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Fly fishing waist packs – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Getting one of the best fly fishing waist packs is a good idea if you want to make sure that you have all of your essential tools and gear at hand. To save you a bit of time, we went through dozens of sales figures, consumer reports, and forums to see which product is worth investing in and which one you can do without. It appears that the YUOTO Outdoor Gear Pack is the model that you should consider, especially as it is affordable, easy to use, and comes with plenty of other benefits. It’s also wear-resistant and can allow you to keep as many as two water bottles at the same time. You can also carry some of your essentials in this fanny pack, whether you want to stay connected and have your smartphone with you at all times, or would just prefer reaching for a knife or pliers both easily. If the YUOTO Outdoor Gear Pack is out of stock, do consider the Allen Eagle River 6332.



Our top choices


Most of the fly fishing waist pack reviews we’ve gone through recommend the following choices. We know that the variety of products available for sale today is downright daunting, but with these suggestions, you won’t be able to go wrong.


YUOTO Outdoor Gear Pack


Since it doesn’t cost a fortune and can be used both efficiently and smoothly, this model simply had to make our list. It’s made from wear-resistant nylon, which is why it is likely to serve you for many angling seasons. The mesh lumbar padding is breathable, which makes it possible for you to remain comfortable for the entire duration of the day.

The pack is medium, and you can use it to transport up to two water bottles. The design is innovative and user-friendly, which is to say that the unit boasts two exterior front zippered pockets and two exterior side zippered pockets. With the help of these, you’ll be able to keep all of your essentials.

The space offered by the pack is more than enough, at least judging by the reports we have consulted in this sense. There’s nothing stopping you from using it to carry your other items, whether they refer to your cell phone, lunch, or anything else. Because the waist strap measures 26 to 50 inches including the bag, even bigger anglers can conveniently wear it.

Having acquired the appreciation of over one hundred customers, we say that this model is at least worth checking out.

Buy from for ($27.85)





Allen Eagle River 6332


This brand makes some of the most reliable storage systems destined for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. That’s why it’s safe to say that this pack is well-made and will enable you to focus on your angling success instead of having to fiddle with your equipment all of the time.

The model has been outfitted with a padded mesh waist belt, and it comes with a wide mouth opening that will allow you to put your hand in or take it out as you deem fit. The zippers are said to be durable, as well, and that’s always worth bearing in account if you are focused on usability.

Also, the product can accommodate up to six fly boxes and two tackle boxes that measure nine inches. As such, it’s easy to see that you’ll have plenty of room for your small gear. Given that the unit has also been equipped with several D-rings, loops, and straps, you can attach loads of carrying accessories to it.

What is the general opinion on the Allen Eagle River 6332? Many owners say that they appreciate its design because it comes with more than enough pockets and is comfortable to wear.

Buy from for ($34.7)





Wetfly Waterproof Lotus


Unlike various other models in the same line, the Wetfly alternative makes fly fishing a breeze. It is made from resilient materials, and the neatest thing about it is that it is truly waterproof. What this means for you is that you won’t ever have to worry about getting your smartphone soaked.

The main pouch is sizable and can hold a lot of accessories and gear. In fact, you can even utilize it for storing your DSLR camera if you own one and would like to take a shot of the amazing fish you have caught. You can even keep your sandwich or snacks in this bag since it does a good job at maintaining them dry and safe to eat.

Two side pouches can be used for keeping two water bottles. We all know how important proper hydration is, especially if the sun is up in the sky and you seem to have forgotten some of your protective equipment at home.

Some of the owners who were kind enough to express their views on the Wetfly Waterproof Lotus say that it does a great job for kayak fishers. It has both a waist strap and an over-the-shoulder sling, which allows you to carry it however you wish.

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Buying guide


To make it possible for you to get the best fishing waist pack both conveniently and efficiently, we’ve put together a guide that can take you through all the important aspects that you ought to keep in mind. Make sure to focus on your requirements and preferences before anything else, because otherwise, you might end up with a hardly usable product.

What size are you looking for?

Just like any other storage systems used for angling, good waist packs can be large, medium, or small. The one that you will end up selecting should speak to your needs. For example, if you like a bit more room and want to keep your gear and essentials close at all times, it’s safe to say that you would benefit from using a large model.

On the other hand, a sizable alternative might be too heavy to carry around your waist. If you find that the product hinders your moves in any way, you can simply wear it on your shoulder provided that it comes with a shoulder strap, of course.


Focus on convenience

Should you also use some other types of storage systems, you might not require a medium waist pack with water bottles. However, if you don’t plan to get anything else in these lines, perhaps you do need such a model. As we were saying above, you do have to take into account the fact that with water bottles and everything else, your waist pack will become hefty and less comfortable to wear.



It stands to reason that the product needs to come with several pockets and compartments, and even a bigger one that can be organized on the inside. How will you close all of these? To cut things short, we’ll tell you that we recommend steering clear of models that feature zippers made out of metal.

They don’t put up with the abuse of fresh or saltwater, so they may corrode at some point or the other. Moreover, you need to make sure that your waist size goes well with the product you’ll buy because otherwise, mishaps like the waist pack falling on the ground might occur. Thus, make a point out of checking out the closure on the main strap, as well.




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