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Last Updated: 20.05.19

Fishing lines for baitcaster reels – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Few anglers really have the time to go over the buying guide and product descriptions prepared meticulously by our research team but we certainly don’t mind that because you still have this short paragraph to provide the necessary information about the best fishing line for baitcaster reels. By evaluating some of the popular products on the market, we have found what can be considered a good fusion of value and quality in the Berkley Trilene. Guaranteeing stronger and smoother casting, this fishing line is resilient against kinks and twists while designed with an exceptional sensitivity to help you sense fish strikes and bottom structures. Crafted with superb strength, this fishing line supports your need for control and confidence when angling. It is versatile enough for use with various baits and fishing techniques. In case the Berkley Trilene is not readily found at your favorite retailer stores, we assure you that the Stren Superline makes a dependable second option.



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Our top choices


While we do not claim to be experts on fishing, it still doesn’t hurt if we weigh in on the options available for the best fishing line for baitcaster reels. We now give our readers valuable information below, which they can use for making informed buying decisions.



Berkley Trilene


Expertly crafted for strength and low memory, the Berkley Trilene offers a hassle-free performance in addition to exceptional casting. The low memory of the line ensures that it flows straight out of the reel to enable a fast and efficient release as needed. You achieve better line control and can also expect a steadier and stronger line for reeling the catch in.

The line is also engineered to stay strong against twists and kinks to enable strong and powerful casting to the point you are targeting. This ensures that the lure gets hurled right where the fish can see it. Get strong and smooth casting every time without compromising the needed sensitivity to transmit vibrations to your hand so you can perform prompt hook setting.

This line is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of fishing techniques and baits. It enables you to sense underwater structures along with fish strikes. It revolutionizes the way you view monofilament lines via a stronger and smoother configuration.


Still looking for a smoother and stronger monofilament line? Your search ends with this option for sure, as it offers exquisite mono engineering without sacrificing sensitivity.

Enjoy trouble-free performance and superb casting functionality with this low-memory fishing line made suitable for baitcaster reels.

The line flows freely and smoothly to enable you to execute powerful and dependable hook setting while being resistant to the intense pressure during retrieves.

With the exceptional sensitivity of this option, any vibrations from even the most tentative nibbles on the lure are transmitted effectively to your hands.

Due to the resilience of this option from kinks and twists, a smooth line flow is guaranteed to bring power behind every cast, helping you control the rig with ease.


While this product enables you to try out several types of baits and techniques, it only ships in a 300-yard spool, according to one customer.

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Stren Superline


Designed to cast like a dream and glow like a mono, the Stren Superline is made from exclusive Dyneema® PE fibers that ensure durability and strength. This extremely durable braided line features a round profile that prevents it from digging into your hand and following the contours of the spool.

You will love how it demonstrates a dependable knot strength to support your fishing needs. The revolutionary Glide Coat treatment moves fast and freely out of the spool. This also means less wear and tear on the line, so it releases easily and reels in quickly.

Equipped with a strength that rivals steel, this line casts further and smoother to help you aim for larger, deeper-swimming fish. The thinner diameter delivers less drag in the water so lures such as crankbaits can dive deeper but with identical break strength as monofilaments. Because of the zero stretch, you can expect better sensitivity as well.


This is a strong product that provides superb knot strength so you can depend on your rig to hold the fish for as long as possible and then land it.

When leveraged with your native angling skills, this braided line casts smoother and faster while reducing wear and tear.

Able to slice through vegetation like a knife, this choice lets you drag big bass, and other prize catches from cover. Lures such as crank baits can run deeper and with less let-back.

Compared to fast-falling fluorocarbons and slow-sinking monofilaments, this one floats. It makes a suitable option for artificial frogs and other topwater lures.

With very little to no memory, this superline will not unravel from a knot as easily as a monofilament so it is ideal for spinning reels.


In terms of stretch and careless knot tying, this type of line is not quite forgiving, so you have to bear the brunt of a genuine backlash when it occurs.

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Seaguar TATSU


Delivering extraordinary castability and knot strength, the Seaguar TATSU uses a state-of-the-art double structure process to give you a fishing line that can withstand the pressure of angling while keeping its integrity in the water. It is manufactured by combining two custom, 100 percent fluorocarbon resins to give customers a genuine option on a double-structure main line on the market.

Engineered to provide exceptional tensile strength, this fluorocarbon comes with a dependable resilience against abrasion, which prevents it from snapping and forming tangles. It is nearly invisible underwater thanks to its ability not to distort light that passes through it. Fluorocarbons also have almost the same refractive index as water, so this one performs well when targeting easily spooked fish or when fishing in clear water.

Suitable for overcoming the heavy cover tactics of bass, this fishing line offers reliable functionality when pulling baits along the bottom or when fishing thick cover.


This fishing line offers a dependable knot strength thanks to its fusion of two special, 100 percent fluorocarbon resins to make it able to hold knots really well.

Just like all fluorocarbons, this one is engineered with tightly packed molecules to transmit more energy compared to monofilaments. It performs better at passing vibrations from the lure in the water to your hand so you can sense fish strikes or just the lure against the bottom.

Its superb abrasion resistance compared to regular nylon mono with the same size enables this fluoro to withstand the intense pressure during a fight. The sun’s UV rays don’t weaken this line either.

The line has a natural hydrophobic quality, so it doesn’t absorb water. It can maintain the same sensitivity, strength, and handling underwater as it does when dry.


Despite the superb features of this fluoro, it tends to have more memory compared to either mono or superlines so manageability is an issue. After a catch, you need to re-tie it as well.

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Buying guide


Novice baitcasting anglers do not have an easy time deciding which fishing line to get, but it is essential that they get one to match their purpose and to ensure every fishing trip is successful. These are the elements to check out when looking at the various fishing line for baitcaster reels for sale.

Line type

The best fishing line for baitcaster reels can be any one of three types: monofilament, braided or superlines, and fluorocarbon.

While most serious anglers forego monofilaments, it still makes a good choice as an all-around fishing line. Mono filament line generally has low resistance to abrasion, so it isn’t suitable for heavy cover fishing. The stretchability of mono also makes it difficult to get a solid hook set at times. However, if you use mono as sparingly as possible while understanding its properties, it makes a good general line that is quite affordable.

Fluorocarbon lines provide a more natural lure presentation to fool the fish well. Although similar to mono, fluoro comes with several differences that make it a better choice in plenty of fishing conditions. With almost zero stretch and a higher abrasion resilience, fluoro is also virtually invisible. With fluoro, you have a hardy line that fish can’t detect, so you enjoy greater functionality compared to mono.

Lower flexibility is an issue though, along with the higher cost than mono. Fluoro also sinks so fishing topwater baits can be difficult.

Braided or superlines are manufactured using special strains of fibers woven together. Superlines are designed without the deficiencies of the other two lines. It doesn’t stretch and boasts a remarkable strength-to-diameter ratio. Superlines deliver smooth hook setting and have an exceptional durability to withstand use when fishing heavy cover.

That said, superlines tend to fade with UV exposure and are extremely visible even in stained waters. Braided lines work great for topwater lures and drop shot rigs.



Measured in pounds, line strength or test is indicated on the line spool. Line strength refers to the number of pounds needed to snap the line. Thus, a 10-pound test line needs 10 pounds of pressure before breaking. However, the strength of a line is influenced by several factors.

One of those is knot tying. The strength of your line is reduced no matter how strong the knot is. Line strength is also affected by environmental factors, such as exposure to the elements. Moreover, the pound test rating of the line doesn’t really mean when you angle for heavier fish than that, it will snap.

Your ability to play the fish or outfight it might mean you could land heavier fish than the indicated line strength or lose lighter fish than the pound test. Your angling skills have much to do with success or failure. In these terms, the best baitcaster fishing line will pretty much depend on who outfights which or which outfights whom.


Durability and functionality

Durability and line strength are not the same. Despite that, the durability of the line influences its strength in the water. What durability boils down to is how resistant the line is to abrasion from the elements below the water aside from environmental conditions. Lines with a larger diameter generally have greater abrasion resistance than smaller diameter lines.

The line manufacture process also has much to do with how durable it is. The best line for baitcasting rigs performs well in real water because of quality craftsmanship and materials.

The functionality of the line is determined by the fishing situation. While being lousy at hook setting due to their elasticity, high-stretch lines offer superior castability. For more powerful hook setting, low stretch lines offer reliability and also boast good sensitivity.

Look for fishing lines with low to zero memory that combat twists and casting issues. The fishing lure determines the buoyancy of the line. Compared to other types, mono is more buoyant, so it is suitable when fishing topwater baits. Since fluoro sinks, it is ideal for fishing in open water with Texas rigs or jerk baits.



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