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Last Updated: 19.06.19

Freshwater fishing kayaks – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Fishing is one of the most relaxing ways to spend your free weekends and spare time because it can help you restore your mind peace while also trying to provide dinner for yourself or loved ones. And, if you prefer going into the wilds alone, what better way than choosing a freshwater fishing kayak. After going through many online product reviews ourselves, we have concluded that one of the best kayaks for your solitary fishing games is the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 because it is specifically designed for fishing, it is stable, quiet, and designed to keep you safe both on calm or rough waters. If the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is not available for buying at the moment, you should definitely choose the Perception Kayak Pescador as a viable alternative in terms of quality and price.



Our top choices


If you’re on the run but still want to make sure you can find some more than decent fishing kayaks, the best products we could find on the market are showcased below, with a full review.



Ocean Kayak Prowler 13


This single-person kayak is perfect for your fishing trips when you just want to be alone and have a good time by yourself. The product is one of the few that were specifically designed for fishing and can handle just fine in both calm or rapid waters. The performance hull is fast, stable, and, above all, quiet, to ensure you won’t scare the fish away.

It provides a large front hatch with easy access to the main components and accessories of the boat. The large-sized storage compartment can accommodate multiple rods and your capture of the day, as well as all your other fishing supplies, and even your personal belongings.

The kayak comes with a comfortable seat, as well as two-rod holders, two cup holders, two paddle keeps, and a skid plate in order to provide you with the best fishing trip ever. In addition, the rear oversized tank is specifically designed to meet the needs of all modern fishermen, so it is equipped with tackle boxes, coolers, crates, and bait wells.

The product is available in two cameo color prints to blend in perfectly with the surrounding nature and not attract attention while in the wild.

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Perception Kayak Pescador


If you’re willing for a great Pescador to take on your next fishing trip, we believe that this product should definitely be amongst your top choices. The bright green design certainly pops up, so it is not entirely great if you plan on keeping a low-profile, camouflage ride at fishing. However, the bold design will make nonconventional fishermen sigh as they will make a statement with this kayak.

We are talking about a single-person kayak, so the maximum capacity of this boat is around 350 pounds, sufficient to keep you safe and store all your prey, fishing tools, and personal belongings.

The product is made from sturdy materials to ensure safeness at all costs and can be taken on rapid waters and lakes as well. It features two flush-mounted rod holders, and an anchor/ trolley kit for different types of fishing, according to your wishes and specifications.

What we like about this specific kayak is that is 12-feet long and provides plenty of room for storing everything you would possibly need on a fishing trip and more. However, despite its big length, the kayak is very lightweight, yet sturdy, so you can count on it on all weather conditions and different types of waters.

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Lifetime Tandem Kayak


If you’re on a tighter budget but still want to enjoy qualitative products, this kayak should be a great option for you. It can be purchased for a very convenient price and will last you a long time from now on, regardless of the type of fishing you are into. The product weighs around 60 pounds, making it a lightweight, yet sturdy transportation means while fishing on lakes or rivers.

This is not a single-user kayak, meaning it can comfortably accommodate up to three adults, and still provide enough room for storing your fishing tools and personal belongings. In fact, it can support a weight up to 500 pounds, so you can rest assured everything you need to take with you on your future fishing trip will fit in this kayak.

The product is made from a blow molded high-density polyethylene to ensure increased durability and strength, and it is backed by a five-year manufacturer warranty to be sure about the top-quality materials used for its construction.

The hull design will resist cracking, scratching, peeling, and fading, as well as harmful UV rays. In addition, this kayak comes equipped with three fishing pole holders, 6-inch storage hatch, two double-sized paddles, and paddle clips.

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Buying guide


If you’re looking for the best freshwater fishing kayak, chances are that you will require some professional help since there are countless options available for sale on the market. You can go through our fishing kayak reviews and opt for one of our items or simply catch a glimpse of our following shopping guide and read about the features you have to take into account for finding the best fishing kayak for freshwater.



Number of passengers

Kayaks are usually sturdy constructions that can accommodate a large number of people, depending on your personal preferences. However, most fishing kayaks are for single-use only because we believe fishing is a recreational activity that is best enjoyed alone.

However, if you plan on taking the squad with you too, there are numerous options for two, three or four persons. We do suggest to keep a good kayak for freshwater fishing for yourself as well, for those afternoons when you want to be alone on the lake and simply enjoy the silence and the infinity of crystal waters.


The right material

Another essential feature to look for is the material the construction is made from. Most kayaks nowadays are made from polyethylene, a type of hard plastic which is inexpensive and extremely compact. It is highly resistant to impact and abrasion, but it does have a lifespan of only a few years if you don’t take good care of it.

You should keep in mind that this type of plastic has a tendency of changing its shape under hot temperatures, but will soon return to its original shape once placed in a cool spot. However, constant changes in shape due to temperature differences can cause damages on the long term.

If you decide to opt for a composite kayak, keep in mind that it is made from fiberglass, carbon blends, and Kevlar. This composite is exceptionally durable but will cost you more. However, the overall construction is very lightweight and will provide you the best fishing experience under all weather conditions.


Storage capacity

Last but not least, the overall storage capacity of a fishing kayak is extremely important. The more people your kayak can accommodate, the more space you will require for fishing rods, personal accessories, and other fishing items. We suggest choosing a kayak with enough storage place so that you can go fishing all day long and not turn back to the shore after you catch a few bigger game fish.




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