Best Hunting Backpack for Alaska in 2019. Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 15.07.19


Top Hunting Backpacks for Alaska Reviewed and Compared


If you have no time available to prospect the market thoroughly, but you are determined to get the best hunting backpack for Alaska, you have come to the right place. After considering the feedback from both amateur and advanced hunters, we have concluded that the model to get is the Teton Sports Grand 5500. This is the brand’s largest internal frame backpack with ample room to pack all your hunting equipment and keep sensitive items such as your favorite hunting camera safe. Thanks to the extra padded dual wishbone waist pad with independent top and bottom hip and torso adjustments, this unit will fit any body shape. As a plus, you get the benefit of a very durable Black Oxford shell, to ensure that the backpack can handle any condition. If our first pick is not available for sale, we recommend that you consider the Drakon Outdoor Equipment Survival.



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We know that selecting the right backpack for your needs can be a daunting task, which is why we have compiled a list of some of the top-rated options currently available. These are the models that have garnered only positive customer reviews of hunting backpacks for Alaska, and that stood out thanks to the comfort, versatility, and durability that they offer.



Teton Sports Grand 5500 


The Grand 5500 model is Teton Sport’s largest internal frame backpack, and by the looks of it, it is set to become an excellent solution for users that want to get more bang for their buck. This versatile choice can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, and even fishing since it is spacious enough to store even your collection of telescopic fly rods.

With so much space available, you will be able to prepare for even the harshest weather since aside from your hunting gear you’ll still have more than enough space to pack some extra warm clothes.

If you are planning to hunt for the whole weekend, during the day when the weather may be warmer, you can pack that favorite hunting jacket of yours and leave it in the backpack. There’s no need to worry that the load will be too heavy since the unit molds perfectly to the shape of your back, allowing you to carry the weight more efficiently and comfortably.

If you want to get a hunting backpack that can cater to even the most aggressive hunters at a price that is still very friendly to beginners, we wholeheartedly recommend this model.

Buy from for ($140.26)




Drakon Outdoor Equipment Survival 


The Drakon model is designed for people that require a sturdy backpack capable of handling pretty much anything. This unit is carved from ultra-durable 500D PVC Tarpaulin sheets, similarly to what you would typically find in quality heavy-duty hunting rain gear. Each seam is welded by hand and inspected to ensure watertight perfection.

With versatility, ultimate protection, and survival in mind, this is a must-buy option if you want to protect your belongings when traversing extreme environments. This option has a capacity of 2440 cubic inches, meaning that it manages to offer more than enough space for your gear without making the backpack too hefty.

Since it features a full MOLLE system, this model offers more customization than other similarly priced alternatives on the market. You can attach your own MOLLE pouches to extend the storing capacity of the unit even further or use the included six extra pouches that come free of charge with your purchase.

The goal that the manufacturer has set is to produce a product that can enable hunters and hikers to triumph over any extreme adventure, and after taking a close look at the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, we are happy to report that it has succeeded.

Buy from for ($169)




Mardingtop 50L/60L Hiking 


The Mardingtop model continues the trend set by the other products on our list, offering a versatile storage solution that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. You can use it for hunting as your primary activity, but that does not mean that once you are done stalking the prey, you will leave the backpack unused.

With a capacity of 3660 cubic inches (or 60 liters), and the numerous compartments that you can use, this pack can hold all that you need for a successful outdoor adventure. It can hold anything from snacks, flashlights, water bottles, and sleeping bags, to your collection of quality hunting knives, and all your other essential hunting gear.

There is also a zipper divider inside the pack, and it can be used to separate the main compartment from the sleeping compartment. If you don’t plan to spend the night in the big outdoors, the compartment can be used to store even more of your gear.

Storage should not be a problem since you can attach additional tactical pouches to the MOLLE webbing. You can also leave your water bottles at home since the backpack includes a hydration compartment that can hold a 3-liter (100 ounces) hydration bladder. The hydration compartment may also be used to carry a 15.6” laptop.

Buy from for ($79.99)




Buying guide


Identifying a good hunting backpack for Alaska can be a difficult task if you don’t have the time to research the market properly. To make things easier and to help you understand which features you ought to focus on, we have compiled the following buyer’s guide just for you.


The most important factor to consider when purchasing a backpack is deciding on the size that you need. Answering this question is harder than it seems for a couple of reasons. First, if you are a novice, it can be hard to deduce how much gear the backpack can hold.

Secondly, even if you know the exact storage capacity, it can sometimes be hard to determine how it will translate to a hunting pack. Each hunter has his or her way of hunting and specific gear that he or she prefers.

If you are purchasing a hunting backpack for the first time, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment knowing that you can always return a product if you are unhappy with it. The size of the backpack should also depend on how you intend to plan your hunts. For a one-day excursion, a smaller unit can do the trick, but for a weekend trip, you will need ample storage room.


Choosing the frame

Most hunting backpacks come in three options: frameless, external, or internal. The frameless option is designed for short trips and light loads, and should only be used if you want to travel light and don’t have to carry a heavy load.

The external frames offer maximum support for heavy loads and provide more back ventilation, but they are the most burdensome option available. The internal frame pack tends to be quieter, meaning that it should be preferred if you intend to hunt game that gets spooked easily, but other than that it offers no additional advantage.


Additional features

Depending on your needs, there are a few extra features that you might want to consider when purchasing a product. Backpacks with hydration systems are becoming more and more popular since they are instrumental when you are hunting over a more extended period or when you find yourself in high-temperature climates.

Whether you plan to hunt with a bow or firearm, there are many options that come equipped with a storage solution for your weapon. This is a convenient feature to have since it will free your hands and allow you to focus on other tasks while hiking.


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