of the sides pockets. This will help you keep the vital liquid handy in case you need it.

The webbing racks can be found inside and out, meaning they offer a lot of extra storage space for items that you need to keep within sight and reach.

Toward the back wall of the upper chamber, you will find a radio rack with large antenna portals.


There have been complaints saying that this item does not have enough small pockets to help you keep all your stuff organized.

Also, a few reviews said that the item itself is a little heavy, not to mention the weight you’re about to add on top of that.

Buy from for ($329)




18. Badlands 2200 Camouflage


This item is manufactured using KXO-32 fabric, and it covers all the bases with a meat shelf, an internal scope and tripod pockets. It also has a rear entry panel that will allow you to access your gear through a quicker method.

The fabric is DWR-treated for waterproofing as well as for scent suppression, making it easy for you to go unnoticed and keep hunting prey without blowing your cover. It’s also treated against dirt and blood, so it has excellent resistance to many factors.

Aside from those benefits, this backpack also allows you to carry a considerable load comfortably, due to the ThermoMold suspension technology, which uses molded foam to match the contour of the human body and adjust its shape accordingly.

This item comes in a small color palette, but it’s designed to look neutral and attract minimal attention, immediately adapting to the surroundings. The fabric is also whisper-quiet to help you blend in.


You will find it useful that this model is compatible with a 2-liter hydration system and also the Badlands Bow Boot.

It will help you keep your cover due to the unscented material and the quiet KXO-32 fabric. You’ll be able to continue hunting your target while still unnoticed.

This bag uses ergonomically advanced molded foam to mimic the contour of the human body and provide a comfortable way of carrying heavy loads of equipment.

The neutral colors and patterns blend easily into a wide variety of environments and help you get closer to your target by merging with the surrounding scenery.


Unfortunately, this bag does not come with interior organization compartments, so it might be difficult to find specific items in a limited time frame.

This item also doesn’t feature the separate boot for carrying a hunting bow. Only the one for the rifle is included.

Buy from for ($199.99)




Best Deer Hunting Backpacks


We know that purchasing a good deer hunting backpack is a tricky task. As a result, we are here to come to your rescue. To help, we have composed a list of aspects that you should have in mind before you place any orders.

Because we know that shopping for quality deer hunting backpacks is not easy, we have decided to lend you a hand by showcasing a couple of models that have received positive reviews from previous buyers. So, read ahead and pick the item you like best.



19. Alps OutdoorZ Matrix 


If you are interested in a pack that can provide you with all the storage that you need to pack all the gear that you have to bring with you while hunting, this option sold by ALPS OutdoorZ is just what you’ve been searching for. This item features numerous pockets and plenty of attachment points.

On top of that, the unit includes a sternum strap that is adjustable so that you can modify it to fit you perfectly. The padded waist belt and the shoulder strap that it contains are also practical features that add to its overall comfort.

In total, this model weighs 4 lbs. and it has a total capacity of 2700 cubic inches. To help you blend in with your surroundings, the backpack also features a Realtree Edge camouflage pattern that numerous hunters have talked highly of. It can accommodate a crossbow or a rifle.


Because of its unparalleled design, this product can be used to easily and safely transport a crossbow or a compound bow.

The item includes wing pockets that be utilized to secure extra gear to the backpack. Furthermore, a quiver holder is located on either side of the pack.

Inside the main compartment, there is an added pocket where you can keep your possessions.

To protect you in case of bad weather, this choice also comes supplied with a useful rain cover that you are prone to like. It also includes a hydration pocket port.


It has been observed that this option is not particularly durable, especially when compared to other models that are also available online.

There has been a customer that claimed that the product that he was shipped came with no rain cover and no padded waist belt. No other similar cases have been reported.

Buy from for ($79.99)




20. Badlands Ascent Ultra 


If you are an avid bowhunter, this next option might be just what you’ve been looking for. This backpack includes a sturdy polycarbonate frame that is said to transfer the weight from your shoulders to the hips so that you can effortlessly carry heavy loads.

On top of that, the model also features a bow-wrap carrier system as well as a padded spotting scope pocket. The built-in rain cover is another feature that makes this particular option worthy of your attention.

Because this model is ventilated, and because it comes fitted with a breathable mesh, it can keep you comfortable, regardless of how hot it gets. Moreover, the camouflage pattern that it features can help you blend in various environments. No matter if you use a rifle or a bow, this unit comes provided with an integrated boot that you can use to transport it. In total, it weighs 4 lbs.


This item is very versatile, and it can be used by bowhunters. Because of the many compression straps that it includes, it allows you to attach your gear to it in many ways.

Size-wise, this model measures 21 x 8 x 10 inches; it weighs 4lbs. and it has a total volume of 2430 cubic inches.

The backpack was constructed using a type of fabric that is very durable, which is a reason why it can be used to transport heavy loads.

This option is said to be compatible with 3-liter hydration reservoirs. However, such packs are not included in the deal.  


This choice is, according to some of its owners, a tad expensive given the features that it incorporates. Still, not all of its users agree with the statement.

Because this is one of those backpacks that have not received numerous feedback comments, it is difficult to determine if it has particular drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Buy from for ($174.99)




Top Backcountry Hunting Backpacks


The best backpack for backcountry hunting is difficult to come by. Because we understand just how challenging the entire process can be, we have prepared a list of features that are considered a must-have in an item of this kind.

Shopping for a good backcountry hunting backpack is not easy, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. To be of help, we have created a list of products that have received plenty of positive reviews from fellow hunters.



21. Alps OutdoorZ Pursuit 


This option is likely to catch your attention as it comes fitted with a front shelf pocket that is sizeable enough for you to keep the essential pieces of equipment at your fingertips. Even more so, the unit also includes other numerous pockets that you can use to store your hunting gear.

To make this product as easy to use as possible, the seller has fitted it with a rifle or bow holder pocket, with practical quiver holders as well as with a hydration pocket and port. The padded waist belt that is also included in the deal features two extra pockets and reinforced webbing that you can utilize to accommodate clip-style holsters.

If you usually hunt in an area that is prone to changes in weather, you will be happy to find out that this unit comes supplied with a rain cover. This option weighs 4 lbs. and it has a total capacity of 2700 cubic inches.


Because this backpack is covered in a camouflage pattern, it won’t make you easily visible to the prey. So, your chances of catching something are increased.

This pack features a front pocket that is spacious enough to place all your must-haves within reach. Also, it has a total volume of 2700 cubic inches.

Furthermore, this unit includes a rain cover that can keep all your gear dry in case of unexpected bad weather.

This unit weighs 4 lbs. and it comes provided with a practical hydration pocket where you can keep your water bladder.


This model has received numerous positive reviews. However, some customers have noticed that the hip belt is not that practical.

There have been owners that claimed that the zippers that this pack includes are not quiet enough. Not all hunters that have invested in it so far agree with this statement.

Buy from for ($70.91)




22. Alps OutdoorZ Extreme Traverse 


This unit features practical lycra shoulder straps that are known for being quite comfortable. Even more so, this unit was constructed using 1680D nylon ballistic fabric, which is a reason why the pack is durable when compared to other alternatives.

The wing pockets that this choice includes are fleece-lined, and they can provide you with the needed protection for your prized gear. A shooting stick and a tripod holder pocket are also included in the deal.

To make this backpack as practical as possible, the seller has designed it to include a stow-away meat shelf that features extension lashing straps. Plus, this product comes equipped with an H2O pocket and with aluminum stays.

The choice is very sturdy as its pressure points have been reinforced with Hypalon. Furthermore, this model is said to be compatible with a bow, a rifle, and with clip-style holsters. It has a total capacity of 2,900 cubic inches.


This choice is made of highly durable fabrics and, because its stress points have been reinforced, it is likely to pass the test of time. Because of this, it can be considered a great gift for a seasoned hunter.

Given that the item comes fitted with a built-in stow-away meat shelf, you can use it to carry heavy loads of meat.

The model also incorporates a water bladder pocket and a rain cover that might come in handy in case of a change in weather.

Moreover, the side pockets of the backpack have been lined with fleece for increased protection.


A handful of buyers pointed out that this unit is too heavy for one to carry it through the day without feeling tired easily. Not all users had this problem with it.

One customer claimed that the buckle on the product that he received broke rather quickly and had to be replaced. This is not a recurrent issue with this product.

Buy from for ($279.99)




23. Alps OutdoorZ Extreme 


This is the ideal option if you are interested in a sturdy model that comes provided with plenty of pockets and accessories. The pack was made of a combination of robic nylon and 1680D ballistic nylon and, therefore, it is durable.

The pack bag is attached to a metal frame that has zippers and compression straps. Therefore, you can also utilize it to haul meat easily. The waist belt that this unit features includes numerous pockets, and it can accommodate clip-style holsters.

According to the seller, this model is fully equipped with a removable fanny pack, an internal divider, a LED light, and a spindrift collar. As expected, the product does feature a special pocket where one can keep his/her bow. A special insert for one’s spotting scope is also incorporated in the unit’s design.

Overall, the pack weighs around nine lbs. It can fit all hunters with torso sizes that range from 17 to 21 inches.


This sizeable option has a total internal volume of 4000 cubic inches, and it is fully adjustable for you to modify it to suit your needs.

Plus, this choice is made up of a pack bag and a frame that you can detach whenever you have to haul meat.

The item also features a LED light, a fanny pack that can be removed, as well as a bow pocket.

What is more, the product includes a pocket where you can place your spotting scope. To protect it from any type of damage, this pocket has been lined with fleece.


One previous user of the item observed that it is not suitable for archery because it includes too many straps and because the pack itself is noisy.

It has been said that the bottom of the model is not as big as you might expect it to be. Therefore, it might not fit many pieces of gear.

Buy from for ($399.99)




Best Hunting Waist Pack


If you like to hunt, you know that a backpack is not as accessible and easy to carry around as a waist pack. You need to be able to move fast and have all of your accessories within reach. There are many available models on the market to choose from. This short guide is meant to present you with the characteristics that make a good hunting waist pack.

If you start searching, you will realize how many products in this line there are and how hard it is to select the right one. You will find both expensive and cheap hunting waist packs, smaller, larger, different patterns and materials. Based on their quality, we’ve showcased some of our favorite items below .



Badlands Monster Fanny Pack


Badlands has designed what they call a small but mighty padded pack equipped with a padded waist belt and a shoulder harness, which saves the weight from your back. You get plenty of load room and seven practical pockets to keep your things organized.

Featuring ThermoMold from ergonomically advanced foam, it will match every contour of your body. Also, the lightweight Delron flex frame offers support in order to reduce fatigue. Badlands’ RealTree Xtra camo represents a stealthy pattern that accompanies the whisper-quiet KX0-32 fabric which will make you invisible to your prey.

This item is ideal for hiking or recon. The 3-point shoulder straps are fully adjustable. Also, you get two integrated fold-down workstation pockets, and the unit is compatible with one-liter hydration systems.

In terms of measurements, the product weighs 2 lb 10 oz and has 9x15x7 inches. The main compartment comes with a volume of 423 cubic inches.


The materials used for this product are very high quality. This and the design denote craftsmanship. The quiet fabric and no-sound zippers are essential if you are hunting or bird-watching.

This item is also designed to be highly water-resistant, so you do not have to worry if you are caught in the rain, or if you need to cross through water.

A great thing about this waist pack is that is very spacious, and the compartments are versatile. You can easily organize all your essentials.

Regarding convenience, this product fits comfortably with pretty much any body size. Moreover, it is very easy to put on and take off.


This is a more expensive choice than other products in this line, but it does offer good value for the money. Also, the zippers are not as reliable as those of the leading models.

Click to see the price on Amazon!






In case you need to complete your fishing or hunting gear with a lightweight and multifunctional waist bag, we recommend you check out LUREMASTER’s Fishing Bag Multiple Pocket Waist Pack.

First of all, it is very light and has a lot of pockets for you to organize your essentials. It is a durable and practical solution for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, cycling, hiking, or traveling.

The dimensions of the pack are 11.8×3.5×5.5 inches which is the ideal size to carry around your waist. If you have items you do not want others to see, or just wish to keep them safe, like your passport or wallet, the bag comes with a zippered pocket on the back.

With this bag, you get one back zippered pocket, one front zippered pocket, one mesh pocket, and two velcro pockets, which offer a lot of organized space.


This camo hunting waist pack is beautifully designed due to its army green camouflage color and practical design. The weight and dimensions make it a perfect option for it to be carried around the waist.

The pack is durable and very convenient, equipped with many pockets that offer a lot of room for you to organize your things. Its hidden back pocket is a nice addition to this bag.

A nice thing about this item is that it is versatile and offers a lot of options. It is therefore ideal for more activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, cycling, or just outdoor traveling.

This bag is also water-resistant which makes it a perfect option, regardless of the weather conditions or if you practice activities such as fishing.


If you are the type of fisherman or hunter who carries many items with them, you might feel that this pack is a bit too small for all of your essentials.

Buy from for ($14.99)




Field & Stream Savage Run


Do you need something light and convenient to carry small items? The Field & Stream Savage Run Fanny Pack is a great choice. This camouflage bag allows you to pack light with just the gear you require at your fingertips.

The seven zippered pockets, including a large front compartment, hold just enough for you to enjoy your outdoor experience. You might even forget you are carrying anything, thanks to the adjustable waist strap and the padded front panel.

This heavy-duty pack comes with long-lasting buckles and nylon webbing and hardware. You also get two deep side pockets that are designed to hold water bottles or similar gear. It has a total capacity of 6L.

A tactical vest is very useful for this type of activity, but you can complete your gear with a nice pack such as the one offered by Field & Stream. The pattern is also suitable for helping you remain invisible.


This item is great for carrying small items which assist you in various outdoor activities, such as hunting, bird watching, hiking, or traveling because of its lightweight and convenient design.

The camouflage pattern can fit very well with the rest of your hunting equipment, and it is also comfortable due to the adjustable waist strap and the padded front panel.

It is made from high-quality and durable materials with reliable buckles, hardware, and nylon webbing.

The waist pack comes with a total capacity of 6L and comprises seven zippered pockets, including a large front compartment and two deep side pockets for your water bottles.

Moreover, since the fanny pack has so much room and its pockets are so well distributed, it offers you the possibility of keeping all of your essentials in an organized fashion.


This is not the cheapest option in this line of products; however, the item seems to be appreciated by customers.

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Best Hunting Hiking Backpacks


Finding cheap hunting hiking backpacks nowadays can be a very difficult task. Getting the right model that can meet your budget but still satisfy your need for quality and reliability requires you do some research. Because we know that few people have the time available for such an endeavor, we have compiled a buyer’s guide for you below.

We know that selecting the right backpack from the seemingly endless list of products available can be a daunting task, which is why we have compiled a list of good hunting hiking backpacks available to purchase these days. These are the models that have garnered outstanding customer reviews, and that stood out thanks to their quality and features.



Teton Sports Explorer 


The Explorer is the perfect product for hunters and hikers that require a lot of storage space for their trips. The 4000-cubic inch capacity of this model offers enough space to carry the necessary gear for 3-5 day trips. It is so spacious that you will have no problem storing more voluminous equipment and even a spare pair of quality hunting pants, jackets, or boots.

The pack includes six pockets, the main compartment, upper and lower gear loops, three mesh pouches, and four compression straps. The mesh pouches can be used to store items that you want to have at the ready such as your trusty hunting GPS, compass, or your phone. The unit also features a sturdy aluminum internal frame.

When hiking for days, comfort is something that cannot be understated which is why this model features thick upper back and lumbar pads to make carrying heavy loads more manageable and comfortable. The shoulder, torso, and hip straps are fully adjustable with tensioners and a breathable mesh.

The backpack also comes with top and bottom compression straps that can be used to secure a pad, tent, or a quality one-man hunting blind. As a plus, this model is hydration ready, but the bladder is not included.

Buy from for ($87.62)




Teton Sports Talus 


If versatility is on your mind, the Talus is one backpack that is ready for your every adventure. From hunting, camping, travel, and even extreme weather outdoor sports such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, this unit is ready to be your ever-present outdoor companion.

It even comes with an included tarp that can be pitched as a shelter or a poncho to keep you and the pack dry.

The extra padded split dual wishbone waist pad with independent bottom and top hip and torso adjustments will offer a very customizable fit. This means that the backpack can mold to the unique body shapes of both men and women, young or old. It also comes with a unique lumbar adjustment that is usually only seen in high-end packs.

The black Oxford shell adds strength, making this option strong enough for even the most rugged adventures. The multiple compression straps have solid buckles to help balance your pack comfortably. The zippers are also very durable thanks to the storm-proof design that will keep sensitive gear such as your quality hunting camera dry and protected.

This option has a capacity of 2700 cubic inches and is hydration compatible with an integrated Velcro hang tab that will let you attach your hydration bladder.

Buy from for ($107.98)




CamelBak Cloud Walker 


The Cloud Walker is a very suggestive name for this option seeing as it is the lightest on our list. It weighs only 6 ounces, and it has a total gear capacity of 900 cubic inches. The main advantage of this backpack is that it comes with a hydration system that is ready to use without having to purchase any additional equipment.

It comes with the new Crux reservoir that is capable of delivering 20% more water with every sip. The capacity of the reservoir is of 2.5 liters (100 fluid ounces), more than enough for a day of hiking or hunting.

The on/off valves come with a leak-proof seal that can be activated with just a flick of your thumb. Once the valve is closed, you may toss the pack anywhere without fear of leaks. What’s more, the tube is also worth taking notice of since it comes with the HydroGuard technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria. The tube is 100% free of BPS, BPA, and BPF.

Since this is a very lightweight option, comfort is a key focus of the manufacturer. The back panel features the use of a breathable air mesh that will prevent sweat and overheating. The external attachment points will let you expand the capacity of this unit even further by attaching other gear to the outside of the pack.

Buy from for ($55.63)




Teton Sports Oasis 1100 


From all the backpacks for day hunting trips for sale, the Teton Sports Oasis 1100 stands out due to the overall value offered for the price. Unlike other models, this one is lightweight so you can carry all the necessary items for your trip, without worrying that you might become encumbered only because the backpack itself is too heavy.

Unlike other models that do not offer handy extras, such as a hydration bladder, this one comes with its own. The 2-liter model is made from BPA-free materials so that you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals leaking into your water. There is even an opening for ice that can come in handy when you need a cold refreshing drink on sunny days.

Adjusting the backpack is easy, and you will feel comfortable with the low cut design. Anyone can use it, and you might consider it a gift for your spouse or a teenage son or daughter.


With a capacity of 1,100 cubic inches, this backpack is ideal for day trips when you don’t have to pack a lot of stuff, but you don’t want to end up not having enough space for all your items.

The total weight of the backpack when it’s not full with your stuff is just two pounds, so you will appreciate not having to drag extra weights around.

It comes with adjustable straps and waist belt, to make it easy for you to accommodate it to different body frames without a glitch.

You will like the mesh back panel that comes with foam packs that reduce bounciness when you need to descend a slope or walk fast.

For all your hydration needs, the 2-liter bladder will prove useful, and its opening for pouring ice expands its functionality even more.


You must bear in mind that this backpack comes with a cheap price tag and that the quality of the stitching and accessories might not be on par with the overall backpack.

Buy from for ($33.74)




Mercury Tactical Gear Code Alpha 


If you have been searching for hunting hiking backpacks for a while now, you surely know that there are some that cater to top of the line requirements. If their high pricing kept you away, here is an alternative that you will surely love. The Mercury Tactical Gear Code Alpha is an excellent model, created to serve Navy SEALs and other military forces so that it will prove its value in the harshest conditions.

Made from 600 Denier canvas, it is durable and can withstand inclement weather. The main compartment can expand, thus ensuring that you have enough room for your items, while the organizer pocket comes in handy for those who want easy access to some of their valuables.

You will appreciate how comfortable this model is. The back, the shoulder straps, and the waist straps are all padded so that you won’t feel like you’re carrying all that weight.


Made to withstand wear and tear, this backpack was designed to serve military operatives, such as the Navy SEALs.

The main compartment comes equipped with webbing straps, and it can be expanded to accommodate plenty of items.

Keep your easy-to-access items in the organizer pocket; being able to grab a map, your phone, or other small things quickly, will surely make a difference.

A drag handle that can be used for carrying the backpack in your hand will prove useful in various conditions.

You will also appreciate the MOLLE loops available that will let you customize your backpack further, for increased usability.


Some users say that they are a bit concerned about the hydration system since that seems to be in danger of producing leakages, even without being overfilled.

Buy from for ($49.95)




Top Hunting Hydration Packs


A good hunting hydration pack is not always easy to find, and if you are not yet sure what the deciding factors are, you risk making a purchase that you will end up regretting. To make things easier, we have researched the market and compiled the following concise buyer’s guide. Take a look if you have the time.

Staying hydrated is essential whether you’re spending just a few hours outdoors or going on extended hunting expeditions. This is why a hunting hydration backpack is a must. However, with so many makes and models available, choosing one can be tough. Fortunately, we’ve created a list with the products that received the highest ratings so you can pick one that offers a great bang for the buck.



Teton Sports Water Resistant Sports Oasis Unisex Outdoor 


If you are an amateur hunter that does not have a lot of equipment to carry, or you simply want to get a comfortable hunting backpack for a one-day excursion, the Oasis is a great choice. It comes with an upgraded 100-ounce hydration bladder that is completed with a durable yet lightweight, kink-free sip tube.

The sip tube features an innovative push-lock cushioned bite valve to ensure that you won’t waste any of the precious water while you are in the middle of the woods. You also get a new and improved slide top opening, and you can use it to add ice to your water, but also to make cleaning the bladder more accessible.

Of course, we are still talking about a backpack which means that you are guaranteed lots of storage to play around with. The unit features many pockets both on the outside and inside, to provide you with the right amount of space for all your essential gear when you are hunting, hiking, camping, or cycling.

You also get a quick-access mesh compartment that is ideal for items that you may need to have access to instantly, such as your reliable hunting knife, or even your phone.

Buy from for ($49.99)




Camelbak Thermobak 3L 100 oz Hydration Pack


The ThermoBak option is more than just a hydration pack. The Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir redefines the way in which water is delivered and provides maximum adaptability for different activities or environments. If you want to be prepared to tackle anything from hunting and fishing to hiking and camping, this is the option for you.

The hydration system has a total capacity of 100 ounces which is more than enough to satisfy the hydration needs of an active adult for an entire day. The multiple drink tube exit ports will make it easier for you to route the tube under the arm or over the shoulder and find the route that works best for you.

With a total weight of just 1.6 pounds, this unit is also very light, and the use of 500D Ripstop Cordura fabric and high-density nylon will guarantee that the model can handle any environment or weather condition. The backpack also comes with numerous MOLLE panels that allow attaching additional pouches and gear.

What’s more, you can also use the full clamshell opening for when you want quick access to the main compartment and your essential gear such as a hunting flashlight, knife or compass.

Buy from for ($61.99)




7 items you might need in your deer hunting pack


It is best to start packing your deer hunting pack even when the season for the activity is still a long way away. This is to ensure that you don’t inadvertently leave anything once you need to leave for the woods. This is a rundown of the items you may need in your deer hunting pack.


Support gear

A gear rope enables you to haul your hunting gear towards you when hunting from a tree stand and to lower the equipment before climbing down. Climbing a tree stand without some gear rope can be a real nightmare and can be quite a challenge when you use a ladder or hang-on system. You want at least 20 to 25 feet of thick nylon rope available for this purpose.

A hand saw helps you take care of those exasperating twigs or branches on the tree stand. Even if you trimmed your shooting lane prior to the start of hunting season, there’s sure to be a good amount of fresh growths and even in the wrong or worst spot for them to be at that. Save yourself from the heartbreak by investing in a simple or small telescoping hand saw.



Any deer hunter will truly find a headlamp indispensable. Most hunters bring along one headlamp or even a pair to have backup. Look for headlamps that offer a smart combination of a dull red light and a bright LED one. You will need the brilliant LED light to perform blood trailing and the red light when you have to walk in and out of the hunting range without being detected.

Hydration and nutrition

Who says only individuals with weak constitutions take a snack while on the hunt? When one is in a tree stand and the hunger pangs and thirst start bothering them, even the prey will likely hear their stomach growling in protest. It can only take so much for so long not to wet your tongue with some water. A power bar delivers that much-needed punch so you can remain observant and keep your mind active for the activity you are in the middle of. Make sure you have some water in your hunting backpack.

A water bottle can generate a considerable amount of noise once emptied of its contents. Instead of this type of hydration system, a better alternative would be a hydration pack or a supplied hydration bladder in a deer hunting backpack. If those aren’t available either, you can simply get a plastic bottle that won’t produce plenty of noise.


Activity essentials

A pair of binoculars helps you sight your target from afar. With this device, you can discern your desired target from an entire herd, or survey how far it is so you can carry out the proper level of preparation to bag it.

You also want extra quick loads, slugs or cartridges and release. This ensures you have more than enough of those important items that can easily get lost after prolonged periods of waiting. Deer calls provide a means to invite a buck to come into range by way of bleats, rattling, grunts and snort-wheezes. Calls are instrumental for bringing your target right where you want it: within your sights or in the middle of your crosshairs.

A gutting knife ensures that the big buck you shot to the ground can be properly field dressed for the homeward journey after the hunt. You may also need some toilet paper or better yet, bring along some wet wipes to handle messes quickly and efficiently.


Protection gear

Hunting in the whitetail woods should not be dampened by a little rain. A rain cover or tree stand umbrella ensures that your gear and you stay dry. Hunting during cold weather will require good quality hand warmers. Remember: anything that enables you to stay in the tree stand longer can contribute to hunting success. Bring along some extra clothes as well, to combat the cold.


Concealment and readiness gear

Camo face paint tubes keep you from being detected by your target. They allow you to blend in with the rest of your surroundings or to channel your serious hunting spirit (and we genuinely mean this so don’t laugh!). A mobile power station or battery pack can ensure your camera gear, GPS device, cell phone and the heating system of your hunting jacket or socks is juiced up to protect it from power failure due to drained batteries and to ensure the item can do its job during the most critical moments.


If you are to keep your hunting equipment organized, you will need to have hangers and hooks at the ready when hunting. When you have these items in your hunting backpack, it will be easy to hang the following in the tree: your gun or bow; backpack; extra clothes; quiver: camera gear. A reasonable number of hooks and hangers makes life easier when in a tree stand.



How to choose the best hunting backpacks


A hunting backpack is designed to carry things that you can’t with your hands. This frees your upper limbs to handle more important tasks when hunting, such as operating your GPS device or aiming your hunting weapon. These are what the best hunting bag comes with.


Hunting storage bags or backpacks are made of hunting-specific material

The type of material your hunting storage system is made of determines its overall functionality and length of serviceability. The material should be as strong as possible, even tougher than you expect. Waterproof or water-resistant bags are typically constructed using nylon or polyester covered in polyurethane so moisture simply beads on the material and doesn’t soak into the fabric.

The fabric should be rugged yet quiet. If you can hear it whoosh or crinkle with your every movement, the material is unsuitable for hunting purposes. Why? If you can hear it, so can the target, which has extra-powerful senses. The material should be odor-free, or have provision for it through scent-masking technology. This is especially important when you are hunting downwind.

Tough fabric is not brittle and should be able to survive many seasons of use without ripping or tearing when caught in wayward twigs or protruding environmental elements. Most importantly, it comes with a lightweight structure despite being heavy-duty. There has to be a good balance of density and breathability, as the storage system will be in direct contact with your body.

As a rule of thumb, hunting backpacks or bags of premium quality are priced higher compared to inferior products made in some sweatshop somewhere. In other words, quality craftsmanship does come with a price.


Top rated products such as hunting backpacks made in the USA offer customizable size and fit

You can tell if a hunting backpack or bag is made in the great USA: it comes with a generous and customizable size and capacity. This is not to say that high-speed, low-drag day packs should also be huge, as they are made light and trim for effortless slipping in and out of a tree stand. To determine whether a hunting backpack or bag is the right size for your needs, you must first know how much space you actually need.

Extra items you may carry going to the hunting site and back include dirty/used gear, meat, cold weather gear, sights and scopes, and more, should contribute roughly 15 to 20 percent more to the gross weight. Typically, hunters go for hunting storage systems in the 4,500- to the 5,000-cubic-inch range of space.

The choice of hunting backpack also depends on the user’s body size, gender, and physical carrying capability. Thus, there are mini-packs as well as plus-size and gender-specific products in this category. If the storage system is not designed along those factors, certain issues can arise, such as chafing or early disintegration of the frame.

Adjustable shoulder straps or waist belts ensure carrying comfort of the storage system. The sternum straps that move up and down the backpack or bag are typically standard. They are to be considered in terms of seasonal changes or the hunting clothing you have on.

A good hunting pack ensures user comfort as well as dependable performance in the field

Your choice of hunting storage system should provide elements for carrying comfort. There has to be adequate padding in the shoulder and sternum straps as well as the waist straps. The edges of those components should not dig through your clothing to your skin. The padding should be sufficient and not exaggeratedly plush.

Many hunting backpacks or bags come with either an internal or external frame. Quality backpacks built with a good internal frame enable you to take out the frame stays so you can fit them to the shape of your back. Frame stays are often constructed of aluminum but sophisticated ones are made of aluminum-carbon or some other alloy.

Large backpacks come with an external frame to accommodate demanding hauling applications. The external frame should provide uniform weight distribution. A large number of hunting backpack makers integrate general-purpose frames into their products, and these can be used with bags of varying sizes for handling all load types. This is widely popular among hunters.

The primary purpose of a good frame is to provide load balance while the hunter carries the bag on their back. A good thing to do when filling your bag with gear is to position the heaviest items in the middle of the pack so the weight will be carried on your hips, thus increasing your center of gravity for stability with every step.

The hunting backpack should promote easy and proper usage. That said, it is still vital to pack your things in correctly. You also have to make sure the pack comfortably rests on your body, with all the weight uniformly distributed. Ventilation and scent-free quality go hand in hand.

The pack should be breathable enough to ensure carrying comfort even when the sun bears down on you and causes you to sweat while being able to trap odor and keep it from wafting through the air to alert the target’s extra-sharp sense of smell.


The best hunting gear bag accommodates your weapon

Your hunting storage system should be geared to handle your weapon, whether it’s a firearm or bow. It should be equipped to properly transport the weapon for you, not putting all the load on you. If the backpack or bag is not sufficiently geared for proper weapon carrying, your reaction to the most critical hunting situation will also be negatively affected, making it difficult to extricate the tool from your storage system and slowing you down significantly.

Look for models with a well-designed weapon transport system that keeps your hands free for more essential hunting trail tasks such as reaching, scaling or climbing and achieving a steady handhold or grip. You should be able to adjust the weapon as needed and secure it in place for safe transport while still ensuring easy access and extraction. Some hunting backpacks incorporate a scabbard feature to support that.

You should be willing to invest a good amount of research on and evaluation of the many different hunting storage systems on the market. This will ensure long-term use and dependable functionality from your choice of hunting backpack or bag.



What you need to know about hunting storage systems


A lot rides on your choice of hunting storage system, or simply, your backpack or bag used when going hunting. The backpack or bag that a hunter uses is different from what a civilian uses when going to school, the office or hiking. Hunting bags look different from standard civilian bags. The design of the latter is more pedestrian or is inclined towards the fashionable instead of the utilitarian.

Hunting bags, on the other hand, are the opposite. Their designs lean more towards functionality, i.e., loads of pockets and easy-access potentials, often accent-free, little to no shiny buttons or for-show elements. In other words, hunting bags and hunting backpacks are as basic as you can get in design but their components, such as the pockets and closure systems, deliver optimal usage or function. You can use every tiny element in a hunting storage system.

On the other hand, standard civilian storage systems have a number of elements you may not even use, such as buttons that are only accent pieces with no pockets on which they are attached, or tassels and an assortment of hoops.

Civilian backpacks come in a variety of sizes or shapes. Good quality hunting backpacks are available according to the size of your torso. This ensures that the backpack comes with the appropriate load filter straps and sternum support and strap for the hunter, with all those components working nicely together.

The fabric is of utmost importance in a hunting bag or backpack. Since stalking the target in silence is important, a hunting bag or backpack needs to integrate ‘noise discipline’ in terms of the fabric and overall construction. That means, there have to be no jangling components or noisy zippers and Velcro. The pockets should snap shut quickly, easily and noiselessly via flip lock or turn lock.

The hunting storage system should deliver adequate support; effective operability even in the dark; hydration support, such as an internal mesh hydro sleeve or hydro port; weight support using the lightest yet toughest material.

The material of the hunting backpack or bag allows spot cleaning, or more importantly, stains should come off easily and not seep in deep into the fibers to be rendered permanent. It should not be crinkly like a bag of potato chips. Instead, the fabric should offer a perfect balance of waterproofness and breathability, with no compromise on any one of those factors.

The shoulder straps of the best hunting backpack are not overly cushiony but should provide enough padding to prevent them from digging into your shoulders after prolonged use. The hip straps should be supportive, not merely incidental and/or ornamental. Organization of stored items should be smart or intuitive, not haphazard or awkward.

The bottom line: a hunting backpack or hunting bag screams optimal functionality in its looks. This guarantees that the hunting storage system and the user will have years of being together for many hunting seasons to look forward to ahead of them. Choose wisely and well, that’s what we’re saying.



Unavailable Products:


GamePlan Gear STBK-INF 


Innovatively designed to serve as a cross-utility pack, the GamePlan Gear STBK-INF comes with a hunting-friendly design and the ability to wrap around the tree to provide a padded backrest for when you decide to wait for your target while sitting down.

Providing quick access to all your gear, this efficient hunting gear carrying system has an exclusive padded ‘stock boot’ that takes in a gunstock, your crossbow or even the cam wheel of your bow, keeping your hands free when following the hunting trail.

Because of this, you can use your hands to maintain your stability or balance when crossing a bridge or plank along the way, or get a secure handhold when climbing or crossing over. The backpack has multi-zippered pockets for hassle-free organization of your hunting gear.

The adjustable foam collar ensures secure holding of a foregrip or bow riser in place. This storage and carrying system is versatile enough to accommodate a crossbow, traditional or compound bow, or firearm.



Tenzing TZ 1200 9818-03-P 


Providing a lightweight solution to hunters, the Tenzing TZ 1200 9818-03-P is designed to be hydration-compatible so it can carry your water supply and other essential gear. With its low profile design, this hunting day pack has 8 pockets and compartments in all to accommodate all your hunting essentials. The two-liter water reservoir compartment makes the pack suitable for day or tree stand hunting.

The breathable mesh back pad ensures easy airflow to make the backpack easy to carry even when the weather turns really warm. The padded hip panels ensure comfortable carrying as you traverse the hunting trail. This backpack comes with an expandable main compartment that accommodates your variety of hunting gear through the seasons.

The storage pockets are organized to allow easy placement of gear as well as effortless adding of items when needed. As lightweight as they come, this model is just 2 pounds heavy but offers a generous 1,211 cubic inches of storage space that can easily expand to hold even more.



Reebow Tactical


Boasting a huge 40-liter capacity, the Reebow Tactical is a military tactical backpack made of 600×600 Density fabric, ensuring dependable durability and waterproof capability.

This product comes with molle webbing throughout to accommodate the attachment of additional tactical gear or pouches for three-day supplies.

Outfitted with heavy-duty double-stitched zippers and utility-style cord pulls, this backpack protects its contents well so you are ensured that the items stay usable when you need them. The side and front load compression system allows hassle-free packing of hunting gear while keeping everything balanced and nicely stored inside.

The stabilizer/load lifter straps enable you to make small adjustments on the bag’s center of gravity. You can pull the stabilizer straps tightly to bring the center of gravity and the straps of the bug closer to your body when you go uphill. Loosening the stabilizer straps drives the center of gravity away from your body to provide more stability when going downhill.


Designed as a tactical assault backpack, this option is made from high-density fabric. It is water-resistant and durable so it can be used for many seasons.

This model uses double stitching in its construction, so you won’t need to worry that the seams will get ripped easily with constant use.

Fitted with heavy-duty zippers, the backpack also features utility-style cord pulls to secure every item stored inside. The cord pulls also make it easy to close the compartments.

You can optimize the front and side load compression systems that secure everything in place to prevent the items from bumping into each other because of loose space.

Carrying this backpack is easy and will not be abrasive to your back because it comes with a comfortable padding on the back area.


One customer says one of the hip belts was a little loose and needed to be tightened every now and then.



Badlands 2200


Easily carrying a heavy load while ensuring comfort, the Badlands 2200 is designed with utmost consideration for genuine ergonomics.

Outfitted with a T-6 aluminum aircraft frame that works with your body’s natural ability to support weight loads comfortably, this hunting backpack comes with a unique batwing design to create a near-perfect center of gravity so it can serve as an effective day pack and a meat hauler at the same time.

Designed both for rifle and archery hunters, this backpack is equipped with a variety of pockets, straps and other compartments for hassle-free carrying of crucial hunting equipment such as tripods, spotting scopes and more. Each side of the backpack has a pistol holster. In addition, this backpack has a meat shelf to hold your prize.

Boasting high-quality craftsmanship, this hunting pack utilizes the strongest, most waterproof and quietest material for this type of gear: KXO-32™ fabric. This backpack is also compatible with your hydration system.


Made out of special KXO-32 fabric, this US-made backpack delivers the functionality, quality craftsmanship, and style that any serious hunter would want in a gear transport system. It is capable of carrying a heavy load comfortably.

Designed with intelligent ergonomics, the backpack features a cutting-edge T-6 aluminum aircraft frame that supports the natural ability of your body to carry loads in comfort.

Thanks to the bat-wing design, the backpack effectively serves as a strong carrying system for meat. It can also be an efficient daypack, which makes it ideal for rifle and bowhunters.

There’s always enough room for critical hunting gear in this backpack. It features several pockets as well as functional storage compartments to hold tripods, spotting scopes, and more. You also have pistol holders on each side along with a convenient meat shelf.


While this model makes a pretty good option for hunters, field scientists who need better organization of their work gear might not find it a practical choice.



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