Best Hunter Orange Jacket in 2018. Reviews & Analysis
Best Hunter Orange Jacket in 2018. Reviews & Analysis

Top Hunter Orange Jackets Reviewed and Compared

If you are looking for the best hunter orange jacket, but you’re too busy to read the entire buying guide offered by our researchers, you will get here, in this paragraph, the information you seek. The feedback from buyers and experts, the sales figures, and the comments on social media point out that the Gamehide Flatland Deer should be your top choice. Made from waterproof materials, this jacket is your ally in all weather conditions, even those of the worst kind. Another great thing about this model is that it is silent so that you can approach your prey without fear that you might get detected. The hood can be detached, and the wrist wraps can be adjusted, for maximum comfort and convenience. In the unfortunate event that the Gamehide Flatland Deer is no longer available, we have another solution, the Dan's Briarproof Small Game which is almost just as good.

Our top choices

If you want a good orange hunting jacket, you will find here some excellent recommendations. All the products reviewed below are critically acclaimed and offer excellent features and quality. Choosing one will help you in your quest for getting the best hunting clothing around.

Gamehide Flatland Deer

There are many things hunters want from a hunting jacket. This mid-weight model seems to have it all figured out, as it presents so many advantages that you cannot overlook. The jacket will keep you warm in bad weather, and, what is equally important, because it is waterproof, it will also keep you dry.

You might not expect so many great features in a cheap orange hunting jacket like this one, but the truth is that the Gamehide Flatland Deer should be your choice in any conditions. The 4.5-ounce insulation is enough to keep the inclement weather at bay, and it does not make the jacket very bulky and unusable.

The Hush Hide material doesn’t make any noise, so you don’t have to worry about deer hearing you while you approach the area they are in. You will get to choose from three types of camo patterns, not only orange, so you can rest assured that this is a popular model around hunters.

You can always pair it with a tactical vest for increased protection. A broad range of extras makes this jacket a must-have. The hood can be detached when not in use, and you can adjust the wrist wraps for a perfect fit.

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Dan's Briarproof Small Game

If you are interested in small game hunting, you will not go wrong with this particular model. The Dan's Briarproof Small Game is true to its name, and it comes equipped with all the needed features for staying well protected in all weather conditions. The jacket is resistant to water, and you will also be warm enough when you wear it.

The game pouch in front is a nice touch. The jacket has two pockets on the sides for hunters to keep their hands warm. The cargo pockets are designed for larger items, and you will get some extra storage space from other pockets strategically placed on the design.

One thing you may love hearing about is that this model is made in the US, and it is also handmade so that you can expect a quality of craftsmanship unlike in other products on the market. The 420 denier nylon is meant to keep humidity at bay, while you remain dry and comfortable inside.

With so many options available for sale, there is no wonder that finding a good pick is challenging. But, if you choose this model, you don’t have to look further anymore. Offering an excellent balance between protection and convenience, it is a good catch.

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ArcticShield Men's Classic

This jacket is your ideal choice for cold weather, as it comes with a special technology for heat retention. The exterior is made from polyester tricot, so it will have no trouble keeping you warm inside. At the same time, it is quiet, which means that you will not make unnecessary noise while moving through the woods.

You might expect this parka model to be a bit heavy, seeing that it is designed to keep you warm. But you get a good deal for your money, because this model is lightweight, and you will be able to wear it for hours on end without experiencing any fatigue.

The cargo pockets offer plenty of room for storing large items, while the pass-behind pockets for keeping your hands warm are excellent, too. The chest pockets are zippered, and there you can keep other accessories that you need ready at hand.

Pair this warm jacket with some hunting boots for cold weather, and you will not have to worry about a thing. The parka is waterproof, but also breathable, and windproof, which means that facing inclement weather is doable when equipped like this.

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Buying guide

Do you know what is the best orange jacket for hunters? We want to offer an honest answer to this question, by providing you with all the information you need for an informed decision.

All the characteristics listed below are essential for a good buy. Make sure that you don’t overlook such aspects, because a comfortable hunting jacket can help you enjoy your trips better, while providing you with the necessary protection.

Why are orange jackets considered camouflage clothing?

One thing you may want to understand before anything else is what kind of camouflage is represented by orange clothing used for hunting. While camo patterns that take after the environment, such as leaves and tree barks, are ideal for remaining concealed from your prey, they can have a downside.

All the hunting camo clothing available in other patterns than orange will keep you concealed from your fellow hunters, as well, and that is how a hunting accident can happen. An orange jacket will keep you hidden from prey that are color-blind, and, at the same time, will signal your presence to other hunting buddies, to avoid accidents.

It is all about protection

There are many things you can do to keep yourself protected. To keep your face warm from wind and bad weather, a balaclava for hunting is an ideal choice. However, the kind of jacket you are wearing is extremely important, because it can protect your body from cold and other types of bad weather.

Pick a model that is advertised as being waterproof. If the jacket you wear is also windproof, that is even better. You want your jacket to keep you warm and protected from inclement weather conditions so that you can see about your hunting activities.

All the hunter orange jackets reviews you can read online will tell you that such aspects are important if you want to be well protected while you go hunting in the woods.

Extra pockets for maximum storage space

As a hunter, you most probably know how crucial it is to have enough storage space for your extra shells, your binoculars, your smartphone, and other items that you want to keep nearby.

A good jacket should have plenty of pockets to ensure that you have plenty of room for your accessories and valuables. Even if you wear hunting rain gear, you will need some hand warmer pockets, and some chest pockets to keep your extra shells.

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