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Last Updated: 16.06.19

Walleye fishing reels – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


In case you’re searching for the best fishing reel for walleye but don’t have the time to start doing your own research, then you should be happy to learn that we have analyzed dozens of products specs and reviews so that you don’t have to go through all the trouble. After holding each product to intense scrutiny, we have decided to recommend the Pflueger President Spinning Reel. Made of graphite, stainless steel, and aluminum, this reel is both sturdy and lightweight, equipped with a smooth drag system while also costing only a fraction compared to many professional models. However, its high demand might result in it being sold out. If that’s the case and you don’t want to wait for the stock to replenish, then you might also want to give the Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line a try.



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3 Best Fishing Reels for Walleye (Reviews) in 2019


If you wish you had some of the best reel models in one short list, with product specs and other details, then look no further. We have compiled a list of the top 3 fishing reels based on comparisons with other products as well as on what a large portion of customers had to say about these in walleye fishing reel reviews.



Pflueger President Fishing Reel


If you’re looking for great performance at a low price, then the Pflueger President Spinning Reel is a perfect choice. With a body made of graphite, this reel is very strong yet incredibly light, making it a great tool to take with you on any fishing trip. Graphite has a high anti-corrosion resistance, making it ideal not just for catching walleye, but also for saltwater species. The structure is reinforced with a stainless steel shaft that’s perfectly aligned to provide you with accurate casts every time

Each Pflueger President reel comes with nine stainless steel bearings, except for the 6920 model which has just 6. There is also an anti-reverse bearing which ensures that you can always have control over how you handle the catch, and you can turn it on or off with a single turn of the knob. With an anodized aluminum spool, this reel is ready for any type of line, providing smooth action on every cast.

With the Pflueger President, you also get a smooth disc drag system that’s meant to provide you with reliable tension at every drag setting. There’s also a Sure-Click Bail which emits audible signals, as well as an aluminum bail wire.


This unit is a fisherman’s dream come true. It offers top performance at a great price, and its extreme durability and smooth drag are guaranteed by the brand, which is what anglers demand.

The model ensures smooth operation with the help of its nine stainless steel ball bearings.

The instant anti-reverse bearing provides additional crank control, so you can pretty much use the unit for all your fishing adventures.

The aircraft-grade aluminum handle and the graphite body and rotor are two other factors that show you that the piece is ready for years of intensive use. It comes with extreme responsiveness without compromising rigidity, and it feels smooth and great to the touch.


Unfortunately, one buyer mentioned the salty air would most likely corrode the handle arm and trim pretty quickly, which is a shame given that it is made from premium materials.

Another downside could be the fact that the coating on the handle wears off in time.

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Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line Fishing Reel


The Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line is a solid reel that you can count on to provide you with a reliable performance every time. With a frame that’s made of a strong graphite composite, this reel can withstand heavy use and high loads while also weighing less than all-metal designs. The brass gears are precisely cut to improve crank power while also providing you with control via the auto-engage clutch.

This reel also comes with a spool clicker as well as a line counter which can immensely improve fishing precision, allowing you to cast the line in the best strike zone every time. Not only that but knowing how much line you have out also helps you set up an appropriate trolling speed and optimize your fishing.

Thanks to the high-quality felt drag washers that are impregnated with Teflon, you get to enjoy smooth drag with every spool turn while also ensuring that you keep control of the battle with the fish all the time. The large spool is made of cast aluminum, making it easier to fold and untangle line. The Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line comes in both left- and right-handed models.


Count on this rugged and reliable reel to find the balance you need every time you go fishing. It performs flawlessly due to its durable yet lightweight graphite composite frame, and because it comes with machine-cut bronze gears.

The spool is made of forged aluminum, and the dependable Teflon-impregnated felt drag washers are smooth and respond instantly to your commands, so you’ll never miss the chance of a great catch.

As you’ll notice, it has a one-piece composite frame, and it feels sturdy in your hands. It is capable of surviving even if it gets wet repeatedly since it is rust and corrosion-proof.


One complaint that some experienced buyers had is its weight. It seemed to be too light for someone that is used to heavier products.

And we could also include in the setback category the fact that it sometimes stutters when you first get it out of the box.

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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Fishing Reel


The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 is an excellent choice for both novice and veteran anglers. This reel comes with many improvements over its predecessors, from casting performance to weight and drag. This model has a spool that’s 25 percent lighter than its older counterparts, while the aluminum line guide is 65 percent lighter.

This reel comes with four stainless steel bearings as well as a roller bearing for easier operation and performance. Thanks to the Carbon Matrix design, the drag system is finely-tuned and ready to provide you with smooth drag no matter what settings or gear you’re using. And when it comes to gears, the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 is equipped with 2 Duragear brass gears which ensure that you’re ready to handle just about any situation. With the 6.3:1 gear ratio, you get to retrieve the line a lot faster while also being able to tackle hard-fighting fish better.

You also get a synchronized level wind system that greatly improves performance for both laying and casting the line. The strong and compact bent handle and star provide you with a lot of crank power while the 6-pin centrifugal brake system gives you more control over casting.


The robust piece is a powerful baitcasting reel created by experts for those who take fishing seriously.

It is just as suitable for saltwater as it is for fresh water because it has corrosion resistance properties. It manages to save you from the cost of having to buy a separate reel for each type of water.

The model is capable of holding more line than traditional units, and its durability is guaranteed since it’s made of polished aluminum.

The reel doesn’t have any alignment problems, and its metal handle feels solid and responsive. The Abu Garcia-made unit rocks an impressive ergonomic design with a six-pin centrifugal brake.


The handle on this piece seems to be less ergonomic than those on previous models. They also say you might not notice that if you didn’t use the older models.

Some other buyers were disappointed with its drag adjustments, which seemed unresponsive and not really making a difference in speed or smoothness.

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Buying guide


Finding a good fishing reel for walleye can be tough, with so many good-looking models out there, the variety of materials, features, and advertising claims. There are some essential things, however, that you might want to look for first when deciding on a model to buy. Here is a short guide that might help you make the right choice.

Reel materials explained

When it comes to reel materials, you have a variety of options to choose from, although the two most popular choices are aluminum and graphite. With aluminum, you get a sturdier frame, but the reel will be somewhat heavier. You may want to choose an anodized aluminum version for the extra protection against corrosion.

With graphite, you don’t get the same strength as with aluminum, but the reel will be lighter and easier to hold for long periods of time. Graphite also has a higher resistance against corrosion and might make the reel model a bit cheaper. Steel also plays an important part in reels, with bearings and shafts usually made of this strong material.


A good drag system makes all the difference

The key to catching any fish, and especially walleyes, is to have a good drag system. You need to have the line properly tensioned, yet not too tensioned so that when the fish bites the bait, it doesn’t encounter too much resistance. The best walleye fishing reel models will have all sorts of disc drag systems which won’t just increase the chances of catching these tasty fish, but also improve smoothness and the overall fishing experience.


Choose extra features for easier fishing

If you’re considering a reel to catch walleye, then you probably want to make sure you get a reliable model that comes with some extra features to give you an upper hand against this elusive fish, especially since it loves feeding in low-light conditions.

Many models up for sale have spool clickers which come in handy when casting and making fish bite, line counters which can improve casting precision – especially in low light, anti-reverse knobs for more control, and a host of other features that will help you catch these highly appreciated fish.



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