Best Hip Boot for Fishing in 2020. Reviews & Analysis

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Top Hip Boots for Fishing Reviewed and Compared


If you feel like a new pair of the best hip boots for fishing is just what you need to fully enjoy your next fishing trip, but you don’t have enough time to properly go through all the relevant information on the subject, then have no fear! We’ve made sure to read many fishing hip boots reviews in order to deliver all the advice you need to make the right choice. According to our research, the first item that you should consider is the Hodgman Mackenzie Waders, because of its many useful features. For example, the material used to guarantee this pair is approximately 30% lighter than other alternatives. The tough nylon fabric used in the manufacturing process ensures a waterproof surface, making them ideal for fishing and generally for wet environments. The boot is made of PVC, making them 25% more durable than other materials used for the same purpose. Should this product be unavailable, you can always try the Allen Company Black River as a great second choice.



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5 Best Hip Boots for Fishing (Reviews) in 2020


We all know how picking out the best fishing hip boots in 2020 can be a tough task, especially when you’re not really an expert on the subject. Luckily for you, we’ve made sure to put together a few reviews of our top products in order to offer some extra information on what your requirements should be.



1. Hodgman Mackenzie Waders 


This particular model is reasonably priced for the features that it offers. First of all, the hip-high boots are made of tough nylon, making them completely waterproof and extremely durable, in contrast with other materials used to manufacture fishing boots. They also come in a color that makes it easy for the user to blend in the surroundings.

The combination of materials makes the final product approximately 30% lighter than other alternatives available for sale these days. It’s important to consider this aspect when shopping for wearable gear as its primary function should be to allow you to walk freely and comfortably in order to go about your activity.

Another material is used for the boot, considering the fact that it needs a lot more protection. The PVC is 25% tougher than rubber and can resist impact as well as allow you to walk on slippery surfaces.

In order to enhance their functionality, the design also includes an internal pocket, that can be used to store small devices or pieces of gear that you need to keep handy and protected from contact with water. Despite being hip-high, the boots won’t chafe as much as other options due to the quality of the materials, making them a feasible choice for the money.

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2. Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders


This similarly priced product is one of the choices you should definitely take into consideration when setting off to buy a new pair of the best fishing hip boots in 2020, for various reasons. First of all, the upper construction is light enough not to hinder your movements, entirely covered in a waterproof membrane to prevent water from infiltrating the insides.

The belt loop paired with the take-up strap is meant to help you adjust the size until it fits perfectly with your body measurements, in order for this item to be comfortable to wear. It’s always crucial for a piece of gear to fit perfectly, otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to fulfill its purpose.

A sturdy material is used to manufacture the boot area since that needs to be a lot tougher than the rest of the item in order to resist to impact. This model is designed to provide maximum comfort and keep you both dry and warm during days with unpleasant weather conditions.

In order to offer a more secure grip and allow you to walk on slippery surfaces, a cleated sole completes the design of this product.

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3. Pro Line 3 Ply Stretch Nylon Hip Wader with Cleated Sole


Another model within this price range, the Ply Stretch wader is made of a combination of nylon jersey and rubber which manages to make the boot waterproof but light enough to be easy to move around while wearing the pair. You can rest assured knowing that water infiltrations won’t ruin your fishing day.

In order to increase your stability when walking on slippery surfaces such as mossy rocks or muddy portions of terrain, the outsole is cleated for super traction, this way you’ll be able to walk freely and reach the perfect angling spot, however unpleasant the weather forecast might be.

The materials used to manufacture this model have been tested in order to prove their superiority to the canvas and other alternatives usually used to manufacture this type of product. For increased protection, the boot and the knees are reinforced with a tougher rubber material, that responds better to impact force.

By using a one-piece seamless construction, the quality of the final product is significantly increased. Not only does this method guarantee that it’s easy to put them on if you’re in a rush and comfortable to wear them without having to face fatigue, but it also ensures that water won’t infiltrate the insides.

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4. Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg 3-ply PVC Canvas Bootfoot Hip Wader


This alternative from Frogg Toggs is roughly within the same price range as the other options we’ve also included in our collection, and it offers a few quite useful features. For example, the heavy duty three-ply canvas is durable enough to withstand long-term use and make sure water doesn’t infiltrate the insides and ruin your fishing trip.

In order for you to walk comfortably, the materials are light enough for the weight of the boots to be bearable. Another factor that contributes to this aspect is the cleated outsole that helps increase your stability on slippery surfaces, that you will often encounter while fishing since the environment can be insecure.

Another function that these boots manage to fulfill is thermal insulation. By using a layer of wool in the midsole, they manage to keep your feet warm and thus allow you to enjoy angling regardless of the cold weather.

For increased security, the toe cap and the heel are reinforced with a steel shank that protects your feet from impact or abrasion. Since this sort of accidents happens often, it’s better to be safe than sorry and protect yourself using the proper gear.

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5. Duck&Fish Rubber 2 Ply 


A slightly cheaper alternative than other models we’ve also showcased in our collection, these rubber boots from Duck&Fish is made using premium grade rubber and vulcanized in order to increase their resistance and ensure long-term use. Not only is rubber one hundred percent waterproof, but it’s also comfortable to wear.

In order for you to achieve the perfect fit, the insides of the knee area feature a harness that can be used to adjust the side strap until you manage to perfectly match it with your legs measurements. It’s always crucial to pick out fishing gear according to your size since you need to be comfortable wearing it.

This pair manages to last a long time by using a heavy nylon lining, that creates a waterproof membrane while also contributing to the durability of the item. The knees are padded to make sure that the customer is comfortable while wearing this product.

The cushioned insole also contributes to the overall insulation, meant to help you keep warm in cold weather and enjoy a day out fishing without having to worry about the surrounding environment. If you’re looking for cheap hip boots for fishing, this is definitely a model worth taking into consideration.

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Buying guide


However difficult it may be to find good fishing hip boots, especially in this overcrowded market full with options, it’s important to remember to always trust your instinct and choose the piece of gear that perfectly fits your requirements. If you’re not sure what you should expect, we’ve gathered some information by reading reviews of hip boots for fishing and we’ve put it all together in this complete buying guide.

Materials and quality

Perhaps the first aspect one should take into consideration when setting off to buy good quality hip boots is the combination of materials used to manufacture the final product. It’s essential for the boots to be waterproof but there are many more functions they should fulfill in order to be worth your money.

For example, a pair should be comfortable enough to be worn all day long, meaning they can’t be too heavy because otherwise they’ll cause fatigue and become completely impractical. In order for them to be light, you should pay attention to the layered structure and its thickness.

Choose a light material protected by a waterproof layer, such as nylon, and make sure there are no seams or stitches on display where water might infiltrate the interior.

The materials used also contribute to the insulation since the inner temperature is an important aspect when it comes to fishing boots. You need to feel warm enough to sit comfortably through a day of fishing outdoors. Certain brands enhance their designs by adding padded midsoles or other elements meant to keep the heat inside.

If you choose to go with a model of insulated boots, make sure they’re the right size since the interior might be a little smaller than the regular size due to the extra layers.


Stability and protection

Other important aspects to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the right model are issues related to stability and security. When fishing in a slippery environment, you may often encounter circumstances where you need to reach a certain area of land that’s inaccessible.

In order to feel secure at all times, make sure you choose a model with a rugged outsole, that can increase traction and offer you a tighter grip on the land wherever you step. This way you’ll feel a lot safer and you’ll be able to move freely without having to worry about slipping on wet rocks or muddy terrain and hurting yourself in an unfortunate accident.

Other mishaps that may ruin a fishing trip are collision accidents. In order to protect your feet, most brands secure their boot model by adding a tougher material to the lower part, the ones that protect the heel and the toes. A reinforced steel plate on these areas might also be a good idea, especially if you’re a fan of rough environments where the risk of injury is higher.

Whichever model you choose, make sure all the extra layers don’t add too much weight and make the boots uncomfortable, because that’s when they’ll stop being useful and will become a piece of gear that you avoid wearing.


Many aspects need to be considered when it comes to the comfort of the customer, but mainly we’re going to talk about size and special interior layers. It’s crucial to know how to pick the right size when it comes to footwear, fishing gear especially. If you’re not familiar with the items a certain brand commercializes, make sure you research to subject beforehand and see if their products are true to size or whether you need to change your options accordingly.

For increased comfort, you can always opt for models that have padded areas on the interior, wherever you might feel they are useful. Despite being a little pricier, such a feature might make your fishing experience exponentially more enjoyable.

You can also opt for boots that have adjustable straps and allow you to change their shape until it matches the measurements of your body. This is useful not only for items bought online, that you can’t try on beforehand but also if you’re planning to wear them for an extended period of time. Your size might change over time, and getting a model that’s adjustable might also serve other future users like friends or family.

All in all, it’s important to consider your specific requirements before setting off to make a purchase. Every model is perfectly suited for a certain customer. In terms of budget, stick to a limit you impose on yourself but remember to take your hobbies seriously and invest accordingly, unless you wish to end up with poor quality gear.




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