Best Hunting Backpack for the Money in 2019. Reviews & Analysis

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Top Hunting Backpacks for the Money Reviewed and Compared


If you’re looking for the best hunting backpack for the money but don’t have the time to do your own research, you’re in luck. We’ve done the research for you by browsing through lots of reviews of hunting backpacks, and we’ve also selected the ones that offered the most bang for the buck. We think that the first model you should consider is the Eberlestock Halftrack Pack. It manages to be a very versatile and popular alternative for a 3-day pack. Two levels of pockets are lining its interior, and it comes with webbing racks inside and out, as well as a shelf that divides the main compartment, so the storage room is more than enough. What’s more, the waist belt has a 5×2 Padlock matrix on each side. If you can’t find this item, you may want to take a look at the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander, as it offers similar features and build quality.



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Looking for top rated bow hunting backpacks can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with this field, but we’re here to help you make an informed choice by presenting you with a few alternatives. These are the products for sale that have caught our eye on the market, and we’ve decided to share them with you.



Eberlestock Halftrack Pack


This item comes in a wide variety of color alternatives, but our recommendation would be to get it in the classic camouflage shade, so it’s easier for you to pass unnoticed while you’re out hunting.

It features padlock webbing tie-points all over the pack, which you can use to bind all the tools and devices that you need to keep within reach. This model has become a popular 3-day pack, due to its ability to store all the items you might need to survive three days in the wild.

On the inside, it features two levels of varying-sized pockets and a fold-down shelf that divides the space inside for better organization and for helping you find your items in a shorter amount of time.

The inside is well-ventilated due to the polycarbonate frame, and the sensitive areas are padded with deep-cut air mesh foam for increased comfort.


This model is a reliable alternative for those looking for enough room to store all the items they will need for a 3-day adventure in the wild.

Aside from its contents, this backpack also carries 3-liter hydration kits, each in one of the sides pockets. This will help you keep the vital liquid handy in case you need it.

The webbing racks can be found inside and out, meaning they offer a lot of extra storage space for items that you need to keep within sight and reach.

Toward the back wall of the upper chamber, you will find a radio rack with large antenna portals.


There have been complaints saying that this item does not have enough small pockets to help you keep all your stuff organized.

Also, a few reviews said that the item itself is a little heavy, not to mention the weight you’re about to add on top of that.

Buy from for ($249)





ALPS OutdoorZ Commander


The material used to manufacture this alternative is Nylon Ripstop fabric, which will ensure long-term use regardless of the type of environment that you choose to carry this item in. It can withstand even the harshest weather conditions without sustaining any damage.

It will also allow you to keep your hunting gear organized due to the many pockets it has on the inside. Other than that, it also comes with two side accessory hinged pockets, a main and a front pocket, as well as a pocket specifically designed to accommodate a spotting scope, a typical piece of hunting gear.

You can detach your bag and use the frame on its own, especially if you want to haul out the meat you’ve caught with a secure lashing system. This item measures 17 to 23 inches on its torso range, and it allows you to keep your most needed equipment close.


The total weight of this bag does not surpass 7 lbs, meaning you have enough room to add a heavy load and not feel too much pressure.

If you’re looking for a hunting rifle backpack, this is it. This bag also comes with a special pocket to help you keep your rifle within reach.

After you’ve caught your prey, you can detach the frame of the product and use it as a unique lashing system.

What’s more, the torso area of this model also accommodates a clip-style holster, and a hydration pocket and port.

This item is very affordable, and it delivers reasonably good quality for its price range.


This item does not come with any load-lifters, which may be uncomfortable and inconvenient for some customers.

Also, several things are missing; for example, a water bottle pocket or a rain cover.

Buy from for ($124.49)





Badlands 2200 Camouflage


This item is manufactured using KXO-32 fabric, and it covers all the bases with a meat shelf, an internal scope and tripod pockets. It also has a rear entry panel that will allow you to access your gear through a quicker method.

The fabric is DWR-treated for waterproofing as well as for scent suppression, making it easy for you to go unnoticed and keep hunting prey without blowing your cover. It’s also treated against dirt and blood, so it has excellent resistance to many factors.

Aside from those benefits, this backpack also allows you to carry a considerable load comfortably, due to the ThermoMold suspension technology, which uses molded foam to match the contour of the human body and adjust its shape accordingly.

This item comes in a small color palette, but it’s designed to look neutral and attract minimal attention, immediately adapting to the surroundings. The fabric is also whisper-quiet to help you blend in.


You will find it useful that this model is compatible with a 2-liter hydration system and also the Badlands Bow Boot.

It will help you keep your cover due to the unscented material and the quiet KXO-32 fabric. You’ll be able to continue hunting your target while still unnoticed.

This bag uses ergonomically advanced molded foam to mimic the contour of the human body and provide a comfortable way of carrying heavy loads of equipment.

The neutral colors and patterns blend easily into a wide variety of environments and help you get closer to your target by merging with the surrounding scenery.


Unfortunately, this bag does not come with interior organization compartments, so it might be difficult to find specific items in a limited time frame.

This item also doesn’t feature the separate boot for carrying a hunting bow. Only the one for the rifle is included.

Buy from for ($279.94)





Buying guide


Finding a good hunting backpack for the money is no easy job especially in this market overflowing with different options, but one way to make your search more manageable is to know what you’re looking for concerning features and benefits.

This buying guide aims to give you some guidelines and to help you on your way to discovering which is the best choice for your needs.

Keeping your cover

One of the main aspects of going hunting is being able to get close to your prey without being noticed. Otherwise, your chances of success are completely gone. One way of doing this is making sure your bag’s fabric does not make any sound, because if that’s not the case, you’ll be noticeable from afar.

If you want to invest more and get your hands on a good quality item, you can try to look for fabrics that are treated to give off a neutral scent, which will mask your presence further, allowing you to pass virtually unnoticed through the forest.


Carrying a heavy load

The next thing you need to consider is the fact that you might be gone for several days and you need to store all your vital items, which might add up to a slightly uncomfortable amount.

One way that you can solve this problem is by choosing a model that comes with a lot of padding and technology to distribute the weight, so it doesn’t put too much pressure on your shoulders. Some of the load should be allocated toward your hips to prevent excessive fatigue.

Some designs have ergonomically-shaped foam that follows the contour of the human body. That’s probably the most comfortable type of padding you will encounter, but at times it might cost more than just regular foam.

Also, you need to make sure the adjustment straps are set to your body’s dimensions before you set off on a new journey.

Having enough pockets

One big problem when it comes to storage is whether there are enough pockets to help you keep your stuff perfectly organized. Usually, the case with less expensive gear is that it lacks certain features; in this case, certain additional pockets and extra storage room that you can use to keep items handy.

Our advice would be not to give up on having these benefits because they might prove to be useful in the long run. If you’re a dedicated hunting enthusiast, no doubt, you’ll want to invest in good quality gear for your favorite hobby.



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