Best Fishing Glove in 2019. Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 15.08.19

Top Fishing Gloves Reviewed and Compared


Purchasing the right fishing clothing is a nuisance, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re here to get yourself a pair of the best fishing gloves, reading this short section might be helpful. Following an extensive research process, we have concluded that the Sougayilang 3 Low-Cut are worth investing into as they manage to combine all the features you may have been looking for in a decent pair of such gloves. They boast a friction palm design and have been outfitted with non-slip rubber particles. As if that weren’t enough, they were made out of polyester cotton, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy both breathability and comfort. The fastener tape that’s part of the design will assist you in customizing the size of the product so that it fits as best as possible. If the Sougayilang 3 Low-Cut choice is unavailable, perhaps you’d like to consider the second best, the Aqua Design Men’s Fingerless Tactical.



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Sougayilang 3 Low-Cut


Even though they do not cost a fortune like many of their competitors, these gloves are made out for the needs of the extreme angler. They can keep you feeling comfortable, but the really neat thing about them is that they will not affect and interfere with your performance. The 3 low-cut design makes it possible for you to handle your tackle both comfortably and efficiently.

Besides, the product is made from a mix of cotton and polyester. What this means for you is that you won’t be bothered by the feel of the artificial material. Since cotton isn’t particularly durable, the polyester addition was a good idea as it can increase the durability of the item.

Another reason to consider this choice is that it comes with a friction-palm design. What’s more, the non-slip rubber particles can enable you to have a solid grip on the situation albeit things getting a bit too slippery now and then.

The size can be neatly adjusted with the help of the fastener tape that the unit has been outfitted with. In case you have any questions or concerns, be sure to get in touch with the company’s representatives as they will guide you in selecting the right dimensions for your physical attributes.


Despite being one of the most affordable alternatives available when it comes to fishing gloves, that doesn’t mean that these gloves aren’t worth considering since they are made out of cotton and polyester which ensures breathability and comfort and at the same time you won’t be bothered by the feel of the artificial material.

Thanks to the fastener tape you can customize the size of the gloves to fit like a glove (pun intended).

The three low-cut design enables an efficient use of your tackle, line, and bait, leaving three free fingers being free to adjust and improve any delicate situation.

Possessing a friction-palm with non-slip rubber particles allows you to get a firm grip on the situation.


Some users had complaints regarding the size, more precisely they said that the gloves came a size too small.

One user thought that they were too thin and that they don’t offer much protection.

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Aqua Design Fishing Hunting


2.Fingerless Fishing HuntingWhether you prefer hunting or fishing, these fingerless gloves from Aqua Design are a good fit and they are praised as the best fishing gloves by many reviewers. When you hold the rod over water, wary fish may see your hands and identify you as a threat, which is why the camouflage patterns offered by this manufacturer are a good idea for making you blend with the environment with great ease.

A great benefit of this pair of gloves is that it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, since they have a factor of UPF 50+. Now, you no longer need to spend big money on sunscreen, as the gloves will keep your hands protected all the time.

Another thing you will certainly notice about this model is that it has extra long wrists so you can benefit from more UV protection on areas that are usually affected by sun rays, when exposed for prolonged periods of time. The gloves are made of AquaPoly fabric that keeps the moisture outside away and wickers the moisture inside caused by sweaty hands. Since they are fingerless, the gloves are a good choice for those who spend a lot of time going in and out of the water.


The camouflage provided by these gloves can be used to blend with the environment to fool fish which otherwise might scare at the sight of your bare hands.

Blocking 99% of UV rays this product comes with a great benefit having a factor of UPF 50+ and protecting your hands against sunburns.

Even areas otherwise exposed and affected by the sun such as the wrists are now protected by the extra-long gloves.

They are made out of AquaPoly fabric that keeps water away and wicks moisture caused by perspiration inside the gloves.

Another benefit would be that these gloves can be used for hunting as well.


There have been cases when the stitching came loose, but the company replaced the pair free of charge in most cases.

Some customers expressed a desire for a textured grip on the palms, and while its absence might be an inconvenience, it doesn’t affect the overall performance.



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Glacier Glove Alaska River


3.Glacier Glove AlaskaWhat better advertisement for this pair of fishing gloves than the fact that they are designed to deal with the harsh weather Alaska is so well known for. In cold weather, the most important aspect is to be able to keep your hands warm. The outside layer of these gloves is made from neoprene, a material with great qualities, offering great waterproofing. There are many who mention this model as the best waterproof fishing gloves, since they do not allow any moisture to get inside and cause your hands to freeze in record time.

To ensure that you will get to keep your hands warm even when you are dealing with bad weather, the gloves are lined with 2 mm of G-Tek fleece that provide extra insulation against the cold. This helps with providing extra grip, as well, and the windproof fleece back will contribute at helping you feel comfortable, even when you are fishing in less than ideal conditions. Are you worried that it may get too cold for wearing fingerless gloves? You just need to pull the mitt over the fingers and you will feel warm and comfortable right away.


Leveraging their neoprene construction, these gloves are effective at keeping the chilly weather elements off your hands with their waterproof design.

Lined with G-Tek 2mm Fleece, the neoprene palm keeps your hands warm even when the weather is particularly cold. The hands stay insulated from the chilly weather.

The windproof, fleece back provides extra warmth as well as it keeps the gloves from hanging loose when the weather turns unfriendly while you are outside.

This pair offers versatility thanks to the flip-mitt design that enables you to transform the gloves from fingerless units to a full-coverage mitt that you can pull over your fingers in an instant. That’s two gloves in one!

The neoprene palm also provides a good grip so you can handle the trail with ease, which enables you to engage in a variety of outdoor activities while wearing the gloves.


One customer who might have particularly large hands finds the XL size of the gloves to be too tight for their needs.



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Rapala Marine Fisherman


4.Rapala MarineFor different kinds of fishing, there are always different kinds of gloves, and this model from Rapala is a great example of specialized gloves. Keep in mind that these gloves are not waterproof and they are not the kind to offer you superior warmth. On the other hand, they are great at what they do, which is to offer you protection against abrasions when dealing with fish that has small sharp teeth. That being said, expect this model to be a good choice for warmer climates, since they cannot keep your hands dry or warm.

Positive reviews from users praise the superior protection offered by the Rapala gloves when handling fish with strong gills. Since many fishermen like holding the fish they caught by the gills so they can take a picture with their prey, this is a good type of gloves to have.

The gloves score well as far as grip is concerned. Due to the special pattern on the palms, you will not have to worry that fish will slip from your hands. You will surely appreciate that the gloves are quite durable, seeing that they are sold for a really low price.


If you’re the kind of person that likes to pose with its freshly caught trophy, then this kind of gloves makes sure it doesn’t slip from your hands.

They are specially designed to prevent injuries caused by abrasions, sudden line tension or small sharp fish teeth.

When it comes to gripping capabilities, these gloves seem to do the job just fine due to the special pattern on the palms.

Although being sold at a really low price, you will see that these gloves can be quite durable.


You might consider buying a pair with one size larger than you are used to because they tend to run a little small, although their overall value isn’t affected.

If you are looking for an all-kind-of-weather type of gloves then you might consider something else since these are not designed to keep warm nor are they completely waterproof.



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Glacier Glove Slit Finger


5.Glacier Glove PremiumEspecially when fly fishing, anglers prefer to have a great deal of mobility, but without giving up on mobility and dexterity. These gloves provide all these advantages in one package, and they are highly appreciated by users. If you are looking for the best fly fishing gloves, this model has great chances of being exactly what you want.

First of all, it must be noted that the gloves are made of high quality neoprene. This type of material has the ability of being lightweight, but durable and capable of offering great insulation against cold and water.

The most common designs for fishing gloves are full fingers and those that let fingers exposed. The latter are often preferred because they allow anglers to tie knots, check hooks, hook baits and so on with greater ease. However, they do leave the fingers exposed to water and cold, so they are not always the most convenient choice.

These gloves solve the problem by having the thumb and the index fingers designed so that the upper part can be removed in order to allow you to feel what you are doing with the most predominant fingers. The precurved fingers are designed to avoid fatigue when spending a lot of time fishing.


Designed to last for years, this product has a sturdy construction being made out of durable, high-quality neoprene which is lightweight and serves as insulation against the cold as well.

No matter the weather you’d want to keep your hands dry inside your gloves and thanks to the convenient Velcro wrist strap this product somewhat prevents water leaking in.

When in need of performing delicate touches, you will be happy to find that these fishing gloves have two tips that can be easily removed.

If you tend to spend a lot of time fishing, then you know that finger fatigue can cause some troubles. This product’s design may come in handy with its pre-curved fingers which prevent this occurring issue.


While both comfortable and protective you should know that these gloves are not 100% waterproof and may not be ideal all the time.

Some reviews stated that they could start to deteriorate, but it is nothing out of the ordinary with normal wear and tear.



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The Fishing Tree Fingerless


1.The Fishing Tree SUN PROTECTION FINGERLESS GLOVESThese fishing gloves are ideal for any type of fishing, except for the kind happening in cold weather. Designed to provide outstanding protection against sun rays, the gloves from The Fishing Tree come with UPF and SPF 50+ protection against the sun.

Because they are fingerless, they allow you great mobility, so you can manipulate hooks, hook your baits and lures and cast for fish. They are very lightweight, so you will not feel cumbersome by any means. You will not lose the feeling of what you are doing with your hands and this is considered by many to be the most important aspect of these gloves.

Besides offering great protection against sunburns and skin cancer, these are very good for protecting your hands from blisters and small cuts that can happen when you paddle a kayak, for instance.

Made of lycra and synthetic leather, the fingerless gloves from The Fishing Tree stretch on your hands, offering a great fit. You will not even notice wearing them, and the PVC patches added to their design make them tougher and more durable than other similar models. You do not have to worry about maintaining them properly either, since they can be washed in a washing machine.


These gloves are specially designed to enable protection against sun rays coming with UPF and SPF 50+.

They allow great mobility by leaving the fingers free enabling great hook manipulation and casting for fish.

They offer a great fit thanks to its fabric that it’s made out of Lycra and synthetic leather which makes you feel like you aren’t even wearing gloves. The adjustable Velcro straps enable changing the size of the wrist so it can fit you just right.

Another great plus is that you can consider using these gloves when you go fishing as well as hiking, biking, rowing, fly-fishing and so on.

They prove to be more durable and tougher than other similar models thanks to the PVC patches added to their design, and they can be machine-washed.


One user said they start to show their wear and tear rather quickly.

Another reviewer advised to order a size smaller than you are used to.



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Products for specific needs


Best fishing gloves for cold weather


Rapala Marine


If you are looking for a good pair of gloves to use when fishing and that can help keep your hands warm even on the coldest winter days, the Rapala Marine is an option that we can’t recommend enough. Because the grip is crucial when fishing, you get a non-slip control so that your rod never slips from your hand, even when you’re trying to catch larger fish.

When handling fish, you will be glad to know that you get all the protection you need so that you don’t risk injuring yourself in the process. With the durable latex coating, this product will provide protection from gill plates, dorsal fins and teeth cuts and injuries.

You can use this glove for both fresh and saltwater fishing which makes it a versatile accessory that every fisher should have. It is also easy to look after as this option is machine washable and can be drip dried.


The quality fabrics that this option is made of will keep the cold at bay and make sure that your hands and fingers are always warm and dry.

With an excellent non-slip design, you can be sure that you will be able to take full control of the rod and make sure that a wet or frozen rod does not lead to you losing your catch.

No need to worry that handling fish could lead to injuries as the latex coating offers a shield that will protect your hands from the teeth and gills of the fish you are handling.

Can be washed in the machine without fearing that it will get ruined.


Some customers have reported that the gloves are smaller than they expected, it is recommended that you pick a size larger to make sure that they’ll fit well.

Keep in mind that this option is not waterproof.

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Best fly fishing gloves


Glacier Glove Alaska River ARFLY-P


If you’re looking for a glove to use when you’re fly fishing and want a product that can offer the freedom and comfort you need to excel, the Glacier Glove Alaska River ARFLY-P is one of the best options you can choose. It comes in a fingerless design that is great when you want to use your fingers for setting the bait and handling fish.

You won’t have to worry that the fingerless design will lead to less protection. The good thing about the Glacier Glove Alaska River ARFLY-P is that they only leave your fingertips exposed. The rest of your hand is well protected, allowing you better maneuverability without sacrificing the protection that your hands need.

The grips that this product is equipped with will allow you to hold your rod without it slipping from your grasp. These gloves are also windproof so that you can enjoy your favorite hobby feeling comfortable and with your hands warm and cozy.


The fingerless design is a big advantage that this option offers due to the way in which it allows your fingers the freedom to maneuver small objects.

It uses a neoprene design which guarantees that your product will last for a very long time while also allowing your skin to breathe.

The windproof feature means that you won’t have to fear that your hands will feel cold even when the wind is blowing hard.

In order to make you feel cozy, this product uses only the most comfortable materials that are soft to the skin.

When you need to hold your rod, the Fleece lined neoprene palm will give you the grip you need to make sure that it never slips from your hand.


Most customers have noticed that in order to get a good fit with this product you need to order one size smaller.

The gloves don’t offer the best protection against humidity which can make you feel cold if you fish in such conditions.

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Best waterproof gloves for fishing


Goture Outdoor Sport


A waterproof glove is a must when fishing, and if you want to get the best option available, the Goture Outdoor Sport is one alternative that stands out. It uses an innovative design that allows you to take the thumb and forefinger out of the glove cover so that you can use your phone or maneuver small objects that require more care.

The back of the glove uses an upscale neoprene fabrication which is one of the most durable materials used in glove manufacturing. It will keep your product from scratching while also keeping your hand dry and warm. The material on the palm is artificial leather which will help you grasp fish without them slipping away.

The use of ultra-soft materials will allow you to create a great variety of movements and gestures with your hands without your mobility getting hindered in any way. Guaranteed to fit well due to the Velcro wrist strap that will also ensure that the item won’t fall off from your hands when using it.


The innovative design that allows you to take off the glove cover to free the thumb and forefinger makes it great for people that want to be able to use their phone and operate the fishing hook and the bait without taking the glove off.

It uses some of the most durable materials available so that you get an efficient product that will last.

It is comfortable to wear, and you can have almost as much maneuverability as you would with your free hands.

It uses a one size fits all design that is helped by a Velcro wrist strap that also ensures that the glove won’t fall off.

Can also be used as a ride equipment, pro gloves for photographers and even hands protector for outdoor working.


Not suitable to be used during the winter time as it does not offer enough protection against extreme cold conditions.

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Best winter fishing gloves


Ice Armor 8596


If you plan on fishing during the winter and want a product that can keep you warm and comfortable, the Ice Armor 8596 is an option that has had us impressed with its quality and affordability. It is a product that can be safely used in the outdoors even on the coldest of days as it is built in such a way as to trap the heat of your hands and protect you from the cold outside.

Using only the most durable of materials, this option will impress you with its quality. It can handle any kind of usage and since it is built especially for fishing, will offer you an advantage by improving your performance and comfort.

It features flexible neoprene durable Amara palm that is designed to give you a better grip even when holding wet items. This is great for when you’re fishing because it will enable you to maneuver the rod effortlessly.


It can help keep your hands warm even in conditions of extreme cold, being a good alternative for when you want to get a product that can help you fish in the winter.

It uses durable materials which means that you are guaranteed to get a product that will last for a very long time.

The flexible neoprene palm will give you a good grip even when you’re holding objects that are wet, frozen or slippery by their nature.

The fingertips feature reinforcements that will help you in grabbing things while also protecting them when maneuvering the hook and bait so that your fingers are always safe.

It’s a versatile product that can be used for many outdoor activities and does not limit itself to just fishing.


While the product offers a bit of protection from water, it is not entirely waterproof so be careful if you plan on submerging your hands in the water.

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Best ice fishing gloves


Glacier Glove ICE BAY GIBG


If you’re looking for a good pair of gloves that can help you ice fish without having your fingers and hand freeze, the Glacier Glove ICE BAY GIBG will help you say goodbye to feeling cold and uncomfortable. It features a quality build that is blind stitched and that uses glued neoprene which gives it a waterproof quality.

To guarantee that your hands will not stay only dry, but also warm, a fleece lined design is used. This gives the wearer not only warmth but also great comfort which makes the Glacier Glove ICE BAY GIBG a product that customers love to wear.

The textured palms will help improve your gripping power which is especially essential when you’re ice fishing. In cold and humid conditions ice is a problem, and gripping things that are covered in ice is now easier than ever with the help of this product.


The neoprene construction makes this product waterproof, allowing you to use this glove in water. This can make ice fishing a lot easier since you don’t want to have to take your gloves off.

The quality fleece lining provides warmth and comfort to the wearer which is essential if you want to enjoy your favorite hobby.

The addition of textured palms makes this option a must-have for fishermen that want to have a better control of what they are gripping.

The all-purpose design allows you to use this product for more than one activity, helping you get more for your money.


The product can stick to metal when it’s wet, and the weather outside is freezing which can be a problem if you don’t have a non-metal handle on your rod.

To ensure that you get the best size you should consider getting a size larger than what you normally wear.

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Best sun gloves for fishing


Glacier Glove Islamorada 079GY L


If you’re looking for a product that can give you the protection you need to properly enjoy your free day of fishing, the Glacier Glove Islamorada 079GY L will give you just that and more. The fingerless glove design has a built-in 50+ UPF protection which will help protect you from any sunburns that can occur from prolonged exposure to UV light.

It will not only keep your skin healthy, but it will also help you feel comfortable by allowing your pores to breathe. This option also uses quick-drying materials which means that when you’re fishing, and you have water spilled on your hands, you can rest assured by knowing that it will quickly evaporate and leave your hands feeling great and dry.

The use of quality materials ensures that you will not only get a great fit, but also one that will be able to last for a very long time even when used frequently.


If you have sensitive skin or just want to keep your skin healthy and safe, the 50+ UPF protection that this option provides makes this product a must-have for any amateur or professional fisherman.

Say goodbye to wet and uncomfortable hands as this alternative features the use of a quick-drying material that makes it ideal for watersports activities.

The use of synthetic leather palm will help protect your hands from any burns when holding the rod while also providing a more secure grip.

With the help of the fingerless design, you will feel more comfortable and confident when doing tasks that require more finesse such as when handling the hook and the bait.


Some customers have reported that the thickness of the glove while offering great protection can add difficulty in doing some tasks that require a lot of flexibility.

You should be careful on what size you choose as the fingers can, in some cases, be long enough only to leave the tips of your fingers exposed.

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Choosing the right fishing gloves


There are many reasons why you should get proper clothes for your next adventures into the wild. Fighting a big fish can sometimes be a dangerous game, and that is when having the right fishing gloves comes into play. Too often, anglers prefer wearing regular gloves that do not offer the proper protection and they expose themselves to risks they do not even imagine. Besides the simple facts like having your hands exposed to moisture and cold for too long that will make you feel uncomfortable and even develop more serious conditions, anglers can even suffer severe accidents. Seasoned fishermen will be the first to tell you that you might even lose a finger or two if you don’t have the right gloves on.




In case you do not plan to go after large fish, chances are that you will not put yourself in any such danger, but still, being comfortable, dry and warm during your fishing adventures is important. There are various models on the market, so knowing which ones are the best for your preferred type of fishing is essential. Some are thicker, while others are more lightweight, while some offer more flexibility. The best brands provide anglers with both the best materials and clever design to help them enjoy their fishing trips to the max. As you can easily imagine, a pair fit for ice fishing will be different from one designed for fly fishing. Knowing about the most important aspects of the best fishing gloves will serve you to easily identify the kind of gloves you need.

This buying guide is focused on offering you the required basic information for making a good decision. Keep in mind that comfort and superior protection are essential for anglers, so you can really enjoy your fishing trips.


Fishing style

The first thing you should take into consideration is the fishing style you like best. As showed earlier, you should not use the same pair of gloves for ice fishing and for fishing in warmer climates. It is obvious that cold weather plays a major role in what kind of gloves you should get. For instance, the most basic gloves available are the ones made of cotton, fleece or leather. While they may be a good idea for days when it is chilly outside, they are, by no means, a good fit for winter days.

Neoprene gloves are a much better fit for ice fishing. Being properly insulated, they do not allow cold and moisture to attack your hands and fingers. Many agree that the best ice fishing gloves are the ones made of neoprene, because they allow you eough flexibility, without sacrificing protection against cold and freezing water.

Heavy grip padded gloves are a good fit for fighting big game fish. Since you will need to hold onto your casting rod when dealing with stronger fish, you certainly need a good pair of gloves to make sure the rod will not slip from your hands. Novice fishermen can particularly take advantage of fishing gloves with proper grip, since they will not be so easily taken by surprise by skittish fish.



Depending on the conditions you will have to face when fishing, you may need a thicker or a more lightweight pair of gloves. For instance, if you want a good pair of ice fishing gloves and your choice is neoprene, then a 5-7 mm thickness is required for ensuring great protection against the cold. The layer of neoprene should be doubled by a layer of thermal glove, to keep the warmth inside. This way, your hands and fingers will never go cold. Spear fishing, on the other hand, requires more flexibility and needs you to ‘feel’ the spear, so a thickness of 2-3 mm is enough.

A.1 Fishing gloves


Proper grip

A good and reliable pair of fishing gloves should have really great grip. Certain areas, such as the finger pads, the palm and the wrist, should have a pattern designed to provide good grip. This way, you will be able to manipulate your hooks, baits and lures, without having them slip through your wet fingers. Some come equipped with heavy duty grip and they are designed to deal with fish underwater. The grip patterns offer another great advantage: they protect your hands against spikes, slime and teeth.



You should always get a pair of fishing gloves that fit well. The expression ‘fits like a glove’ has never been truer. If the gloves you get are too loose or too tight, you will not have a good fishing experience. Ideally, a pair of fishing gloves should provide you with the necessary flexibility and the mobility you need for catching fish, regardless of the style of fishing you prefer. At the same time, they do not have to be too loose, or you will spend more time adjusting your gloves than doing what you actually want to do, which is fishing. Combine this aspect with the type of fishing you prefer, and you will be close to finding the perfect pair.


Proper insulation

Proper insulation for fishing gloves is not only about protection against the cold. The best cold weather fishing gloves should be thicker and able to keep warmth inside, but do not forget that you also need to protect your hands and fingers against cuts, bruises, and other small accidents that can happen all the time. The gloves you should go for should also protect your hands against accumulation of slime and bait remains that can get stuck to your skin and remain there for hours.


Protection from UV rays

There is an important role of fishing gloves that many may not be aware of, and that is to protect angler’s hands against the harmful action of UV rays. Health care professionals warn that the back of the hands are among the most susceptible areas on the human body exposed to the risk of developing skin cancer, because they are not usually covered. Especially if you are fishing in areas where sun rays are very powerful, getting a pair of fishing gloves with a high UPF rating, as some companies make and sell on the market, is a good idea.



If you shop around for a good pair of fishing gloves, you will notice that there are various models, but a few designs stand out. Full fingered models are preferred by those who want perfect, 100% insulation, and especially the best winter fishing gloves should come in this design, since frozen fingers can ruin any fishing experience. However, for anglers who want to have perfect mobility for knot tying, models of fishing gloves that expose the fingers are much more preferred.

The wrist straps the gloves come with also ensure that you get the insulation you need and that the warmth of your hands will be kept inside.

A.2 Fishing gloves


You will find many different materials used for fishing gloves. Neoprene ranks high in consumers’ preferences, for various reasons. First of all, this type of material keeps weight to a minimum, and neoprene gloves are never cumbersome. Because they offer outstanding insulation, they can be used in a wide variety of conditions, and even for ice fishing. Neoprene gloves stop more than the cold, and they also help keeping your hands dry and comfortable throughout your fishing sessions.

Do not forget that waterproof materials are the most important when it comes to fishing gloves. Even if some models have a lining or another layer of cotton or thermal material, to keep warmth inside, they still need to have the outer layer made of waterproof materials. GORE-TEX is another type of material highly appreciated by anglers and hunters. There is a special ability GORE-TEX has that makes it so popular; this type of material does more than just keeping moisture from outside away from your hands. It also lets moisture escape, so, if your hands tend to sweat, you will not have to deal with the natural slipping accidents that may occur as a result.

Renowned companies, such as Cabela, employ extra layers of materials designed to offer increased breathability. Their Dry Plus laminate can be used for attaching to fabrics, so they can improve the waterproof barrier offered. Because the material is very supple, it allows you to maintain mobility so you can continue to enjoy your fishing trip.

The wrist wraps can be made of Velcro straps and fleece cuffs. These materials are preferred to ensure proper comfort for your wrist, without sacrificing the necessary insulation for the rest of the hand.



Since fishing gloves are very popular and they provide great protection, they are often very stylish. In this regard, your preferences play the most important part and it is a great thing that you can find so many different styles of fishing gloves. Keep in mind to never sacrifice protection for the good looks of a pair of gloves and you will have nothing to worry about.





Can you offer me some pieces of advice as to how to clean fishing gloves? I’m considering buying a new pair simply because I’m having a hard time cleaning the one I own now.

Not all models are made of the same material, which is why it might be difficult to give you a cleaning method that works for all types. However, we’ve seen that most of our readers have great results if they use detergent and a cleaning pan. All you have to do is tend to your gloves on a regular basis unless you want the salt in the water to build up into their structure and on their surface. This will make them stiff in the long run. Use warm to hot water and pour it in a cleaning pan, where you’ll be stirring the detergent, too. Mix this solution right until it starts to produce suds and then immerse your gloves in it, leave them to soak for one to two minutes. Wash and then rinse them gently and leave them to dry. We’d like to add that you should try to store your fishing gloves in a different place other than your tackle box as poor ventilation can lead to moisture buildup and you might have the nasty surprise of realizing that they’ve been affected by mold that might even come in contact with your fingers.


How am I supposed to use fishing gloves, exactly?

When it comes to the design of this type of product, you might come to see that there are several variations on the same theme. Some gloves are fingerless, and so they offer sun and weather protection only in your palm area. Others are also fingerless, but they have been designed to be tactical, which is why the material they’re made of is thicker and they feature several layers of fabric. Finally, the model that most anglers seem to find harder to wear is the one that covers the entire hand. In most cases, manufacturers include several velcro straps that can allow you to uncover your fingers if you’re going to tie a knot or do something that requires a bit more sensitivity. If you find it hard to use this kind, perhaps you should opt for a fingerless model that comes with a separate mitt that you can just put on and cover your entire hand with.

I’ve noticed that my fishing friends have all bought themselves nice pairs of gloves but I can’t seem to figure out why I should wear them. Can you give me a couple of reasons that I should look into buying a pair, as well?

The first reason that comes to mind is that, if you are wearing a pair of gloves, you’ll be able to get a good grip on your rod. Sometimes, angling can be an adventurous experience, in that you might inadvertently get a hold onto something else other than the pole handle. In such cases, you want to be certain that your catch doesn’t get away only because you’re having trouble holding the rod. In addition to this, one of the best practices of the catch and release technique is to avoid direct contact with the fish. You should try to minimize handling as much as possible, and we all know that’s tricky because some fish are covered in slime, and they might slip from your bare hands.


Do fishing gloves offer enough sun protection?

The short answer to this question would be yes. Most of the models we have come across feature SPF ratings that can tell you just how good of a job they can do when it comes to protecting you from sun radiation. Of course, you’ll have to use other kinds of protective equipment to cover various areas of your body, such as polarized sunglasses and sometimes even a scarf tied around your face. Fingerless gloves provide less protection, to a certain extent, but you might prefer this design because it can give you a lot of freedom with regard to handling your reel and line. Some gloves are so well-developed that they’re capable of blocking up to 99% of UVB and UVA rays. In case you’re having second thoughts about all of this, you should put on some sunscreen and leave your hands to dry before putting on your gloves.


When should I use fishing gloves?

There are two circumstances that ask for this type of product and the benefit some options offer differs depending on these two situations. If you prefer summer fishing either because that’s your personal preference or because of the area you live in, you need a pair because it’ll protect you from UVA and UVB rays. No angler likes sun burns, and having one in your hand area can interfere with your day life as you won’t be able to perform the same gestures as easily as you used to before getting exposed to sun radiation. The other circumstance refers to cold weather, and it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to keep your hands warm when you’ll be ice fishing. Ice fishermen and women usually prefer neoprene gloves because they’re lightweight and comfortable and they can allow you to tend to your angling when it’s freezing outside.



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