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Last Updated: 18.09.19

Handheld sonar systems – Buying guide, Reviews & Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best handheld sonar systems. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Hawkeye H22FX is the best because it’s budget-friendly, comes with an integrated flashlight, and can provide readings ranging from 2.5 feet to 200 feet in water depth. Besides, the Hawkeye H22FX has been described time and time again as versatile and easy to use, which is a significant detail to bear in mind for beginning users. The four interchangeable color lenses of this product can come in handy under many circumstances. If the Hawkeye H22FX is unavailable, you should consider the MarCum LX-I as it is a reliable alternative in terms of performance and quality.



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For your consideration, we have compiled a list of the three most acclaimed units in the line. All of the following have been highly spoken of by American and international buyers alike. They’re dependable, convenient and easy to use, and they won’t ruin your budget. Have a look at them if you have the time.


3 Best Handheld Sonar Systems (Reviews) in 2019


1. Hawkeye H22FX Handheld Sonar System


1.HAWKEYE H22FXThe Hawkeye H22FX is probably the best handheld sonar system on the market today, considering the amount of appreciation it has managed to gather over time. The features of this model are diverse and extremely attractive, ranging from a fish indicator to display fish in the sonar beam to adaptive software programming that can minimize the false readings.

This unit is capable of offering depth readings from 2.5’ to 200’. As for displaying both the water and the air temperature, you needn’t worry about anything with the Hawkeye H22FX, since it has an integrated temperature sensor that does exactly that.

The model is water resistant and buoyant. One of the most appreciated characteristics of this variety is the integrated high-density LED flashlight. The product has two modes: manual and automatic. It is said that the manual mode works best for docks, piers, float tubes, canoes and kayaks while the automatic one is the perfect fit for boats and rafts.

The manufacturers are offering a 2-year warranty on this item.

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2. Marcum Digital Handheld Sonar


2.MarCum Digital Handheld SonarEven though it is slightly less affordable compared to the unit we have showcased above, the MarCum is definitely worth having a look at.

This handheld sonar system has a power of 2,500 watts, making it the right choice for people who want to fish both in shallow and in deep waters. The model can offer depth readings up to 299 feet.

Unlike other devices in the same line, this one has a series of features that are pretty hard to say no to.

For example, the 12-cone angle and the oversized top-mounted LCD display make it one of the most popular varieties out there. Yet another noteworthy reminder of the excellent performance of this unit is the 6V lithium battery, which can work continuously for approximately 20 hours.

One of the reasons the battery of the MarCum variety is so long-lasting is that the sonar system automatically shuts off when it is not being used. This helps prolong the overall life of the device and of the battery.

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3. Norcross Hawkeye H22PX Sonar System


3.Norcross Hawkeye H22PX Sonar SystemIt would have been impossible for us to leave out this model from this list, as it is among the most inexpensive units in the line.

The Norcross Hawkeye H22PX is capable of providing instant depth readings up to 200FT, so it’s safe to say that it does what it is supposed to do and does it well. The Norcross Hawkeye H22PX is a versatile and economical option that’s both reliable and waterproof.

Furthermore, it can be used for ice fishing just as well as for regular fishing, without forcing users to cut countless holes. In the summer, the model can be utilized as a temperature meter and as a range finder.

Since it is easy to use and friendly on a buyer’s budget, we recommend getting this system for anything from boat excursions and diving trips to long fishing trips with friends.

Some buyers characterize this variety as being a solid depth finder that also works well for kayak fishing, while others state that it is well-built and offers great value for the price.

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Buying guide


If you’ve been wondering about which the best handheld sonar system is, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a short and informative buying guide to assist you in making the right choice. Whether you want to purchase new or used, the most important aspect to consider is that you should correlate your needs and preferences to the features of the device you’re looking for. Here are some core details to consider.

Handheld sonar system



Power is a matter of great concern when it comes to buying the best fish finders. If you usually fish in shallow lakes, high frequency is more important compared to power. However, if you plan on using the system in deep, murky waters it might be better to pick a higher wattage. The golden rule, in this case, is the more power, the better.


Battery life

Some models can be used for up to 20 hours at a time while others have to be charged after just 7 hours of use. Battery life should be a factor if you’re keen on the idea of going out on fishing trips, where you extensively use the system.



Warranty is a manufacturing brand’s way of respecting its customers. Our advice to you is to pick a product that is covered by at least 1 year of consumer warranty.



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