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Last Updated: 15.08.19

Folding fishing rods – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you’re in the market for the best folding fishing rod but hardly know how to go about things, this paragraph can tell you what you need to know. Based on the feedback coming from amateur and professional anglers, we’ve concluded that the product you ought to consider should be the Plusinno Spinning Telescopic. Available in a wide range of sizes, this series is regarded as one of the top-notch choices of our days, and that’s because it boasts a reliable construction consisting of carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. What this means for you is that you will enjoy the services offered by this model for many seasons to come. The product includes a spinning reel of which the features depend on the size that you will select. In case the Plusinno Spinning Telescopic is no longer available, perhaps you should take a look at the specs of the second best alternative, the Eagle Claw Pack-It.



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While we cannot choose the best telescopic rod for you, we can at least guide you and advise you as to which some of the most popular models are nowadays. The following rods appear to offer more than enough value for the money, and the neat thing about them is that they’re available for sale for a meager cost.



Plusinno Spinning Telescopic


As one of the critically acclaimed choices available these days, this Plusinno spinning combo is both a sight for sore eyes and a piece of equipment that’s capable of excellent performance. Most of the feedback that we have analyzed in this sense is remarkably favorable, with hundreds of fishers claiming that the model is indeed worth the effort and money.

The rod is compact and lightweight and comes with a plastic cap that will hold the components once they are collapsed. It appears that the pole is quite durable and the reel holder seems to be sturdy, having been made out of metal.

Some of the buyers have noted that the bag that’s included in the deal might be of a lesser quality, however. So, if you truly care for storing your fishing items properly, you’ll have to purchase one individually.


Unlike other options out there, this product is a rod and reel combo, which is why you won’t have to bother with selecting a separate reel that should be a perfect fit for your pole.

Boasting a stainless steel hooded reel seat and an EVA fore grip for comfort, it goes without saying that the Plusinno is a winner in terms of both durability and usability.

Since the rod has been constructing using a mix of fiberglass and carbon fiber, it’s sensitive and reasonably lightweight, at the same time. Of course, this feature depends on the size that you will choose.

The unit has acquired the appreciation of over four hundred perfectly satisfied anglers.


The screw threads and locking mechanism are very sharp, so be sure to avoid scratching or hurting yourself when maneuvering the product.

If you decide to go for the kit, you might fail to be impressed by the line included in the box.

Buy from for ($43.98)





Eagle Claw Pack-It


If spending over twenty dollars on a folding fishing rod doesn’t seem a good idea for what you have in mind, it’s high time you checked out this model. It’s affordable and versatile and will prove to be a trusty friend whenever you need it the most.

Plus, the fact that it has been made out of glass is a reassurance you’re likely to be interested in given that, despite its size, the pole will last throughout many fishing seasons. It’s also worth noting that the unit has been equipped with ceramic guides that add a bit to its overall durability.

In the midst of a battle with a fish, you need to make sure that your rod doesn’t slip from your hands. This situation will not happen if you decide to use the Eagle Claw Pack-It since it comes with an EVA foam handle that enables you to get a good grip on the situation.


This 5-ft 6-in fishing rod is truly portable as it will fit anywhere in your car, whether you plan to store it in the trunk or not. What this means is that you will always be prepared for every angling opportunity.

Since it has been made out of glass, this option is a sustainable alternative to give some thought to. You won’t be forced to invest in a different rod every year.

The EVA foam handle that the Eagle Claw Pack-It has been outfitted with enables you to hold it comfortably and easily.

The ceramic guides will put up with the friction that’s likely to occur when you’re fighting a feisty fish.


Some anglers argue that the tip of this rod might be a bit on the thin side, which has led them to believe that the quality is inferior when compared to that of some of its competitors.

Buy from for ($16.64)





Sougayilang Portable


The Sougayilang alternative is a portable fishing rod that’s both a sight for sore eyes and a joy to hold and work with. The model has been designed to meet and even exceed the expectations of modern consumers, which is why it has been made out of carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass.

The reel seat is made out of metal, which should be an indicative as to whether or not it’s durable. Also, the EVA fore grip is quite comfortable and allows you to hold the rod for as long as possible without needing to put it down every once in a while.

Reeling in your catches is said to be easy, at least judging by the feedback that the model has acquired in this sense. Unlike some of its competitors, this rod doesn’t come with any sharp components, so you don’t have to practice caution each time you use this collapsible pole.


As one of the easiest to use rods in the line, the Sougayilang Portable should be one of the models you ought to jot down on your list.

It’s made out of carbon fiber and fiberglass, which ensures many years of comfortable use. It’s also rather lightweight, so you won’t feel any strain in your hands.

The model comes with a spinning reel, so you needn’t make any separate purchase.

The telescopic design renders it portable, which is why you won’t have any issue carrying it and storing it in your car, at home, or in a case that can be bought individually.

This unit is the perfect choice for shore and reef fishing.


Some of the line eyes can be a little loose, but this is an issue that can be fixed with ease.

Make sure to pay attention to the tip as it might come off, and if you lose it, you won’t have any means to glue it back.

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Buying guide


If you are a frequent traveler and hardly know when a fishing occasion might arise, you might be interested in prospecting the market for the best foldable fishing rod. Soon enough, though, you’ll come to see that there are many choices to consider and many hours to spend researching the models you’ll stumble upon.

To save you some time and turn your decision-making process into an efficient experience, we’ve compiled all the important info you’ll have to consider in a neat and comprehensive buyer’s guide. Check it out below.

Exactly what kind of design are you looking for?

It’s difficult to give a straight definition as to what a folding fishing rod should look like. Some say that it is a pole that can be broken down into several pieces while others argue that it is a telescopic rod. From what we’ve gathered while researching the topic, it appears that the second answer is correct.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to these two alternatives. On the one hand, multiple-piece rods have to be put together time and time again, for each fishing occasion. On the other, telescopic rods are considered more durable than their multiple-piece counterparts, and for good reason. Their components simply collapse onto one another.

When using a telescopic rod, one usually employs a spinning technique as most of such models come with spinning reels. This situation, however, is not a downside, as these poles are indeed made to be perfect for traveling.


Power and action

The action and power of telescopic choices cannot be compared to those of standard rods. These options have to be sturdy and resilient so that they are capable of putting up with a lot of abuse over time. Most of the products that you will inevitably come across are medium action rods.


Construction quality

It goes without saying that, should you be searching for a product that has garnered the best folding fishing rod reviews, it needs to be well-made. Graphite, carbon fiber and fiberglass are some of the common materials used by most modern manufacturers.

It’s often that such brands are forced to combine two of the formerly mentioned materials so that the rods turn out being lightweight, sensitive, yet durable enough. Graphite is sensitive and light, unlike fiberglass, for instance. Consider your fishing conditions before opting for one type of construction or the next.




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